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1. Philadelphia. 2. Lancaster. 3. Northampton. 4. Tioga, Potter, M'Kean and

Cameron. 5. Allegheny. 6. Erie. 7. Bucks. 8. Northumberland. 9. Cumberland. 10. Westmoreland. 11. Luzerne, 12. Dauphin and Lebanon. 13. Bradford. 14. Fayette and Greene. 15. Chester. 16. Bedford and Somerset. 17. Butler and Lawrence. 18. Clarion and Jefferson. 19. York. 20. Union, Snyder and Mimin. 21. Schuylkill. 22. Wayne and Pike. 3. Berks.

24. Huntington, Blair

aud Cambria. 25. Centre, Clearfield and Clin

ton. 26. Columbia and Montour, 27. Washington. 23. Venango. 29. Lycoming. 30. Crawford. 31. Lehigh. 32. Delaware. 33. Armstrong. 34. Susquehanna. 35. Mercer. 35. Beaver. 37. Warren, Forest and Elk. 33. Montgomery. 39. Franklin and Fulton. 40. Indiana. 41. Juniata and Perry. 42. Adams. 43. Carbon and Monroe. 41. Wyoming and Sullivan,



Postage on letters passing from one post office to auother is, for cach half ownce or fraction thereof, three cents.

DROP LETTERS. Postage on drop, or local letters, at post offices where letter-carriers are employed, for each half ounce or fraction thereof, two cents; at other than letter-carrier offices, one cent for each half ounce or fraction thereof.

With postage stamp impressed upon them, one cent.

(To be furnished only by the United States Post Office Department.)

NEWSPAPERS AND CIRCULARS. Postage on transient newspapers, circulars, magazines, books and packages of merchandise, one cent for each ounce or fraction thereof. Weight of package limited to four pounds, and must be fully prepaid or it cannot be forwarded in the mail.

The postage on all regular newspapers and periodicals must be prepaid at the offices where mailed, at the following rates: Newspapers and periodicals, published once a week or oftener, two cents for each pound or fraction thereof. Published less frequently, three cents a pound or fraction thereof.

COUNTY PAPERS. Newspapers (without regard to frequency of issue, ) one copy to each subscriber actually for the time being residing in the county where the same are printed, in whole or in part, and published, are entitled to pass free of postage through the mails; but the rate of postage on the same, (excepting weeklies,) when deposited in a letter-carrier office for delivery by the office or its carriers, shall be uniform, at one cent each. Weeklies, and papers issued more frequently, when sent through the mails to a letter-carrier office in the county where the same are printed, in whole or in part, and published, to be delivered through the box or general delivery, or by carriers, shall be weighed in bulk and be subject to a postage of two cents per pound, and papers issued less frequently three cents per pound, to be prepaid at the mailing office by special adhesive stamps.

POSTAGE IN LETTER-CARRIER OFFICES. The postage on newspapers, (excepting weeklies,) periodicals, and circulars deposited in a letter-carrier office for delivery by the office (through the box or general delivery) or by its carriers, is as follows:

1. On newspapers, (excepting weeklies,) whether regular or transient, and without regard to weight or frequency of issue, one cent each.

2. On periodicals, (other than newspapers,) whether regular or transient, not exceeding two ounces in weight, one cent each.

3. On periodicals, (other than newspapers,) whether regular or transient, exceeding two ounces in weight, two cents each.

4. Circulars, unsealed, one cent each. These rates to be prepaid by postage stamps affixed.

5. Weekly newspapers to transient parties, one cent for each ounce or fraction thereof, to be prepaid by postage stamps affixed

Distributing Post Offices in the United States. Letter-Carrier Post Offices in Pennsylvania.

Boston, Massachusetts.
Portland, Maine.
Hartford, Connecticut.
New York, New York.
Albany, New York.
Buffalo, New York.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Baltimore, Maryland.
Washington, D. C.
Wheeling, West Virginia.
Kanawha C. H., W. Va.
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Detroit, Michigan.
Indianapolis, Indiana,

Chicago, Illinois.
St. Louis, Missouri.
Louisville, Kentucky.
San Francisco, California.
Sacramento, California.
Richmond, Virginia.
Raleigh, North Carolina.
Montgomery, Alabama.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Charleston, South Carolina.
Savannah, Georgia.
Nashville, Tennessee.
Memphis, Tennessee.
Little Rock, Arkansas.
Galveston, Texas.

Allegheny, Allegheny co.
Easton, Northampton co.
Erie, Erie co.
Harrisburg, Dauphin co.

Lancaster, Lancaster co.
Pittsburg, Allegheny co.
Pottsville, Schuylkill co.
Reading, Berks co.

PHILADELPHIA. Station P, Bustleton.

Station W, Milestown.
Station 0, Byberry. *

Station T, Olney.
Station H, Chestnut Hill. Station S, Oxford Church.
Station U, Crescentville. Station E, Richmond.
Station Z, Falls of Schuylkill. Station R, Somerton.
Station V, Fox Chase.

Station L, Tacony.
Station F, Frankford.

Station N, Torresdale. Station G, Germantown. Station X, Verree's Mills, Station M, Holmesburg. Station B, West Philadelphia. Station I, Manayunk.

Station Y, Wheat Sheaf.

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