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Lawrence, Dedication of the Church in..


Laying the Foundations.

W. H. Ramsay

Lent, How to get Good out of ......


Liberal Christian Alliance, The. T. G. Milsted. 23

Liberal Christianity. John Cordner...


Liberal Christianity in Detroit. G. B. S.


Liberal Faith, The..

Liddon, Canon, Hearing at St. Paul's. J. T.


Literary Notes. 40, 88, 138, 185, 231, 291, 336, 389,

432, 492, 538, 587

Lord's Supper, The. James Martineau


Lottery, The Campaign against..

Lowell, Dr. Hale and the Nation upon..


Lowell, James Russell, Arthur Gilman.



Religion, A Little French Girl's. R. A. Arm-



Religion, Progress of Twenty-five Years..... 21
Religious Honesty

Religious Instruction of the Young. Elizabeth


Religious Intolerance in South Carolina........ 379

Religious Progress Abroad, Martha P. Loue 184, 288

Report of American Unitarian Association..... 481

Report of Council of National Conference ...... 478

Report of National Alliance of Women....... 483

Report of the Directors of the American Unita-

rian Association, Grindall Reynolds.... 260

Reviews and Magazines. 42, 90, 139, 185, 233,

292, 338, 390, 435, 493, 539, 588

Sadler, Rev. Dr...

Saint, A Unitarian. M. J. Savage...

Salt Lake City. David Utter...


Salvation Army Unity Club Meeting, A...... 519

Schopenhauer's “The Wisdom of Life." A. B.



Science: Some Things it has done for Religion.
J. T. Stewart.

Semitic Museum at Harvard University. Cora
A. Benneson...

Sherman, Gen., and Catholicism

Slanders of Dying Heretics....

Slanders of Dying Heretics Again. A. B. Curtis 324
Speak out and Fear not........

Spiritualism: What has it taught and done?
Emma H. Britten......


Spurgeon, Going to hear J. T. Sunderland.... 461

South, How to help the. George L. Chaney..... 530

Strait Gate, The, and the Narrow Way. Samuel

A. Eliot...


Swing, Prof., on Kindness to Animals........... 315

Taylor, Father. F. W. H......


Temperance Notes. C. R. Eliot. 39, 137, 183,

230, 286, 335, 387, 429, 189, 537, 587

Thoughts. W. M. Bicknell


Thoughts about the Future Life. L. R. Daniels 464

Three Hundred Years, The Religious Growth of.

M. J. Savage.....


Tobacco, The Rights of those who dislike.
Anna Garlin Spencer.....

Trèves, The Holy Coat of ("A Seamless Coat and
a Shameless Fraud")...

Trinity Church and its Millions...

Trinity, The, and the Deity of Christ, Thoughts
about. J. H. Long....

......157, 202

Unitarian Magazine of Japan, The (Our Zasshi).
Clay MacCauley..


Unitarian Principles, Some. George A. Thayer 223

Unitarian, The. An Announcement. J. T.



Unitarianism. George Batchelor..

Unitarianism a “Movement," and Nothing
More? Bradley Gilman......

Unitarianism, An Epitome of. S. C. Beane... 325
Unitarianism, Illustrations of..


Unitarianism: What does it mean? F. B. Mott 128

Unitarianism: What does it seek to be and do?

J. T. S..


Unitarians Believe, What do? J. T. Sunder-



Unitarians: What They Believe. T. B. Forbrush 19

Universal Religion. David Swing..



Universalism: Its Doctrines; Its Prospects.
Charles L. Waite....


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Universalism: Its History in America. Charles
L. Waite.....

Universalism: Its History in Europe. Charles
L. Waite

Universalist Notes. J. Coleman Adams. 39,

87, 136, 182, 230, 288, 388, 431, 536, 585
Wesley, John. W.F. Greenman...

Wesley, John. Did he become a Universalist ? 79
Western Conference Anniversaries, The........ 278
Whittier. George W. Cutter........

Winchell, Alexander.....

Woman's Word and Work 37, 85, 133, 179, 227, 284, 332
Women, A New Profession for.......

Young People's Societies. W. P. Adams....... 73
Zasshi, Our. Clay MacCauley...


Christ is Risen. J. T. Sunderland...

Heart-ache and Heart's-ease. Charles G. Ames 441
Prof. Briggs's Criticism and Theology from the

Unitarian Standpoint. John W. Chadwick 297
Strength from God. Joseph May...

The Authority of Conscience; or, Unitarianism.
Leon A. Harvey....

The Conquering Purpose. Leon A. Harvey..... 545
The Ideal and Actual Christ. James Freeman
Clarke ......

The Mission of Jesus. Marion D. Shutter..... 497
The Ownership of Life. H. Price Collier

The Perfect Law. S. M. Crothers.

The Revival of Spiritual Christianity. Solon
Lauer ...

The Time School. Reed Stuart

Threefold Resurrection. William Ballou...... 97

An Ordination Hymn. Frederick B Nott ...... 497
Athapasian Creed, The Poetic..

Communion Flowers. Ursula Tannenforst.. 222
Easter Carol. Charles E. Perkins.

Easter Hymn. Charlotte C. Eliot.

Faith. Alfred Free.

Give Thou. Rosalie Childs...

God is over All, Solon Lauer.

He may reform his Plan. Frank H. Knicker-

Hope. Alfred Free...

Hymn. A. A. Livermore...

In Love is Unity. Lee Fairchild.

Jubilee Poems. H. L. Hosmer and J. V. Blake. 128
Livermore, A. A. A. J. Rich

Looking Upward. Charlotte C. Eliot.

Lowell, James Russell. Martha Perry Loue... 441
Man and Death. Rosalie Childs

Meditation. Lee Fairchild....

Memorial Hymn. Rebecca Palfrey Utter.... 260
My Father knows the Way

New Year, Poems for the...

On Holy Ground. J. W. Chadwick..

Poem Sheaf. The Months.....

.83, 130
Saint Bernard F. 11. Knickerbocker.

Science. Frank H. Knickerbocker...

Service, The Blessing of. M. J. Savage

Silent Hour, The. Charles E. Perkins..

Soul-saving. Hattie Tyng Griswold....

The Earth-child's Prayer. F. 0. Eggleston.. 401
The Good Shepherd. Charles E. Perkins.. 456
The Morning Cometh. W. H. Sarag

The Recall. M. S. D...

The Tree of Life. L. E. B..

Thraldom. N. H. Gilkyson.

Toil. L. E. Brown..

True Riches. E. F.

Upward Look Each Day, One. 174, 223, 280, 328,

383, 425, 488, 531, 579

Westminster Chimes. Ursula Tannenforst .... 77

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u Monthly Magazine of Liberal Christianity.


JANUARY, 1891.

No. 1.


ambition, success, failure, disappointA NEW YEAR'S SERMON BY REV. REED STUART, ment, self-denial, trade, courts, senates, DETROIT, MICH.

travel, pain, sorrow, give him lessons to So teach us to number our days, that we learn; and when we last see him his eye may apply our hearts unto wisdom. - has a puzzled, and inquiring expression, Psalm xc, 12.

as if nature had just set him a new Man is a perpetual pupil. While his problem to solve in the few minutes earthly life lasts his education is never that are left him before he leaves the completed; and, perhaps, dying is only earth. But whether the lessons are leaving one school to enter another, — hard or easy, whether the teachers are exchanging the district school for the kind or stern, the school goes on withuniversity. How many and how varied out holiday or vacation to the end of life. are his teachers. Arriving on earth, no Many credit marks are set to our acother animal is so helpless as he; before count; but we often fail in recitation; he leaves he has taken such lessons in and examination day finds many of us power that all things obey him. Every unable to pass in certain branches. day brings a new lesson. At first a seem. The tuition is high in this school; and ingly simple task is given him, and yet we often find ourselves at the close of 'a probably the most difficult of all his severe term, after all the bills are settled, life,-how to make the motion of his with not much left. Money, strength, fingers correspond with his wish, so that health, days, life, all go to pay the he can seize the thing he wants. Then charges of this high-priced education. he must learn the use of all other tools,- Now, that we are just entering upon arms, legs, eyes, ears, tongue, become another year, the inquiry becomes the servants of his will; and he who at worthy as to how we are getting along first could not cross the floor to save in our studies.

Does our progress his life, and whose sight was over- justify the expense? Will our diplomas powered by the distance between him be such as will pass us to the higher and the ceiling, at last can traverse con- grades when we have completed the tinents and oceans, and measure stellar course at this school ? Some of us have distances. When he has learned the been present at many of these opening first use of the natural organs, he must days, and by this time we should be learn their relation to other things. By able to show some good results. If the walking, and running, and falling, he days have power to speak to us, and the learns the laws of gravitation. With years to teach wisdom, how good and blocks, and cards, and chairs, he learns how wise we should all be! If experithe laws of architecture. With whistle ence and study are of value, then the and drum, and hammer, with disregard sun of the new year should shine upon to the comfort of some of the older wiser and better multitudes than ever members of the school, he explores the before trod the earth. laws of sound. Then follow books, and Knowledge breeds knowledge. One classes, and companions with their in- invention opens the way to another. structions. By and by love opens its Steam begets the railroad; and the raildelicious page to his eyes. Afterwards road begets the telegraph; and the tele

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graph begets the telephone and the the dust. Long ago he learned how to
electric light; and who can tell what or carve and paint the perfect form of the
where will be the end? It is impossible body; but he has not learned the use of
to make a catalogue of all the arts and that chisel, or how to mix the colors
inventions which have sprung out of the with which to carve and paint the per-
human brain, every one of which gives fect soul. A thousand years ago he
evidence of thought and study in the learned to build Gothic cathedrals; but
past, and is guaranty of a greater future how slow he is to learn how to build a
for the race. Already the whole earth life, whose arches will be more graceful,,
feels the thrill of the human brain and whose music will be more thrilling, and
the throb of the human heart; and if whose spires will mount further toward
art and power go on as they have thus the everlasting azure than any temple
far come, they will become god-like in made of stone!
their mastery of nature. The multi- We all think that moral lessons should
tude of years have taught man the be learned first, but they are usually
form of knowledge that gives him postponed until all others are learned.

Everywhere people admire truth, and But how would he stand an examina- honor, and justice, in the abstract. Like tion in the branches of study pertaining painting, and music, and French, they are to the higher meaning of life? Great is too often only ornamental branches of an his power of knowing and doing in all education and are not intended for every the practical affairs of life. In all forms day use. Our popular education begins of industry,-agriculture, mechanics, with the senses, and ends when the commerce,-his standing is very high. pupil knows enough to make a living. But in the higher wisdom, which mixes We pretend, in this so-called Christian right with all action, he is as yet a tyro, age, to believe in a spiritual nature, and in the lower classes. A giant of power the supremacy of the moral law; but we in giving shape to material things, and have not heard of anyone starting a bending them to his will, he is too often kindergarten for the soul. We have an infant with tottering step and nerve already journeyed far away from the less and uncertain grasp when he passes cave, and the

stone axe,

and the into the moral field.

flint, and
the wigwam;

but What a strange compound is this be- may keep up our march many days ing! Made

up of equal parts of longer before we have reached everystrength and weakness; of philosopher thing worth having. The age of man and fool; of hero and coward; of dust the savage has gone out, or is going and deity;--he is to be admired and rid- out; the age of man the soul has not iculed, to be praised and pitied in turn. not yet come in. We have thrown off He has power to tunnel mountains, and the manners of the hut, but we do not subdue continents; yet often without yet feel at ease in the palace. strength to tell the truth. He is like Atlas, The world is surely old enough to with strength to carry a world on his have learned that the true worth of an shoulders; yet bis soul often breaks age depends not upon its wealth, or its down beneath a feather's weight of modes of travel, or its commerce, but temptation. He who can measure the upon its moral possessions. If power distance between the planets, and weigh be not to further right, then of the earth in his scales, fails to estimate what use is power? If Prospero does the space which billows between right and not use his power to help justice to wrong, and has no balance with which prosper, then his alliance with spirits to weigh an unvirtuous deed. He will and elemental forces is a crime. Faust lead a forlorn hope to victory; but he can would better have remained an intelbe bought for a few dollars to turn lectual bantling all his life, than to have traitor to honesty, and for the sake of a used his borrowed power to uproot faith few days of fame and a few words of and facilitate the downfall of virtue. flattery, will trail the flag of justice in Of what use is a telegraph around the


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