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Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Library, adopted by the Joint Library

Committee, April 4, 1869.

1. It shall be the duty of the Librarian, to keep open, for the use of the members of the Legislature, visitors, citizens and strangers, the Library rooms every secular day between the hours of nine A. M. and two P. M., and during the session of the Legislature from nine A. M. to one P. M., and from two P. M. to five P. M., and from seven to pine in the evening.–Act of January 25, 1854.

2. During the time the Library is open the Librarian, or his assistant, shall be in attendance. They shall preserve order, and exclude, if necessary, any disorderly person. They shall prevent smoking, loud talking, and all noise inappropriate to the quietness of a place of study.

3. A member of the Legislature, or officer of the government, may have the use of a single duodecimo one week, two duodecimos two weeks, an octavo two weeks, a quarto three weeks, and a folio four weeks, which shall be returned to the Librarian at the expiration of the time allowed; and no member shall receive more than one folio, one quarto, two octavos or two duodecimos, within the time aforesaid, unless when so connected as to be otherwise useless.

4. It shall be the duty of the Librarian to register, in a book provided for that purpose, the names of the member, or officer of the government, who shall take a book from the Library, together with the


title of the book and the time at which it was taken out; and in case any member or officer aforesaid shall keep the book so registered in his name for a longer period than is provided in the third rule, the Librarian shall give notice to the said member or officer to return the same; and any member or officer who shall neglect to return said book to the Librarion two days after such notice being given shall be fined twelve and a half cents for every day he shall retain the same; and if he lose a book belonging to a set, or so injure it as to render it worthless, he shall pay the cost of the whole set, and if it be a single volume he shall pay the price of it. For any injury not amounting to destruction, to any book, the person causing the same shall pay a sum sufficient to compensate for the said injury.

5. Whenever any member shall obtain leave of absence for the remainder of the session, the Library Committee shall ascertain of the Librarian whether any such member shall have returned the books which he may have received from the Library, and have paid the fines which may have been incurred by him; and in case of failure, the same deduction shall be made in the settlement of the accounts of such members as directed in a subsequent rule.

6. No book shall be issued by the Librarian within five days of the close of the session, and all books taken out by the members shall be returned to the Librarian five days previous to the adjournment of the Legislature.

7. The Library Committee shall deliver to the Committee of Accounts of each House, before the close of the session, a list of all delinquent members, with the amount of fines due from them, which shall be deducted from their pay by the Committee on Accounts, unless remitted on sufficient cause shown to the Library Committee.

8. Any person who wishes to obtain a book for perusal in the Library will be furnished by the Librarian or Assistant Librarian with a card, on which he will inscribe, from the Catalogue, the title of the book, and his own name. The book thus received must not be taken from the Library rooms.

On returning it to the Librarian's desk, the card will be given up, otherwise the party will remain responsible for the book. Lawyers in attendance on the Supreme Court in the Capitol at Harrisburg, shall be subject to this rule, only they will be permitted to take such law books as they may wish into the Supreme Court room, but they must be returned on the day they are taken out.

9. “The Librarian is hereby prohibited from pormitting any person except the Governor, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Canal Commissioners, the Head of a Department, or member or officer of the Legislature, to take from the Library rooms any book, map, chart, print or other property belonging thereto.”'--Act of the 16th March, 1847. The judges of the Supreme Court, during the sittings of the court in the Capitol at Harrisburg, shall be included in this exception.

10. Those persons entitled to take out books from the Library for themselves shall, in giving an order for a book, give its title, with the name of the individuals to whom the order is given. The Librarian shall charge the book to the individual by whom the order has been given, who shall be held responsible for the return of the book; and if the book be lost or injured, he shall be responsible for its loss or injury, as provided in the foregoing rules. And the Librarian is hereby strictly prohibited from giving out books on orders, unless this rule is fully complied with.

11. No atlas, map, chart, drawings, or books with colored plates, shall be taken from the Library room; nor shall any dictionary, encyclopædia, file of newspapers, law reports, laws and journals of this or other States, journals of Congress, State papers or official documents, be taken out of the State House, on any terms whatever.

APRIL 4, 1859.

Rulo adopted by the Joint Library Committee of the Legisla

ture April 3, 1866. That so much of the rules adopted by the joint Library Committee of the Legislature, April 4, 1859, as would seem to authorize Heads of Departments and members of the Legislature to issue orders to other parties to take books from the Library, be and the same is hereby rescinded; and the Librarian is hereby strictly prohibted from observing or accepting any such order, unless he is positively assured the books asked for are for the individual use of the Head of Department or member of the Legislature sending the order.

No Head of Department or member of the Legislature shall be authorized to take more than four volumes from the Library at any one time, which shall be returned or renewed at the expiration of two weeks, under the penalties prescribed by Rule 4 of the Joint Library Rules, 1859. .

Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Repre

sentatives of Pennsylvania.

RULE 1. All bills, resolutions, votes, orders and amendments of either House, to which concurrence of both is necessary, as well as messages, shall be presented to the other by the Clerk of the House from which they are sent.

RULE 2. When the Clerk of either House shail wait on the other, notice thereof shall be given by the Sergeant-at-Arms, or Door-keeper, to the Speak er, who shall declare the same to the House.

RULE 3. When either House shall request a conference, and appoint a committee for that purpose, and the other House shall also appoint a committee to confer, such conference shall be held at any time and place, to be agreed upon by their chairmen; and in all cases where a conference takes place the committee shall be composed of members who voted in the majority on the point or points of difference; but the committee shall not have power or control over any part of a bill, resolution or order, except such parts upon which a difference exists between the two Houses.

RULE 4. Whenever a claim against the State, of any description, has been or shall be presented to either House, and referred to a committee, and such committee shall have made a report, in writing, against the allowance of the claim, setting forth the grounds of their decision, and the same shall have been concurred in by such House, it shall not be in order to originate again the consideration of such

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