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ABDOOL MESSEE, an Indian Convert. By

the Rev. Robert M. M'Cheyne, 163.

Abernethy, Rev. Mr. 672.

Abyssinian Youths, The Admission of Two,

into the General Assembly's Mission

School at Bombay, 571.

Acceptance with God, On Knowledge of

our, 303.

Adrersity, a Blessing, 416.

Affliction, 713.

a Means of Awakening the Sinner,

Light and Momentary, 270.

Resignation under. À Discourse,

by the late Rev. Laurence Moyes, D.D.,


The Improvement of, 79.

Afriean, An, 272.

Boy, The reasoning of an, 400.
Female, An, 272.

Slave, An, 381.

Aitkin, Robert, A Maryport Collier, Bio-

graphical Sketch of, by the Rev. W. S.

Blackwood, 803.

All Things are Yours, 191.

Ambition, The Horrid Effects of, 288.

Ararat, Reflections on seeing Mount, 824.

Atonement, The Necessity of an, 127.

Augustine, 576.

The Conversion of, 96.


Bacon, John, Esq., 736.

Balaam, The Character of. A Discourse,

by the Rev. William S. Moncrcift; 89.

Baptiam, On. By the Rev, Hugh Ralph,

LL.D., 481.

Prefigured by the Deluge. A Dis.

course, by the Rev. George Anderson,

A.M., 297.

Baptist, Death of John the. By the Rev. J.
A. Wylie, 294, 357.

Íhe, a True and Faithful Minister.

By the Rev. Peter M.Morland, 241.

Bat. The, 444.
Bezats. True, 63.
Beelzebub, The Origin and Meaning of the

Name. By the Rev. J. Brodie, 285.
Believe firmly, 783.
Believer's Blessings, Christ the Source of the.

A Discourse, by the Rev. Charles Gib-

boo, 72,

Believers, The Ancient and the Modern,


The Exalted Privileges of. A

Discourse, by the late Rev. George

Abercrombie, 248.

Beloved, My, is Mine and I am His, 624.

Benevolence of the Gospel, The Agency of

the Holy Ghost necessary to produce

the, 415.

Benevolence, Unwearied, 464.

Bethesda, The Pool of, 480.

Bible, The, 192.

Landsborough, 333.

The Bread of Life, and the Fountain Creation, Records of. By the Rev. John
of Living Waters. By the Rev. Wil. Anderson, 230, 302, 476, 502, 531, 573.
liam Paterson, 798.

Cross, The Offence of tho, 111.
The Glory which he gives to his

A Discourse, by

People. A Discourse. by the late Rev. the Rev. Andrew Milroy, 361.

William Paul, A.M., 281.

Culdees, History of the Ancient. By the
Thoughts on the 'erson of. By the Rev. Donald Fergusson, 613, 652.
Rev. Alexander Watt, A.M., 337. Cunningham, Eliza, The Death of, 336.

Union with, a High Privilege, 495. Cuvier, Clementine, Biographical Sketch of,
Wonderful Effect of Preaching, 816.


Christian Acting Necessary to Christian As-


surance, 191.
Hero, A, 32.

David's Elegy on the Death of Saul and
Biography. By the Rev. George

Jonathan. By Mr W. Park, 800.
Burns, D.D., 785.

Dead, I was, 479.
Chief's at Tahiti, Conscientious-

Deaf and Dumb Boy, The History of a, 611.

Deaf-Mute, A, 656.

negs in, 544.

Consistency, The Force of, 592.

Death, Change produced by. A Discourse,

by the Rev. Robert Smith, 377.

Death of a Young, 736.

Freedom, 784.

of Man, Analogy between, and the

Sacrifice of Christ.

Life, 687.

A Discourse, by the

Rev. James C. Burns, 633.

Pilgrim, The, 304.

The, a Devoted Servant of God.

of the Sceptic and the Christian, 384.

A Discourse, by the Rev. Andrew Ha-

of the Sinner, God has no delight in

milton, A.M., 744.

the. A Discourse, by the Rev, J. A.

The, as a Little Child. A Dis-

Wylie, 40.

The Believer's Support in the Hour

course, by the Rev. Charles Nairn, 25.


Christian's Duty, A, 543.

A Discourse, by the Rev. W. S.

Blackwood, 809.

Heart, The Home of the, 576.

The Devastating Ravages of. A Dis-

Hope and Triumph, The, 464.
Joy. By the Rev. William W.

course, by the Rev. Nathaniel Morren,

Duncan, 256.

A.M., 8.

Christians, All, are not alike. By the Rev.

The Hour of, 335.

Duncan Macfarlan, Section Ill., 108.

Debtor, I am. By the Rev. Robert M.
IV., 205.

M'Cheyne, 320
V., 246.

Destruction of the First-Born, 383.
VI., 343.

Dic? Why will ye, 191.

VII., 412.

Disappointment, 783.

Differences among, 159.

Discontent, 319.

Divine Life, Advancement in the, 159.
On the Sufferings of the First,

Domestic Scene, A, 784.
considered as an Argument for the truth
of Christianity. By the Rev. W. B.

Drunkard, The Conversion of a, 768.

The Reclaimed, 704.
Nivison, 193, 273.

Christianity often disarms the Enemy, 624.

Duty, Be always in the Path of, 592.

The Effect of, in ennobling the

Consistency in. has the best Effects,


Character, 640.

The Indifference of Nominal

Dying Experience, The Effect of a Chris.

Christians to the Extension of. A Dis-

tian's, 16.


course, by the Rev. William Logie, 792.

The Decay of l'ital, 191. East, The Wise Men of the. By the Rev.

in Scotland, Sketch of the Early James Esdaile, 86.

History of. By the Rev. James Bryce. Edwards, President, The Early Days of, 243.

Period I., 708.

The Ministerial Life and

Church of Christ, On the Security of the Labours of, 275.
Divine Promises to the. By the Rev.

The Latter Days of, 307.
Robert Houston, A.M., 33.

Egyptian Antiquities, Ilustrations of Scrip.

Cicada Septendecim, The, 558.

ture derived from, 604, 700, 748.

Clarke, Dr Adam, 576.

Ellis, Mary M., Biographical Sketch of, 498,
Clement, St. Communicated by the Rev.

Duncan Macfarlan, 66.

End of your Being, Keep in View the, 79.

Climate, The Moral and Physical Effects of, Entertainment, Our Lord's Instructions at


a Private, 764.

Colonial Sketches. By the Rev. Robert Enquiry, The Great Subject of, 190.

Burns, D.D., 780.

Erskine, John, Baron of Dun, Biographical

Columba, The History and Character of. Sketch of, 83.
By the Rev. Donald Fergusson, 179, 195.

Rev. Henry, A.M., Biographical

“Come Quickly," 463.

Sketch of, 483.

Communion Services. By the Rev. Patrick

The late Rev. John, D.D., Bio-

Booth, A.M., 686, 695, 797, 822.

graphical Sketch of, 19.

Company, Idle, 607.

Evidences, The Strength of the Christian,
Conduct, Rules for the Government of the, 591.

Examine, and you will certainly Believe,

Consistency, Effect of, 384.



is free to all, $24.
On the External Homage and Private
Neglect of the. By the Rev. Alexander
Dutf, D.D., 105.

Value of the. By the Rev. Henry
Duncan, D.D., 545.

Einning, Res. Hugh, Biographical Sketch

of, 355, 371.

Birds. Their Instinct in Nest-Building, 252,

Blind, The Effect of the Gospel on the Con-

dition of the. By the Rev. Lachlan Mac-

lean, 53.

Berhaave, Dr, 288.

Bombay, Examination of General Assem.

bly's Mission School in, 550.

Mission, The, 315.

Bow drawn at a Venture, 752.

Bunyan, John, 752.

Berder, George, 368.

Burman Convert, A, 288.

Buurmese Female, A, 192.

Business, Worldly, ought not to interfere

with Duty, 351.


Cadiot, Jean Antoine, Biographical Sketch

of, 707

Cæsar, Saints in the Household of. A Dis-

course, by the Rev. Hugh Ralph, LL.D.,

Calcutta, General Assembly's School in, 542.
Canada, Upper, Spiritual Destitution of, 671.

Gardiner. Hon. Col., Biographical Sketch

of, 675.

Gethsemane, The Agony in the Garden of

By the Rev. W. D. Nivison, 417, 465.

Gift, A Minister's New Year's, to his Pa-

rishioners. By the Rev. Robert Jamie-

son, 2, 37.

Gipsies, The, in Russia and Spain, 28.

God as a Father and a Judge, 415.

is Love, 496.

- Love of, 447.

Man created in the Image of. A Dis-

course, by the Rev. W. Nisbet, 392.

not in all our Thoughts, 63.

only, Delight in, 112.

On Trust in. By Thomas Brown,
Esq., 477.
Presence of, 431.
Submission to the Will of. A Dis.

course, by the Rev. George Boag, 441.

- that Judgeth in the Earth, Verily there

is a, 224.

the chief Good, 500.

The Grace of, 143.

The Love of, 111

View, in every thing, 207.

God's Love to his Chosen, 431.

People, The Death of, 111.

Providence, Confidence in, 513.

Willingness to Save, 447.

Word the Best Means of Training

the Young to be Pious, Useful, and

Happy. By the late Rev. Andrew Hun-

ter, D.D., 529.

Good, He went about doing, 397.

Man, The life of a, preserved, 688.
On doing, 159.

Neglect no opportunity of doing, 394.

Gospel, on the Influence of the. in the En.

largement and Elevation of the Intellec.

tual Character. By the Rey. Robert

Cook, 289.

Grace, Growth in, 319.

Gratitude, On. By Thomas Brown, Esq.,


Greenland Family, A, 320.

Greenlander, Beautiful Exposition by a, 464.

Simple Faith of an Aged, 418.
Grief, The Balm of. By Charles Moir, Esq.,

Guthrie, The late Rev. William, A.M.,
Biographical Sketch of, 579.


Hagar in the Desert, 816.

Hall, Rev. Robert, 336, 368.

Hand, Let not thy Left, know what thy

Right Hand doeth, 687.

Happiness not in Worldly Honours and En.

joyments, 255.

True, 368.

Hart, The. By the Rev. D. Mitehell, 7.
Heart Notes. By the Rev. David Lands-
borough, 656,

On the Cultivation of the, 639.

Heathen, Experience of the. By the Rev.

J. A. Wallace, 78, 140, 395, 519.

Nations, Vindication of the Claims

of, 581.

Heaven, 240.


An Attempt to Purchase, 480.

Nature in, 752.

Preparation for, 431.

Unrenewed Men incapable of En-

joying the Happiness of. By the Rev.

J. A. Wallace, 817.

Heavenly Trading, 752.

Things, A Relish for, 47.

Heber, Right Rev. Reginald. Biographical

Sketch of, 34, 50.

Hebrew Gleanings. By the Rev. Robert
Simpson, A.M., 117, 326, 725.

Idyls. By Professor Tennant, 30,
398, 749.

Maid, Hymn of the, 160.

Melody, A, 720.
Hell on Earth, 752.

Misery of, 319.

Henry, Matthew, The Early Days of, 608.

Herring, Rev. W., 112.

Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Educa.

tion in the, 237, 268, 312, 428.

Hindu Convert, The Death of a Young, 264.

Youth, The Conversion of a, 681.
Hindus, On the Apathy of the. By the

Rev. John Wilson, D.D., 782.

Holy, Be, 30.

Home. By Charles Moir, Esq., 647.

Hope, The Excellence of the Christian's.
By the Rev. Andrew Milroy, 17.

The Solid Foundation of the Chris-
tian's. By the Rev. Thomas Ross, LL.D.

Hospital Seene in Portugal, Sketch of an, 366.
Hottentot Girls, Two, 288.
House of God, Attendance on the, 174.
Human Heart, Hardness of the, 30.

The Natural Depravity of
the. A Discourse by the Rev. James

Ferguson, A.M., 408.

Hume, The Infidelity of, 304.

Hymn. By Robert Kaye Greville, LL.D.,

Furcral, 352.


Idolaters, The Sorrows of. A Discourse, by

the late Rev. Williarn Stark, 120.

Ignatius, Biographical Sketch of, 723.

Impenitent, To the, 191,

Inattention, 528.

India, Increasing Demand for Native

Teachers in, 201.

Native Education in, under the General

Assembly's India Mission. By the Rev.

James Bryce, D.D., 123

Progress of the Gospel in, 679.

Indian Brahmin, An, 219,

Conjuror, An, 416.

Superstition, Cruelties of. By the

Rev. A. Duff, D.D., 423.

Infanticide in the South Sea Islands, 807

Infant Schools, Thoughts on. By the Rev.

William Muir, D.D., 134.

Infidelity, The Natural Effect of, 160.

The Weakness of, 176.

Ingrafting, The Process of, 799

Innocence, Lamentation over Man's Lost,


Instruction, Desire for, 608.

Intercession, The Duty and Benefit of. A

Discourse by the Rev. James Brewster,

D.D., 185.

Israel, Sketches of the History of. By the

Rev. George Muirhead, D.D., 254, 311,

429, 460, 508, 541, 58, 766.

The Special Privileges of the Nobles

of. A Discourse, by the Rev. John

Wright, 601.


Jehovah-Jesus. By Richard Huie, Esq.

M.D., 48.

Jehovah Jireh. By the Same, 432.

Jehovah-Shammah. By the Same, 224.

Jejana, or the Converted Hottentot, 531.

Jesus is ready to Save, 735.
Jew, Testimony of a, to Jesus Christ as the

true Messiah, 496.
Jews, An Appeal in Behalf of the, 814.
Johnson, Dr Samuel, The Death-bed of, 156.
Jonah, “ It displeased him exceedingly, and

he was very angry," 575.

Josephus the Historian, 688.

Jubilee, The. By the Rev. Robert Simpson,

A.M., 725.

Judea, The State of, at the Coming of Christ,


Judgment-Day, Mercy on the. A Discourse,

by the Rev. David Davidson, 552,

Think of the, 271.

Justin Martyr, 48.


Kedron, 480.

Kenmure, Viscount, Biographical Sketch

of, 819,

Kicherer, Rev. Mr. 672.

Kidd, Rev. James, D.D., Biographical

Sketch of, 595.

Kilpin, Mr, 32.

Kindness, The Power of, 720.

Kingdom Come, Thy, 512.

Know, Then shall we, if we follow on to

know the Lord, 195.

Knowledge, The Advantage of, 784.


Labour, This is the time for, 576,
Lamb, The, that was Slain. A Discourse

by the late Rey, George Abercrombie,


Land, The, which no Mortal may know, 736.

** Laws of Nature," On the Cominon Phrase.

the. By the Rev. W. M. Hetherington,

A.M., 641, 673, 721.

Letter to a Christian Friend in AMiction.

By the Rev. S. Simpson, 702.

to a Newly Married Couple. By the

Same, 110.

Liberality? What are your Motives to, 559.

Life, Human, 496.

Lincs. By James Glassford, Esq., 544.

on the Death of his mother. By

the late Rev. John Martin, D.D., 768.

Suggested by the 14th versc of Psalm

cii., 6KB.

Suggested by the Death of the Rev.

Donald Frazer, Minister of Kirkhill,

By the Rev. Duncan (rant, A.M., 16.

« Lord, are there few that be Saved ?" 478.

" Lord! Remember nie." By the late Rev.

T. S. Jones, D.D., 287.

Lord's Prayer, On the Peculiar Structure

of the. By the Rer. Robert Jamicson,

Supper. By the Rev. James Grier.

son, 205.

A Dream of partaking in

the. By the Same, 238.

Table, Invitation to the, 704.

Lot's Choice, The Crininality of. A Die.

course, by the Rev. John Purves, 136.

Love of God's People. 815.

to ourselves and others, 15.

Luther, Martin, 448.


Man's Aversion to Contemplate a Future

State, 383.

Goodness, The True Nature of, 303.

Man-of-War, The Crew of a, 587.

Martyr, The Expiring, 160.

Mary at the Sepulchre, 304.

Masiers, Ye cannot Serve Two, 783.

M.Donald, Annie, or the Life and Expe.

rience of a Christian Peasant, 211, 227.

Mechanics. By the Rev. James Brodie, 150.

Meditation must be combined with Hearing

the Word, 431.

-- Heavenly, urged upon the Chris-

tian, 159.

Meekness, 463.

with respect to our Brethren, 271.

Melvill, Philip, Esq., Biographical Sketch

of, 363.

Mercy, The Door of, Open, 543.

Divine, 415.

Military Students, The, 592.

Minister, A Letter addressed to a Young.

By the Rev. S. Simpson, 510.

Minister's Family, A, 160.

Ministers of the Gospel, Importance of Con-

sistency in, 144.

Missionary, Every Christian in his own

sphere a. By the Rev. James Begg,

A.M., 577.

Missionary's Death, A, 208.
Monachism, The Ancient, of the Christian

Church. By the Rev. Robert K. Hamil.

ton, A.M., 103, 188, 348.
Moravian Mission, The Origin of the, 512.

Missionaries in Greenland, First

landing of, 183.

Brethren, 720.

Mornay, Philippe de, Biographical Sketch of,

Mortality and Immortality. A Discourse,

by the Rev. William Stevenson, 57.
Moses, Some Passages in the Life of. By

the Rev. Robert Jamieson, 70, 141, 259.
Mysteries of Revelation. By the Rev. Mar-
cus Dods, 1, 49, 113.


Negro Scholar, A, 432.

Newton, Rev. John, 368.


Nobility, True, 207.


Obookiah, 752.
Old Age. By the Rey, Robert Cowe, A.M.,


Omnipresence, The Divine, 603.

Owen, Rev. John, D.D., The Last Moments

of, 96.


Palestine, The Meteorology of, 715.

Paradise, 495.

Parallel, A. By Mr William Park, 640.
Parish, Sketches of the, 60, 92, 438, 469.
Paschal Lamb, The. A Discourse, by the

Rev. Robert Menzies, 696.
Pastoral Address to the Inhabitants of Grey.

friars' Parish, Aberdeen. By the Rev.

Abercromby L. Gordon, 680.
Patterson, Rev. J. B.,_On the Death of.

By the Rer. W. M. Hetherington, A.M.,

Peace of God, and the Means of its Preser-

vation in the Soul. A Discourse, by the

Rev. William Muir, D.D., 664.

of Mind, 287.

Peeten Opercularis or Scallop. By the Rev.

David Landsborough, 165.

Peeblcs, William, Recollections of, 221.

Penitent, Joy in Heaven over the, 384.

Persecution Useful, 175.

Perceeator, A Terrified, 768.

Perseverance, Encouragement to, 111.

Peter, Christ looked on, 569.
Philciophy, Ch:istian. By the Rev. James

Brodie, 150, 198, 364, 421.
Plety, Effect of Early, 384.

in a Palace, 768.
Pilgrim Fathers and their Descendants. By

an American, 375, 413, 445, 485.

Pilgrims, The Benighted. By the Rev.

Lachlan Maclean, 567, 621, 668, 789.

Plough, Having put your Hand to the, turn

not back, 352.

Polk, The Rev. Mr, of America, 320,

Poonah, The Mission at, 300,

Praise, 143.


Pray? How shall I, 288.

Prayer, 141.


A Christian Philosopher's View of,

Book, The Minister's, 528.
The Believer's Support in Death,511.
The Christian's Delight, 494.

The Duty and the Privilege of. A
Diseourse, by the Rev. Willian Minty,

Vain Repetitions in, 730.
Prayerful Spirit, The Believer must main-

tain a, 575.

Preacher and Hearer, A, 400.

Preparation necessary, 495.

Preservation, Providential, 256.

Pride, 450.

Principle, Adherence to, 64.

Profligate, The Death of a, 208.
Providence always Watchful, 688.

Proved by Experience. By the

Rev, James Buchanan, 177.

Special, 80.

Prorocation, Silence under, a good thing, 382.

Paim, Remarks on the Hundredth. By the

Rev. John Cormack, D.D., 61.


Raban, Rev. 1., 736.
Raikes, Mr, 192.
Rainbow, The, a Sign of the Covenant. By

the Rev. John Anderson, 405.
Ransoned of the Lord, The return of the,


Reading. 639.

Kead, Take Heed what you. By the Rev.

Joseph Thorburn, 3-5.

Recke, Count Von Der. 99.

Redeemer, Sufferings of the, 704.

Redemption. 381.

Reflect ere it be too late, 79.
Refuge, The Necessity of Houses of. By

Alex. W. Chalmers, Esq. 812.

Religion, a Source of Consolation, 191.

Revivals of, 240.

the Great Good of Man, 561.

The Nature and Origin of true, in
the Soul. A Discourse, by the Rev.

Daniel Cameron, 501.
Religious Character, A Testimony to the

Superiority of, in the History of Jabez.

By the Rev. Alexander L. R. Foote, 716.
Rensick, James, Biographical Sketch of,

291, 339.

Repentance. By the Rev. John Macfarlane,


Motives to, 382.

Temporal Calamities a Call to.

A Discourse, by the Rev. James Robert-

son, A.M., 216.

The Means of Promoting. By

the Rev. John Macfarlane, 6:9.

The Necessity of. By the Rev.
John Macfarlane, 449.

Reproof. The best Mode of, 63,

Kesignation, 655.

Respiration, The Air of the Atmosphere as

Connected with, 684,

Rest in Christ, 591,

Resurrection, Hope in the, 176.

Retirement, The Benefits of, 223.

Revelation, Divine, On the Necessity of.

By the Rev. George Garioch, 81, 145,

225, 305.

Is it a Valid Objection to the

Truth of, that it has not been Universal ?

By the late Rev. Peter Curror, 321, 369.

Mysteries of. By the Rev. Mar-

cus Dods, 1, 49, 113.

Revival of Religion, Necessity of. A Dis-

course, by the late Rev. James Burns,

A.M., 728.

Means of. A Discourse, by the

Same, 760.

Riches, 351.
Righteous, 'The Character and Peaceful

Death of the, A Discourse, by the

Rev. Robert Smith, 649.

Righteousness of God, The, 415.

Ruggles, Rev. Mr, 720.


Sabat the Arabian. By the Rev. Robert

M. M'Cheyne, 114.

Sabbath, The, 336.

By the Rev. Robert Simp-

son, A.M., 117."

A Polynesian, 171.

Day, Remember the, 623.

Meditation, A, 336.

Scholar, A, 400.

School Teacher, A, 400,

Teaching, 560.

Instruction, 304.

Schools in England, The Origin
of. By the Rev. John Brown, D.D., 181.
Sabbatical Year. By the Rev. Robert Simp-

son, A.M., 326.
Sacramental Address. By the Rev. William

Paterson, 286.
Saints, The Happiness of Departed. A

Discourse, by the late Rev. John Camp-

bell, D.D., 456,
Salvation. By the late Rev. W. I.. Brown,
D.D., 608.

Holiness essential to, 159.
of Man, Price paid for the, 559.

Preparations of Mercy for, 143.
Samoa Islands, A Missionary Scene at the,


Saunders, James, 544.

Saviour's Urgent Call, The. A Discourse,

by the Rev. D. Pitcairn, 312.

Saying, A True, 655.

Sayings, Choice, 543.

Scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

By the Rev. J. A. Wylie, 294, 357, 732.

Schooff, Mrs, The Death of, 492,

School, The Sabbath Evening. By the Rev.

Thomas Dimma, A.M., 156.

Scotland, On Leaving, for a Foreign Shore.

By the Rev. W. Maclure, 512.

Scripture throws Light upon Scripture, 799.
Scriptures, The early Use of the, 80.
Scriptural Researches. By the Rev. James

Esdaile, 86, 213, 373, 555, 774.
Seaman, The Conversion of a, 528.
Seasons, The Spirit of the. By the Rev.

W. M. Hetherington, A.M., 528.

Self-Denial, Rare, 621.

Serpent, The. By the Rev. David Mitchell,

Sessional School, The Edinburgh, 403.
Sheep, The. By the Rev. David Mitchell,

Sickness, The Benefit of. By William Brown,

Esq., F.R.S. E., 737, 769.

Sin, Convictions of, 367.

Be Sure your, will find you out, 240.

Sins, On the Punishment of, in the Present

Life. By the Rev. Robert Lee, 129.

Sinners, Prayer for, 271.

Smelt, Caroline Elizabeth, Biographical

Sketch of, 386.

Social Condition, Philosophy of the. By

James Stark, Esq., 380.

Son of Man cometh, Ye know not at what

hour the, 159.

Soul, The, 513.

South Sea Youth, A, 752.

Speech, Power of, 127.

Spider, The Domestic. By the Rev. David

Esdaile, 351.
Spirit, The Causes and Cure of a wounded.

A Discourse, by the Rev. William Burns,

The awful Danger of Resisting the.
A Discourse, by the late Rev. Andrew
Bullock, A.M., 488.

The Happiness of a Glorified, 687.
Spring. By Charles Moir, Esq., 174.

On the Season of, with its Religious
Lessons. A Discourse, by the Rev. J. G.

Loriiner, 232.

Stanzas. By David Vedder, Esq., 672.

Sacred. By Miss Jane C. Bell, 208.

Stewart, The late Rev, Alexander, D.D.,

Biographical Sketch of, 131, 147.

Sting Fish, The. By the Rev. David Lanas -

borough, 637.

Succession, 47.

Sufferings are necessary, 367.

Sun, Adress to the, 160.

Superstition, Nature perverted by, 752.

The Force of, 128.

Supreme Being. To the, 128.

Sympathy, Stanzas on. By the late Sir W.

Ainslie, 352.

Syrophenician Woman, The Faith of the,

A Discourse, by the late Rev. Robert

Coutts, 168.


Tabernacles, The Jewish Feast of. By the

Rev. R. S. Candlish, A.M., 13, 22.
Talent combined with Piety, 656.

The Vanity of, on a Death-bed, 128.

Tear, The. By a Fifeshire Forester, 80.

Temptation Needful, 207.

Tersteegen Gerhard, Biographical Sketch

of, 467.

Think, Take Heed what you. By James

Glassford, Esq., 657.

Thomson, The late Rev. Andrew, D.D.,

Biographical Sketch of, 322.

Time is Short, 383.
Tongue, On Bridling the, 815.
Tracts, The Importance of Good, 368.
Traveller, The Experience of a, 176.
Trial, Support in the Hour of, 176.
Trouble, The Time of, 815.
Trusting to the Future, The Danger of. A

Discourse, by the Rev. William Burns,


Truth, Adherence to, 800.

How may I know the, 159.

Tyerman, Rev. D., 688.


Unbelief, Sinfulness of, 175.

Unrenewed and the Renewed man, A Con.

trast between the. A Discourse, by the

Rev. W. Nicolson, 616.


Vain-glory, 512

Vanity, 191.

All is subjected to, but in Hope, 175.

Venn, Rev. Henry. Biographical Sketch of.

By the Rev. James Henderson, 659.

Vine, The. By the Rev. David Mitchell, 94.

Virtue, Her Picture, 47.

View forth of Kirkaldy, Sufferings of the

Crew. By the Rev. John Thomson, 12,

45, 76, 176.


War, The Demoralizing Consequences of,


Warning, The. By the Rev. Henry S. Rid.

dell, 96.

Watch-tower, Be ever on your, 175.

Wealth, The Use of, 590.

Wedding-Garment, The Believer's. A Dis.

course. by the Rev. John Paterson,

D.D., 536.

Weeping Saviour, The, an Encouragement

to Weeping Christians. A Discourse, by

the Rev. G. B. Brand, 568.

Wesley, Rev, J., 686.

Whyte, Rev. Robert, Biographical Sketch

of. By the Rev. R. Srnith, 627, 643.

Widow, The, and the Fatherless the Con-

cern of all Classes in a Christian Com-

inunity. By the Rev. Thomas Dimma,

A.M., 433.

Wilberforce, William, Esq., Biographical

Sketch of, 691,

Williams, Mr Joseph, 672.

Willing People, A, 719.

Windham, Mr, 560.

Wisdom, Human, Vanity of, 208.

Wisbart, Rev. George, 48.

Word in Season, A, 736.

-, My, shall not return unto me void,


Power of the, 701.

Works of God, On the, 767.

World, The Opinions of the, 397.

to Come, There is a. By Captain H.
Dupdas, 560.

? Know you why you came into the,
Worldliness, The Curse of, 447.
Worship, Family, 128.

Public, The High Privilege of. A
Discourse, by the Rev. W. M. Hether-
ington, A.M., 424.

of God, The Public. By William

Brown, Esq. F.R.S.E., 209,


Yoked, Be ye not unequally, 610.

Zealand, New, A Sabbath in, 606, 619,
Zealanders, New, Ferocity of the, 69.



Moncreift, Rev. W. Scott, Minister of Peni.
Esdaile, Rev. James, Minister of the East

cuick, 89.
Church, Perth, 86, 213, 373, 555, 774.

Morren, Rev. Nathaniel, A.M., Minister of

Esdaile, Rev. David, 351.

the North Parish, Greenock, 8.

Moyes, The Late Rev. Lawrence, D.D.,

Minister of Forglen, 345.
Fergusson, Rev. Donald, Assistant Minister Muir, Rev. William, D.D., Minister of St.
of Dunnichen, 179, 195, 613, 652.

Stephen's Parish, Edinburgh, 134, 664.
Ferguson, Kev. James, A.M., Minister of Muirhead, Rev. George, D.D., Minister of
Inch, 408.

Cramond, 254, 311, 420, 460, 508, 541, 588,

Foote, Rev. Alexander L. R., One of the 766, 805.

Ministers of Brechin, 716.



Nairn, Rev. Charles, Minister of Forgan, 25.
Garioch, Rev. George, Minister of Meldrum, Nicolson, Rev. William, Minister of Ferry-
81, 145, 225, 305.

Port-on-Craig, 353, 616.
Gibbon, Rev. Charles, Minister of Lonmay, Nisbet, Rev. William, Minister of New

Street Parish, Edinburgh, 392.
Giifillan, Robert, 416.

Nivison, Rev. W. B., Forinerly one of the
Glassford, James, Esq. Advocate, 513, 544, Ministers of the Scotch Church in Am-

sterdam, 193, 273, 465.
Glen, Rev. James, A.M., Minister of Ben-
holme, 777.

Gordon, Rev. Abercromby L., Minister of Park, William, 272, 640, 800.

Greyfriar's Parish, Aberdeen, 680. Paterson, Rev. John, D.D., Minister of the

Grant, Rev. Duncan, A. M., Minister of Scotch Church, Bishopwearmouth, 536.

Forres, 16.

Paterson, Rev. William, Missionary Minister

Greville, Robert Kaye, LL.D., 432.

in Whiteness and Weesdale, Shetland,
Grierson, Rev. James, Minister of Errol, 265,

286, 798.

Paul, The late Rev. William, A.M., One

of the Ministers of St. Cuthbert's, Edin-

Hamilton, Rev. Andrew, A.M., Minister of

burgh, 281.

the High Church, Kilmarnock, 744.

Pitcairn, Rev. David, Minister of Evie and
Hamilton, Rev. Robert K., A.M., Minister

Rendall, Orkney, 312.
of Saltoun, 103, 188, 348.

Purves, Rev. John, Minister of Jedburgh, 136.

Henderson, Rev. James, Minister of St.


Enoch's Parish, Glasgow, 659.

Ralph, Rev. Hugh, LL.D., Minister of the
Hetherington, Rev. W. A. M., Minister of

Scotch Church, Oldham Street, Liver-

Torphichen, 424, 448, 528, 641, 673, 721.

pool, 481, 712, 752.

Houston, Rev. Robert, A.M., Minister of

Richardson, Mrs G, G., 640.

Dalmellington, 33.

Riddell, Rev. Henry S., Author of " Songs

Huie, Richard, Esq., M.D., 48, 224, 432.

of the Ark, 96.

Hunter, The late Rev. Andrew, D.D., One Robertson, Rev. "James, A.M., Minister of

of the Ministers of the Tron Church, and

Mid and South Yell, Shetland, 216.

Professor of Theology in the University Ross, Rev. Thomas, LL.D., Minister of

of Edinburgh, 529.

Lochbroom, 609.


Russell, The late Rev. John, Minister of

Jamieson, Rev. Robert, Minister of West-

Muthill, 190.

ruther, 2, 37, 70, 141, 259, 497,547, 638, 663.


Jones, The late Rev. Thomas S., D.D.,

Scott, David Dundas, Esq., 375, 413, 445, 485.

Minister of Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, Simpson, Rev. Robert, A. M., Minister of

Edinburgh, 287.

Kintore, 117, 326, 725.


Simpson, Rev. S., Minister of the Scotch
Landsborough, Rev. David, Minister of Church, Usher's Quay, Dublin, 110, 510,
Stevenston, 165, 333, 451, 636, 656.

Lee, Rev. Robert, A.M., Minister of Camp-

Smith, Rev. Robert, Minister of Lochwin-
sie, 53.

noch, 377, 627, 643, 649.
Logie, Rev. William, One of the Ministers

ABERCROMBIE, The late Rev. George. Mi-

nister of the East Church, Aberdeen,

248, 820.
Ainslie, The late Sir Whitelaw, M. D.,

F.R.S.E., 352.

Anderson, Rev. George, A.M., Minister of

the Scotch Church, Alnwick, Northum-

berland, 297.

Anderson, Rev. John, Helensburgh, 405.

Anderson, Rev. John, D. D., Minister of

Newburgh, 230, 302, 476, 502, 534, 573.


Begg, Rev. James, A.M., Minister of Liber-

ton, 577.
Bell, Miss Jane C., 208, 448.
Blackwood, Rev. W. S., Minister of the

Scotch Church, Maryport, Cumberland,

803, 809.
Boag. Rev. George, Minister of the Scotch

Church, Widdrington, Northumberland,

Booth, Rev. Patrick, A.M., Assistant Minis-

ter of Innerleithen, 686, 695, 797, 822.
Brand, Rev. George B., Minister of St. An-

drew's Church, Dunfermline, 568.
Brewster, Rev. James, D.D., Minister of

Craig, 185.
Brodie, Rev. James, Minister of Monirnail,

150, 198, 285, 364, 42).
Brown, Rev. John, D.D., Minister of Lang-

ton, 181.
Brown, The late Rev. W. Lawrence, D.D.,

Principal of Marischal College, Aber

deen, 584, 608.

Brown, Thomas, Esq., Author of “ The Re-

miniscences of an Old Traveller," 220,

334, 477, 738.

Brown, William, Esq., F.R.S.E., Late Pre-

sident of the Royal College of Surgeons,

Edinburgh, 209, 737, 769.

Bryce, Rev. James, Minister of Gilcomston

Parish, Aberdeen, 708.

Bryce, Rev. James, D.D., Late one of the

Ministers of St. Andrew's Church, Cal-

cutta, 123.

Buchanan, Rev. James, Minister of North

Leith, 177.

Bullock, The late Rev. Andrew, A.M., Mi-

nister of Tulliallan, 488.

Burns, Rev. George, D.D., Minister of

Tweedsmuir, 785.
Burns, The late Rev. James, A.M., One of

the Ministers of Brechin, 728, 761.
Burns, Rev. James C., Minister of the Scotch

Church, London Wall, London, 633.
Burns, Rev. Robert, D.D., Minister of St.

George's Church, Paisley, 780.
Burns, Rev. William, Minister of Kilsyth,
153, 355, 371, 521.


Cameron, Rev. Daniel, Minister of Bridge-

gate Parish, Glasgow, 504.

Campbell, The late Rev. John, D.D., One

of the Ministers of Tolbooth Church,

Edinburgh, 456.

Candlish, Rev. Robert S., A.M., Minister of

St. George's Church, Edinburgh, 13, 22.

Chalmers, Alexander Wallace, Esq., Elder

of Gilcomston Parish, Aberdeen, 812.

Cook, Rev. Robert, Minister of Clatt, 289.

Cormack, Rev. John, D.D., Minister of Stow,

61, 401, 593, 625, 705, 753, 801.

Coutts, The late Rev. Robert, One of the

Ministers of Brechin, 168.

Cowe, Rev. Robert, A.M., Minister of the

High Meeting, Berwick-upon-Tweed,


Curror, The late Rev. Peter, Minister of St.

Martin's, 321, 369.


Davidson, Rev. D., Minister of Broughty

Ferry, 65, 552.

Dimma, Rev. Thomas, A. M., Minister of

Queensferry, 156, 433.
Dods, Rev. Marcus, Minister of the Scotch

Church, Belford, 1, 49, 113.
Duff, Rev. Alex., D.D., One of the Church

of Scotland's Missionaries to the East

Indies, 105, 423.
Duncan, Rev. Henry, D.D., Minister of

Ruthwell, 545.
Duncan, Rev. Wm. W., Minister of Cleish,


Dundas, Captain Hamilton, 560.

Stark, James, Esq., Advocate, 380.

of Kirkwall and St. Ola, Orkney, 792.

Stark, The late Rev. William, Minister of

Dirleton, 120.
Lorimer, Rev. John G., Minister of St.
David's Parish, Glasgow, 166, 232, 316,

Stevenson, Rev. William, Minister of Ar-
523, 598, 758.

broath, 57.
Lundie, The late Rev. Henry, Minister of


the College Church, Edinburgh, 561.

Tennant, William, Esq., Professor of Ori.


ental Languages, University of St. An-

Macfarlan, Rev. Duncan, Minister of Ren.

drews, 30, 398, 7-19.

frew, 66, 108, 205, 246, 343, 412.

Thomson, Rey, John, One of the Ministers

Macfarlane, Rev. John, Minister of Collessie,

of Dysart, 12, 15, 76, 126.

257, 449, 689.

Thomson, The late Rev. Andrew, D.D.,

Maclean, Rev. Lachlan, Chaplain to the

Minister of St. George's Parish, Edin-

Lunatic and Blind Asylums, Edinburgh,

burgh, 329.

53, 567, 621, 668, 789.

Thorburn, Rev. Joseph, Minister of Forglen,

Maclure, Rev. William, Minister of the


Scotch Church, Nassau, New Provi.

Tough, Alexander, Esq., Elder of the Mid-

dence, 512.

dle Parish, Greenock, 238.

Malcolm, Rev. William, Minister of Leo-


Cushnie, 97.

Vedder, David, Esq., Author of the “ Co.

Martin, The late Rev. John, D.D., Minis- venanter's Communion, " Orcadian

ter of Kirkaldy, 768.

Sketches," &c., 672.

M'Cheyne, Rev. Robert M., Minister of St.

Peter's Church, Dundee, 114, 163, 320.


M'Conechy, Rev. Archibald, Minister of Wallace, Rev. John A., Minister of Hawick,
Bunkle, 80.

79, 140, 395, 519, 817.
M'Morland, Rev. Peter, Minister of the Watt, Rev. Alexander, A. M., Minister of

Scotch Church, Regent Square, London, Dalgety, 337.

Wilson, Rer. John, D.D., One of the
Menzies, Rev. Robert, Minister of Hoddam, Church of Scotland's Missionaries to the

East Indies, and President of the Bom-
Milroy, Rev. Andrew, Minister of Crailing, bay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society,
17, 361.

Minty, Rev. William, Minister of Kinneth- Wright, Rev. John, Minister of the Origi-
mont, 472.

nal Burgher Associate Congregation,

Mitchell, Rev. David, 7, 94, 279, 454.

Alloa, 601.

Mitchell, Rev. Graham, A.M., Minister' of Wylie, Rev. J. A., Alinister of the Associate
Whitburn, 201.

Congregation of Original Seceders at

Moir Charles, Esq., 48, 174, 461, 526, 647.

Dollar, 10, 294, 357, 732.


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