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graduations which have heretofore been made, and which it may hereafter be found necessary to make.

SEC. 27. And be it further enacted, That whenever it shall Gwernor to debe made to appear to the satisfaction of the Governor that surveyor damages to the surveyor bas been guilty of culpable error or neglect, error or neglect. by which the government may be obliged to pay damages, then it shall be lawful for the Governor to deduct and retain from the salary of the surveyor the amount of damages which the government may have paid in each and every case; and in case the salary then due to said surveyor should be insufficient to cover the damages which against bondswen. the govermment shall have paid, the Governor is hereby required to institute suit upon bond, enacted by the thirtyfirst section of this, for the recovery of such damages. Sec. 28. And be it further encoctel, That it shall also be

Squares, lots, &c., the duty of the surveyor, on the request of the proprietor to be marked out or proprietors of any square, lot, or piece of ground within y misbribat request

of proprietor the District of Columbia, to set out and mark the proper lines and graduations thereof, and furnish to him, her, or them, a certificate describing the dimensions, boundaries, and graduations of the same, according to the plan. SEC. 29. And be it further enacted, That the surveyor Surveyor to keep

office designated by shall keep his office in a room designated by the Governor Governor. for the purpose, and shall not be engaged in the travsaction of any business appertaining to any other office or appointment which may be held by him, and shall, in his said office, preserve and keep all such maps, charts, surveys, books, records, and papers relating to the said Dis. Viciul records, trict of Columbia, or to any of the avenues, streets, alleys, public spaces, squares, lots, and buildings thereon, or any of them, as shall, for the purpose of being deposited in his office, come into his hands or possession, and shall, in books providel, or to be provided for that purpose, keep a true record of every survey, certificate, or account which shall be made, issued, or prepared by him, and also shall preserve and keep in good order and repair, at liis own expense, the instruments in his said office belonging to the government.

Sec. 30. And be it further enacted, That the surveyor shall enter in a book, to be kept for that purpose, a correct account of all fees which shall be received by him under or by virtue of this act, designating in every case the service performed, the sum received, the name or names of the

Shall preserve his

And instruments,

To keep account of fees.


Papers, &c, of surveyor's oilice to be

District, and part of the public records.


Superintendent of assessments and taxes.


person or persons paying it, and shall annually make a report of the amount of such fees to the Legislative Assembly, through the Governor.

Sec. 31. And be it further enacted, That all papers, plats, deemed property of and records of his office shall be deemed the property of

the District of Columbia, and shall constitute a part of the public records; and in all cases of vacancy in the office, by

resignation or otherwise, tlrey shall be transferred to his Bond of surveyor. successor in office, and he shall give bond, to be approved

by the Governor, in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties, and

shall receive an annual salary of eighteen hundred dollars. Assistant surveyor. The assistant surveyor shall assist the surveyor in the dis

charge of the duties of his office, and shall receive an annual Compensation. salary of one thousand dollars and one-third of all the fees

of said office.

Sec. 32. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the superintendent of assessments and taxes to have charge of all assessments in the District of Columbia, and to receive and collect all returns of the same made to him by the assessors of the several districts. Upon the completion of each assessment, and the revision thereof by the board of appeals, he shall prepare in duplicate a complete and accurate list of the same, giving alphabetically the names of all persons assessel, with a description of the property assessed against them respectively, one of which said lists shall, in book form, be retained in his office, and the other transmitted to the collector of taxes; and the said superintendent shall, in addition, prepare in book form, and retain in his office, a list giving in numerical order the number of the square, subdivisions, and lots assessed in the cities of Washington and Georgetown, with the names of the owners thereof; he shall also keep a book, in which the recorder of deeds and register of wills shall each day enter, in a manner sufficiently distinct to enable the changes to be noted on the tax-book and assessment lists, all transfers of real estate in the District of Columbia, with a description of the metes and bounds of the property so transferred; and the saiul superintendent shall enter such transfers as may be thus recorded upon the assessment books in his office, and in the office of the collector of taxes.

The superintendent of assessment and taxes shall receive Compensation.

annually a compensation of three thousand dollars, and




give bond, to be approved by the Governor, in the sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties.

Sec. 33. And be it further enacted, That there shall be appointed an assessor of taxes for each legislative district, who shall be a resident of the district for which he may Residence. be designated; said assessors shall annually assess (under Duties. the direction of the superintendent of assessments and taxes) within their respective districts all real or personal property now or hereafter made taxable, which duty they shall complete on or before the first day of March in each year, and within ten days thereafter transmit their list, alphabetically arranged, to the superintendent of assessments and taxes. The compensation of each assessor shall Compensation. be five dollars for each and every day he may be actually employed in the discharge of his duties: Provided, That he shall perform the same within a period of ninety days.

Sec. 34. And be it further enacted, That the Board of Board of Appeals. Appeals shall consist of five persons, including the superintendent of assessments and taxes, who shall be president thereof. Two of said board shall be residents of the city of Washington, and one a resident of the city of bers. Georgetown, and one a resident of the county of Washington. The board shall hold its meetings on the second

Meetings. Monday of March in each year, and shall continue in session thirty consecutive days, to hear and determine any and all appeals that may be made from the valuations of the assessors of taxes. The board may make such changes in the returns of said assessors as to a majority of its members may seem just and proper; and its action shall be complete and final. Each member of the board shall re

Compensation, ceive a per diem of five dollars for each and every day the 'board


be in session: Provided, That the superintend- Proviso. ent of assessments and taxes shall receive no further compensation than that fixed in the thirty-second section of this act.

SEC. 35. And be it further enacted, That the Board of Fire Commissioners in and for the portions of said District ors. known, respectively, as the city of Washington and the city of Georgetown, shall have power to appoint such number of persons as now are, or may hereafter be, prescribed by law for the fire departments of their respective

Residence of men


Fire Commission.




Duties and compensation of other


schools in county Appointcl.

School laws eontinued in force.

localities, who shall hold their places during good behavior, and who, upon trial, may be fined, suspended, or expelled: Provitell, That the accused shall first have written notice of the charges against him, except, however, in cases of miscondnet coming under the personal observation of one or more commissioners, when there may be an immediate

suspension by said commissioner or commissioners, until Duties-continued. charges can be presented to and determined by the board.

The said board shall be governed by the existing laws and ordinances of the city of Washington not inconsistent herewith, and shall perform such other functions as may be imposed upon them by law. The annual salary of each commissioner shall be two hundred dollars, and

the duties and compensation of the chief and assistant enbiliers of fremde gineer, and of the superintendent and operators of the

fire-aların telegraph, shall be the same as are prescribed by existing ordinances and regulations; and the compensation of the secretary shall be one thousand dollars per

annum. Superintendent of Sec. 36. And be it further enarted, That the Governor Washington to be shall appoint oire superintendent of schools for, and a

resident of, the county of Washington, and that all laws and ordinances of the portions of the District of Columbia known, respectively, as the city of Washington, city of Georgetown, and county of Washington, in relation to public schools therein, shall be of full force and effect in each of said localities, so far as not inconsistent with this act, or any other act of the Legislative Assembly of said District relative thereto: Provided, That the superintendent, secretaries, and treasurers of public schools in and for Georgetown and the county of Washington shall perform the same duties and be subject to the same regulations as are now imposed on, and required of, similar officers in Washington.

Sec. 37. And be it further enacted, that the annual compensation of the officers named in the foregoing section shall be as follows, namely: Superintendents of public schools for Washington city, two thousand dollars; superintendent of public schools for the city of Georgetown, one thousand dollars; superintendent of public schools for the county of Washington, one thousand dollars ; treasurer of public schools for Washington city, eiglit hundred dollars; treasurer and secretary of public schools


('ompensation of officers of public schools.

Provision for set. tlement of accounts

tees and fire com.

for the city of Georgetown, five hundred dollars; treasurer and secretary of public schools for the county of Washington, five hundred dollars; secretary of public schools for Washington city, two hundred dollars.

Sec. 38. And be it further enacted, That all accounts against the Board of Trustees of Public Schools and acainst school trusa Board of Commissioners of the Fire Department shall be missioners. rendered in duplicate, and when found correct shall be approved by the said boards, respectively, and immediately after the close of each month a statement of all accounts received and approved, as aforesaid, shall be transmitted, with the duplicate accounts embraced in such statements, to the auditor of the District, who shall thereupon examine the same.

If approved by him, he shall file in his office one set of such accounts, and transmit to the comptroller a certified statement thereof; the other set he shall return, with his approval thereon, to the respective Boards of Trustees of Public Schools and Fire Commissioners. l'pon the receipt of said statement the comptroller shall, if, upon examination, satisfied of the correctness of the accounts, issue his warrant for the aggregate amounts therefor,[thereof,] payable to the order of the treasurer of the respective boards, which said warrant shall be countersigned by the auditor, and it shall be the duty of the treasurers of said boards to pay the moneys so received by them to the parties whose accounts have been approved by the auditor; and they shall not pay any account not approved and audited as herein provided. Should av accounts transmitted to the auditor, as aforesaid, be not approved by him, he shall return one set thereot' to the board in which they originated, with reasons for his disal proval indorsed thereon.

SEC. 39. And be it further enacted, That the market-masters shall be subject to the direction of the commissioners of markets to which they may be respectively assigned. Unless prevented by sickness or unavoidable absence, they shall, during market hours, be present at the scale-houses, weigh all articles and provisions brought there for that purpose, see that violations of market regulations are corrected or prosecuted, and perform such other duties as may ho prescribed. Their annual compensation shall be as

Compensation. follows, namely: For the Northern Liberty market, eight hundred dollars; for the Western market, five hundred



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