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Improveme't Sec. 4. In order to make the necessary provisions for the improveof streets,&c

ment of streets and side walks upon the grounds designated in the second section of this act, and the school lands within said town of Michigan, and to provide for the erection of a bridge across the Grand River, at the foot of Michigan Avenue, and to lay out a road from the east end of Michigan Avenue, in an easterly direction until it shall intersect the Grand River Road; and also to improve the said avenue and road from the said bridge to the Grand River Road, five thousand acres of internal improvement lands are hereby appropriated. The Auditor General is hereby authorized to take the supervision of said improvements, and shall proceed to let contracts to the best advantage, and approve the same when properly completed, and thereupon issue warrants drawn against and payable in internal improvement lands not otherwise appropriated, which shall be receivable by the Commissioner of the Land Office in payment for the lands hereby appropriaated, at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre.

Sec. 5. That the office of acting commissioner created under and ting com'r abdiched by virtue of the act to provide for the removal of the seat of govern

rnent of this state and for other purposes, approved March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, be abolished from and after the twentieth day of April next.

Sec. 6. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after

Office of ac.

[blocks in formation]

AN ACT to incorporate the Detroit Union Society of Carpenters and


Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of RepresentaIncorporat'n tives of the State of Michigan, That A. H. Dodge, Joseph M.

Morris, John McCurdy, Nelson Marsh, Daniel Story, Robert W. Warner, Alexander Ameline, Lyman B. Millard, John Winchel, Israel Dirffenderfer, Anson Morris, Robert Wyckoff, Augustus Cuson, Samuel Freeman, and such other persons as may from time to time become members of said society, shall be and are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be a body politic and corporate, in fact and in name,

Powers of

under the name of the Detroit Union Society of Carpenters and Joiners, and by that name they and their successors shall have perpetual succession, and shall be capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, answering and being answered unto, defending, and being defended in all suits, complaints, matiers and causes whatsoever, company. either in law or equity, of having a common seal, of enacting all by. laws for the regulation of the officers and members of said society, of acquiring by gift, devise, purchase or otherwise, and of holding and conveying any real, personal or mixed estate whatsoever necessary and proper for the objects of this incorporation : Provided, The same shall at no time exceed the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars; and they and their successors shall have power to make such by-laws, ordinances and regulations as they shall judge proper for the election of their officers, for the election or admission of new members, and the terms and manner of admission ; for the better government of their officers and members, or for fixing the times and places of meeting of said corporation ; for the purchase, regulation and management of a library ; the relief of their own distressed or disabled meinbers, and for regulating all the affairs of the said corporation.

Sec. 2. For the better carrying into effect the objects of the corpo. Officers. ration, there shall be a president, a vice president, a recording and a corresponding secretary, a treasurer, four directors and a messenger, whose duties shall be prescribed in the by-laws of said corporation. Sec. 3. There shall be an annual meeting of the society on the Annual mee

ting first Thursday in January of each year, at which time there shall be an election of officers, who shall be elected by a majority of the members present, and shall hold their offices for one year, or until others be chosen in their places : Provided, That in case it shall at any time happen that an election of officers shall not be made on the day afore. said, the said corporation shall not be dissolved, but it shall and may be lawful to hold such election at any time thereafter, pursuant to the public notice given in one or more papers printed in the city of Detroit, at any time within one year from and afier the day of the annual meeting as required to be holden by the provisions of this act.

Sec. 4. That of the Detroit Union Society of Carpenters and Joiners, A. H. Dodge shall be president, Joseph M. Morris, vice president 1st board of

directors. John McCurdy, recording secretary, Nelson Marsh, corresponding


secretary, Daniel Story, treasurer, and Robert W. Warner, Michael Scur, Alexander Ameline and Lyman B. Millard, directors, and John Winchel, messenger, who shall hold their offices until the first Thursday in January, A. D. 1849, or until others shall be chosen in their

stead according to the provisions of this act. Repeal, &c. Sec. 5. This act may be altered, amended or repealed by any fu

ture legislature, with the assent of at least two-thirds of the members of each house.

Sec. 6. It shall not be lawful for said company to use their funds or Restrictions, any part thereof in any banking transaction, in brokerage or exchange,

in dealing in money or bank notes, or in the purchase of any stock of any bank, or in the purchase of any public stock whatever, or for any other purposes than those herein particularly specified.

Sec. 7. Said company shall be subject to the provisions of chapter General provisions. fifty-five of the revised statutes of eighteen hundred and forty-six, as

far as the same are applicable.

Approved April 1, 1848.

Act amenda

No. 176.
AN ACT to amend an act entitled “ an act relative to plank roads,"

approved March thirteen, eighteen hundred and forty-eight. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate und House of Representa. tives of the State of Michigan, That section ten of “an act relative to plank roads," approved March thirteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, be amended by inserting after the words“ may be served," the words 66 on the presiding officer, the secretary, the treasurer there. of, or."

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in forre from and after its passage.

Approved April 1, 1848.

No. 177.
AN ACT to regulate and define the jurisdiction of the circuit and

county courts. No. of judge 3 Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representaof supreme court, &c.

tives of the State of Michigan, That the supreme court shall consist

to 5 circuits.

cuit court.


of five judges, one of whom shall be styled the chief justice, and the
other four, associate justices.
Sec. 2. The judges of the supreme court shall, within thirty days

Judges to diafter the passage of this act, meet together and divide the state into vide state in five judicial circuits, in such manner as best to equalize the duties of the judges thereof, and so that the fifth circuit shall be made up of counties in the Grand River section of the state. Sec. 3. Each of the justices of the supreme court shall, at least

Each justice twice in each year, except in the cases otherwise provided for by law, to hold cirhold a circuit court in each of the counties designated in his appointment, and in the performance of such duties shall be denominated circuit judge. Sec. 4. The several county courts shall hereafter have and exer

Jurisdiction cise exclusive original jurisdiction in all matters at law, civil and crim- of county inal, except in those cases, civil and criminal, which are by law made cognizable before justices of the peace, and except also as is hereinafter provided ; and they shall also have a concurrent jurisdiction with the circuit courts in equity for the foreclosure of mortgages. Sec. 5. In any civil action where the plaintiff's demand, or in

Concurrent cases of ejectment, where the value of the property exceeds the sum of circuit & of five hundred dollars, he may at his election commence such action co. courts. in the circuit court of the proper county ; such action, however, shall be commenced and prosecuted in the same manner, and all the proceedings therein shall be the same, as if it had been commenced and prosecuted in the county court, so far as the same may be practicable.

Sec. 6. Whenever, in the opinion of the judge of the county court, the prosecuting attorney and county clerk, or in the opinion of a ma- grand jury jority of them, it shall be proper to have a grand jury, an order to ed. that effect shall be entered in the journal of said court, which order shall specify the time at which such grand jury shall be returned in said court. Upon such order being made, the clerk shall draw from the grand jury box the names of twenty-three persons to serve as grand jurors. Hereafter no grand jury shall be summoned in the circuit court.

Sec. 7. Any person indicted for a crime punishable by imprison- Prison't may ment in the state prison, may request to be tried before the judge of elect to be

cuit judge, that judicial court of the county in which such indictment is found.

When and

to be order


Petit jury, bo v gum moned, &c.

Upon such request being made, the clerk shall make an entry thereof in his journal; whereupon such cause shall be continued to the next regular term of the circuit court of said county, and such request shall be by the clerk of said circuit court noted upon his docket. At the first day of said term the circuit judge shall assign a day certain for the trial of said cause, and give notice thereof to the prosecuting attorney and county judge; and upon the trial of said cause in the county court, the circuit judge shall preside, and in case of conviction he shall pass sentence upon the respondent. The county judge shall, three days previous to the day assigned for said trial, make an order for the summoning of a petit jury for the trial of such cause, the number of which shall be fixed in said order, and shall not be less than twelve mor more than twenty-four. Upon such order or a copy thereof being given to the sheriff, he shall summon from among the persons qualified to serve as jurors in his county, the required number.

Sec. 8. Whenever after the session of a grand jury it shall be deemed proper by the county judge to have a petit jury summoned, he shall cause an order therefor to be entered upon the journals of the court, which order shall specify the number of petit jurors, and which shall not be less than twelve nor more than twenty-four, and the time at which said jury is to be returned. Upon such order being made, the clerk shall draw from the petit jury box the names of persons equal to the number mentioned in the order, who shall be summoned in the manner now required by law. In the trial in the county court of criminal causes, the mode of proceedings shall be the same as heretofore in practice in the circuit court in like cases, as near as may be practicable. Hereafter no petit jurors shall be summoned in the circuit court, except in ases hereinbefore mentioned.

Sec. 9. All causes pending in the several circuit courts at the time when this act shall take effect, except certiorari and cases in chancery, shall be transferred to the county courts of the respective counties; where such causes are not at issue, the same pleadings and proceedings shall be had in them, as far as the same is practicable, as are provided for cases commenced in the county courts, and where said causes are at issue the same shall be tried in the manner now provi. ded for the trial of causes in the county courts; and for the purpose of the transfer of said causes, nothing more shall be necessary than

Transfer of causes.

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