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CIII. An Act to authorize the Application of a Sum of Money

out of the forfeited and unclaimed Army Prize Fund in purchasing the Site of the Royal Military Asylum, and in

improving such Asylum. CIV. An Act for amending the Act for regulating the Prison at Millbank.

881 CV. An Act to prohibit the Importation of Sheep, Cattle, or

other Animals, for the Purpose of preventing the Introduction of contagious or infectious Disorders.

882 CV. An Act to amend an Act of the Tenth Year of Her

present Majesty, for rendering valid certain Proceedings for the Relief of Distress in Ireland by Employment of the Labouring Poor, and to indemnify those who have acted in such Proceedings.

884 CVII. An Act to prevent, until the First Day of September

One thousand eight hundred and fifty, and to the End of the then Session of Parliament, the spreading of contagious or infectious Disorders among Sheep, Cattle, and other Animals.

886 CVIII. An Act for enabling Her Majesty to establish and

maintain Diplomatic Relations with the Sovereign of the Roman States.

892 CIX. An Act to authorize the Inclosure of certain Lands in

pursuance of a Special Report of the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales.

893 CX. An Act to alter the Provisions relating to the Charges for the Relief of the Poor in Unions.

895 CXI. An Act to amend an Act of the Tenth Year of Her pre

sent Majesty, for amending the Laws relating to the Removal of the Poor.

899 CXII. An Act to consolidate, and continue in force for Two

Years and to the End of the then next Session of Parliament, the Metropolitan Commissions of Sewers.

900 CXIII. An Act for the further Amendment of the Acts relating to the Dublin Police.

960 CXIV. An Act to prevent District Auditors from taking Proceedings in certain Cases,

971 CXV. An Act to vest in Her Majesty the Property of the Irish

Reproductive Loan Fund Institution, and to dissolve the said Institution.

972 CXVI. An Act for carrying into effect the Treaty between Her

Majesty and the Republic of the Equator for the Abolition of the Traffic in Slaves.

982 CXVII. An Act for rendering certain Newspapers published

in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man liable to Postage.

1008 CXVIII. An page 1009

CXVIII. An Act to explain and amend the Law as to the

Licence required for the letting of Post Horses to Hire in Ireland, and the Law respecting Proceedings for Duties and Penalties under the Post Horse, Stage, and Hackney Car

riage Acts in the United Kingdom. CXIX. An Act to simplify the Forms of Certificates under the

Act authorizing the Advance of Money for the Improvement of Land by Drainage in Great Britain.

1012 CXX. An Act to facilitate the Transfer of Landed Property in Ireland.


CXXI. An Act to alter the Laws and Regulations of Excise

respecting the Survey of Dealers in and Retailers of Spirits, and respecting the Sale and Removal of Spirits by Permit from the Stock of such Traders; and respecting the Distribution of Penalties and Forfeitures recovered under the Laws of Excise.

1019 CXXII. An Act to amend the Laws respecting the Ware

housing of British Spirits in England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively, and to permit Spirits made from Malt only, and Spirits made from Malt and other Grain, and Rectified Spirits, to be exported on Drawback from any Part of the United Kingdom; and respecting certain Spirit Mixtures, and the Removal of Goods subject to Excise Regulations from Customs Warehouse.

1032 CXXIII. An Act to renew and amend an Act of the Tenth

Year of Her present Majesty, for the more speedy Removal of certain Nuisances, and the Prevention of contagious and epidemic Diseases.

1049 CXXIV. An Act to amend an Act of the last Session, for

varying the Priorities of the Charges made on “ The London Bridge Approaches Fund," and to facilitate the Completion of

certain Improvements in the City of Westminster. 1067 CXXV. An Act for raising the Sum of Two Millions by Ex

chequer Bills or by the Creation of Annuities, for the Service

of the Year One thousand eight hundred and forty-eight. 1081 CXXVI. An Act to apply a Sum out of the Consolidated

Fund, and certain other Sums, to the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and forty-eight; and to appropriate the Supplies granted in this Session of Parliament.

1083 CXXVII. An Act to reduce the Duties on Copper and Lead.

1109 CXXVIII. An Act for carrying into effect the Agreement

between Her Majesty and the Imaum of Muscat for the more effectual Suppression of the Slave Trade.

1110 CXXIX. Au page 1115

CXXIX. An Act for amending an Act passed in the Ninth

and Tenth Years of Her present Majesty for making preliminary Inquiries in certain Cases of Applications for Local

Acts. CXXX. An Act for guaranteeing the Interest on such Loans,

not exceeding Five hundred thousand Pounds, as may be raised by the British Colonies on the Continent of South America, in the West Indies, and the Mauritius, for certain Purposes.

1121 CXXXI. An Act to amend, and continue until the First Day

of November One thousand eight hundred and forty-nine, and to the End of the then next Session of Parliament, an Act to make Provision for the Treatment of poor Persons afflicted with Fever in Ireland.

1123 CXXXII. An Act for the Appointment of additional Taxing

Masters for the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, and to regulate the Appointment of the Principal Assistants to the

Masters in the Superior Courts of Law in Ireland. 1127 CXXXIII. An Act to amend the Laws relating to Savings Banks in Ireland.








An Act to facilitate the Completion, in certain Cases,

of Public Works in Ireland. [20th December 1847.]

HEREAS an Act was passed in the Ninth and Tenth

Years of the Reign of Her present Majesty, intituled An Act to facilitate the Employment of the Labouring Poor, for 9 & 10 Vict.

limited Period, in the distressed Districts in Ireland : And c. 107. whereas Extraordinary Presentment Sessions have been held • for certain Baronies, Half Baronies, Counties of Cities, and

Counties of Towns in Ireland, and Presentments have been ( made thereat, for the Execution of Public Works in such Dis

tricts respectively, under the Provisions of the said recited « Act, and the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury have • in many Cases sanctioned and approved of such Public Works

so presented, or certain Parts thereof, and have authorized • the Execution thereof by the Commissioners of Public Works, • and made large Advances of Monies from Time to Time to the

said Commissioners of Public Works for the Execution of the same, pursuant to the Provisions of the said recited Act: And

whereas the Period for executing Works under the said recited • Act has expired, and several of the said Works being un

finished, it is expedient that Provision should be made, in certain Cases, for the Completion of the same:' Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That whenever it may seem Three or more expedient to any Three or more Justices of the Peace, not Justices may, by

Notice, convene being Stipendiary Magistrates, in and for any County in Ire- a Special land, that a Special Presentment Sessions for any Barony or Meeting of the Half Barony in such County should assemble and make Pre- Justices and

Cess-payers sentments for the Completion of Public Works in such Barony associated at the or Half Barony, under the Provisions of this Act, it shall be last Presentlawful for such Justices, by Notice under their Hands, to be ment Sessions posted on the Places appointed for posting Notices of Appli- 6 & 7 W. 4. cations to Presentment Sessions in the Barony or Half Barony c. 116. in which such Works are proposed to be completed, to convene a Special Meeting of the Justices and Cess-payers associated with such Justices at the last Special or Presentment Sessions [No. 1. Price 2d.] A 2


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