Nelson; the Public and Private Life of Horatio, Viscount Nelson: As Told by Himself, His Comrades, and His Friends

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T. Fisher Unwin, 1891 - Admirals - 472 pages

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Page 209 - Alongside came my honoured friends ; the scene in the boat was terribly affecting ; up flew her ladyship, and exclaiming, " Oh God ! is it possible ?" she fell into my arm more dead than alive. Tears, however, soon set matters to rights ; when alongside came the king.
Page 325 - Secondly, the British Fleet under my command could never have returned the second time to Egypt, had not Lady Hamilton's influence with the Queen of Naples caused letters to be wrote to the Governor of Syracuse, that he was to encourage the Fleet being supplied with everything, should they put into any port in Sicily ; we put into Syracuse and received every supply, went to Egypt, and destroyed the French Fleet.
Page 31 - I had never seen anything like it before, nor could I imagine who he was, nor what he came about. My doubts were, however, removed when Lord Hood introduced me to him. There was something irresistibly pleasing in his address and conversation ; and an enthusiasm when speaking on professional subjects that showed he was no common being.
Page 82 - Only recollect that a brave man dies but once, a coward all his life long. We cannot escape death ; and should it happen to me in this place, remember, it is the will of Him, in whose hands are the issues of life and death.
Page 314 - am sure you bring me news of the French " and Spanish fleets ! I think I shall yet
Page 49 - ... Highness often tells me, he believes I am married ; for he never saw a lover so easy, or say so little of the object he has a regard for. When I tell him I certainly am not, he says, ' Then he is sure I must have a great esteem for you, and that it is not what is (vulgarly), I do not much like the use of that word, called love.' He is right : my love is founded on esteem , the only foundation that can make the passion last.
Page 426 - With banner and with music, with soldier and with priest, With a nation weeping, and breaking on my rest? Mighty Seaman, this is he Was great by land as thou by sea.
Page 193 - First gain the victory," he said, " and then make the best use of it you can." The moment he perceived the position of the French, that intuitive genius with which Nelson was endowed, displayed itself; and it instantly struck him, that where there was room for an enemy's ship to swing, there was room for one of ours to anchor.
Page 155 - Success attend Admiral Nelson ! God bless Captain Miller ! We thank them for the officers they have placed over us. We are happy and comfortable, and will shed every drop of blood in our veins to support them ; and the name of the Theseus shall be immortalised as high as the Captain's.
Page 341 - Commander-in-Chief from the Ships watching the motions of the Enemy in Cadiz, that the Combined Fleet had put to sea. As they sailed with light winds westerly, his Lordship concluded their destination was the Mediterranean, and immediately made all sail for the Straits...

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