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Village puuud.

Sec, 20. The common council shall have power to establish the line upon which buildings may be erected, and beyond which buildings shall not extend ; to establish and organize all such fire companies, hose and hook and ladder companies, and to provide them with the proper engines and other implements as shall be necessary to extinguish fire and preserve the property of the inhabitants from confiagration; to enrol and warrant so many of the inhabitants, willing to accept the same, as firemen, as they shall think necessary : Provided, Such number shall not exceed sixty for any one company; and to provide suitable wells, cisterns or other means for furnishing water to extinguish fires in said village.

Sec. 21. The common council shall have power to establish a suitable pound, and to regulate the taking up and impounding animals, and to make such by-laws and ordinances relative to animals running at large in said village, as they shall think proper; to provide such regulations as are proper to preserve the health of the inhabitants of suid village, and to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Sec. 22. The common council shall have power and authority to Village taxes

levy, assess and collect a money tax upon all real and personal property in said village, but such money tax upon said property shall not exceed in any one year one-fourth of one per centum upon the valuation of said real and personal property, and said common council may also assess and collect a highway tax in addition to the money tax aforesaid, not exceeding the rate of one day's work for every one hun. dred dollars valuation of such real and personal property, to levy and collect a poll tax upon erery male inhabitant of said village above the age of twenty-one years, not exceeding seventy-five cents per annum upon each person so taxed.

Sec. 23. The common council shall have power to construct all Side walks, such drains in such village as they think the public good may require,

and to compel the owner or occupant of land, at their own expense, to construct, make, grade, pave, plank, or gravel and curb and rail all side-walks adjoining such lands, by ordinance, with suitable penalties, or by assessing the same upon the said land, in the same manner as is provided herein for the assessment of taxes; and the common council may, at the expense of the said corporation, construct all sidewalks across all streets, lanes and alleys, and public squares in said village.


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Sec. 24. The common council, from the original assessment roll, follandar shall make a duplicate, charging such [each] individual therein an am ount of tax in proportion to the amount of real and personal estate of such individual within said village, and setting down in separate columns the amount of money tax, the amount of highway tax and the amount of poll tax, which duplicate shall be signed by the president and recorder, and shall be delivered to the marshal with the warrant thereto annexed, specifying the time within which the taxes therein named shall be collected, which time shall not exceed ninety days from the date of such warrant, but such time may be extended by a renewal of the warrant under the hand of the president and recorders for a time not to exceed one hundred and fifty days from the date of the original warrant, and the marshal shall collect the same within ihe time specified in his warrant, and in such manner as the by-laws shall direct.

Sec. 25. The common council shall, at the expiration of each year annual ace't cause to be published a just and true account of all moneys received cil to be pubor expended by them in their corporate capacity during the year next preceding such publication, and also the disposition thereof, previous to which they shall settle and audit the accounts of all officers of the village, or other persons having claims against the corporation, or accounts with it, and shall make out in detail a statement of all receipts and expenditures, which statement shall fully specify all the appropriations made by the common council, and the objects and purposes for which the same was made, and the money expended under such appropriation, the amount of tax raised, both money and highway, and poll tax, and the amount expended upon highways, streets and bridges, and all such information as shall be necessary to a full and perfect understanding of the financial concerns of the village. Sec. 26. The common council shall cause the expenses of opening Expense of

opening and and surveying all streets to be paid as other contingent expenses of urvering said village are paid.

Sec. 27. Whenever the common council shall lay out any new streets, Jury for aglanes or alleys, or alter any old one, if the person owning the land remment on through which such street, lane or alley, when so laid out or altered, shall pass, shall object thereto, and the common council cannot agree with such person or persons as to the amount of damages to be paid

(amages to be bain certain cases


for such right of way, the common council or any person owring such land, bis agent or attorney, may file a set'tion se'ting forth t' e line and boundary of such st'eet, lane or alley with t'e recorder, and the recorder shall thereupon appoint a day, not more than twelve nor less than six days from the filing of said ;etition, for the hearing of the same, and may, if eit'ier party require it, and at such party's expense, cause a jury of six disinterested persons to be summoned to hear and determine upon the amount of damages to be allowed ; and the verdict of the jury, or judgment of the recorder, shall be conclusive as to the amount to be paid; and when the amount of said verdict or judg. ment shall be paid or tendered to the person entitled to the same after the right of appeal shall expire, the right of way described in said retition shall inmediately vest in the common council: Provided however, Either party may appeal to the county court as in other cases ; and in case of appeal, the judgment of the county court thereon shall be final, and the common council shall, on the filing of such petition, make an offer of the amount which they will give to each person so interested and objecting for such right of way; and if the person shalı not recover a judgment or verdict before t'e recorder for a greater

pay all the costs, and if such person shall revover more than the amount so oflere; thein, the corporation shall be liable for and pay all costs; and if such case be appealed to the county court, then the right of way aforesaid shall vest in the common council, upon the treasurer of said village paying or tendering the amount of such judgment to the person entitled to the same. Either party filing such petition as is provided for in this section, shall give security for all the costs that may accrue in t'e cae in such as securities are required to be given by the plaintiffs' in civil cases befuie j istices of the peace, and execution may issue 10 collect the am runt t'eretf aginst such securit:, in case the party giving such se. curity shall by the judgn:ent of the recorrer or of the county couri, in case the same is a, pealed, Leconie liable to pay such costs; a profile of such street, lanie or alley, describing the loundaries thereof, shall le filed in the office of the recorder, and a copy thereof filed in the office of the regis'er of deeds of the county of Jackson, duly attested by the recorder, under the scal of said common council.

Sec. 28. Any person assessed for highway tax in said village, may

sum, such

person shall



Duties of as

commute therefor by paying to the marshal of said villnge or the street immuti t'n

...f highway commissioner, at the time such person shall be required to work the sime, at t'ie rate of seventy-five cents for each day so as-essed; and all highway tuxes s'all be estimated by the common council at the rate of seventy-five ce is per day; and persons working upon the highway shall be required to work thereon noi less than ten hours for one day's work.

Sec. 29. Any person obstructing any street, lane or alley in suid village, or the part thereof used or to Le used for side-walks, who shall neglect or refuse to remove such obstruction afier one day's notice, of stretlo, &c shall forfeit and pay for the use of said village the sum of five dollars and costs of suit for each day of such neglect or refusal to remove such otstruction ; and t':e common council may forthwith after such notice ciuse such obstriction to be removed at the expense of the per. son obstructing the same, or of any person interested in maintaining and keeping up such obstruction.

Sec. 30. The assessors of said village shall once in each year make an assessment roll, containing a description of all the property, both seseurs. real and personal, in said village, and the name of t'ie owner or occupants or agent thereof, if known, and the names of all persons liable to pay a poll tax, as provi led for in this act, and shall-et down in such roll the valuation of all such property at its fair cash value; and when sajd roll shall be so made and completed they shall give notice thereof by publishing the same in any newspaper publisheci in seid village, by at least two insertior's in s'ich paper, stating the place where such roll is left for the inspection of all persons interested, and of the time when, and place where they will meet to hear the oljections of any person interested in the valuation so marle by them; and at the time and place so appoi: ted t'e as: essors shall meet, and on the application of any person considering himself or herself aggrieved, may review and reduce the suid valuation, on sufficier t cause being shown on oath to the satisfaction of the assessors, which oth the assessors aie he eby authorized to administer; and if any person shall consider himse'f ag. grieved by the final deci-ion of the said assessors, such person shall have the rig'it of appealing from such decision, at any time within ten days thereafier, to the common council, who are in like manner Fereby authorized, upon sufficient cause being shown, to reduce such val



perty for taxes.

uation. And the common council may, at any time before the tax is collected upon such assessment, review and correct any description of real estate which they may find to be erroneously or imperfectly described in such assessment roll.

Sec. 31. Every assessment of any tax lawfully imposed or laid by a lion on real

the said common council on any lands, tenements and hereditaments, or premises whatever in suid village, shall be and remain a lien on such lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises from the time of making such assessment or imposing such tax until paid, and the owner or occupant, or parties in interest, respectively, in said real estate, shall be liable upon demand to pay every such assessment or tax so made or imposed as aforesaid, and in default of the payment of

such tax or any part thereof, it shall be lawful for the rshal of said Dale of pro- village to seize upon, remove and sell the personal property of such

owner or occupant, or to sell such real estate sufficient to pay and satisfy such taxes and the charges which may accrue, and it shall be lawful for the marshal of said village, in default of the payment of any tax imposed by the common council upon any inhabitants of said village or any person owning any property in said village, to levy upon, seize, remove and sell the personal property of such inhabitant or person so owning such property, sufficient to pay and satisfy such tax and the costs of such levy and sale. All sales of personal property as herein provided for taxes, shall be made in the same manner and upon like notice as is prescribed by the laws of this state for constable sales.

Sec. 32. The marshal shall collect all taxes levied in and for said Marshal to be collector village, and be a police constable, and serve any

and all

papers that may be issued by the recorder or any other officer by virtue of this act of incorporation, and perform such other services as may be required of him, under and by virtue of this act, and shall be entitled to demand and receive the same fees and emoluments that constables are entitled to for similur services, and shall be entitled for and in the performance of his duties to the same privileges, and be subject to the same liabilities as constables are entitled to and subject to by the laws of this state.

Sec. 33. The marshal shall pay over all moneys by him received over to trea. by virtue of his office as marshal of said village, belonging to said cor

poration, to the treasurer of said village, at such time and in such manner as the common council may direct.

of taxes,

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