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MY LORD, I DID, some years past, present you with a plain relation of the life of Mr. Richard Hooker, that humble man, to whose memory princes, and the most learned of this nation, have paid a reverence at the mention of his name.

with Mr. Hooker's, I present you also the Life of that pattern of primitive piety, Mr George Herbert; and, with his, the Life of Dr.


And now,

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Donne, and your friend Sir Henry Wotton, all reprinteda. The two first were written under your roof; for which reason, if they were worth it, you might justly challenge a Dedication : and indeed, so you might of Dr. Donne's, and Sir Henry Wotton's; because, if I had been fit for this undertaking, it would not have been by acquired learning or study, but by the advantage of forty years friendship, and thereby with hearing and discoursing with your Lordship, that hath enabled me to make the relation of these lives passable (if they prove so) in an eloquent and cap

tious age.

And indeed, my Lord, though these relations be well-meant facrifices to the memory of these worthy men; yet I have so little confidence in my performance, that I beg pardon for superscribing your name to them; and desire all that know your Lordship, to apprehend this not as a Dedication, (at least, by which you receive any addition of honour,) but rather as an humble and a more public acknowledgment of your long continued and your now daily favours to,

· The Life of Bishop Sanderson was not then written.


My Lord,

Your most affectionate

And most humble servant,


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