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57 GEORGE 3, CAP. 70.-- An act to relieve persons impugning the doctrine of the Holy Trinity from certain penalties, in Ireland. Whereas an act was passed in the nineteenth year of the reign of 19 G.3, c. 11. his present majesty, by the parliament of Great Britain, intituled an act for the further relief of Protestant dissenting ministers and schoolmasters, and the provisions of the said act have not been enacted or made law in Ireland : and whereas it has been and may be reasonably doubted, whether the provisions of an act passed in the fifty-third year of the reign of his present majesty by the parlia- 53 G. 3, c. 160. ment of the united kingdom, intituled an act to relieve persons who impugn the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, from certain penalties, do extend to or were intended to affect Ireland ; and it is meet and proper that equal freedom of religious worship should be secured by law to every part of the united kingdom: may it therefore please your majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the king's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that such of the folder :) provisions of an act passed by the parliament of Ireland, in the sixth the above year of his late majesty king George the first, intituled an act for erempting the Protestant dissenters of this kingdom from certain penal- Ireland. ties to which they are now subject, as purport to affect by penalties or disqualifications any person who by his preaching or writing shall deny the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity, be and the same are hereby absolutely annulled, repealed and made void; and that all and every of the provisions contained in each of the two before mentioned acts of the nineteenth and fifty-third years of his majesty shall be henceforth deemed and taken to be of full force and effect in that part of the united kingdom called Ireland, in like manner as if the same and every part of each of the said acts had been hereby and in terms fully set forth and re-enacted.

recited acts extended to




ters in the church.

by word or

1 MARY, Sess. 2, CAP. 3.-An act against offenders of preachers and other ministers in the church.-Forasmuch as it is most necessary The penalty

of disturbing in every christian common nonwealth, to provide that tranquility and

of preachers peace may be preserved and continued amongst the people, and and minisspecially in holy church, in the time of divine service, and administration of sacraments and sacramentals, as before this time it hath 2 & 3 Ed. 6, been accustomed in holy church within this realm; and that all 5 & 6 Ed, 6, things being contrary thereunto, or that are, or may be in disturbance e. 1. thereof, may by foresight be eschewed and avoided, and remedy therefore in due time provided, as well for the preservation of the queen's highness' peace, as for an universal quietness and order to be used within this realm : II. Be it therefore enacted by the queen our sove

vereign lady, the Disturbing lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament deed a assembled, and by the authority of the same, that if any person or his sermon. persons of their own power and authority, at any time or times after 2 Bulstr. 47, the twentieth day of December next coming, do or shall willingly and Aleyn. 50. of purpose, by open and overt word, fact, act or deed, maliciously or contemptuously molest, let, disturb, vex or trouble, or by any other unlawful ways or means disquiet or misuse any preacher or preachers that now is, or that at any time or times hereafter shall be, licensed, allowed or authorized to preach by the queen's highness, or by any archbishop or bishop of this realm, or by any other lawful ordinary, or by any of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or otherwise lawfully authorized or charged by reason of his or their cure, benefice, or other spiritual promotion or charge, in any of his or their open sermon, preaching or collation, that he or they shall make, declare, preach or pronounce in any church, chapel, church-yard, or in any other place or places, used, frequented or appointed, or that hereafter shall be used or appointed to be preached in.

III. Or if any person or persons after the said twentieth day of Molesting a December next coming, shall maliciously, willingly or of purpose mo- paring or lest, let, disturb, vex, disquiet or otherwise trouble any parson, vicar, celebrating parish priest or curate, or any lawful priest, preparing, saying, doing, service. singing, ministering or celebrating the mass, or other such divine | Mod. 168. service, sacraments or sacramentals, as was most commonly fre- 159. quented and used in the last year of the reign of the late sovereign lord king Henry the eighth, or that at any time hereafter shall be allowed, set forth or authorized by the queen's majesty.

IV. Or if any person or persons, at any time or times after the Abusing said twentieth day of December, shall contemptuously, unlawfully or saerament of maliciously, of their own power or authority, pull down, deface, the body and spoil, abuse, break or otherwise unreverently handle or order the Christ, or most blessed, comfortable and holy sacrament of the body and blood breaking ang of our Saviour Jesus Christ, commonly called the sacrament of the citix. altar, being or that shall be in any church or chapel, or in any other

Jones Sir T.

decent place, or the pix or canopy wherein the same sacrament is or shall be; or unlawfully, contemptuously or maliciously, of their own power and authority, pull down, deface, spoil or otherwise break any altar or altars, or any crucifix or cross, that now or hereafter shall be in any church, chapel, or church-yard : that then every such offender and offenders in any the premises, his or their aider, procurer or abettor, aiders, procurers or abettors, immediately and forth with after any of the said act or acts, or other the said misdemeanors so committed, done or made, or any time or times after, shall be apprehended, arrested and taken by any constable or constables, churchwarden or church wardens of the said parish, town or place where the said offence or offences shall be so committed, made or done, or by any other officer or officers, or by any other person or persons then being present at the time of the said offence or offences so unlawfully committed, made or done.

V. Which person or persons so apprehended, taken or arrested, with convenient speed shall be brought and carried to any justice of peace within the said shire, or within any city, borough, liberty or town corporate wherein justices of peace be, where the said offence or offences shall be so committed, done and made: and that the said justice of peace, upon due accusation thereupon had and made by the apprehender or apprehenders, or other person or persons, of any of the said person or persons so offending, forth with shall commit the said person or persons so apprehended, arrested and taken, to safe keeping and custody, as by the discretion of the said justice shall be thought most meet and convenient, and that within six days nest and immediately after the said accusation so had and made to the said justice, the said justice with one other justice of peace in the said shire, city, borough, liberty or town corporate, shall diligently

examine the act or acts, offence or offences aforesaid. The punish- VI. And if they the said two justices of peace shall upon

their went for the said examination find or perceive the said person or persons so offender for any of the accused guilty of any of the said offence or offences whereof he or crimes aforesaid.

they shall be so accused, and that by two sufficient witnesses, or by his or their own confession or confessions, that then and immediately with convenient speed the said two justices shall commit and award the said person or persons so accused as is aforesaid, to the gaol of or for the said shire, city, borough, liberty or town corporate where the said offence or offences was so committed, made or done, there to remain without bail or mainprise, by the space of three months then next ensuing, and further to the next quarter sessions to be holden within the said shire, city, borough, liberty or town corporate, next after the end of the said three months; at which said quarter sessions, the said person or persons so committed to the gaol as is aforesaid, upon his or their reconciliation and repentance in that behalf before the said justices of the peace at the said sessions, shall be delivered and discharged out of prison and gaol, upon sufficient surety of his good abearing and behaviour, to be then and there taken by the said justices for one whole year then next ensuing, as by the discretion or discretions of the said justices then and there being, or of the more part of them, shall be thought meet and conre. nient: and if the said person or persons so in gaol as is aforesaid,

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