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tinued for certain

ters of said cities severally, and the powers of said Levy Cits charters conCourt, shall be continued for the following purposes, to purposes. wit:

For the collection of all sums of money due to said cities respectively, or to said Levy Court;

For the enforcement of all contracts made by said cities respectively, or by said Levy Court, and all taxes, heretofore assessed, remaining unpaid;

For the collection of all just claims against said cities respectively, or against said Levy Court;

For the enforcement of all legal contracts against said cities respectively, or against said Levy Court, until the affairs of said cities respectively, and of said Levy Court, shall have been fully closed;

And no suit in favor of or against said corporations, or No suits pendins either of them, shall abate, by reason of the passage of are party to alate by this act, but the same shall be prosecuted to final judgment as if this act had not been passed.

in which said citi

reason thereof.

(General Clause 75.)

No election to be bau in Georgetow!!

SEC. 41. And be it further enacted, That there shall be no election biolden for mayor or members of the Common till June 1, 1871, and Council of the city of Georgetown prior to the first day of common Council to June, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, but the present mayor and Common Council of said city shall hold their offices until said first day of June next.

hold over till then.

(General Clause 76.)


No taxes for general purposes shall hereafter he assessed Municipal author. by the municipal authorities of the cities of Washington more taxes. or Georgetown, or by said Levy Court.

(General Clance 77.)

After 1st or juge,

lunnin to be the

And upon the repeal of the charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, the District of Columbia 1871, Histrict of be, and is hereby declared to be the successor of said cor- ington and George porations, and all the property of said corporations, and their handita assuine of the county of Washington, shall become vested in the said District of Columbia, and all fines, penalties, costs, and forfeitures, which are now by law made payable to

said cities respectively, or said Levy Court, shall be paid Judge and clerk of to said District of Columbia, and the salaries of the judge clerk, bailit, and and clerk of the police court, the compensation of the Ties puisi be paid by deputy clerk and bailiffs of said police court, and of the

marshal of the District of Columbia shall be paid by said District: Provided, That the moneys collected upon the

judgments of said police court, or so much thereof as may Disposal of surplus be necessary, shall be applied to the payment of the sala

ries of the judge and other officers of said court, and to the payment of the necessary expenses thereof, and any surplus remaining after paying the salaries, compensation, and expenses aforesaid, shall be paid into the treasury of the District at the end of every quarter.

Approved February 21, 1871.



Washington, March 6, 1871.

A true copy: ,

R. S. CIIEW, Chief Clerk.




Passed since the organization of the District Government.


May 8, 1872.

An Act making oppropriations for the legislative, exccutire, and juclicial

expenses of the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and for other purposes.


$10,000 appropriated for rent and

Orlice and Bureau of

For rent and fitting up of rooms for the use of the Pension Office and for the Bureau of Education, sixteen thou- repairs or Pension sand dollars.

For casual repairs of the department building, ten $10,000 for casual thousand dollars. For

and repairs of the heating $18.200 for heating apparatus, eighteen thousand two hundred dollars.

repairs of depariment building.





For labor on experimental garden, &c., ten thousand $10,000 for labor,

&c., on experimeudollars.

tal garden, Department of Agriculture


of the


For salary of the Governor, three thousand dollars; for $27,889 approprisalary of the Secretary, two thousand dollars; for pay of ries of the Governthe members of the Council, two thousand eight hundred bers of the Council

, and eighty dollars; for salaries of the members of the Bard of

Works, and mem. Board of Public Works, ten thousand dollars; for sala- lets of the Board of ries of the members of the Board of Health, at two thou- trict of Columbia. sand dollars each, ten thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of the sum hereby appropriated shall be paid to any member of such boards who shall hold any other federal office.


May 18, 1872.

An Act making appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the service of the Governinent for the fiscal year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and seventy-tw", anl for former years, and for othpurposes.

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DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. $3,851 14 appropri. To

pay the Governor, Secretary, and three members of ated to pay salaries of Governor, were the Board of Public Works of the District of Columbia tary, und wii ur bike rol such sums as may be due them for salaries from the date District of Colum- of their commissions to the first of July, eighteen hun

dred and seventy-one, three thousand eight hundred and fifty-one dollars and fourteen cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary.

To pay the members of the Board of Health from the date of their appointment to the first of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, at two thousand dollars each per annum, twelve thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars and fifty-six cents, or so much thereof as may be

necessary. $2,880, to pay sala- For compensation to the President and members of the and members of the Council of the District of Columbia, for the session com

mencing on the eighth of November, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, two thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars.

$12.192 56, to pay salaries of Board of Health,

ries of



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$200,000 for conment building:

For continuing the work on the new State Department tinuing be a building during the balance of the present fiscal year, two

hundred thousand dollars.

[blocks in formation]

$19.440 for heating apparties of Treasury building

For re-arranging the heating-apparatus of the Treasury building,

nineteen thousand eight hundred and forty dollars.









For grading and paving circle at the intersection of tion of Vermont and Vermont and Massachusetts avenues,

$5,789 82 for grading, &c., at intersec

Massachusetts aves.

five thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine dollars and eighty-two cents.

[blocks in formation]

For repairs on the Executive Mansion, ten thousand three hundred and forty-five dollars.

$10,345 for repairs on Executive Man. sion.


$25,219 25 for grading, etc., of Execu

For the Executive avenue and adjacent grounds recently inclosed, for grading, paving, and otherwise com- tive avenue and adpleting the work,

twenty-five thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars and twenty-five cents.

$10,557 78 to re



To reimburse the contingent fund of the Pension Office imburso contingent for expenses incurred in removing the papers and files of Orlice. said office to the Seaton House, and in refitting rooms in said building, the sum of ten thousand five hundred and fifty-seven dollars and seventy-eight cents.





lumbia Institue for

Columbia Institute for the Deaf and Dumb-For fur

$6.000 for furnish.

up nishing and fitting up the buildings of the institution, six buildings for Co thousand dollars.

Deaf and Dumb. For repairs of buildings of said institute,

$3,500 for repairs

of buildings. three thousand five hundred dollars. To commence the proper fitting up, in a fire-proof man

proof apartments. ner, of the vacant apartments in the Smithsonian Institution building,

five thousand dollars.






For the repair and improvement of the Congressional 93,000 for repaira, Cemetery

three thousand dollars.

&c., of Congression. al Cemetery.

[blocks in formation]

$10,000 for new

For the purpose of buying and putting in place a new boiler, water-tank, and steam-pump in the south wing of boiler core south

of Capitol the Capitol, ten thousand dollars.

For additional lamps and service-pipe in the east and west parks, Capitol grounds, four thousand dollars. &c.,Capitol grounds.

$1,000 for lamps,

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