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him, 392--3

Theory of Government, no just one without Virtue and

Religion, 237.11. Theory of Religion, gradually improved, 149, 247. by

what means, 226.n. Variations in it from the Prin

ciple of Human Liberty, 223. n. Thief on the Cross, the Meaning of Christ's Promise to TILLOTSON, (A.B.) 268. n. 326.n. Time, order of it neglected by Mark and Luke, 292. n.

the Fulness of it, when the World was in a State of Maturity, 40. 118. 133.142. Fitness of that where

in the Gospel was divulged. V. Christianity. Times, the Badness of them complain'd of in every Age,

189. the Groundlesness of such Complaint, 191,&c.

ill Consequences of it, 274, &c. Titbes, originally of Divine Institution, 48.n.c. Tongues, Confusion of them whence caused, 77.n.b. Ne

ceffity for it, ib. Tradition, (oral) inferior to written Revelation, 25,

might more safely convey Religion in the antediluvian World, 58. and for some time after, 59. tho' foon corrupted, 136. appealed to by the Heathens for their Notions of Futurity, 109. n.c. preferred by the Jews about Christ's time to their Law, 108. n.b. the Evidences of Christianity not to be left to it, 127. the Sense of Scripture conveyed by it, not to be re

lied on, 252

Traditions, fupposed to be derived from the Apostles,

of what Use in the Interpretation of Scripture, 148,

n. 1. Trance, Balaam's Revelations perhaps all in that way,

68. n, Translation, of the Bible, great Defects in it, 248. n.

that by the Seventy a new Publication of the Jews Religion, 87. a Day of rejoicing formerly kept for Trial for Adultery alluded to by Christ info.8. 303-42

it, ib. turned afterwards to a Fast, ib. Translation of Enoch, what might be inferred from it, 56.

abolished by the Sanhedrim about his Time, ib. Tribes, (Ten) their Dispersion all over the East, spreads

the Knowledge of their History and Religion, 86. their Descendants continue there to this Day, 140. n. k. have a Temple on the Coast of Coromandel resembling Solomon's, ib. are spread over the four Quarters of the

World, ib. Trinity, ill Consequences of the Disputes about it, 86.

162. n. r. Truth of Scripture-History fufficient without absolute

Infallibility, 250, 251.n. Truths eternal, Objection from them against Natural and

Revealed Religion, 23. n. TULLY. V. Cicero. TUNSTALL, (Dr.) 112.n. Types of the Messiah, several in the Jewish Institution, 137.

Lord Barrington and Dr. Sykes seem to reject them, 138. n, h. as also Le Clerc, ib.

V. VARRO, his account of the different Opinions about the

Summum Bonum, 113. Vice naturally productive of Disorder and Decay in every

Constitution, 237. n.d. Answer to Mandeville's Objections, ib. V. Fable of the Bees. Vices, some reigning ones in every Age, 231*, whether

these in our own be worse than those of former times,

232, 233 Virgin Mary, why fo publickly reproved by our blessed

Saviour, 284. n. kk. the Nature of his Reply to her,

ib. Propriety of it in answer to Chubb, ib. Virtue, on the whole ever productive of Happiness,

237.n. Virtues of the present Age, whether some are not in as

great Perfection as ever, since the first Publication of the Gospel, 233. 8.C.

Vision, Vision, Revelations made in it not always distinguished

from real Facts, 69, 70. Instances of such, ib. --- fre

quent in early Times, 65, &c. VITRINGA, 50. n. 156.n. 165.n. u. Understanding. V. Abilities. Uniformity, best preferved upon the present Plan of Hu

man Nature, 11.n. --of publick Worship, could be

none upon the foot of private Inspirations, 24. Universal, in whatSense natural Religion is so, 4,5. why

neither Natural nor Revealed Religion can be so ftrictly, 6, 7, &c. 13, &c. the Objection given up at last by Chubb, 15.n. the greatest stress laid on it by

modern Infidels, 40. n. Universal History cited, 164. n.t. Vows, Jewish Doctrine in relation to them corrected by our blessed Saviour, 310.

W. WARBURTON (Dr.) cited, 78. n.a. 85.n. 111.n. WATERLAND (Dr.) cited, 260.n.c. Weeks, ancient Method of reckoning by them owing to

the Divine Institution of the Sabbath, 47. WERENFELSIUS, 175.n.c. WESTON (Mr.) 119. n.d. 121. n.e. WHITBY, 148. n.l. WINDER, 58. 138–9. n.i. 203.9.ff. 213.n. 226n.


Wonders little regarded in the Heathen World, 280.
Woolston, 1311. 284. n. kk.
Words, no exact stress laid on them in the Eastern

Writings, 308.n.
World, gradually improves in Knowledge, 40.197. 220.

(V. Improvements.) the more we know of it, the more we are convinced that its Inhabitants were defigned for Happiness, 220. and can infer the fame of another, ib. not to be wholly despised, 229. n.c. necessary to form right Notions of its past State, 240. the Pleasure of surveying it, and our Station in it, lost by imagining all things to be on the decline,


235.n. Worship, the time of it originally appointed by God, 47.

as also the manner, ib. WORTHINGTON,(Mr.) 56.n.a. 101.n.s. 169. n. 173.11,

191-2. 209, 210.n. 217,218. 233.n. WoTTON (Dr. W.) 206.n.k. Writing, whence originally derived, 136, 138, 215.

V. Letters.


Z. ZOROASTER, what Ground to suppose him a Prophet,

116. n.p. How many Persons of that Name, ib. the

great Oracle of the East, 215. ZULIMAN's Temple in the East-Indies, 140. 1. ult.

F I N I S.

Page 19. Line 5. for Spiritual, read Scriptural.

29.1. 15. r. Mahometanifm.
33. bottom, for,r.t.
35. 1. 9. for of, r. in.
43. 1. ult. for 182, r. 1082.
119. note d. dele the Extract from Mantesquieu.
130. 1. 31. for 295, r. 263.
147. n. h. r.

163. I. 32. dele side of Parenthesis.
181. I. 15. for he, r. the.
245. 1. 25. for 228, r. 238.
328. I. 19. for 67. r. 76.
373. 1. 19. remove part of the Parenthefis after

Theff. iv. 15, to Trump. I. 25.

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