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An Act making appropriations for sundlry civil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year endling June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and for other purposes.


$15,000 appropri. ated for construc.

That the sum of fifteen thousand dollars be appropriated tion of pneumatic for the purpose of constructing a pneumatic tube, operated Government Print- by hollow spheres or otherwise, from the Capitol along

North Capitol street to the Government Printing Office.

$15,000 for repairs of Treasury build ing.

Treasury Building, Washington, District of Colum

bia-For annual repairs and improvements, fifteen thou$9,000 for repairs sand dollars; for improvements and repairs of heating-ap

paratus, nine thousand dollars.

of heating-appara. tus.


$800,000 for continuing construc

For continuation of the construction of the building for tion of new state the Department of State, Washington, District of Co

lumbia, eight hundred thousand dollars; for the east wing $100,000 for east of the State, War, and Navy Departments, four lıundred and Navy Depart. thousand dollars.



$15,000 for National Soldiers' aud Sail.


of District of lumbia.


$3,000 for repairs, &c., of Government

For the National Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home ors" orphans' Home of the city of Washington, District of Columbia, fifteen

thousand dollars.

For custody and repairs of Government hospitals on hospitals on judici- Judiciary square, three thousand dollars.

For care, support, and medical treatment of sixty tranand suppression one sient paupers, medical and surgical patients in some proper under contract Di medical institution in the city of Washington, under a

contract to be formed with such institution, twelve thousand dollars.

ary square.

$12,000 for care


$15,000 for preser.



For preservation of the collection of the surveying ai Smithsonian in: and exploring expeditions of the Government, fifteen

thousand dollars.

For the completion of the hall required for the Governfor Goverument cul- ment collections, ten thousand dollars.

$10,000 for completion of hall required



For finishing and repairing the work on the Capitol &e, on Cupitol ex- extension, and for completing the flagging of the upper

$50,000 for repairs,

terraces, fifty thousand dollars.



For annual repairs of the old portion of the Capitol $10,000 for repairs building, ten thousand dollars.

Capitol building, For finishing and repairing the work on the new dome $4,000 for repairs,

&c., on of the Capitol, four thousand dollars.

For continuing the work of grading and filling and for $35,000 for grad planting the grounds around the Capitol,

* planting grounds. thirty-five thousand dollars.







ments in Botanical Garden.

$1,500 for extending propagatinghouses.

For reconstructing the eastern parallelogram of the $13.000 for improveconservatory in the Botanical Garden, thirteen thousand dollars.

For extending the propagating-houses, four thousand five hundred dollars.

For the construction of a sewer and trap across Third $500 for the pur. street, to convey the drainage of the Botanical Garden to drainage. the inain sewer, five hundred dollars.

For continuing fence and erecting gateways on Third 21700e for feucing street, seven thousand five hundred dollars.

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Washington Arsenal, Washington, District of Colum- $3.000 for improve bia-For coping for inclosing wall on northern front of Ar- ton Arsenal grounds senal grounds, and for entrance-gates at the termination of Four-and-a-half street, three thousand dollars.



Repairs, care, and improvement of public buildings, $182.0m for im grounds, and works in the District of Columbia, under the lie building and direction of the chief engineer of the army,

viz: total, one hundred and eighty-two thousand dollars.


grounds, under di* rcction of chief en

gineer of the artay.




total, one hundred and seventy thousand five hundred and fifty-five dollars.

$170,555 for Washington Aqueduct.

[blocks in formation]

$5,000 for pedestal for statue of General Winfield Scott.

For pedestal for the equestrian statue of General Winfield Scott, authorized by act of July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, five thousand dollars.





$75,000 for repairs, &c., at navy-yard, Washington.

Navy-yard, Washington, District of Columbia-For repairs of all kinds, seventy-five thousand dollars.

[blocks in formation]



$192,620 to defray expenses of paving, &c., in front of UniColumbia.

To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay only the in front of Uni reasonable expenses heretofore incurred for paving roadthe District of way and curbing and paving sidewalks in front of the

property of the United States in the District of Columbia, one hundred and ninety-two thousand six hundred and

twenty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary; Railroads prohib- and all railroads are hereby prohibited on the I street and No further street K street fronts of Farragut, Scott, and Franklin squares; in Washington and no further street railroads shall be laid down in the

city of Washington without the consent of Congress.

ited on certain sts.

without the cousent of Congress.



838,365 appropri. To pay the Board of Public Works of the District of ated to pay propor. tion of cost properly. Columbia the proportion of the cost properly payable by ied States for filling the United States Government for the filling of the canal of sewer along called from Seventh street west to Seventeenth street west, and States property.

of the cost of the intercepting sewer along the canal adjoining the property of the United States Government, said work being under the direction of the Board of Pub

lic Works, sixty-eight thousand three hundred and sixty-
five dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary : Pro-
viled, That all payments made under this and the preced- Proviso.
ing appropriation shall be made only upon vouchers ap-
proved by the officer in charge of the public buildings and
grounds of the District; and no portion of the money
herewith appropriated shall be used by the Board of Pub-
lic Works for any other purpose whatever than the pur-
pose that is named in the said two last paragraphs. And
the land made by the filling up of the said canal is hereby
declared to be the property of the United States. And
the said appropriations shall not be construed to create or
imply any obligation on the part of the United States in
any respect whatever in future.




$125,000 for sup

For salaries and other necessary expenses of the Metro- $217,890 appropripolitan Police for the District of Columbia, two hundred &c. of the Metro and seven thousand eight hundred and ninety dollars: the District of CoProvided, That a further sum, amounting to one hundred and three thousand nine hundred and forty-five dollars, shall be paid to defray the expenses of the said Metropolitan Police force by the cities of Washington and Georgetown and the county of Washington.

GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL FOR THE INSANE. For the support, clothing, medical, and moral treatment of the insane of the army and navy, revenue-cutter, and port of inuatos in Folunteer service, who may have become insane since their tal for the insane. entry into the service of the United States, and of the indigent insane of the District of Columbia, in the Government Hospital for the Insane, including five hundred dollars for books, stationery, and incidental expenses, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.

For the erection, furnishing, and fitting up of an extension of the hospital sufficient to accommodate fifty-four bande maternion of

hospital building. patients of the excited class, thirty-seven thousand eight hundred dollars.

For purchasing and setting four heating-boilers, six thousand dollars.

For the purchase, by the Secretary of the Interior, for the agricultural and economical use of the hospital, twenty- for use of hospital.

$37,800 for fitting

$3,000 for purchas. ing heating-boilers.

$10,000 for purchase of land, &c.

nine and forty one-hundredths acres of land and its appurtenances, including cost of survey, examination of title, and conveyance to the United States, ten thousand dollars.


$48,000 for support of Columbia Institu

$5,000 for grading grounds, &c.

For the support of the institution, including salaries tion for the Deat and and incidental expenses, the maintenance of the benefici

aries of the United States, and five hundred dollars for books and illustrative apparatus, forty-eight thousand dollars.

For continuing the work on the inclosure, improvements and grading of the grounds of the institution, six thousand dollars.

To provide for payments due and unpaid on July first, chase of the estate eighteen hundred and seventy-two, on the purchase by

the institution of the estate known as Kendall Green, seventy thousand dollars.

$70,000 for payments due on purGreen.


$18,300 for support of Columbia Hospi.

$25,000 for pur. chase of building and grounds occu

For the support of the Columbia Hospital for Women tay for Women and and Lying-in-Asylum, over and above the probable amount

which will be received from pay-patients, eighteen thousand three hundred dollars.

For purchase of the building now occupied by said hos

pital, with forty thousand feet of ground, twenty-five pied by said hospi

thousand dollars.

For alteration and repairs of said building, five thousand dollars.

For repairs to roof and out-buildings, alterations in wards, &c., two thousand dollars.


$3,000 for repairs of building

$2,000 for repairs of out-buildings.

June 10, 1872.

An Act appropriating ten thousanii lollurs for a statue of General John A.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives

of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That $10,000 appropri- the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and is hereby, approlieu. Tena w priated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise Franklin square. lira hain tuliard, in appropriated, to procure a life-sized statue of General

John A. Rawlins, late Secretary of War, to be placed as a center-piece of a fountain in Franklin square, the design

ated to procure a

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