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XXXVIII An Act to cause proper distances to be maintained between

carriages, carts, and wagons while in motion. Approved

June 20, 1872.
XXXIX An Act providing for the arrest and punishment of professional

thieves, burglars, gamblers, pickpockets, and contidence

persons. Approved June 20, 1872. ....
XL An Act in relation to condemning alleys in the county of Wash-

ington. Approved June 20, 1872....
XLI An Act to prescribe the powers and duties of commissioners of

deeds. Approved June 20, 1872 ......
XLII An Act in relation to a map of the county of Washington, D.

C. Approved June 20), 1872..
XLIII An Act to authorize the Board of Public Works to open and

grade a new street through square two hundred and forty.

Approved Jume 20, 1872.
XLIV An Act for the reliet of the trustees of the Twelfth-street Meth-

odist Church. Approvedl June 20, 1872 ......
XLV An Act for the reliet of Frederick W. Bergman. Approved

June 20, 1872 .............
XLVI An Act for the relief of Joseplı Parrish. Approved June 20,

1872 ......
XLVII An Act for the relief of James II. Jeaıle for damages su-tained

by the failing of a wall, and for other purposes. Approved

Jure 20, 1872.......
XLVIII An Act to authorize the establislument of four ad litional

seconilary schools in each school district of the city of

Washington. Approved June 20, 1572 ......
XLIX An Act to amend all act entitled " An Act imposing a license

on trades, business, and professions practised or carried on
in the District of Columbia,'approved Angrist twenty-three,
eighteen hundred and seventy-one; and providing for the
enforcement and collection of fines 2011 penalties for carry-
ing on business in the said District without licenses. Ap-

provell June 20, 1872.
LAn Act provirling for the printing of the report of the tommit-

tce on Manufactures and Commerce. Approved June 20,

1872 ..............
LI An ict regulating restaurants iliill other public places, and

for other purposes. Approveri June 20), 1872.....
LII An Act for the condemnition an'l closing, and for the open-

ing of an alley in syl:re one bundred and twenty. Ap

proved June 20, 1872.......
LIII All Act for the introcluction of Potomac water into George-

town Collerre. Approved June 21, 1872
LIV An Act for the relict of George W. Ditton. Approved June

20, 1872...
LV An Act to establish the Columbian In-titute for the Blind.

Approved June 20, 1872 ........

















A Resolution in relation to the extension of the fire-aların telegraph.

Approreal June 20, 1872.
A Resolution authoriziug the sale of the Town Call property in George-

towul. Approved June 20, 1872....










June 8, 1872.

CHAPTER I.-An Act making an appropriation to pay damages occa

sioned by the opening and improving of an extension of Aqueduct street, and the widening of Bridge street in Georgetown.



Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the District of Columbia, That the sum of eleven thousand six hundred $11,638 41 appro. and thirty-eight dollars and forty-one cents be, and the town fund to pay same is hereby, appropriated out of the Georgetown gen- "Aqueduct si et and eral fund to pay the damages sustained by private prop- street. erty in opening and improving an extension of Aqueduct street, and in widening Bridge street, in Georgetown, in accordance with an act of the Legislative Assembly in relation thereto, approved August tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the above-mentioned sum shall be paid to the following-named persons in the proportions herein mentioned, viz: William R. Towles, three thousand one hundred and sixty-five dollars; IIenry Jones, two thousand three hundred and sixty-six dollars ; James Goddard, two thousand six hundred and thirty dollars ; John B. Donnally, trustee, three thousand three hundred and twenty-one dollars; estate of Mary Bohrer, one hundred and fifty-six dollars and forty cents, and Mrs. E. B. Barrett, one cent, upon their

Persons and proportions to be paid therefrom.

6185 appropriated for expenses of con


executing in person, or by their proper agents or representatives, receipts and releases therefor to the Distriet of Columbia.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the sum of one demning property hundred and eighty-five dollars is hereby appropriated

out of said fund to pay the expenses of condemning the

property aforesaid and assessing damages therefor, and $20 appropriated also the sum of twenty dollars for summoning the juries for for summoning the condemnation and assessment of damages and the in

cidental expenses connected therewith, the said sum to be paid to the jurors, and to Isaac L. Parkhurst for the

summoning thereof. Emergency clause, SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That, whereas an emer

gency exists therefor, this act shall take effect immediately.

Approved June 8, 1872.

June 8, 1872

CHAP. II.-An Act in relation to the Georgetown schools.


Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the District of Secretary and Columbia, That, the secretary and treasurer of the Board of Guardians of of Guardians of the Georgetown schools be, and he is ma de escofficio hereby, made a member ex-officio of the said Board of

Guardians, with all the rights, powers, and privileges conferred by existing laws upon any member of said Board of Guardians.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all acts, or parts of acts, inconsistent with this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

Approved June 8, 1872.

Repeal of inconsistent acts.

June 19, 1872.

CHAP. III.-An Act in relation to land and market-houses in the northern

and western sections of the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia.

446 as a market site authorized.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the District of Purchase of square Columbia, That the Governor be, and is hereby, author

ized and instructed to purchase as a site for a northern market, the ground in square four hundred and forty-six,

au thorized for prepa.

offered by W. W. Corcoran, esq., on the liberal and munificent terms proposed by him.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, upon the purchase Commission of the said land, and the execution of a deed vesting in ration of plans for the government of the District of Columbia a valid title therron. thereto, the Governor and the members of the Committee on Markets of the Council and House of Delegates of the present Legislative Assembly be, and they are hereby, constituted a commission, and are authorized to cause plans and specifications to be prepared for the building thereon of a market-house of such materials and dimensions as may be deemed most advisable for that locality, and, upon their approval of any plan, they shall advertise And to advertiss for proposals for all the work and materials necessary to posals and award carry such plans into effect, which proposals shall be building. opened in the presence of the bidders on a day to be named in the advertisement, and the contract awarded by them to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders upon their giving good and sufficient security for the faithful performance of the contract, upon which no payment shall be made in excess of eighty per centum of the amount of work actually done, until the entire work shall have been completed and accepted, and then full and complete payment shall be made according to the prices and conditions of the contract; but no plan shall be adopted or contract Noplan or contract

to $100,000 made, the entire cost of which shall exceed the sum of one hundred thousand dollars, and no bills shall be paid Nobills to be paid on account thereof, unless approved by the commission of commissivu. herein provided and audited by the proper accounting officers of the Treasury; and the building herein provided for shall be erected under such superintendence as may be directed by the said commission.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That so much of the Repeal of act ap; act of the Legislative Assembly entitled “An act provid- 1971, providing for ing for the purchase of certain market sites and the erec- sites, &c., so far as tion thereon of certain markets," approved August twenty- ent with present act. three, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, as is inconsistent with the provisions of this act be, and the same is hereby, repealed: Provided, That all parts of said act of August Provided that twenty-three, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, which act relative to bonds provides for the issuing of bonds by the Governor of the of $300,000 for pur

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