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Roch, David, same,

Konan, Nicholas, same,

Stephenson, John, Ballyvaughan, Co. Limerick, -v

Stevens, Thomas, same, { 12th Oct 1696

Skiddy, Nicholas, City of Limerick, i''

Stretch, Edward, same, J

Tobin, James, Fethard, Co. Tipperary,

Thyrry, James, City of Limerick,

Thyrry, Patrick, same,

Thyrry, Stephen, same, apothecary,

Wall, Gibbon, same, doctor, ,

White, William, same, merchant.

So much for " The glorious, pious, and immortal memory of the good and great King William." So much for the Treaty of Limerick, and the good faith of those to whom the fortunes of Ireland were committed in an evil moment.




After several reports, and protracted negociations, it was at length resolved by Parliament to bring to a conclusion the question of the forfeited estates. It is not necessary that we should go over the ground traversed by these heart-rending proceedings. Prom the principal reports it appeared that—

The Number of Acres in the several Counties in Ireland belonging to forfeiting persons were ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1,060,793

Which being -worth £211,623 a year, at six years purchase for life, and at thir-
teen years for an Inheritance amounted to ... ... ... ... £2,685,130

Out of the Lands, the Estates restored to the old Proprietors by the Articles of
Limerick and Galway, were valued at £721,923, and those restored by Royal
Favour at £260,163, after which, and several other allowances, the gross
value of all the Estates forfeited since the 13th of Feby., 1688, amounted to £1,622,343

The number of Grants and Custodiums, since the Battle of the Boyne, under the Great Seal of England, were 76, some of the principal of which are mentioned, viz.—

To the Lord Romney 3 grants of ... ... ... ... ... 49,417

To the Earl of Albemarle 2grants of ... ... ... ... ... 108,633

To William Bentinck (Lord Woodstock) ... ... ... ... 135,820

To Ginkle Earl of Athlone (occasioned by the Parliament of Ireland) ... 26,480

To the Earl of Galway ... ... ... ... ... ... 86,148

To the Earl of Rochford, two grants of ... ... ... ... ... ""'ji!?

To the Lord Coningsby ... ... ... ... ... ... 6,966

To Col. Gustavus Hamilton, for his services in wading through the Shannon, and

storming Athlone, at the head of the English Grenadiers ... ... 5,383

To Sir Thomas Prendergast for the most valuable consideration of discovering

the Assassination Plot ... ... ... ... ... ... 7,0"

Several of the Grantees had raised great sums of money by sale of their lands, amounting in all to £68,155, particularly the Earl of Athlone (his grant being confirmed by Act of Parliament) who had sold to the amount of £17,684. These lands were forfeited by the Earl of Lucan, Patrick Sarsfield. The Lord Eomney, £30,147, and the Earl of Albemarle, £10,000.

The lands granted in 1688, and now about to be disposed of by the Trustees, were in the county of limerick :—

Acres profitable.

14,882a. 2b. In the county Tipperary:

81,960a. 3e. In the county Clare :—


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Total Value

£61,870 10 10 £45,552 2 6 £156,791 1 0

£12,060 17 0

The conduct of the confiscators made a noiso throughout Europe, and in Paris a list of those lands was published under the following head, a copy of which we now have before us :—


Par le Prince d'Orange, depuis le 13 de Fevrier, 1688, sur les Fideles Catholiques d'Irelande, qui ont servi le Roy, Jacques II. & 1' ont suivi en Prance; Represent^ au Parlement d'Angleterre par les Commissaires employez a,' cet effet.

As we have this remarkable document in the Book of Distributions, and afterwards printed in the Report of the Commissioners of Public Records, we take it fully from the latter as a piece of official information, which it is not surprising had caused indignation and anger throughout Europe :—


County of Dublin

County of Meath

County of Westmeath

County of Kildare ...

County of Catherlogh

County of Wicklow

County of Wexford

Queen's County

King's County

County of Kilkenny

County of Longford

Co. Louth and Town of Drogheda

County of Cork

County of Kerry

County of Clare

County of Waterford

County of Limerick

County of Tipperary

County of Galway

County of Roscommon ...

County of Mayo - ...

County of Sligo

County of Antrim

County of Down

County of Ardmagh

County of Cavan

County of Monaghan

County of Fermanagh

Total ...

The denominations confiscated in the county of Limerick embraced a very large portion of the entire county.


In the county Tipperary Barony of Clanwilliam, according to the Book of Distribution, 155 denominations were confiscated.

Eliogarty or Territory of Ileagh 250 denominations.





Lower Ormond


Owney and Arra ...

Slievardagh and Compsey

Upper Ormond

In addition, all the Catholic glebe land, which was held for pious uses, was parcelled out in a similar ruthless manner. It amounted to several thousands of acres.

In the county of Clare, in the Baronies of Bunratty, Burren, Clonderalaw, Corcomroe, Ibraken, Inchiquin, Islands, Moyfarta, Tullagh, there were enormous confiscations also under the several baronial denominations. Each denomination averaged some hundreds of acres, and the chief complaint against the ancient possessor was his being an " Irish Papist."

But the soldiers, notwithstanding, were by no means satisfied with the way in which they were treated. Early in 1701, a tract was published in London entitled, "Some considerations upon the Payment of the Arrears due to the Army, and on the Subscription for purchasing Forfeited Estates in Ireland;" which showed that all was not pleasant with the soldiers, or with the adventurers who had advanced their money on the faith of being rewarded by the green acres of Ireland.1

The acres were plantation acres which bear a proportion to English, as 441 is to 264. The value of the goods and chattels (forfeited) were so uncertain, no estimate has been made of them. Debts due by judgment and statute, and a few mortgages due to forfeiting persons restored, amounted to £120,013 13s. lOd. There were yet to be computed 297 houses in the Gty of Dublin, 86 houses in the City of Cork, with 226 houses situate in the several cities and towns of Ireland; together with 61 mills, 28 fairs and markets, 72 rectories and tithes, chief rents amounting to £283 per annum; and 6 ferries and fisheries, the forfeitures of persons not restored, value, in gross, £50,000. The woods of the kingdom, then standing on the forfeited estates not restored, particularly on the woods of Sir Valentine Browne, in the county of Kerry, where to the value of £20,000 had been cut down and destroyed; and the waste on the woods of the late Earl of Clancarty's estate, in grant to the Lord Woodstock, was computed at £27,000.a In 1701 the trustees made a second report to Parliament of their proceedings; and in the year 1703 completed their duties by an auction, as directed, of the estates and interests which had not been previously granted or restored. They immediately after executed deeds of conveyance to the several purchasers. These deeds or transfers are enrolled in the Court of Chancery. By an act passed 33 Geo. III. cap. 42, the forfeited lands unsold vested in the Crown. In the year 1704, the county of Limerick and county of Cork, were infested by three appropriators of somewhat different character, viz.: three notorious Tories, or robbers, who carried every enterprise with a high hand; Connor More, O'Sullivan, and Philip ConneU. They were, at length, so insufferable in their depredations, that the inhabitants of the various places named, rose against, pursued and beheaded them; and set up their heads at Mallow, Askeaton, and Newcastle west, county Limerick. Henry Widdenham and Richard Stephens wrote to J. Dawson, sq., secretary, Dublin Castle, informing him of the fact, and praying the persons may receive the rewards, particularly the widow of Laurence Hartnedy who lost his life in the

'Tract entitled " Some Considerations upon the Payment of the Arrears due to the Army, and on the Subscriptions for purchasing Forfeited Estates in Ireland." It is written ill a bold, free, ungrammatical style, and is evidently the production of a disappointed man.

* And, "indeed so hasty have several of the grantees or their agents been in the disposition of the forfeited woods, that vast numbers of trees have been at and sold, for not above 6d. » piece (one cause of the decay and destruction of the woods of Ireland); the like waste is still continuing in many parts of the kingdom, and particularly on the lands of Feltrim, within six miles of Dublin, and the woods of O'Shauglmossy, in the county of Galway, purchased by Toby Butler, Esq, for about £2,500, which was valued at over run Report from the Trutteti.


To return to the sales, they were chiefly by "public can't;" the highest bidder was declared the purchaser. The sales in the county and city of Limerick, notwithstanding the extent and character of the confiscations, were comparatively few, the particulars of them are given in the note.4 In Tipperary and Clare, the sales were much larger. Among the purchasers In Tipperarywere John Pyke of Woodenstown (or Wodingtowne); John Cooke, Esq. of Kiltihane; Henry Gower of Dublin, gent.; Richard Kellett of Clonmel, gent.; Mathew Jacob of St. Johnstowne, Esq.; James Dawson of Ballinecourty, Esq.; John Perry of Woodruffe, Esq.; Joseph Judkiu, county Tipperarv, gent.; John Carleton of Knocknaniiny, county Tipperarv; John White of Cappagh, Esq.; Henry Luther of Dublin, Esq.; Sir John Meade, Bart.; William Baker of Lattin, Esq.; Robert Craige of Dublin, gent.; Eichard Lewis of Newcastle; Richard Burgh of Grove, cli.; David Lowe of Knockelly, gent.; Edward Stradford of Belan, county Kildare, Esq.; Joseph Damer of Dublin, Esq.; John Butler of Kilvelighter, gent.; Alexander Montgomery. These lands comprised, principally, portions of the estate of the unfortunate King James, which he too obtained, by means to which we have already adverted. In Clare, the purchasers of lands were John Ivers of Mount Ivers, Esq.; John Cusack of Kilkisheen, Esq.; Hector Vaughan of Knocknemece, King's County, Esq.; Sir Donald O'Brien, Bart, of Dromoland; (the estate of Nicholas Arthur, attainted), the same portions of many other estates; Terence Geoghegan; (the estate of B/edmond Magrath, attainted); Thomas St. John of Ballymulcastle, Esq.; (the estate of Daniel Moloney, attainted); Bobert Westrop of Bunratty, Esq.; (the estate of David Nihell, attainted); Bobert Harrison of Fortfergus, Esq.; (the estate of Donough M'Namara, attainted, by lease from the Earl of Thomond for three lives, at £30 17s. 6d.—Harrison

1 Thorpe's Catalogue of the Southwell MSS.

• Lauds brought to sale in the county of Limerick:—

Roll, 2nd Anne, first part, face.

John Hunt, of Glangoole, Co. Tipperary, gent, 12th June, 1703; consideration, £422 12s. 9Jd. The lands of Curra alias Curryhouse, 177a. 3r.; barony Kenry, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James, subject to a chiefry of 2s. 5d. to the Earl of Kildare. Inrolled 19th June, 1703.

Hob. William Fitamanrice of Gullane, Co. Kerry, Esq., 12th June, 1703: consideration, £5 008. The castle, town, and lands of Gortnetubrid, 245a. 3r. Rosvcrilnue, ifoyvane, Ballynelaugv, 396a. 2r. 8p. Killeene, 164a. Rath, 174a. and 32p. Drumcuinane, 609a—in Gort

roore, and Coolgorman, 48a liberty of commonage on the commons of (Jlonluske alias Clongish

the mountain of Monymuck and Ballydanniell, 694a. lr. 16p—the lands of Clounmore, 429a.

3r. 24p. Total quit-rent, £30 7a 6Jd.; barony Conncllo, Co. Limerick—the estate of Sir John Fitzgerald, attainted. Inrolled 21st June, 1703.

Roll, 2nd Anne, first part, back.

Sir Matthew Deane, knight, 11th May, 1703; consideration, £195 12s. 3Jd. The lands of Killmacanerly, containing 76a.; barony Connello, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James II. Inrolled 10th June, 1703.

Richard Powell of Cloghriller, Co. Limerick, gent., 19th April, 1703; consideration, £901 18s. 9Jd. The town and lands of Galbuoly, 180a. Tonetire, 74a. 3r. 6 barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James II. Inrolled 14th June, 1703. Roll, 2nd Anne, second part, face.

Sir Thomas Southwell, bart, 22nd June, 1703; consideration, £11G—in Ardagh, 29a. 32p.; barony Connelloe, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James II. Inrolled 30th June, 1703.

John Bury of Ballvnecarrigy, Co. Limerick, Esq., 22nd April, 1703 ; consideration, £131. In Dromherbegg, being "the moiety thereof, £35—rent, 19s. 9d.; barony Kenry, Co. Limerick—the estate of Sir Drury Wray, attainted. Inrolled 3rd July, 1703.

Said Bury, 30th April, 1703; consideration, £1,087. In Middle Sile Gla.—in south Killashara, 84a.—in Graige alias Grange, 40a. Pallice alias Castle Pallice, and Knocktershane, 283a. lr. 18p.; same barony and county—the estate of the late King James. Inrolled 3rd July,


Robert Twigg of the city of Lmerick, alderman, 30th April, 17Q3; consideration, £1,833. The town and lands of Whitestowne, 248a. Scartballyvallisa, 40a, Ballyogarhine, 64a. Carrigmartin, 63a.—Coolecragh, 20a.; barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James.' Inrolled 3rd July, 1703.

Henry Widdenham of Conrt, Co. Limerick, sq., 22nd April, 1703; consideration, £841.

The town Rnd lands of Kilgrogan alias Kilrogan, 114a. Kilrocan alias Kilknockan, 136a. lr.

Ringaariffe, part of Curry, 19a.—part of Gurteencarrghane, 74a. Lissavarra, 70a.; barony

Kenry and Connello, Co Limerick—the estate of the late King James. Inrolled 3rd July, 1703.

Roll, 2nd Anne, second part, back.

James Dawson of Ballynecourty, Esq., 18th May, 1803; consideration, £1,161. The town and lands of Carryganousu and Ballynegreenagh, 152a. lr. 8p.—Cloghkillavarilla alias Cloghkillballybilly, 100a.I barony Cuonagh, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James. Inrolled 5th" June, 1703.

Dr. Thomas Smyth, Bishop of Limerick, 13th May, 1703; consideration, £3,589. The town and lands of Lickadoone, 533a. 3r. 2p. Bohirload, 123a. 2r. Ballynafrankey, 102a. and 32p. Lismullaghunebegg, 90a.; barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James II. Inrolled 10th July, 1703.

The said Bishop Smith, 8th June, 1703; consideration, £271. The town and lands of Stonetowne alias Farrenshane, 17a. 2r. 8p.; liberties of Limerick—the estate of the late King James Inrolled 10th July, 1709.

Boll, 2nd Anne, third part, face.

George Evans, the younger, of Caherrassy, Co. Limerick, Esq.. 18th June, 1703; consideration, £312 7s. 7Jd in Kilmure, 27a.—rent, 7s. ll£d.; barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick—the

estate of Theobald, late Lord Brittas, attainted—in Ballytowncmore, 19a.; barony Poblebrian, same Co.—the estate of the late King James—in Howardstowne, 48a.—rent, 14s. "i-; barony

Small Co., same Co the estate of Sir Drury Wray, bare., attainted—one moiety of the lands

of Ballyphillip—north liberties of Corke—the estate of Ignatius Goold, attainted. Inrolled 22nd June, 1703.

Abraham Green of Ballynard, Co. Limerick, Esq., 12th June, 1703; consideration, £1,010— the town and lands of Bollynaclogh, 22a. 2r. 24p.—part of Sheadfenkle and Garryglasae, 108a. —Co. City Limerick—the estate of the late King James. Inrolled 22nd June, 1703.

The said Abraham Green, Esq., 12th June, 1703 ; consideration, £1,488. The town and lands of Ballymacrees, 200a. and 16p. Lebanmucky, 161a. lr. 8p.; barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick —the estate of the late King James. Inrolled 22nd June, 170S. Loll, 2nd Anne, third part, back.

James Dawson of Ballyneconrty, Co. Tipperary, Esq., 7th June, 1703; consideration, £290 In Knockerdon, 57a.; barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick—the estate of the late King James Inrolled 22nd June, 1703.

Thomas Stepney of the Grange of Portmarnock, Co. Dublin, Esq., 23rd June, 1703; consideration, £609. The town and land of Brittas, 128a. lr. 8p rent, £2 16s. 10W.; barony Clanwilliam, Co. Limerick—the estate of Theobald, late Lord Brittas, attainted. Inrolled 6th Jnly, 1703.

Abraham Green of Ballynard, Esq., 18th June, 1703; consideration, £321. The hamlets, towns, and lands of Ballyvycoge and Ballymori.throe; barony Connello, Co. Limerick; whicb weree mortgaged, or otherwise conveyed by Gerrard Fitz-Gerald of Ballynard, Esq., to his brother James Fitz-Gerald, Esq., counsellor at law, for the sum of £150; whicb, with the interest, amounted to £321; which James is attainted. Inrolled 6th July, 1703.

Edward Cosgrave of Dublin, gent, 22nd May, 1703; consideration, £50. The town and lands of Ballyneety and Kilkeatry, 168a. Graigure, 101a. Ballylyone, 67a. Lislotane, and Ballybrue, 164a. Ballinvolla, 51a.; barony Connello, Co. Limerick. Lismongane, 92a. Gortreagh, 68a.—the fishing were thereto belonging on the river Lawn; barony Mogunnihy, Co. Kerry— the several closes of Knockyne, Clonin, Lisnelecnoughtragh and Lackeenivondrick, 20a.; barony Corkagujny, same Co.the estate of Edward Itice, attainted. Inrolled 4th August, 1703.

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