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St. Clement's Church in the Strand, 1676. Quarto, containing twenty-

three pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A true Relation from Germany, of a Protestant Shepherd's killing a coun-

terfeit Devil, that would have perverted him to Popery, July the

twenty-ninth, N. S. 1676. Being a contrivance of two monks, that

dressed theinselves, one in the likeness of an angel, the other of a

desil; and so, in the night, came to this poor shepherd, to affright

and seduce him. With an account of what passed between them;

how the shepherd killed him that acted the devil, and buried him;

and the trouble he has been like to come into since for the same.

They conipass sea and land to make one proselyte, &c.

Licensed, August the Seventh, 1676. Roger L'Estrange. London,

printed for D. M. 1676. Quarto, containing eight pages. ..96

a true Narrative of the great Solemnity of the Circumcision of Mustapha,

Prince of Turkey, eldest son of Mahomet, present Emperor of the

Turks. Together with an account of the marriage of his daughter to

his great favourite Mussaip, at Adrianople, as it was sent in a letter to

a person of honour. By Mr. Coke, secretary of the Turkey company;

being in company with his excellency the lord ambassador, Sir John

Finch. Licensed, January 10, 1675--0. Roger L'Estrange. Lon-

don, printed by J. C. for William Crook, at the Green Dragon

without Temple-bar, 1676. folio, containing eight pages. ... 99

A perfect Narrative of the apprehension, trial, and confession of the

five several persons that were confederates in stealing the mace and

the two privy-purses from the Lord High-Chancellor of England.

As it was attested at the Sessions held at Justice-Hall in the Old Bailey,

the 7th and 8th of March, anno 1676–7. With permission.

Quarto, containing eight pages. · · · · · · · · · · · · 102

The present State of Christendom, and the Interest of England, with a re-

gard to France. In a letter to a friend, 1677. Quarto, containing

sixteen pages. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 105

Strange and true News from Staffordshire, or a true Narrative concerning

a young Man lying under Almighty God's just vengeance, for im-

precating God's judgment upon himself, and pleading his innocency,

ihough he knew himself guilty. Written by W. Vincent, minister

of God's word at Bednall, in the county of Stafford, aforesaid, who

saw and discoursed the said person, upon the 26th day of April, 1677.

The saddest spectacle that ever eyes beheld. Licensed, May 11, 1677.

Roger L'Estrange. London, printed in the year 1677. Quarto, con-

tuining six pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118

Proposals for building, in every county, a working Alms-house or

Hospital, as the best expedient to perfect the trade and manufactory

of linnen cloth ; whereby, 1. All poor people and their children, from

five or six years old, may be employed and maintained; as also all

beggars, vagrants, &c. restrained and for ever prevented, and so all

parishes eased of that intolerable burden. 2. Many hundred thousand

pounds kept at home, which now every year goes out of the kingdom

ior linnen, whereby our wealth becomes a prey to other nations. 3,

Much land improved in every county to great advantage of landlord

and tenant. Humbly offered to the consideration of the great wisdom

of the whole nation, now assembled in parliament. Printed at Lon-


don, by W. G. for R. Harford, at the sign of the Angel, in Cornhill,

1677. Quarto, containing fourteen pages. . . . . . . .'. 120

Wonderful News from Wales ; or a true Narrative of an old Woman

living near Lanselin in Denbighshire, whose memory serves her truly

and perfectly to relate what she hath seen and done one hundred and

thirty years ago; having now the full number of her teeth ; the most

of them were lost, when she was threescore years and ten. She is

also remembered by some of ninety years old, to be taller than she is by

seventeen or eighteen inches; with several other circumstances of her

life, which shew her to be the wonder of her age. Licensed, August

9, 1677. London, printed for C. L. Anno. Dom. 1677. Quarto, con-

taining eight pages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127

Mr. Howell's Vindication of himself from the Charge of being no friend

to Parliaments, and a malignant. London, printed, 1677. Quarto,

containing ten pages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130

The Quack's Academy: or, the Dunce's Directory. A new art to cross

the old proverb, and make a man a fool and a physician both at a time.

Discovering the several methods whereby so many ignorant pretenders

obtain repute and practice.

- - Cur ludere nobis

Non liceat, licuit cum jugulare tibi. Mart.

With allowance. Quarto, containing six pages. Printed at London,

for A. B. in 1678 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

The Pacquet-Boat Advice: or, a Discourse concerning the War with

France, between some English gentlemen and a Frenchman, betwixt

Calais and Dover.

Omnis fabula fundatur in veritate.

London, printed in 1678. Quarto, containing twenty-one pages. . 139

The History of the Gunpowder Treason : collected from approved

Authors, as well Popish as Protestant.

Sæpe divinitatis opera bæc sunt, et furias in ipso jam successu securas subita ulsio

excipiat, ne vcl unquam improbis timor, vel spes absit calamitose virturi.

Jo. Barclaii Conspiratio Anglicana.

Printed at London, in 1678. Quarto, containing thirty-two pages . 149

The French king conquered by the English ; the King of France and his

son brought prisoners into England (besides divers earls, lords, and

above two thousand knights and esquires) by the victorious Edward

the Black Prince, son to Edward the Third. Wherein is giren an

Account of several great battles fought, and wonderful victories ob-

tained over the French, when they had six to one against the English,

to the honour and renown of England's unparalleled valour, conduct,

and resolution. Written by a Person of Quality. London, printed

for William Birch, at the sign of the Peacock, at the lower end of

Cheapside, 1678. Octavo, containing thirty-one pages. . . . . 163

Four for a Penny: or, poor Robin's Character of an unconscionable

Pawn-broker, and Ear-mark of an oppressing Tally-man; with a

friendly description of a Bum-bailey, and his merciless Setting-cur, or

follower. With allowance. London, printed for L. Č. 1678.

Quarto, containing eight pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . 179

The grand Designs of the Papists, in the reign of our late sovereign

Charles the First, and now carried on against his present majesty,

his government, and the protestant religion. Imprimatur Guil. Jane,

Nov. 2. 1678. London. printed by Henry Hills, Anno 1678. Quarto,

containing forty pages. · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

The Act of Parliament of the twenty-seventh of Queen Elisabeth, to

preserve the queen's person, the protestant religion, and government,

from the attempts of the papists, then big with hopes of a popish

successor ; with the association the protestants then entered into, to

the ends aforesaid, till the parliament could meet, and provide for

their necessary preservations; Together with some sober and seasona-

ble queries upon the same. By a sincere Protestant, and true friend

to his country, 1679. Folio, containing six pages. . . . . . 207

The Antiquity and Dignity of Parliaments. Written by Sir Robert

Cotton.' Printed Anno Dom. 1679. Folio, containing thirteen

pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 216

A brief Relation of a wonderful Accident, a Dissolution of the Earth

in the Forest of Charnwood, about two miles from Loughborough,

in Leicestershire ; lately done, and discovered, and resorted to, by

many people, both old, and young. Published by two lovers of art,

I. C. and 1. W. Quarto, containing six pages, MDC,LXXIX. : .228

A Narrative of the wicked Plots carried on by Seignior Gondamore,

for advancing the Popish Religion and Spanish Faction. Heartily re-

commended to all protestants, by Richard Dugdale, gent.

Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness,

but rather reprove them ; for it is a shame even to speak of

those things, which are done of them in secret. Ephes. v.

11, 12."

London, printed 1679. Folio, containing sixteen pages. ... .231

Belvoir : Being a Pindarick Ode upon Belvoir Castle, the seat of the

Earls of Rutland, made in the year 1679. MS., . . . . . . . 249

A just Vindication of Learning : or, an humble Address to the High

Court of Parliament, in behalf of the Liberty of the Press. By


Sub bono principe sentire licet que velis, & que sentias dicere.

London, 1679. Quarto, containing twenty-four pages. ...290

Day Fatality: or, some Observation of Days lucky and unlucky; con-

cluding with some Remarks upon the fourteenth of October, the au-

spicious birth-day of his Royal Highness James Duke of York.

Atavis qui regibus editus,

Augustissimo ČAROLO proximus.

Num. XXVII. 8, 9.

“ In hoc Die tuo. In this thy Day.” Luc. XIX. 42.

Printed in 1679. Folio, containing eight pages. ....... 300

A Disputation : Proving, that it is not convenient to grant unto Mi-

nisters secular jurisdiction; and to make them Lords and Statesmen in

Parliament. London, printed in the year 1679. Quarto, containing

thirty-six pages. . . . . . . . . . . . · · · · 310


Discourses upon the modern Affairs of Europe, tending to prove that

the illustrious French Monarchy may be reduced to terms of greater

moderation. 1680, Quarto, containing twenty-four pages : 336

Advice to a Soldier, in two Letters, written to an Officer in the English

Army, proper to be exposed at the present time, while the peace of

Christendom (if not the liberty of it) seems to be very short lived,

1680. Quarto, containing fourteen pages. ..... .. . 353

A Letter from a Minister to his Friend, concerning the Game of Chess,

1680. From a broadside. . .,. . . . . . . . . . 361

The Character of an Ill-Court Favourite: Representing the mischiefs

that flow from Ministers of State, when they are more great than

good; the arts they use to seduce their masters; and the unhappiness

of princes that are cursed with such destructive servants. Translated

out of French, Quarto, containing twenty-two pages. London,

printed in the reign of King Charles the Second . . . . . . 364

The last Speech and dying Words of Thomas (Lord alias Colonel) Pride;

being touched in conscience for his inhuman murder of the Bears in

the Bear-Garden, when he was high sheriff of Surrey. Taken in

short-hand, by T. S. late clerk to his lordship’s brewhouse, London,

printed for C. W. 1680. Quarto, containing twelve pages. ... .380

Articles of High Treason, and other high Crimes and Misdemeanors

against the Duchess of Portsmouth · · · : . . . : : , 387

A Discourse touching Tangier. In a Letter to a Person of Quality. To

which is added, The Interest of Tangier, by another hand. London,

printed in the year 1680. Quarto, containing forty-eight pages. . . 391

A Letter to the Earl of Shaftsbury, this gth of July, 1680. From Tom

Tell-Troth, a downright Englishman. Folio, containing four pages. 410

A Narrative of unheard of Popish Cruelties towards Protestants beyond

Seas : or, a New Account of the Bloody Spanish Inquisition, pubs

lished as a caveat to protestants, by Mr. Dugdale. London, printed

for John Hancock, at the Three Bibles, in Pope's Head Alley, over

against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, 1686. Folio, containing

thirty-two pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 414

A Copy of a Letter sent by E. B. an eminent Quaker in London, to

the Pope at Rome, transmitted thence by Cardinal Bromio, to a per-

son of quality in England. With a copy of the faculties granted to

John Locet, Englishman and Priest at Rome, 1678, for England,

Scotland, and all the king's dominions, Ireland excepted. Printed

in 1680. Folio, containing two pages. . . . . . ... .., 436

The Papists Bloody Oath of Secrecy, and Litany of Intercession, for

the carrying on of this present plot, with the manner of taking the oath

upon the entering into any grand conspiracy against the protestants.

As it was taken in the chapel belonging to Barmbow-Hall, the resi-

dence of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, from William Rushton, a popish

priest, by me Robert Bolron, together with some further informations

relating to the plot, and murther of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey. Jovis.

16mo. Die Decembris, 1680.

Ordered, that Mr. Robert Bolron have liberty from this house to

print and publish the said Oath of Secrecy and Litany..

William Goldsbrough, Cler. Dom. Com.


London, printed for Randal Taylor, near Stationers-Hall, 1680. Folio,

containing twenty-four pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 441

Magnalia Naturæ : or, the Philosopher's Stone, lately exposed to publick

sight and sale. Being a true and exact account of ihe manner how

Wenceslaus Seilerus, the late fainous Projection-maker, at the Em-

peror's court at Vienna, came by and made away with a very great

quantity of powder of projection, by projecting with it before the

emperor, and a great many witnesses selling it, &c. for some years

past. Published at the request, and for the satisfaction of several

curious, especially of Mr. Boyle, &c. By John Joachim Becher, one

of the council of the emperor, and a commissioner for the examen of

this affair.

Quid igitur ingrati sumus? Cur invidemus etsi veritas divinitatis (quze per

ea quæ sat intelligi potest, Rom, i. 20.) nostri temporis atate maturuit.

Minut. Felix.

London, printed by Thomas Dawks, his majesty's British printer,

living in Black-Friars, sold also by La Curtiss, in Goat-court on Lud-

gate-hill, 1680. Quarto, containing thirty-eight pages. .... 452

The Inconveniences of a Long Continuance of the same Parliament.

Printed in 1680. Folio, containing four pages. . . . . . . 472

Absalom's Conspiracy: or, the Tragedy of Treason. London, printed

in the year 1680. Folio, containing two pages. . . . . . . . 478

The Earl of Strafford's Letter to the King, to pass the Bill occasioned

by the tumult of the Apprentices, taken from the original copy. Lon-

don, printed for Thomas Burrel, 1680. Folio, containing two pages 480

Memoirs of Queen Mary's Days; wherein the Church of England and

all the inhabitants may plainly see, (if God hath not suffered them to

be infatuated) as in a glass, the sad effects which follow a popish suc-

cessor, enjoying the crown of England. Humbly tendered to the con-

sideration of, &c. Folio, containing four pages. · ·... • 482

A Dialogue between Sam the Ferryman of Dochet, Will a Waterman

of London, and Tom a Bargeman of Oxford, upon the king's calling a

parliament to meet at Oxford. London, printed in 1681. Quarto,

containing twenty-nine pages. .. ......... • 488

The Character of a disbanded Courtier, 1681. Folio, containing two

pages. . . . . . . . . . . .


· 509

The Emperor's Concessions to his Protestant Subjects of Hungary, as

they were sent from Vienna in Latin, and are now translated out of

the original copy. London, printed in 1681. Folio, containing two

pages. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 511

A Letter to a Person of Honour, concerning the King's disavowing the

having been married to the Duke of Monmouth's mother. Quarto,

containing twenty-four pages.' ............. 518

The Tears of the Press, with Reflexions on the present State of Eng-

land. London, printed and are to be sold by Richard Janeway, in

Queen's Head Alley, in Paternoster Row, 1681. Quarto, containing

nine pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 527

The last Memorial of the Spanish Ambassador, faithfully translated into

English. London, printed for Francis Smith, at the Elephant and

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