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East, Third East, and so on for each car- not simply in the days of Christ and the dinal point,-a scheme which entices some prophets, but as among the true people of minds at first by its apparent simplicity, God in all ages. They heal the sick, cast but which in practice causes such perplexity, out devils, raise the dead, and speak with confusion and vexation that I think the re- tongues now, just as Jesus and his disciples cording angel has long since ceased to note did. At least this is what they believe is what people say when they are disappointed done now, and they point to their miracles in getting to the place they seek.

as showing that they only fulfil the word For example, a friend will tell you that of Jesus,—“These signs shalı follow them Mr. Smith lives at 435 East 9th South. that believe.” They do not strain the inYou go there, and find a park or a vacant lot terpretation of any scripture : they take all filled with docks and sunflowers, and return literally; and, if any prophecy seems unfulto be informed that he meant 435 South 9th filled, they either have fulfilled it or will as East. But the people here are patient and as they can get round to it. The good-natured, and they are willing to direct Bible seemed not to recognize America, and the stranger a great many times if he needs 80 Joseph Smith found the American part, it, as he generally does; and they are mostly showing how this continent was peopled, firm in the faith that they have hit upon and how Christ was prophesied of here bethe ideal system of street naming and num- fore he came, and how he came here as well bering.

as in Asia. Even the Garden of Eden is Our cause here has been prosperous, even

located as in Jackson County in Missouri. popular, from the very first. Mr. Eliot Such a system is sure to be outgrown by the preacherl to about three hundred people the intelligent and educated; but, as they let first meeting, and we have seldom had less go of it, all belief in miracles and in special since and generally a greater number. inspiration or revelation is sure to go, too.' We have paid all our bills so far; and, Natural Religion, Theism, Christianity as a though the times are hard, we expect to be result of natural evolution, may have some self-supportiug from this time forward. We attractions; but never again can anything have met now for six months in the Salt be “proved" from the Bible or come to Lake Theatre, a theatre built by President them as of any special divine authority. It Brigham Young many years ago. It is is “Mormonism or nothing,” they say as quite large, and is well arranged and seated, long as they try to hold on to it; and then and is the only theatre in the city. We their feeling is that the Mormon Church is have with us a large number of persons the reductio ad absurdum of the religion of who have been Mormons, or whose people the Book. And so, in increasing numbers, are or have been Mormons, many of them they come to us, and will come as the schools people of influence and the highest standing improve and the masses become better eduin the community. No orthodox church cated. has ever attracted this class as ours does ; And yet we labor under many disadvanand now that it is done the wonder is that tages, especially in trying to conduct a Sunwe never thought of it before. All the day-school. There are so few who can be churches bave bad bigh hopes, at times, of persuaded to even try to be teachers, and “converting the Mormons”; but the results yet for every teacher we could form a class have been almost as meagre as have fol- up to a large number at least. Our theatre, lowed similar efforts at converting the Jews. admirably arranged for speaking and hearThe reasons for this are straightforward and ing, is not adapted to the needs of a Sundayeasily seen and comprehended by an out- school; and yet it is the best we can do. sider. The Mormons are a sincere people, My Bible class is large and interesting, from and build their faith upon the Bible as a forty to sixty. We have no Sunday-school whole more simply and completely and lit- library and no money to get books, and no erally than any other church ever dreamed place to keep them if we had them. And of doing. They take it all, Old Testament yet what an opportunity to do good by ciras well as the New, and try to live up to it culating good books is here! I never saw in all particulars. They believe in miracles anything like it. A free library here with and revelations through dreams and visions, ten thousand good books would be used as


hardly any other city of this size would use be glad if I could in any way help some peoit, and not anywhere would it be used by ple to see the great wrong which they are people so hungry. The joy of my work unintentionally doing, not to themselves here amid its perplexities and difficulties is only, not only to their fellow-men, but to the eager reception that is given to every the Christian religion itself which I know word printed or spoken that I have to give. they dearly love, by professing or

DAVID UTTER. seeming to profess as members of a ChrisAug. 14, 1891.

tian church what as thoughtful men and

women they cannot and will not pretend to HERESY IN THE PEWS.

actually believe. By so doing, are they not

publicly making a mockery of Christian A Presbyterian gentleman said to me the faith? And are they not making themother day in all sincerity that “nobody be- selves largely responsible for the irreligion lieves the Westminster Confession," but and scepticism of the present day? No man that “it ought not to be revised or disturbed is to blame in this age because he cannot in any way, because the Presbyterian decide at once what is true; but any man, Church is founded upon it.” I quote his most of all he who calls himself a Christian, exact words, though I don't think he meant is to blame if he will not decide for himself exactly what he said, but he thought he meant

what is honest.

HOBART CLARKE. it; and his position in this matter is by no Plainfield, N.J. means exceptional. Yet people who take that ground habitually wonder at and de

FATHER TAYLOR. plore what they call the irreligious tendencies of the present age, and they seem some- About the time that Mr. Emerson's view how unconscious of the fact that they are of the communion services made such a sendoing all they can to make religion a mere sation I was walking home with Father amiable and pious fiction, an outgrown Taylor, when a Methodist leader on his fairy tale. Are they not the real heretics other side was telling Taylor some awful and the only heretics in the Church to-day? story of Unitarian innovations. “Brother," Are they not guilty of the most solemn and said my friend, “I know these Unitarians dangerous kind of trifling with the Christian better than you, and all the good they are gospel? The lingering superstition and in- doing at the North End. Now, if the tree tolerance still to be found in many churches is good and the fruit good, why should we are bad enough; but these things are not quarrel because the bark is a little bitter?" doing one-tenth of the injury to the cause The man was silenced effectually: it was a of religion that is daily being done by that good sermon on the text, “By their fruits formal insincerity of well-meaning people shall ye know them.” who hold one doctrine in their worship and At a time when his throat was inflamed another in their lives, one doctrine in the he charged me to pull his coat when he had sanctuary and another in the street, one preached an hour; but, when I obeyed doctrine as members in good standing of orders with my utmost vigor, it was only to some evangelical church, but an entirely dif- draw this reply: “Brother, I cannot put ferent doctrine as loving, thinking, trusting into port. The open sea invites me on: the members of God's great human family. seven spirits before the throne fill my sails."

All men are talking of the heretic who Another Sunday, when a sailor's elbow stands in the pulpit: of him who sits in the projecting over the side of the pew hindered pew but little has yet been said. He is a a much beflounced lady from making much good man, and he means to be honest; but headway, “Messmate," said Taylor, “take in is he not in a false position? He loves his your jib-boom and let that frigate sail by." brother man, he worships God in spirit; A curious story of his last hours is that, but does he worship him in truth? He de- when some of his friends tried to cheer the lights in charity, in tolerance, and in lib- dying man by reminding him of the angels eralism--so long as it can be made to pass he would soon meet, he replied that he did for orthodoxy; but as a Christian has he no not want any other or better angels than he duty regarding honesty and truth? I should had known here.

F. W. H.


Within the hearts of all men lie

These promises of wider bliss, Religion is older than Christianity and

Which blossom into hopes that cannot die,

In sunny hours like this. greater than any organized form of religion. As Unitarians, we do not claim that our All that hath been majestical Church, nor do we believe that any Church, In life or death, since time began, holds all truth. We stand for that which

Is native in the simple heart of all,

The angel heart of man. has been given to us, and hold that fidelity to that is our first duty. The Christianity (, mighty brother-soul of man, of which we claim to be a part may be said

Where'er thou art, in low or high,

Thy skyey arches with exulting span to begin with the sublime doctrine of the

O’erroof infinity! one God associated in history with Abraham and the patriarchs. It was developed

MONDAY. by Moses and the law-givers, received a

The Crisis. more spiritual interpretation from Isaiah Once to every man and nation comes the moment and the prophets, and was enriched by con

to decide,

In the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the tributions of Oriental wisdom and the learn

good or evil side; ing of Greece and Rome. By Jesus and the Some great cause, God's new Messiah, offering apostles it was enlarged beyond the bounds each the bloom or blight, of any church or nation, and was fitted for Parts the goats upon the left hand and the sheep the acceptance of the world. Since the first

upon the right,

And the choice goes by forever 'twixt that darkChristian century it has been sometimes

ness and that light. hidden under creeds and forms of exclusive

Hast thou chosen, () my people, on whose party churches, but always, as the assertion of the

thou shalt stand, Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of

Ere the Doom from its worn sandals shakes the Man, it has existed in all the churches, dust against our land? even the most intolerant and exclusive, and Though the cause of Evil prosper, yet ’tis Truth now at last comes into clear light as a spirit And, albeit she wander ontcast now, I see around

alone is strong, and a life, the light of the world and the

her throng hope of man. Temporarily, the Unitarian Troops of beautiful, tall angels, to enshield her Church accepts the duty of declaring this

from all wrong. world gospel as a denomination, in the hope Careless seems the great Avenger; history's that at last all Christian churches will see

pages but record the wickedness and folly of attempting to One death-grapple in the darkness 'twixt old monopolize the gifts of God, and will unite systems and the Word;

Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on in the spirit of their great Leader for the

the throne, worship of God and the service of man. Yet that scaffold sways the future, and, behind GEORGE BATCHELOR.

the dim unknown, Lowell, Mass.

Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch

above his own. ONE UPWARD LOOK EACH DAY.

Then to side with Truth is noble when we share

her wretched crust, Ere her cause bring fame and profit, and 'tis

prosperous to be just; Then it is the brave man chooses, while the cow

ard stands aside, SUNDAY.

Doubting in his abject spirit, till his Lord is cruLove Universal.

cified, God scatters love on every side

And the multitude makes virtue of the faith they Freely among his children all,

had denied. And always hearts are lying open wide, Wherein some grains may fall.


Truth Universal.
There is no wind but soweth seeds
Of a more true and open life,

God sends his teachers into every age,
Which burst, unlooked for, into high-souled

To every clime and every race of men,

With revelations fitted to their growth deeds, With wayside beauty rife.

And shape of mind, nor gives the realm of Truth

Into the selfish rule of one sole race: We find within these souls of ours

Therefore each form of worship that hath swayed Some wild germs of a higher birth,

The life of man, and given it to grasp Which in the poet's tropic heart bear flowers The master-key of knowledge, reverence, Whose fragrance fills the earth.

Infolds some germs of goodness and of right;




Else never had the eager soul which loathes

“Still thou speakest with thy children The slothful down of pampered ignorance,

Freely as in eld sublime; Found in it even a moment's rest.

Humbleness and love and patience

Still give empire over time.
There is an instinct in the human heart
Which makes that all the fables it hath coined,

“Had I trusted in my nature, To justify the reign of its belief

And had faith in lowly things, And strengthen it by beauty's right divine,

Thou thyself wouldst then have sought me, Veil in their inner cells a mystic gift,

And set free my spirit's wings. Which, like the hazel twig, in faithful hands,

“But I looked for signs and wonders, Points surely to the hidden springs of truth.

That o'er men should give me sway; For, as in nature naught is made in vain,

Thirsting to be more than mortal, But all things have within their hull of use

I was even less than clay. A wisdom and a meaning which may speak

“ Ere I entered on my journey, Of spiritual secrets to the ear

As I girt my loins to start, Of spirit, so, in whatsoe'er the heart

Ran to me my little daughter, Hath fashioned for a solace to itself,

The beloved of my heart. To make its inspiration suit its creed,

"In her hand she held a flower And from the niggard hands of falsehood wring Its needful food of truth, there ever is

Like to this as like may be, A sympathy with Nature which reveals,

Which, beside my very threshold, Not less than her own works, pure gleams of

She had plucked and brought to me." light

And earnest parables of inward lore.

A Sonnet.

“For true nobleness I seek in vain, True Life.

In woman and in man I find it not;
Life is joy, and love is power,

I almost weary of my earthly lot,
Death all fetters doth unbind,

My life-springs are dried up with burning
Strength and wisdom only flower


Thou findst it not? I pray thee look again, When we toil for all our kind.

Look inward through the depths of thine own Love is thine, O heart! and surely

soul. Peace shall also be thine own;

How is it with thee? Art thou sound and For the heart that trusteth purely

whole ? Never long can pine alone.

Doth narrow search show thee no earthly

stain ?
Hope is truth: the future giveth

Be noble! and the nobleness that lies
More than present takes away,

In other men, sleeping, but never dead,
And the soul forever liveth

Will rise in majesty to meet thine own:
Nearer God from day to day.

Then wilt thou see it gleam in many eyes,

Then will pure light around thy path be shed, THURSDAY.

And thou wilt nevermore be sad and lone.
A Parable.
Worn and footsore was the Prophet,

When he gained the holy hill;

“God has left the earth,” he murmured, He's true to God who's true to man: whererer
“ Here his presence lingers still.

wrong is done, “God of all the olden prophets,

To the humblest and the weakest, 'neath the allWilt thou speak with men no more?

beholding sun, Have I not as truly served thee

That wrong is also done to us; and they are

slaves most base, As thy chosen ones of yore?

Whose love of right is for themselves, and not “Hear me, guider of my fathers,

for all their race. Lo! a humble heart is mine;

God works for all. Ye cannot hem the hope of By thy mercy I beseech thee

being free
Grant thy servant but a sign!”

With parallels of latitude, with mountain-range
Bowing then his head, he listened
For an answer to his prayer;

Put golden padlocks on Truth's lips, be callous
No loud burst of thunder followed,

as ye will, Not a murmur stirred the air :

From soul to soul o'er all the world leaps one

electric thrill.
But the tuft of moss before him
Opened while he waited yet,

'Tis ours to save our brethren with peace and And from out the rock's hard bosom

love, to win

Their darkened hearts from error, ere they Sprang a tender violet.

harden it to sin; “God! I thank thee,” said the Prophet; But if before his duty man with listless spirit “ Hard of heart and blind was I,

stands, Looking to the holy mountain

Erelong the great Avenger takes the work from For the gift of prophecy.

out his hands.

or sea.




In the periodic eruptions of heresy from Announcement is made on another page of the old volcanic craters of Orthodoxy, the the great Unitarian event of the season, creeds are slowly getting buried out of the meeting of our National Conference, at sight.

Saratoga, from the 21st to the

24th To the average on-looker of any religious of the present month. The summons once belief, who appreciates intellectual prog- more to the old place, where so many inress, this is eminently satisfactory. But spiring meetings of the Conference have the few to whom the elaborate inexplica- been held, will be to many a pleasant bilities of creed utterance are sweet much We trust the representation of our deplore the obliterating process. As they churches will be large, and the spirit earnest. cannot, however, extricate their favorite In most parts of the country our churches are dogmas from the steady pressure of modern few and widely separated. All the more imcriticism, they busy themselves in endeavor- portant, therefore, are these national gathering to save the juice.

ings which bring great multitudes together, The latest effort of this kind is that of and give an opportunity for lonely workers to Mr. Spurgeon et al., who publish what may meet other workers, and to gain a sense of be called an extract of creed. For any one comradeship, and that inspiration that comes desiring to familiarize himself with the creed from numbers. Liberal Christianity has an taste, we know of no preparation that bet- immensely important work to do in these ter preserves the genuine flavor. It is as

United States. May the Conference help us follows:

all to realize this as never before!

We, the undersigned, banded together in fraternal union, observing with growing It seems likely that our missions in Japan pain and sorrow the loosening hold of many will thrust upon the Unitarian and Uniupon the truths of revelation, are con- versalist bodies in this country some larger strained to avow our firmest belief in the

and more important questions than we had verbal inspiration of all Holy Scripture as

dreamed. In the article on another page originally given. To us the Bible does not merely contain the Word of God, but it is

entitled “A Most Significant Word from the Word of God. From beginning to end Japan” we indicate briefly what some of we accept it, believe it, and continue to these questions are. preach it. To us the Old Testament is no less inspired than the New. The Book is

A meeting of some forty leading Unitaan organic whole. Reverence for the New Testament, accompanied by scepticism as to

rian ministers and laymen was held in Bosthe Old, appears to us absurd. The two

ton last May, during Anniversary Week, to must stand or fall together. We accept consider the general subject of Unitarian Christ's own verdict concerning “Moses and periodicals. It seems probable that the all the prophets” in preference to any of Unitarian Review will not be continued the supposed discoveries of so-called higher longer than through the present year. The criticism.

We hold and maintain the truths generally limited circulation which it is able to secure known as “the doctrines of grace. The does not seem, to some of the Directors of Electing Love of God the Father, the the American Unitarian Association, to warPropitiatory and Substitutionary Sacrifice of

rant a continued appropriation of $3,000 a his Son, Jesus Christ, Regeneration by the Holy Ghost, the Imputation of Christ's year, -the sum which it has been found necRighteousness, the Justification of the sin- essary for some years past to appropriate, to ner (once for all) by faith, his walk in new- carry on the Review in its present form. ness of life and growth in grace by the

Ought we to have something else in the active indwelling of the Holy Ghost, and the Priestly Intercession of our Lord Jesus, place of the Review? and, if so, what? as also the hopeless perdition of all who These were the questions before the meeting. reject the Saviour, according to the words Rev. J. H. Crooker proposed a plan for a of the Lord in Matthew xxv. 46, “These

theological Quarterly, to be international shall go away into eternal punishment,” are, in our judgment, revealed and fundamental and, to some extent, interdenominational in truths. Our hope is the Personal Pre-mil- its character. The plan met with considerlennial Return of the Lord Jesus in glory. able favor. There seems to be little room

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