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SATURDAY, JANUARY, 25.-J. Jameson, Little Queen-street, coachmaker.-W. Stirk, Preston, Leeds, woolstapler.-J. Barton, Freekenham, Suffolk, innkeeper.-J. Unitt, Tuddington, Stanway, Gloucester, farmer.-S. Lister, jun. W. Lister, and W. Walker, Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, warehousemen.-W. c. Dewsnop, St. Bride's-court, Bridge-street, painter and glazier W. Blunden, sen. East Malling, Kent, farmer and paper maker.J. Larbalestier and J. Warwick, New Basinghall-street, wine merchants.-D. Wagstaff and J. H. Wagstaff, Skinner-street, Snow-hill, carpet warehousemen.-J. O'Brien, Broad-street Buildings, merchant.-C. B. Greatrex, Abberley, Worcester, apothecary.-W. Young, Bernard-street, insurance broker.-A. Allan, jun. Topping's Wharf, Tooley-streets, provision merchant.-P. Holaham, London-street, Fenchureh-street, wine and brandy merchant.–J. Littlefield, Portsea, Southampton, plumber and glazier.-W. Shunds, Old Change, baker.

TUESDAY, JANUARY, 28.-W. Walker, Rochdale, Lancaster, woollen manufacturer.-J. Bainbridge, Queen-street, Cheapside, woollen draper.-J. Birch, Birmingham, jeweller.-C. Culverhouse, Walcot, Somerset, flour factor.-W. Lovell, Kilmersdon, Somerset, linen draper.-R. Goodrich, Painswick, Gloucester, baker.-C. Mason, Birmingham, druggist.-1. Bradshaw, Adlington, Lancaster, dealer.-W. Armstrong; Arundel-street, Strand, tailor.-S. Wagstaffe and T. Baylis, Kidderminster, carpet manufacturers.-W. Stevenson, jun. Bawtry, York, cooper.-J. Scobel, Hinton St. George, - Somerset, builder:--F. W. Forck, Whitechapel-road, baker.-M. J. J. Donlan, Cleveland-court, St. James's-place, tailor.-A.J. Cumming, High-street, Southwark, cheesemonger.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY, 1.-R. Pinnigor, Watchfield, Berks, corn dealer.-T. W. Elam, Bradford, Wilts, clothier.-W. Sprinks, Brixton, Surrey, baker.-J. Bowman, Salford, Lancaster, dyer.--G. Blair and W. Plumpton, Lower Thames-street, seedsmen.-J. Wighton, Basinghall-street, warehousemen.-D. Johřson, Nantwich, Chester, druggist.-J. Spencer, Eagle-street, Red Lion-square, livery stable keeper.-P. Mitchell, Bungay, Suffolk, stationer.-R. Seammell, Frome, Selwood, Somerset, fuller.-E. Davis, Chancery-lane, victualler.-H. Osborne, New Brentford, Middlesex, fishimonger.-J. Stevens, Newgate-street, carpet mauufacturer.—T. Smith, Watling-street, warehouseman.-L. H. Martelly, and J. Dyrie, Finsbury-square, merchants.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY, 4.-J. Smith, Hulme, near Manchester, common brewer.-W. Stephens, Oxford, liquor merchant.-R. Wright, Hatfield, Broad Oake, Essex, grocer.-T. Dudley, Brighton, Sussex, carpet dealer.-J. Newland, Liverpool, boot and shoemaker.-J. Winscom, Andover, Southampton, linen draper.-J. and E. Willington, Birmingham, cabinet casemakers.-J. Green, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and Somerleyton, Suffolk, and J. Green, Somerleyton, brickmakers.-T. Byrne, King-street, Bryanstone-square, tailor.-J. Beaumont, Hunterstreet, Brunswick-square, coachmaker.—W. King, Edgewareroad, Middlesex, cheesemonger.-H. Porter Taunton, Somerset, draper.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8.-L. J.J. Noel, Great Ormand-street, bill broker.-E. Muns and J. Hodgskin, Mai Kent, grocers. -E. Mac Grath, late of Winchester-row, New Road, dealer.P. Morganti, East-street, Brighton, jeweller.-T. Lane Chandosstreet, oil and colourman.-J. and W. Barlow, Sheffield, York, manufacturers of razors and scissors.-R. Manning, Sackvillestreet, tailor.-W. Wade, Gloucester-street, Queen-square, carpenter.-J. Holden Sampson, Sculcoats York, merchant.--). Green, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and of Somerleyton, Suffolk, brick maker.-H. Harrison, Southwark Bridge Stone Wharf, stone-mason.-C. F. Gadderer, Lime-street-square, and Cannonstreet Road, insurance-broker.-W. C. Atmore, Wood-street, London, warehouseman.-J. Isherwood, Wortley, Leeds, York, cloth-manufacturer.-J. Morehouse, Well, Somerset, cabinetmaker.-W. Brown. Barton-upon-Humber Lincoln, nurseryman. -J. Salter and. J. S. Foster, late of Kingston, Surrey, brewers.

Tuesday FEBRUARY. 11.-R. G. Spice, Drury Lane, dealer in ham and beef.-R. Collins, Regent-street, Oxford-street, carpet dealer.-H. Havell, Busklebury, Berkshire, baker.-H. Upsall, Wood Enderby, Lincolnshire' cattle jobber.-G. Lewis, London, merchant.-G. Blount, Liverpool, iron merchant.–J. Nathan, Liverpool, watch manufacturer.---C. Arnold, Axminster, Devonshire. surgeon.---T. Fitzgerald, Lawrence Pountney Hill merchant.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY, 15.-E. Boyel, Leicester-square, printer. -J. Jarmain, Cumberland-street, New-road, upholsterer.-W. Bickers, Great Titchfield-street, Oxford-street, linen draper.W. Johnson, Addington-place, Camberwell, Surrey, butcher.R. Hamilton, Liverpool, merchant.-J. Adams, Stamford, Lincoln, liquor merchant.-C. Vere, Cloth Fair, London, draper.G. Mercer, Basinghall-street, London, woollen draper.-T. James, Chepstow, Monmouth, tea dealer.-C. Rummen, Rainham, Kent, wine and brandy dealer-J. French, jun. Keyford, Frome Selwood, Somerset, clothier.-W. J. Blackhouse, jun. Frome Selwood, Somerset, dyer.-W. Symes, Crewkerne, Somerset, linen draper.-J. Boulton, Rowarth, Derby, publican and cotton spinner.-S. Hallen, Bradley, Stafford, iron merchant and manufacturer.-E. Needham, Fore-street, Cripplegate, warehouseman.-J. S. Jones, Frome Selwood, Somerset, linen draper. -R. P. Evans, Bernard-street, Russell-square, merchant.-R. Osborn, Gravestone, Norfolk, shopkeeper.-J. Stephenson and John Carlean, Abingdon, Berks, bankers.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY, 18.-W. Armstrong, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn-fields, auctioneer.-G. Capes, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincoln, draper.-W. Barrett, Cardiff, Glamorgan, innholder.-H. D. Hughes, Shottisham, Suffolk, apothecary.-J. Ward, Lowestoft, Suffolk, twine-spinner.-J. Earl, jun. and T. Lee, jun. Birmingham, merchants.-T. Ince, Yedingham, York, horse dealer.-A. Thompson, Liverpool, merchant.-W. Ford, Black Prince-row, Walworth-road, linen draper.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY, 22.-W. Turquand, Shorter's-court, Throgmorton-street, broker.-H. T. Pepper, Kingston-uponThames, Surrey, stone mason.-J. Atkins, Great Portland-street. chemist and druggist.---A. Bennett, Fountain-court, Minories, packing-case-maker.---J. A. Lamb, Whittington-place, Highgate, coal merchant.---G. Round, Reading, Berks, silk weaver. ---C. Read, Lower East Smithfield, coal merchant.---W. Lee, Charles-street, Covent Garden, theatrical and fancy dress maker.---T. Wight, Duke-street, St. James's, tailor.---R. J. Tratt, King-street, Bloomsbury, butcher.---J. Scudamore, King's Bench Walk, Temple, London, and Egham, Kent, dealer. ---W. H. Budd, Gerrard's Cross, Buckingham, and Old Change, London, common carrier, and coach master.---W. Craig, Cityroad, upholsterer.---S. Cave, Cheltenham, Gloucester, jeweller. ---T. Welch, Great Tower-street, wine aud spirit merchant.--J. Pool, Madron, Cornwall, miller.---A. J. L. Vieira, and A. M. Brago, Tokenhouse-yard, merchants.---R. J. Draper, Fleet Market, glass and earthenwareman.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25.---J. and J. Adams, of Southampton, toysellers.---J. Park, of Tower-royal, London, merchant.---J, Littlewood, of Rochdale, Lancaster, stationer.---W. Fentiman of Peterborough, linen-draper.---T. Griffieth, of Liverpool, merchant.---J. Westwood, of Brierly, Leominster, Hereford, farmer. ---W.R. Glasier of Park-street, Westminster, money-scrivener.


At Dawlish, Devon, on February 6, James Brown, Esq. of Brighton, formerly of the firm of Brown, Hall, and West, bankers.—At Broadwater, Authur Richardson, Esq.---In London, Robert Blake, Esq. of Lyminster Lodge, near Arundel, M. P. for that Borough.-Mr Thornton, landlord of the Nelson Arms. ---On Tuesday, Mr. Furnehough, of the Bethesda Baths, King'sroad.---At Chichester, Mr. Stephen Hack, currier, of Little London, aged 49 years.---Mrs. Mary Polling, widow, aged 72 years, Sister to Mr. Robert Ackerson, of Duke-street.---On Tuesday, at Arundel, John Spencer ---In St. Pancrass, Chichester, Mr. Hurry, shopkeeper.---At Jamaica, Petrarch Rickman, aged 23 years, fourth son of Clio Rickman.







MORN. EVEN. MORN. EVEN. MORN. EVEN. 1..16.. 2 12 2 36 2 0 2 24 6 0 6 24 2..17.: 3 0 3 24 2 48 3 12 6 48 7 12 3..18.. 3 48 4 12 3 36 4 0

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8 0 4., 19.. 4 36 5 0 4 24 4 48

8 24 8 48 5..20.. 5 24 5 48 5 12 5 36

9 12 9 36 6.. 21.. 6 12 6 36 6 0 6 24 10 0 10 24 77..22., ng 0 ny 24 6 48 n 12 10 48 11 12 8.. 23., han 48 8 12

7 36

8 0 11 36 12 6 9.. 24.. 8 36 9 0 8 24 8 48 12 24 12 40 10.. 25.. 9 24 9 48 9 12 9 36 1 12 1 38 11.. 26.. 10 12 10 36 10 0 10 24 2 0 2 24 12..2..111 0 11 24 10 48 11 12 2 48 3 12 13.. 28. . 11 48 12 12 11 36

0 3 36 4 0 14.. 29.. 12 36 1 0 12 24 12 48 4 24 4 48 15.. 30.. 1 24 1 48 1 12 1 36 5 12 5 36

High Water at Dieppe the same time as at Brighton.


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The extravagant reports and speculations which, at times, continue to appear in a certain Morning Daily Paper, relative to the King's Palace here, often hold common sense, and, not unfrequently, common truth and candour, at defiance. The following communication appeared in that paper on Monday the 31st ult." We believe that between two and three hundred persons of different descriptions dined there (the Palace) on Saturday, and that the same system of hospitable revelry is expected to be continued every day this week." At His Majesty's table on the Saturday spoken of, covers were laid for six or eight and twenty, at the outside!! The Noble Visiters at the Palace never bring a numerous retinue of servants with them, and, much more often than otherwise, none. We quote the above, as a fair specimen of the accuracy observed, by the paper in question, on the subject

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