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Contract of an infant for his own benefit is voidable only at his option, 327.
Instances of indentures, 457, 458 n., 462, 463, 464.
When order of removal, 741.





Reservation of, when the only evidence of biring, control duration of the contract,

350. See Hiring AND SERVICE (6.) WAGGON WAY.

Exclusive possession of, makes it rateable, 88.

Secus if mere easement, ib. WARDEN.

Of a borough, office of, is within 3 & 4 W. & M. c. 11, s. 6, 640. WATERING PLACE.

Residence at, by a servant with his master for pleasure, gives servant a settle

ment, 417. WARREN.

Is a tenement within 13 & 14 Car. II., 525, 531. WATER-PIPES.

Are not “ lenements."

As to their rateability. See Gas-Pipes (92.) WAY LEAVES. See Waggon WAYS. WEEKLY.

Wages. See Wages.

Payments are due at the beginning of the week, 179.

With a child, is not properly next of kin, 598, 599.
Power of, to assign apprentice, 501. See APPRENTICE.
Right of to gain settlement by estate, 605. See Estate.

On removal of, it is sufficient to prove her maiden settlement.

Is a person unmarried within 3 W. & M.c.11, s. 7, 320.

Follows her husband's settlement, 312. See MARRIAGE.
Evidence of being, by cohabitation, may be rebutted by herself, 803.
Affected by adultery, husband not bound to maintain her. Rex v. Hinton. Ar.
Pregnant with bastard is removable, 716, 717.
Cannot gain a settlement by residence on her husband's estate, 632.
Nor on her own, her husband being absent, 635, 636.
But is not removable froin it, 716.

As to her removal generally, see Removal (2.).

No person rated, or holding an office in a parish, is an incompetent witness, 793. Before the statute, when an overseer produced a certificate, if necessary he might

be examined as to the custody, 828. VOL. IV.





A rated parishioner is not bound to give evidence against his own parish. Ap

PENDIX, 793. His declarations are evidence, ib. A pauper or an overseer is competent, ib. APPENDIX. In actions against overseers for money misspent, an inhabitant is a competent, 32. Mode of examining witness, 794. Examination as to knowledge or belief, id. Refreshing memory of witness, ib. Rules for cross-examination, ib. Not on collateral facts, 795. Leading questions regular, ib.

Witness's credit may be impeached, but not by his own party, ib. WOMEN.

May be overseers, but men are more proper, 14. WORKHOUSE.

General act relating to, not applicable where there is a local act, 195, 196.

See 199.
Mother asking relief for her children not compellable to go to, 188, 193.
May be built or suitable tenements enlarged, 191.
Limitation of rate for this purpose, ib.
Insufficient may,

be sold, ib.
Justices may visit, 196.

their duty if poor afflicted with contagious disease, ib.

may appoint governors, ib. Form of appointment, ib.



Meaning of, 347. See Leap YEAR. Chitty's Col. Stat, tit. Time.

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