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Governmental and Legislative Directory.

Governor and Heads of Departments, with their Places of Resi.

dence in Harrisburg.


JOHN F. HARTRANFT, Montgomery county, Executive Mansion, Front street above Pine.

Lieutenant Governor. JOHN LATTA, Westmoreland county, Bolton's Hotel, 24 st.

Secretary of the Commonwealth. MATTHEW S. QUAY, Beaver county, Lochiel, Third and Market streets.

Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth. JOHN B. LINN, Centre county, Miss Allen's, No. 404 North Third street.

Private Secretary to the Governor. A. WILSON NORRIS, Philadelphia, Lochiel, Third and Market streets.

Chief Clerk.
THIOS. M CAMANT, Blair county, No. 307 Briggs street.

Attorney General. GEORGE LEAR, Bucks county, Lochiel, Third and Market streets.

Deputy Attorney General. LYMAN D, GILBERT, Dauphin county, No. 219 Market street.

Auditor General. JUSTUS F. TEMPLE, Greene county, United States, Sixth and Market streets.

Chief Clerk. G.W.G. WADDELL, Greene county, Boas street near Third.

State Treasurer. ROBERT W.MACKEY, Allegheny county, Lochiel, Third and Market streets.

Cashier. W. B. HART, Montgomery county, No. 1009 North Third street.

Secretary of Internal Affairs.
WILLIAM M'CANDLESS, Philadelphia, Bolton's, Second st.

Chief Clerk.
J. SIMPSON AFRICA, Huntingdon county, Bolton's, 2 stret.

Chief of Bureau of Statistics.
W. HAYES GRIER, Lancaster county, United States, Sixth

and Market streets,
Supt. of Common Schools and Supt. of Soldiers' Orphan Schools.
J. P. WICKERSHAM, Lancaster county, State Capital, Third
and Walnut streets.

Deputy Supt. of Common Schools
HENRY HOUCK, Lebanon county, Keystone, 34 and State sts.

Chief Clerk.
JAS. L, PAUL, Westmoreland county, No. 609 N. Front street.

Adjutant General.
JAS. W.LATTA, Philadelphia, Lochiel, Third and Market sts.

Chief Clerk.
GEO.C. KELLY, Union county, corner Second street and Ilerr.

Department of Insurance.
J.MONTGOMERY FORSTER, Commissioner, Dauphin county,
No. 303 South Front street.

Deputy Commissioner.
L. K. BOGGS, Huntingdon county, North Front street.

State Librarian.
0. H. MILLER, Allegheny county, No. 1113 North Third street.

Assistant Librarian.
JOSEPH R. ORWIG, Union county, 131 Chestnut street.

Superintendent of Public Printing.
J.W.JONES, Dauphin county, S. Third street, above Chestnut.

Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds.
WM. H. PATTERSON, Juniata county, No. 708 N. Third st.

State Printer.
B, F. MEYERS, Bedford county, Third and Locust streets.

Publisher of Legislative Record.
CHAS. H. BERGNER, Third and Market streets.


EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT. Governor_JOIN F. HARTRANFT, Montgomery county, Executive Mansion, Front street.

Private Secretary-A. Wilson Norris, Philadelphia, Lochiel.
Executive Clerk-Warren B. Keely, Berks county, Lochiel.
Messenger-J. C. Delaney, Luzerne county, Kirkwood.
Page-Jas. Delaney, Northampton county, Cowden street.

Lieutenant Governor John Latta.
Secretary of the Commonwealth M. S. Quay.
Attorney General George Lear,
Secretary of Internal Affairs William M'Candless.
Recorder-A. Wilson Norris.
Clerk-W. B. Keely.

OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF THE COMMONWEALTH. Secretary-M.S. Quay, Beaver county, Lochiel,

Deputy Secretary-John B. Linn, Centre county, Miss Allen's, NO. 404 North Third street.

Chief Clerk-Thomas M'Camant, Blair county, No. 307 Briggs street. Clerks-B. F. Chandler, Dauphin county, Bolton's.

S. M. Fridy, Lancaster county, State Capital.
J. M. Jordan, Bedford county, No. 216 North street.
R. T. Beatty, Perry county, No. 512 North Third street.
Lane S. Hart, Montgomery county, No. 236 Boas street.
H. H. Hartranft, Lycoming county, Lochiel.
M. N. Cutler, Erie county, Crescent street, Allison's


George Holmes, Dauphin county, Pine street. Messenger-B.P. Thompson, Montgomery county, corner Forster and Grand streets.


ATTORNEY GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT. Attorney General-George Lear, Bucks county, Lochiel.

Deputy Attorney General-Lyman D. Gilbert, Dauphin county, No. 219 Market street.

Clerk-George F. Ross, Mifflin county, No. 303 Briggs street.

AUDITOR GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT. Auditor General-Justus F. Temple, Greene county, United States.

Chief Clerk--G, W. G. Waddell, Greene county, Boas street near Third. Clerks-W.J. Bayard, Greene county, United States.

W. J. Jackman, Juniata county, United States.
C. I. Markell, Washington county, United States.
A. J. Sanderson, Lancaster county, No. 200 Locust st.
C. F. Warden, Westmoreland county, Bolton's.
Jos. G. Garard, Fayette county, No. 217 Pine street.
W. L. Sansom, Indiana county, No. 217 Pine street,
Walter Dieffenbach, Columbia county, No. 311 North

Second street.
W. H. Reel, Allegheny county, No 225 Herr street.
John M'Murray, Jefferson county, corner Boas street

and Ridge avenue. Night Watchman-Alex. Beltzhoover, Allegheny county, No. 435 Walnut street.

Messenger-B. F. Nead, Franklin county, United States.

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DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS. Secretary of Internal Affairs-William M'Candless, Philadelphia, Bolton's.

Chief Clerk-J. Simpson Africa, Huntingdon county, Bolton's.

Chief of the Bureau of Industrial Statistics-W. Hayes Grier, Lancaster county, United States. Clerks-Hamilton Alricks, Jr., Dauphin county, Bolton's.

James Atwell, Philadelphia, G. W. P. Davis', Front

and North streets,
A. D. Boileau, Philadelphia, G. W. P. Davis', Front

and North streets.
John W. Brown, Dauphin county, No. 210 N. 20 st.
John Christy, Blair county, Keystone.
S. Lai Fairlamb, DS ware county, Two and-a-Half

street near Herr.
R. H. Forster, Centre county, No.210 South Second st.
S. George, Lycoming county, corner Reily and Penn

streets. D. W. Henderson, Philadelphia, Kirkwood, Richard M'Sherry, Adams county, Mrs. Johnson's,

Fourth and Market streets.

Clerks-T.O'Leary, Jr., Allegheny county, No. 907 N. Third st.

A. J. Randall, Schuylkill county, Kirkwood.
John L. Sexton, Tioga county, No. 226 Herr street.

N, C. Wilson, Mifflin county, Lochiel.
Messengers-Michael Bradley, Philadelphia, G. W. P. Davis',

Front and North streets.
.G. W. P. Davis, Front and North streets.

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TREASURY DEPARTMENT. State Treasurer-Robert W. Mackey, Allegheny county, Lochiel.

Cashier-Wm B. Hart, Montgomery county, No. 1CC9 N. 3d st.
Clerks–M. S. Smith, Indiana county, Keystone.

G. E. Hoffman, Northumberland county, W. State st.
Jos, P. Egan, Allegheny county, No. 117 Washington

avenue. Messenger-Wm. Searfouss, Dauphin county, corner North and Poplar streets.

Night Watchman-Jno. C. Lynch, Dauphin county, River alley below Pine street.

SCHOOL DEPARTMENT. Superintendent Common Schools-James P. Wickersham, Lancaster county, State Capital. Deputy Supt's Common Schools-Henry Houck, Lebanon co.

Robert Curry, Allegheny co. Financial Clerk-W.A. Lindsey, Cumberland county, United States.

Statistical Clerk-Jno. T. Boyle, Schuylkill county, Two-anda-Half street, near Boas.

Recording Clerk-Joseph N. Beistle, Crawford county, Front street near Boas.

Messenger-R. A. Lucas, Centre county, No 911 N. Third st.

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SOLDIERS' ORPHAN SCHOOL DEPARTMENT. Superintendent-James P. Wickersham, Lancaster county, State Capital.

Male Inspector-C. Cornforth, M'Kean county, corner Front and Herr.

Female Inspector-Mrs. E. E. Hutter, No, 614 Race street, Philadelphia.

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