An appeal to the commons and citizens of London. [Followed by] the preface to the Political constitutions, &c

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Page 49 - Obedient shall ye be to the Mayor and Ministers of this City, the Franchises and Customs thereof. Ye shall maintain, and this City keep Harmless, in that which in you is. Ye shall be contributing to all manner of Charges within this City, as Summons Watches, Contributions, Taxes, Tallages, Lot and Scot, and all other Charges, bearing your part as a Freeman ought to do.
Page 47 - Addrefe be prefented to his Excellency *' the Lord Lieutenant, that he will be pleafed " to direct his Majefty's Attorney General to " profecute the faid Charles Lucas, for his Of** fence, in writing and publifhing the faid fedi
Page 48 - History of the Pleas of the Crown, in the seventeenth century, it was written: "Because as the subject hath his protection from the King and his laws, so on the other side the subject is bound by his allegiance to be true and faithful to the King. And hence it is, that if an alien enemy come into this kingdom hostilely to invade it, if he be taken, he shall be dealt with as an enemy, but not as a traitor, because he violates no trust nor allegiance.
Page 47 - That fuch Members of this Houfe as are of His Majefty's moft honourable Privy Council, do humbly know His JVlajefty's pleafure, when he will be attended by this Houfe.
Page 11 - ... fhall be as good and effectual in law, to all intents and purpofes...
Page 49 - Convenient time, being required, ye shall make him free of this City, if he have well and truly served you. Ye shall also keep the King's Peace in your own Person.
Page 11 - Governor and Council of Ireland for the time being from time to time and at all times hereafter, during...
Page 13 - I fay, it feems to me, that the author of nature has thought fit to mingle from time to time, among the focieties of...
Page 49 - You shall not be free baker, butcher, or fisher, without you pay custom ; and whatsoever office you be lawfully called unto within the franchises, you shall not refuse. "All these points and articles you shall well and truly keep according to the laws and customs of this to your power. So God you help, and by the holy contents of this book. God save the king."* The following is the substance of the oath for a burgess George11.
Page 49 - OfEce that you be law" fully called unto within the fayed Franchifes, you fhall " not refufe. All thefe Points and Articles you fhall well " and truly keep according to the Laws and Cuftoms of " this City, to your Power. So GOD you help, and by " the holy Contents of this Book.

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