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and the county of Wash

Amount of taxa

not paid within the prescrib


may be sent to said

Board of trustees empowered to bind

from the cities of Washington and Georgetown and the > county of Washington, and for which said cities and the cities of county are, respectively, liable to pay one dollar and fifty Georgetown, cents a week, which shall hereafter be one dollar and ington, to be taxed. seventy-five cents a week; and the amount due from said cities and county, respectively, shall be paid on demand; and if not paid within ten days after the amount shall tion, if be audited, the amount due shall draw interest at the ed period, to draw rate of one per centum per month until paid. Sec. 2. That hereafter any boy under sixteen years of

What class of boys age who is destitute of a home or means of support, or school. who is idle and incorrigible, or wandering about uncared for by relatives or friends, and whose parents, if he has any living within this District, are unable to pay the expenses of his support in the Reform School, may be sent to the said school, at the expense of the city or county in which he may be found, by the judge of the police court, the Governor of the Territory, or the president of the board of trustees of said school.

Sec. 3. That every boy sent to the Reform School shall remain therein until he is twenty-one years of age, unless out boys. sooner discharged or bound as an apprentice to some proper person by the board of trustees; but no boy shall be retained after the superintendent shall have reported him fully reformed.

Sec. 4. That whenever there shall be as large a number Criminal and po. of boys in the school as can be properly accommodated, it shall be the duty of the president of the board of trus- buy's in the schou tees to give notice to the criminal and police courts of the fact, whereupon no boys shall be sent to the school by the said courts until notice shall be given them by the president of the board that more can be received. SEC. 5. That if any person shall entice, or attempt to

Pinalty for entic entice, away from said school any boy legally committed in a way or harbor to the same, or shall harbor, conceal, or aid in harboring shall have escape 1. or concealing, any boy who shall have escaped from said school, such person shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall pay a fine of not less than ten nor more than one hundred dollars, which shall be paid to the treasurer of the board of trustees; and any trustee, or the superintendent of said

lice courts to be notified whenever there are as many

as can be properly accommodated.


school, and any policeman, shall have power, and it is hereby made their duty, to arrest any boy, when in their power so to do, who shall have escaped from said school,

and return him thereto. Appropriation for Sec. 6. That the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and aries of the officers, the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in

the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to pay the annual salaries of the superintendent, one thousand five hundred dollars; two assistant superintendents, seven hundred and fifty dollars each; and the matron, six hundred dollars, and for assistant teachers and others, incidental expenses, including clothing, fuel, servant-hire.

Sec. 7. That the Secretary of the Interior be authorized to select new site to purchase a new site for said school, to be selected by ed thereon suitable himself and the board of trustees, on which buildings

for the accommodation of three hundred boys shall be erected, under the supervision of the said Secretary, the

board of trustees, and the architect of the Capitol; and for Appropriation for these purposes the sum of ove hundred thousand dollars

is hereby appropriated : Provided, That before any part of this appropriation shall be drawn, plans and specifications of the building to be erected shall be made by the architect of the Capitol, and approved by the Secretary of the Interior; and the amount expended for the purchase of said site and the erection of said building shall not exceed the sum hereby appropriated.

Secretary of the Interior authorized




Mav 21, 1872.

BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC RAILROAD DEPOT. An Act to confirm the action of the Board of Aldermen and Common Council of the city of Washington, designating a depot site for the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives

of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That Baltimore and Pof the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company shall have Companyexanthoit the right to extend its track from Virginia avenue along

Sixth street to the open grounds between Sixth street and B street north and the canal, described as follows: Beginning at the southwest corner of Sixth street and B street north, running west one hundred and fifty feet along B street; thence south eight hundred and two feet to the present line of the canal ; thence east one hundred and



said District.

to construction

fifty feet to the line of Sixth street; thence north by line of Sixth street to the place of beginning; and the said company shall, so far as the United States can so provide, have the right to hold, use, and occupy the said grounds for the purpose of constructing thereon a passenger depot, a And to construct to be used by the said company for passenger and expressfreight traffic, and for no other purposes; and the said property so occupied by said company, together with the The property and improvements which may be put thereon, shail be subject subject to tax by the to tax by the District of Columbia the same as other prop- bja, to be used ex: erty in the District of Columbia, and to be used exclu- of public schools in sively for the support of the public schools in said District; and the said company shall lay no more than two tracks along said Sixth street, and as near as practicable in the centre of said street, and as close together as practicable for the traffic and trains to pass over them. The rails used for that purpose shall be constructed as dat rails, Requirements as like those used by street railways, so as to facilitate wagon tracks. and carriage travel over the same, and the tracks and the space between the same shall be kept paved with some suitable material by said company, and it shall also pave, with proper material, at least two feet outside of said track; and upon the opening of a carriage-road through the public reservation and crossing Sixth street, the said company shall be, and is hereby, required to construct, at its own cost and expense, a handsome iron bridge of ample width and height, to enable small carriages to pass over the said street freely and without danger, in such manner and at such place as the officers or other persons charged with the duty of opening the reservations or connecting the same as a public park shall direct; and the said company

shall then adapt the grade of said tracks to adopted as may be that which at any time may be determined upon by the determined upon hi Board of Public Works, or other authority having the works mother aucontrol of grades of said Sixth street. Such changes of trol. grade, however, shall not be made as will practically interfere with or destroy the use of said depot by the regular trains of said company: Provided, That the said conpany shall pay the owners of private property along the line of Sixth street, north of Virginia avenue by which




the said railroad passes, any damage which the said property may sustain by reason of the laying of its track along the said Sixth street, and the said damages, if any, shall be ascertained in manner and form as provided by the act of Congress approved February fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, entitled “An act to authorize the extension, construction, and use of a lateral branch of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad into and within the District of Columbia,” it being understood that the question of damages herein referred to shall be confined to the question of appreciation and depreciation of the value of the property situated along said street: And provided also, That the said railroad shall pay all damages for which the city of Washington, or the District of Columbia, or the United States may be liable to private parties now occupying the site herein described and growing out of their being required to remove their property from the same and surrender their right of occupancy, and shall obtain possession at their own cost: Anil provided further, That while trains are moving to and from Virginia avenue, along Sixth street and said depot, the said railroad company shall keep flagmen at the several street-crossings, to warn people of danger; and all provisions of the Board of Aldermen and Common Council of the city of Washington not inconsistent herewith are hereby ratified: Provided further, That the act of Congress, approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, granting a site for a passenger depot, to said railroad company upon Virginia avenue is hereby repealed, to take effect when said company obtains possession of the depot property on Sixth street, as described in this act; and no passenger or other depot shall be constructed by said company on said site : And provided further, That the United States, by act of Congress, shall have the right to repeal or modify the provisions of this act: And provided further, That the tracks of said company shall turn out of Sixth street and enter the said depot with suitable curvature at the south end thereof; and the said depot shall not extend beyond B street north, nor shall the tracks ever extend beyond said B street north.






May 23, 1872.

An Act giving the assent of Comgress to the subscription of the District of
Columbia to the stock of the Piedmont anil Potomac Railroad Company.

Piedmont and Po. tomac Railroad

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembleil, That Approving the act the act of the Legislative Assembly of the District of Co- Assembly of the lumbia entitled, “An act to authorize a subscription to bia entitled "an as i the stock of the Piedmont and Potomac Railroad Com- seription to stock of pany upon certain conditions,” be, and the same is hereby,

' ('ompany upon cer. approved and sanctioned : Provided, That before any part tain conditions." of the said subscription shall be paid the Governor and the Board of Public Works, acting separately, shall be satisfied that said railroad will be completed and used to a point on the Potomac river opposite the city of Washington or Georgetown by the aid of said subscription: And provided, That no part of said subscription by said District shall be paid until one million dollars shall have been subscribed by private parties and shall have been actually paid in cash and expended in the construction of the road: And provided further, That the said Piedmont Proviso. and Potomac Railroad Company shall enter into bonds in the sum of eight hundred thousand dollars, with good and sufficient individual sureties, to be approved by the Governor of the District of Columbia and Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, conditioned for the repayment, with interest, of the money subscribed to the capital stock of the said company by the said District, if the said company shall fail to complete the said road for the running of cars within three years from the acceptance of the six hundred thousand dollars to be subscribed by the said District; and no part of such subscription shall be paid until such bond be given, approved, and filed in the office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia : And provided further, That the tax levied by authority of Proviso. this said act shall not exceed thirty-six thousand dollars for interest in any one year: And provided also, That no bonds to raise the funds that may be required to pay the said subscription shall be disposed of by said District at




less than par.

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