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TITLE. Grand river in the county of Ionia, approved February 28, 51. An act to amend an act entitled an act 10 incorporate the New

Baltimore nnd Romeo plank road compiny,”: approved, April

3, 1848, approved February 28. 52. An act to amend chapter Thiriy.eight of the revised statules of

eighteen hundred and forty-six, approved March 1, 53. An act to provide for obtaining iriuins from the prosecuting al

torneys of the several counties in the state of Michigan, and for other purposes, approved March 1,

45 54. An act nu!horizing the erection of a dam across Flat river, ap. proved Murch 2,

46 55. An act lainend an act e'titled an ic! in in :irpite the Flint and Sirginaw navigation company, approved March 2.

47 56. An aci to amend the charter of ihe city of Detroit, approved

March 2, 57. An act relative to certain taxes in the township of Norton in the county of Ottawa, approved March 3,

48 58. An act to ait ich certiin portions of the township of Hamıramik,

in the county of Wyn , to the township or Grosse Point, in said

county, approved Much 3, 59. An act requir ng the commissioner of the state land office in

make an annual report to the regents of the university of Michi

gan, approved March 3, 60. An act to incorporate the "Northville hydraulic company,” ap

proved March 5, 61. An act to incorporate the Detroit savings institute, approved March 5,

52 62. An act to incorporate the trustees of Elmwood cemetery, approved March 5,

55 63. An act authorizing Abram Smith and John W. Russe Il 10 erec:

a dam across Grand river in the county of Eaton, approved March 5,

57 61. An act to incorporate the Ohio trap rock mining company, ap.

proved blarch 5, 65. An act to provide for laying out and establishing a state rond from

Richland. in Kalamazoo county, io Hastings, in the county of Bar

ry, approved March 6, 66. An actio amed chapter twenty-four of the revised statutes of one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, approved March 6,

61 67. An act to amend section thirteen, of chapter sixty.six of the re.

vised statutes, approved March 6, 63. An act to incorporate the Minesota mining company, , approved March 7,

69 69. An act to provide for laying out a state road from Ceresco mills

in the township of Marshall, in the county of Calhoun, to Bellevue, in Eaton county, approved March 7,

65 70. An act 10 authorize Jacob Barns, guardian of Cornelius Barns, to convey certain real estate, approved March 9,

65 71. An act to amend section four of chapter eighty-eight of the re

vised statutes of one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, ap










TITLE. proved March 9, 72. An aci to incorporate the North West mining company of Michi.

gan, a proved March 10, 73. An act to require the supervisors of Berrien county to construct

and maintain certain br dges in said county, approved Murch 10, 74. Ao not relative to state printing, approved Ma ch 12, 75. A act to enlarge the powers and increase the number of officers

in school wiserice number tour, in the township of Ypsilunii, ap

proved March 12, 76. An aci to incorporaie the Siskowiet mining company of Michigan,

approved March 12, 77. An ici relative to the costs of proceedings in criminal cists, ap

proved Mirch 13. 78. An act for the relief of the township of Waterloo, in the county of

Jacks in, approved March 13, 79. An act for the improvement of the staie road leading from Char

lotie, in Euton county, to Albion, in Calhoun county, approved

March 14, 80. Au act lo amend an act entiiled an actio estendone lime for the

collection of certain taxes in the tourbipol Bur: s, in the county

of Shiawa see, approved February 1:3, 1949, :piloted Larh 14, 81. An act in authorize Alfred Ashley, bis heirs or assigns, lo consiruet

a plank road across those parts of' seci"stwo and elesen, in ownship ihree north of lange hunder lurteel cos, know

is salt spring linds belonging to iho slate, ili provel Misch 14, 82. An act to incorporate "he city of Detrvil Gas company," ap

proved March 14, 83. An act i incorporate the Isle Royal mining compour, approved

March 11. 84. An act to organize certain townships and or oiher purposes, ap

proved March 15, 85. Anitauidorizing the commissioner of the stile land office, 10 sell

crrain lors in the town of Ernsing, and for vilser purposes, a;

proved Mar. 15, 86. An act to provide for the sale of university lands, in the county of

Berrien, approved March 15, 87. an acı 10 authorize Nancy Nuria Sliker, and others, minors, 10

convoy ceriain real estate, "pproved March 15, 88. An act authorizing Laac N Swail iu erect and maintain a dain

across Paw Paw river, in Berrien countv, approved March 16, 89. An act relative to the Kalamazoo and Black lake pank road com

pany, approved March 16, 90. An act relative to the Flint and Fentonville plank road company,

approved March 16, 91. An act relative to the Owosso and Bad river plank road company,

approved March 16, 92. An act relative :o the Genesee county plank road company, ap

proved March 16, 93. An act relative to the Corunna and Saginaw plank road company,

approved March 16,













PAGE. 94. An act to exempt certain property from taxation, approved March 16,

96 95. An act to amend chapter one hundred and six of title twenty two, of the revised statutes, :1; proved March 16,

96 36. An act for the encouragement of agriculture, manufactures and the mechanic arls, approved March 16,

97 97. An act lo authorize the Detroit young men's society to contract a

certain loan, approved March 16, 93. .dliti in: ir vora e ins L'ipeer and Port Huron plank road company, approved Mirrch 16.

99 99. An act to amend an act entitled an act to incorporate the Kalama

200 and Three rivers plank road company, and for other purposes,
approved March 16.

100 100. An act to change the name of the village of Groveland, in the county of Jackson, to this of Parma, appioved March 10,

101 101. An act to amend chupleur nively thre: of the revised slaluies of

eighleen hundred and forty six, in relation 10 appeals, approved
Müren 16,

101 102. An act io provide for improving Grand river, in the township of Lansuy, 1. a public highway, approved March 17,

102 103, Anilci in avihorize Esther Tuthill 10 convey certain real estate', approved March 17,

104 104. in act 10 organize certain townships and for other purposes, approved March 17,

105 105. An act io ilier the town line dividing the townships of Saint

Clair and China, in the county of Saint Clair, approved Marrh 17, 106 106. An act to charge the name of Augustus Kendricks, approved Mirch 19,

106 107. An ixt 10 provide for the support of the system of international exchange, approved March 19,

107 108. An act in vacale a portion of the plai of the village of Berrien, in the county of Berrien ipproved Mirch 19,

107 109. An act to provide for the payment of officers attending on the courts of chancery, approveit March 19,

108 110. lo act amending in a realive to plank roads approved March 1:3, 1843, approved March 19,

108 111. An act lo aleboriza the supervisors of the county of Kent to con

struci a free borilge across Grand river, at or lear the mouth of
Flirt river in the lowriship of Lowell, approved March 19,

108 112. A: act to authorize the heirs of William Mockinoer to convey

certain real estate, approved March 19, 113 An act to corporale ile Monroe and Newport plauk road com.

piny, approved March 21, 114. An aci 10 incorporate the temple building company of Batile Creek. approved March 21,

111 115. An act to incorporate the Battle Creek and Dry Prairie plank road comprny, approved March 21,

113 116. An act to authorize certain Indians to convey lands in the coun

ly of Allegan, approved March 21,






TITLE. 117. An act to amend section fifty-two of chapter twenty of the revised statutes of 1846, approved March 21,

116 118. An act to authorize James S. Pitts to convey real estate, approved March 22,

116 119. An aci to incorporate the Niles and Motiville plank road company, approved March 22,

117 120. An act to incorporate the Decatur, Lawrence and Breedsville plank riad company, ipproved March 22,

118 121. An aci to incorporate the Tecurnseh and Dundee plank road company, approved March 22,

119 122. An act to provide for the election of county judge for Ingliam county, approved March 22.

120 123. An act to incorporate the Pontiac and Waterford plank road company, approved March 23,

120 124. An act in continue for a limited time the charter of the Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of Michig'in, approved March 24,

122 125. All act to incorporate the Ray and Almunt plunk road company, approved March 24,

127 126. An aci lo incorporate ihe 'Trenton and Y silanti plank road company, ipproved March 24,

128 127. An act for the relief of school district number eight, of the town

siip of Rinson, in the c uniy of Hillsdale, approved March 24, 129 128. An act to amend an aci entiled an art 10 authorize the sale oline

southern railroad. and to incorporate the Michigan southern railroad
company, filed March 26,

130 129. An aci 10 annend an act 10 incorporale t'e Dexter and Michigan

plank road coinpiny, approved April thud, eighteen hundred and
forty-e ghi, approved Mirch 26.

134 130. Alinci to amend an id i entitled an act 10 authorize the governo

to is ue patents in certain cases.” approved Apriliwents.right, one
thous:mi eiglit hundred and forty-six, :pproved March 26,

135 131. An act io amend an aci entitled an act for the improvement of the

Bellevue and Waterloo stale road, in the county of Eaton, appro.
ved Mirch twenty-sevell, A. D. one ihuusund eight hundred and
forty-eight, approved Marrb 26.

135 132. An act appropriating certain highway taxes for the improvement

of a certain road in the counties of Borry and Eaton, approved
March 20.

136 133. Anart tu amonian act entitled an act to establish an asylum for the

deaf and dumb and blind, and also an asylum for the insune of the
state of Michigin, approved March 26,

137 134. An act to incorporate the Monroe and Belleville plank road com. pany, approved March 27,

138 135. An act to incorporate the president, directors and company of the Peninsular bank, approved March 28,

139 136. An act to omend and consolidate the act lo incorporate the stock

hulders of the Michigan insurance company of Detroii, approved
March sevenih, eighieen hundred and thirty lour, and the several
acts amendatory thereto, approved March 28,


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137. An act to authorize proceedings against garnishees and for other purposes, approved March 28,

153 138. Ao act lo establish a stale normal school, approved March 28, 157 139. An act to amend an act entitled an act 10 exiend ihe time for

the collection of taxes in the township of Believue, in the county

of Eato', approved January 16, 1849, approved March 28, 101 140. Au act to aiuthorize a relocation o! the northern wagin road be

tween the villages of Flint and Corunra, approved March 28, 161 141. An act to incorporate the Saginaw bay gypsum company, approved March 28,

163 142. An art in incorpora e the trustees of Mountain Home cernetery, approved Mirch 28,

165 143. An ici to amend an art entitled "an aci lo incorporate the Detroit and Siline plank road company," apnroved March 28.

167 144. An act 10 authorize the minor heirs of ihe late Jesse Tuule, dece:sed to convey certain real estiste, iipproved March 28,

169 145. An act to vacate a portion of the mapoor plan of the town of Lyons, in the counts of lovit, approved Murch 25,

169 146. Afi act in incorporain i' e Battle Creek and Blastings plank road Company, ipproveni Mirch 28,

170 147, An ni lo nuihorize the pluis of ihe villages of Orion and New

Cabanelaigua cily, in the inwnship of Orion, in the county or Oak. landi, to be recorded, approved Mareb 28,

171 118. Annei in authorize the highway commissioners of the townships

of Eton and Benton, in Bion county, co ulter a certain siate road in said County, rapproveil March 28,

171 149. Anace to vacate certam alleys in the village of Albion, in the County of Calhoun, iy proved March 25,

172 150. An act to incorporate the Lansing coal company, approved March 2-,

172 151. An aci to au'horize the perfecting of the records of public highwys and pipe other pu poses, approved March 2-,

176 152. An act to authorize Asquire W. Aldrich to build a dam across the

Clinton river, in the county of Macomb. ipproved March 27, 177 153 An act lov ameud an actrniitled on are approprissuing certain in

ternal improvement lands lier me purpose of improving a star road leading from the village of St Joseph. in Berrien cimy, to ile

village of Ligrange, in the county of Ciss, approved Mirch 28, 178 154. An act for the improveinent of the state kan leading from the

viiluge of Porilaasid, in lonia county, 10 the Grand river road in
the county of Cl noro, approved March 28,

179 255. An act to authorize the commissioners of highways of the township

of Pu'aski, in the county of Jackson, to discontinue and alter a
stile road in said township, approved March 28,

181 156. An act 10 provide for the service of writings, processes and no

lices, in certain cases, upon persons in the employ of certain corporate companies, approved March 28,

182 257. An act for the dissolution of certain school districts in the county of Oakland, approved March 29,


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