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one or more street commissioners or other officers, to superintend and direct the making, paving, repairing and opening and keeping clear of all streets, lanes, alleys, side-walks, highways or bridges within the limits of such corporation, in such manner as may be directed by the said president and trustees. The expenses of grading streets shall be assessed equally on all the taxable property of said village; but the expenses for side walks, upon the premises adjoining such walks only. Sec. 24. All moneys to be raised by tax in said village shall be By whom

moneys colcollected by the marshal, and paid over by him to the treasurer of lected. said village, and drawn out upon the order of the president and clerk, under the direction of the president and trustees.

Sec. 25. The president and trustees shall have authority to or- Authority to ganize fire companies, and hose, hook and ladder companies, and companies. provide them with the proper engines and instruments, under such regulations as the president and trustees shall direct; and the common council shall make such by-laws for the regulation of such companies as they shall think best adapted to their efficiency; and the members of any such company, legally formed, shall, during their continuance as such, be exempt from serving on juries, and working a poll tax on the highways in said village.

Sec. 23. The compensation of no officer shall exceed twenty-five dollars per annum.

Sec. 27. Any justice of the peace of the town of Fayette is hereby authorized and empowed, to enquire of, hear, try and de- powered to termine in a summary manner, all offences which shall be commit- &c. ted within said village against any of the by-laws, ordinances and regulations that shall be made, ordained or established by the sad president and trustees, in pursuance of the power granted them in this act, and punish the offender or offenders as by the (said] bylaws, ordinances and regulations shall be prescribed: Provided always, That any person charged with any such offence, shall have the right of a trial by jury.

Sec. 28. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after the expiration of ten days from its passage, and shall be deemed a public act.

Approved March 16, 1847.

Justices em.

try causes,

New tax roll may be made.

Notice to treasurer.

(No. 53.] AN ACT to extend the time for the collection of certain Taxes

in the Township of Norton in the County of Ottawa. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That the supervisor of the township of Norton in the county of Ottawa, be and he is hereby authorized and empowered to make out a new assessment roll and tax list, for taxes of the year eighteen hundred and forty-six, in said township, on or before the fifteenth of April next.

Sec. 2. The township treasurer shall be notified by the supervisor, within six days thereafter, that said tax list is ready, and of the amount of state and county tax assessed therein, and upon his giving bonds, as required by law in other cases for the collection and return of taxes, the supervisor shall deliver to said treasurer the assessment roll and tax list, with a warrant commanding him to collect, account for and pay over the taxes in said list, as is provided by law, except as to time, which shall be on or before the fifteenth day of May next.

Sec. 3. A transcript of the unpaid taxes returned to the county be made to treasurer by the treasurer of said township of Norton, may be foraud. gen'l.

warded to the auditor general at any time on or before the first day of June next, and the same shall be collected and interest computed as is provided by law for other delinquent taxes of eighteen hundred and forty-six.

Sec. 4. The township of Norton shall be liable to the county of certain int'st Ottawa for interest on the state and county tax, from the first day

of February last until the return of taxes and moneys to the county treasurer, under the provisions of this act.

Sec. 5. The taxes in said township of Norton shall be collected, returned and proceeded with in all respects as other taxes for eighteen hundred and forty-six, except as otherwise provided in this act.

Sec. 6. This act shall take effect from and after its passage.
Approved March 16, 1847.

When re

Liable for

Names of corporatory,

[No. 54.] AN ACT to incorporate the Pioneer Smelting Company of the

Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the State of Michigan, That Mortimer Livingston, Samuel Ward, John F. Butterworth, Fulton Cutting, Henry Ledyard, Israel Coe and J. N. Elbert, are hereby constituted a body corporate, by the name of the "Pioneer Smelting Company,” for the purpose of mining, smelting and manufacturing iron, copper, and other metals, (excepting precious metals) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in all the varieties of manufactures of which said metals are capable of being wrought, and to have and exercise all the powers necessary for the same.

Sec. 2. The said corporation shall have succession, and its capi- Capital sto'k tal stock shall be two hundred thousand dollars, in shares of fifty dollars each, and may hold and convey such real and personal estate in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, as the business aforesaid may require, not exceeding the capital stock of said company. The said company may commence business, under this act when ten thousand dollars have been subscribed and paid in.

Sec. 3. All the property, real and personal, of said company, May be tax'a shall be taxable and assessed to the company or to the occupants, as the law requires.

Sec. 4. The legislature may at any time alter, amend or repeal this act by a vote of two thirds of each branch of the legislature, for any violation of the provisions of the charter. Sec, 5. The inhabitants of this state shall have a lien


the stock and appurtenances, and upon the property of said company,

the stock, &c for all dues and demands against said company, to the amount of one hundred dollars or under, originally contracted within this state, which shall take precedence of all other debts or demands, judgments or decrees, liens or mortgages against said company.

Approved March 16, 1847.

Liens upon

(No. 55.] AN ACT to authorize the Supervisors of the County of Ionia to

expend Certain Moneys.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-
tives of the State of Michigan, Thai the supervisors of the county of
Ionia are hereby authorized to expend an appropriation of moneys
raised by said county for the purpose of repairing a bridge at Ly.
ons, in said county, (and which now remains unexpended,) in such
a manner as said supervisors may deem best for the interest of said

Sec. 2. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.
Approved March 16, 1847.

[No. 56.] AN ACT to repeal the Charter of the Borough of Michilimackinac.

vested in

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa Act repealed

tires of the State of Michigan, That the act entitled "an act for incorporating the borough of Michilimackinac," adopted April sixth, eighteen hundred and seventeen, and all acts amendatory of the same, be and the same are hereby repealed.

Sec. 2. All money and other personal property, belonging to the Money, &c.

said borough as a corporation, shall vest in and be the property of township.

the township of Holmes, and the said township shall have full authority to collect and take possession of said money and other pro. perty, and use and expend the same for the purposes for which the said borough authorities raised the same; and if not raised or granted for any other specific purpose, the same shall be used or expended for purposes of education.

Sec. 3. If the treasurer of said borough of Michilimackinac Penalty for shall not pay over to the treasurer of the township of Holmes, the not paying over money, money and other property aforesaid, on lawful demand, he shall

incur a penalty of fifty dollars, and shall be liable to be proceeded against in the same manner as other persons holding money in a fiduciary capacity.

Sec. 4. The real estate of said borough shall belong to the town


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ship of Holmes, and shall remain a trust estate for the purposes for
which it was acquired.

Sec. 5. This act shall take effect the first day of April next.
Approved March 16, 1847.

[No. 57.] AN ACT making appropriations for Stationery for Members of

the House of Representatives. Section 1. Beit enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That there is hereby appropriated out of aoy money in the treasury to the credit of the general fund, a sum not exceeding one hundred and ninety-eight dollars for the payment of stationery furnished the members of the House of Representatives.'

Sec. 2. Out of the appropriation aforesaid, the state treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to pay to Ebenezer C. Eaton, Sylvester Walker, and Evert B. Dyckman, committee on supplies and expenditures of the House of Representatives, the sum of one hundred and ninety-eight dollars, for stationery for members of said House, at the rate of three dollars for each member. Sec. 3. This act shall take effect from and after its

passage. Approved March 16, 1847.

Power to

[No. 58.] AN ACT to authorize Prosper Bunyea to keep up a dam across

the Huron River, in the county of Oakland. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatires of the State of Michigan, That Prosper Bunyea, his heirs and keep up a assigns be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to keep up and maintain the dam across the Huron river, in the township of White Lake, in the county of Oakland, heretofore constructed by bim, on section twenty-seven, in said township: Provided, The said dam shall not be made to exceed the present length thereof, and that the said Prosper Bunyea shall construct in said dam a good and sufficient gate or sluice in such manner as to

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