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BOOKS printed for and fold by W. THURLBOURN,

in CAMBRIDGE. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum, libri xvi. edidit.

& Commentario Anglico illustravit. Joannes Ross, A. M. 2 vol. 8vo.

Euripidis Hecuba, Orestes & Phoeniffæ cum Scholiis antiquis; ac Versione, Notisque Johannis King, ferè integris; curante Thoma Morell: Qui Alceftin adjecit, cum Scholiis quæ extant, nova Versione, & Notis perpetuis, 2 vol. 8vo.

Pub. Terentii Afri Comoediæ, Phædri Fabulæ Æfopiæ, Publii Syri et aliorum veterum Sententiæ, ex Recensione et cum Notis Richardi Bentleii, 4o.

Q. Horatius Flaccus ex Recensione & cum Notis atque Emendationibus Richardi Bentleii, 4'.

S. Puffendorfii de Officio Hominis & Civis juxta Legem Naturalem libri duo. Selectis variorum Notis, maximeque, propriis illustravit, celeberrimi Buddei Historiam juris Naturalis Notis adauctam præmisit, Indicemque rerum subjunxit Tbo. Johnson, 8vo.

Q. Horatii Flacci Epistolæ ad Pisones et Auguftum: with an English Commentary and Notes. To which are added two Differtations : The one, on the Provinces of the several Species of Dramatic Poetry; the other, on Poetical Imitation, 2 vols. 8.

A System of Natural Philosophy: Being a Course of Lectures in Mechanics, Optics, Hydrostatics, and Astronomy; which were read in St. John's College, Cambridge, by Thomas Rutherforth, D.D. 2 vols. 4".

Institutes of Natural Law; Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures on Grotius de Jure Belli & Pacis; read in St. John's College, Cambridge: In which are explained the Rights and Obligations of Mankind considered as Individuals, 8. By the same.


Books printed for and fold by W. THURLBOURN. Ordo Institutionum Physicarum in privatis Lectionibus, 4". By the same.

The Elements of Algebra, in ten Books: By Nicholas Saunder fon, LL.D. late Lucasian Professor of the Mathematics in the University of Cambridge, 2 vols. 4o.

Remarks upon a late Discourse of Free-thinking: Ia a Letter to F. H. D.D, By Bentley. gro.

An Essay on the Origin of Evil: By Dr. William King, late Lord Archbishop of Dublin. Translated from the Latin, with Notes; and a Dissertation concerning the Principle and Criterion of Virtue, and the Origin of the Passions. The ad Edition corrected and enlarg. ed from the Author's MSS. To which are added, two Sermons by the same Author ; the former concerning Divine Prescience; the latter on the Fall of Man. [Never before published.] By Edmund Law. 2 vols. 8vo.

A Defence of Natural and Revealed Religion: Being a Collection of the Sermons preached at the Lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Efq; (from the Year 1691, to the Year 1732.) with the Additions and Amendments of the several Authors, and general Indexes, 3 vols. folio.

Callimachi Hymni et Epigrammata: Quibus accefserunt Theognidis Carmina: nec non Epigrammata Centum septuaginta fex Ex Anthologia Græca, quorum magna pars non ante feparatim excusa est. His adjuncta est Galeni Suasoria ad Artes, Notas addidit atque omnia emendate imprimenda curavit Editor. In Præfatione differitur de Linguæ Græcæ Pronunciatione; fecundumne Quantitatem an Accentum melius procedat. A Tho. Bentley. 8".

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BOOKS printed for Lockyer Davis and C. REYMERS,

over-against Gray's-Inn-Gate, Holborn, and at Lord Bacon's Head in Fleet-ftreet, LONDON. SSAYS on the Characteristicks, by John Brown,

D.D. Chaplain to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Carlisle. 3° Edit. Price bound

55. 2. Christianity justified upon the Scripture-Foundation: Being a summary View of the Controversy between Christians and Deifts. In two parts. In which the Subject-Matter of the Gospel-Revelation is vindicated against Objections; and the Evidence for the Truth of the Christian Religion briefly stated. Preached in several Sermons (but now digefted into one continued Discourse) for the Lecture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle, Esq; in the Parilh Church of St. Mary le Bow, in the Years 1747, 1748, 1749. By Henry Stebbing, D.D. Chancellor of the Diocese of Sarum, and Chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty. Price bound 6s.

3. Sermons on several Subjects and Occasions, published from the Author's Manuscripts, and prepared for the Press by himself, Charles Wheatly, M.A. late Vicar of Furneux-Pelbam, in Hertfordshire; with a Preface, by John Berriman, M. A. 3 vols. Price bound 155.

4. Sermons and Discourses on several Subjects and Occasions, by Francis Atterbury, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Rochester and Dean of Westminster. The 6th Edit. in 4 vols. Price bound 16s.

5. Sermons preached at St. James's Church, Westminster, on several Occasions, by the Right Rev. Father in God, Charles Hickman Lord Bishop of LondonDerry. In 2 vols. Price bound

gs. 6. The Theological Works of the learned Dr. Pococke, late Professor of the Hebrew and Arabic Tonguesin the University of Oxford, and Canon of Christ Church : Containing his Porta Mosis, and English Commentaries on Hosea, Joel, Micah, and Malachi. To which is


Books printed for Lockyer Davis and C. Reymers. prefixed, an Account of his Life and Writings, with the Addition of a new general Index to the Commentaries. In two vols. folio. By Leonard Twells, M.A.

7. Philosophical Observations on the Analogy between the Propagation of Animals and that of Vegetables : In which are answered some Objections against the Indivisibility of the Soul; which have been inadvertently drawn from the late curious and useful Experiments upon the Polypus and other Animals; with an Explanation of the Manner in which each Piece of a divided Polypus becomes another perfect Animal of the same Species. By James Par fons, M.D. Member of the College of Physicians, F.R.S. and of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Price bound 45.

8. The Works of the learned Joseph Bingham, M.A. Containing, 1. Origines Ecclefiaftica: Or, the Antiquities of the Christian Church, in twenty three Books. 2. A scholastical History of Lay-Baptism, in two Parts. 3. The French Church's Apology for the Church of England. 4. A Discourse concerning the Mercy of God to penitent Sinners. In 2 vols. folio. Price bound


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