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copeck, Black Creek, Sugar Loaf, Butler, Hazel, Foster, Bear Creek, Bucks, Roaring Brook, Salem, Hollenback, Huntingdon, Fairmount, Spring Brook and that part of the city of Scranton south of Roaring Brook creek and east of Lackawanna river, and the boroughs of Dunmore, New Columbus, Goldsboro', White Haven, Jeddo and Hazleton.

Twelfth.-All that part of Luzerne county not included in the Eleventh district.

Thirteenth.The county of Schuylkill.

Fourteenth.—The counties of Dauphin, Northumberland and Lebanon.

Fifteenth.—The counties of Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming.

Sixteenth.—The counties of Tioga, Potter, M'Kean, Cameron, Lycoming and Sullivan.

Seventeenth. The counties of Cambria, Bedford, Blair and Somerset.

Eighteenth.The counties of Franklin, Fulton, Juniata, Huntingdon, Snyder and Perry.

Nineteenth.The counties of York, Adams and Cumberland.

Twentieth. The counties of Union, Clinton, Clearfield, Elk, Mifflin and Centre.

Twenty-first. The counties of Westmoreland, Greene and Fayette.

Twenty-second.—The city of Pittsburg and the townships of Chartiers, Union, Scott, Stowe, Robinson, Upper and Lower St. Clair, Baldwin, Wilkins, Penn, Snowden, Miffin and Jefferson, and the boroughs' of Mansfield, Chartiers, Braddocks, and West Elizabeth in the county of Allegheny.

Twenty-third.—All that portion of Allegheny county not included in the Twenty-second district. Twenty-fourth.—The counties of Washington, Beaver and Lawrence.

Twenty-fifth.The counties of Clarion, Armstrong, Indiana, Forest and Jefferson.

Twenty-sixth.-The counties of Butler, Mercer and Crawford.

Twenty-seventh.---The counties of Erie, Warren and Venango.

In those congressional districts which are composed of more than one county, the judges of the district elections in each county,after having formed a return of the whole election within such county in such manner as is or may be provided by law, shall send the same by one of their number to the place hereinafter mentioned, within the district of which such county is a part, when judges so met shall cast up the several county returns, and execute under their hands and seals, one general and true return of the whole district, to wit: The judges of the Sixth district shall meet at the court house in West Chester, in the county of Chester; the judges of the Seventh district shall meet at the court house in Norristown, in the county of Montgomery; the judges of the Tenth district shall meet at the court house in Allentown, in the county of Lehigh; the judges of the Eleventh district shall meet at the court house in Mauch Chunk, in the county of Carbon; the judges of the Fourteenth district shall meet at the court house in Harrisburg in the county of Dauphin; the judges of the Fifteenth district shall meet in the court house in Tunk hannock, in the county of Wyoming, the judges of the Sixteenth district shall meet at tho court house in Williamsport in the county of Lycoming; the judges of the Seventeenth district shall meet at the court house in Hollidaysburg, in the county of Blair; the judges of the Eighteenth district shall meet at the court house in Chambersburg, in the county of Franklin; the judges of the Nineteenth district shall meet at the court house at York, in the county of York; the judges of the Twentieth district shall meet at the court house in Bellefonte, in the county of Centre; the judges of the Twenty-first district shall meet in the court house in Uniontown, in the county of Fayette; the judges of the Twenty-fourth district shall meet at the court house in Beaver, in the county of Beaver; the judges of the Twenty-fifth district shall meet at the court house in Kittanning, in the county of Armstrong; the judges of the Twenty-sixth district shall meet at the court house in Mercer, in the county of Mercer; the judges of the Twenty-seventh district shall meet at the court house in Warren, in the county of Warren; in the county of Bucks, separate returns shall be made up for portions of the county in the Seventh and Tenth districts, and a return judge sent for each, and in the county of Luzerne a separate return shall be made for that portion of the county in the Eleventh district, and a return judge sent therewith.

Apportionment of the State into Senatorial and

Representative Districts, as passed by the Legislature of 1874.

Until the next United States decennial census is taken and an apportionment made thereon, the Senate shall consist of fifty members, and the State is hereby apportioned into fifty Senatorial districts, each of which shall be known by the number herein attached thereto, and shall each be entitled to elect one Senator, as follows, to wit:

First.—The First, Second and Twenty-sixth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Second.—The Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eleventh wards of said city.

Third.—The Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Twentieth wards of said city.

Fourth.—The Twenty-first, Twenty-second, Twenty-fourth and Twenty-seventh wards of said city.

Fifth.-The Fifteenth, Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth wards of said city.

Sixth.The Seventh, Eighth and Ninth wards of said city.

Seventh.—The Tenth, Twelfth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth wards of said city.

Eighth.—TheNineteenth, Twenty-third and Twenty-fifth wards of said city. Ninth.–The county of Delaware. Tenth. The county of Bucks. Eleventh.-The county of Berks.

Twelfth.--The county of Montgomery.

Thirteenth.—The city of Lancaster and the following boroughs and townships in the county of Lancaster, viz: The boroughs of Washington and Strasburg, and the townships of Manor, Lancaster, Conestoga, Pequea, Martic, Providence, Drumore, Fulton, Little Britain, West Lampeter, Strasburg, Colerain, Eden, Bart, Salisbury, Sadsbury, Paradise, Leacock and East Lampeter.

Fourteenth.-All of the county of Lancaster not included in the Thirteenth district.

Fifteenth.The county of Dauphin.
Sixteenth.—The county of Lehigh.
Seventeenth.—The county of Lebanon.
Eighteenth.—The county of Northampton.
Nineteenth.—The county of Chester.

Twentieth.-The cities of Scranton and Carbondale, and the following wards, boroughs and townships iu the county of Luzerne, viz: The boroughs of Goldsboro', Pleasant Valley, Blakely, Dunmore and Jermyn, and the townships of Blakely, Carbondale, Fell, Jefferson, Roaring Brook, Bear Creek, Buck, Covington, Jenkins, Lackawanna, Madison, Pittson, Plains and Spring Brook.

Twenty-first.-All of the county of Luzerno not embraced in the Twentieth district.

Twenty-second-The counties of Monroe, Pike and Carbon.

Twenty-third.--The counties of Bradford and Wyoming.

Twenty-fourth.—The counties of Lycoming, Montour, Sullivan and Columbia.

Twenty-fifth. The counties of Tioga, Potter and M'Kean.

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