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in Six Clerks'

Sect. 28. Vacancies in the Six Clerks' Office Office not to not to be filled up until the number of such

six clerks is reduced to two.

be filled


Sworn clerk not to take articled clerks.

Sect. 29. No clerk to be articled to any sworn clerk or writing clerk of the Court at any time between the passing of the Act and the 1st of May then next.

Powers vested in the Lord

Sect. 30. The powers and authorities given
Chancelloro" by the Act to the Lord Chancellor, to be exer-

cised by the Lord Keeper or Lords Commis-
sioners of the Great Seal.


New mode of

Sect. 31. Subpoenas to be open writs, and issuing sub sealed with a seal to be kept by the patentee of

the subpoena office, instead of the great seal,
and 5s. 6d. to be paid for sealing each subpoena.


Annual sums

Sect. 32. The several annual sums paid to paid to depu: sub or deputy registrars and their clerks, and &c. to cease. to the master of the report office and his clerks,

to cease.

Salaries to

Sect. 33. The salaries specified in the schedule to the Act, to be paid to the several officers out of the fee-fund.

Sect. 34. A proportionate part of salary to be death, resig- paid in the event of the death, resignation, or

Proportion of salaries on

nation, &c.

removal of any of the officers appointed by the Act, between any of the quarterly days of payment.

Sect. 35. The sum of 1251. to be paid to the First payclerk of affidavits, and 371. 10s. to his clerk, in of affidavits. lieu of salary, from the passing of the Act to 25th November following.

Sect. 36. The Lord Chancellor to give direc- Provision in tions as to the disposal of any surplus of the fee-fund, and as to providing for any deficiency. fund.

case of surplus or deficiency of fee

to be settled.

Sect. 37. The Lord Chancellor, with the con- Table of fees currence of the Master of the Rolls and the Vice Chancellor, or one of them, to fix and settle a table of fees to be taken by the clerks to the Masters, and by the registrars and other clerks; the masters of reports and entries to retain out of the fees received by him, and to pay to the clerk of the reports 1zd. per folio of Allowances ninety words for every office copy delivered by him, and to the clerks of the entries the like sum for every entry made by them; and the clerk of affidavits and examiners to pay over a like sum of 1}d. per folio for all office copies made by the clerks.

for copying.

Sect. 38. The table of fees, within fourteen Table of fees days after the same shall be settled, to be laid before par

to be laid


before parliament, and if parliament shall not be then assembled, within fourteen days after the next meeting of parliament.

2500l. to be paid to each of

Sect. 39. The annual sum of 25001. to be paid the Masters. quarterly to each of the Masters, exclusive of

the accountant-general, out of the Suitors' Fund.

ifd. per folio Sect. 40. The copying clerks of the Masters
to be paid to
the copying to receive 1 d. per folio of ninety words, and
no more, for every copy


document or writing made in the Masters' offices, from the parties requiring the same, and also for the transcript of every report.

clerks in the Master's office,

[blocks in formation]

Sect. 41. No Master in ordinary of the Court of Chancery, or any person holding any office, situation, or employment, in any office of the said Court, or under any of the judges or officers thereof, to take any gratuity, under a penalty of 5001., and the loss of his office or situation.

How offenders may be

Sect. 42. Any such offender may be proseprosecuted. cuted, either by information at the suit of the

attorney-general, or by criminal information, or indictment.

Expences of office to be paid.

Sect. 43. The Lord Chancellor may order expences of the several offices to be paid out of the Suitors' Fund.


Sect. 44. The Lord Chancellor, with the con- The Lord currence of the Master of the Rolls and Vice- may alter the Chancellor, or one of them, may from time to time, by any general order or orders, direct that the several fees, authorized by the Act to be taken, may be varied, and increased, or reduced in amount, or wholly omitted to be received.

terest of

Sect. 45. The surplus interest arising from the Sarplus inSuitors' Fund to be invested in government or Suitors Fund parliamentary securities.

to be in

Sect. 46. The inonies placed out and invested Investments on account of the Suitors' Fund to be called in Suitors' Fund if required.

if required.

to be called in

Power to

Sect. 47. The Lord Chancellor


authorize the change of any securities to be purchased curities.

change sepursuant to the Act.

Sect. 48. The Lords of the Treasury may grant Compensacompensation to certain officers affected by the Act.


Sect. 49. And to the secretary of the Master of the Rolls.

Sect. 50. No Master in ordinary of the Court Masters not of Chancery to be entitled to any annuity or al- to annuity for lowance in respect of length of service.


Orders for payment of annuity to state the cause

Sect. 51. In case the Lord Chancellor shall

order any annuity to be paid to a Master for any of making it. permanent infirmity, the cause of the grant to

be stated, and a copy of the order to be laid before parliament.

Copy of order for any annuity to be laid before

Sect. 52. In all cases in which the Lord Chan

cellor shall order an annuity to be paid to any parliament. officer under the Act, a copy of such order to be

laid before parliament.

Commencement of Act.

Sect. 53. The Act to come into operation on the 26th of November, 1833.

As to the Act 3 & 4 Vict. c. 94, intituled, “ An Act

for facilitating the Administration of Justice in the Court of Chancery."

This Act takes a more extensive


and was intended to operate not only upon the practice of the Court, and particularly with reference to matters connected with the Six Clerks' Office, but also upon the form and mode of pleading in equity. It enacts

The Lord
with the
Master of the

Sect. 1. That the Lord Chancellor, with the advice and consent of the Master of the Rolls and

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