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troduced to the best company, and establish a sociable connexion upon a basis of worth and respectability the most to be desired.

These houses are easily to be found by strangers on application to the Libraries—we only forbear to give each a particular mention, because their number is varied almost yearly; and, because we would not be considered as influenced by any partial motive, such as the casual omission of any one establishment, minor or otherwise, might unpleasantly bring down upon

We may be permitted to say, however, that Best's, on the Marine-parade, is licensed as an inn, and for which, from the number and spaciousness of its apartments, it is well adapted, though whether any alteration is intended or not, to its present mode of business, must be left for time to disclose and that Mrs. Hurlstone's, on that desirable site, the Grand-parade, is an approved establishment of very long standing.

At the whole of these houses, the servants of the several guests, obtain board and accommodation at half price.

BRIGHTON CLUB.—This Club-house, which was formerly in Steyne-place, and now on the Old Steyne, was originally kept by Mr. Bedford. The present proprietor is Mr. Humphreys. The Club consists of two hundred subscribers, including Peers, Members of Parliament, and other getlemen. The admission is by ballot, eleven members being present, and two black balls excluding The regular stakes at whist are crown points, 3s. cards. Piquet, 5s. cards. All matters relative to the Club, are managed by a committee of seven members. The Annual subscription is three guineas, and for which the house is supplied with newspapers, magazines, reviews, &c. Beds may be had in the house ; the charge is 3s. per night. Raggett's subcription-house was continued prior to the establishment of this.

Mr. Bedford has a Subscription-house, and Billiard-tables in Broad-street.

MARINE-PARADE.—The Marine-parade includes a yariety of the best houses in Brighton ; it extends from the south-east angle of the Steyne, to the Crescent; and the principal of the fashionable streets, &c. that branch northward from it, are Manchesterstreet, Charles-street, Broad-street, German-place, Marine-street, Grafton-street, Bedford-street, Charlotte-street, New. Steyne, Lower Rock-gardens, &c. The enclosed lawns at the two latter places increase the beauties of their respective situations.

ROYAL CRESCENT.-The Royal Crescent includes fourteen elegant houses.

It has an enclosed plat in front, with an iron palisade fence. Between the green plat and the houses, there is an excellent walk paved with stone, and a good carriage road, the entrances to which are by iron gates to the west and east. The sea views from this situation, are uninterrupted ; and the land prospects, from the northern site of the buildings, are romantic, diversified, picturesque and rural.

Eastward of the Royal Crescent also, some elegantly built houses now appear, and from their fashionably approved situations others may be expected in the same quarters, the salubrity of which is indisputable, and which renders more acceptable the variegated charms of land and water, which is there so extensively display

Northward, from Lower Rock-gardens, Devonshire-place and Upper Rock-gardens exhibit many spacious houses; and the Earl of Egremont has a seat in this neighbourhood, called East Lodge, commanding a charming combination of land and sea views.



Mr. Editor,

If the following trifles are worth such an honour, nothing can give me greater pleasure than their insertion in your valuable miscellany.--I have the honor to be, Sir, your obedient servant,

F. T.

A match against time, for a thousand guineas, was most admirably performed last week, on the Doncaster ground, by_Miss Kelly, of the Drury-lane Theatre, with her usual pathos discrimination, and effect.

Wanted, a young man, of good character and steady habits, to look after a steam-engine in a large factory-he must possess the manners of a gentleman ; have a perfect knowledge of astronomy, geometry, and physic; must understand the German Spanish, and Hebrew languages, grammatically ; Latin composition, Belles-lettres, the use of the globes, and have no objection to travel.

It is an undoubted fact, and we have it from good authority, that the gibbet lately put up at Greenwhich Reach-was built


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by the late Sir Christopher Wren, Knight, cost fifteen hundred thousand pounds, and was defrayed by a tax ou sea-coal.

Poor Munden is still so seriously afflicted with the gout, heruns with great ease twenty knots an hour; which, for a vessel so heavily laden, is considered quite remarkable.

It appears, by a worthy baronet's speech on universal suffrage and parliamentary reform, that the scarcity of plums will be great this year.

For sale, a beautiful black stallion, first cousin to Hambletoni

— will be found particularly useful in the nursery, being fond of children, knows how to get up fine linen, and is very clever at the needle.

Singular production of nature.—A beautiful little Turkey sow, belonging to J. W. Esq. of Hampstead, littered, last week—three waterfalls, two mop-sticks, a nut, and a rope of onions.

In the press, and speedily will be published a treatise on the advantages of-highway robbery.

A sharp contest is expected at the ensuing election for the city, between an alderman and—a turtle of an extraordinary size.

The Countess of C. gave a splendid rout last night to a select party of friends ; among whom were—a tame hyæna.

A numerous meeting was yesterday held at the Freemasons' Tavern, his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex in the chair, for the purpose of taking into consideration—the most effectual way of destroying bugs, and other vermin.

The honourable and learned gentleman, after a most energetic reply—was launched into eternity, amidst an immense concourse of spectators.

Considerable alarm was excited on the Stock Exchange yesterday morning, by an unfounded report that—an old apple-woman was knocked down in Fleet market.

Wants a situation, as man cook, in a small family—his Most Christian Majesty, Louis the Eighteenth.

On our re-admission into the gallery, the Chancellor of the Exchequer stated, that—the present was a very thin season for mackerel.

A dreadful fire broke out last week—in the Mediterranean Sea.

The annual exhibition of the Royal Academy is now open-tickets and shares are selling by Bish, at his lucky offices, 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing-cross.

Mr. Kean, after playing the part of Richard the Third to a brilliant and crowded house—was sentenced to be transported for fourteen years.

We understand it to be in the contemplation of the Bank Directors to resume their cash payments-in the course of a century, at least.



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See'st this axe of mine ?--The best blood of the country has been upon its edge !


“I do not,” said the stranger, gazing intently upon me,

"I do not behold your visage glowing like the the sun, nor'are you habited in a celestial vestment, nor do you bear the golden triumphant palm of heaven,—I do not see in your face and form ought that is beyond the kind features of humanity and religion,—but your words are the words of an angel. You are indeed fitted to speak the gospel to man, for with you it is in truth the sound of good tidings. But for me, I am stained with all that virtuous men must in common execrate !-I have a deadly sin upon my soul which presses upon it more heavily than that massive oaken chest, which I have borne by night and by day, by sea and by land, for more than sixty years, ever did upon my body. I have deeply injured a fellow-creature, one of the most exalted rank and the most estimable piety, whom it was the duty of all faithfully to serve :-but it is past, and the dead have no feeling." As he concluded, the gentler sensations which my last words excited, seemed to be again swallowed up in his former sulleness ; and I was therefore about to leave the room to order for him another chamber, when I said,—" Quiet yourself, my unhappy brother, at least for the present; whoever you may be, and whatever have been your crimes I know not, but in this dwelling you are safe. Your sleep shall not be watched, that the involuntary words then often uttered by the tongue, may be brought against you ;-your property shall remain near your couch inviolate,-for, trust me, if I knew you to be a murderer, and that chest to contain the evidences of your guilt. I would not open it for worlds !”

Medre del nuestro Senor !" said the stranger, starting to his feet, “and how came you to know that ?-you are not a Roman priest, you do not pretend to miraculous visions and revelations, but by a few forcible words you lay upou my soul as truly, as if I from you."



haď shewn you all her feelings in the most faithful confession. Well might you say, that your church enjoins it not ; where her pastors are so gifted in the knowledge of humanity she requires it not. I have been excommunicated and anathematized by the ecclesiastics of my own nation, but their heaviest curses never awakened my conscience like the brief exhortation I have heard

Alas, my unfortunate friend,” said I, so similar is the hand-writing of guilt in the souls of all men, that when its characters have been once read, they are ever afterwards known to us. The human heart, with all its disguises, possesses too much sameness ever to deceive those who have long studied it.”—“And are these terrific feelings to last for ever?" continued the stranger, as if musing aloud, “and cannot any repentance wash them away ?-or, are they but the forerunners of others still more awful : the pangs of condemned spirits adapted to the finite powers and capacities of men ?"

“ No, no," returned I, “ you are in error, it cannot be ? for he that truly repenteth is no longer covered with sin, the very act performed in full faith is sufficient to put it away. And why deem that your conscience has been wounded by my words ? Why bow down thine head before me like a bullrush ? Stand

up, I also am a man!' The truth and power of my ministry were imparted, not inherent, and if perchance thc descriptions were vivid, and the denunciations awful, remember, that to such as have not sinned the path of crime cannot be made too terrible, it cannot be guarded with too great security. To such as unhappily have trodden it, they have proved it for themselves, and it remains only to lead them gently back again.”—“ The same the same throughout,” cried the stranger : " and now canst thou tell me, Oh ! friendly shepherd of men! what day of the year we have arrived at ?"

To morrow,” said I, “ will be the anniversary of the martyrdom of a royal and blessed victim-it will be the thirtieth of January."--"Most true, most true, I should have known it. Tomorrow then my nativity shall be fulfilled, and I must prepare to speak of that which hath been; for unto thee, thou beneficent pastor, my crimes and my life shall be made known. Do not deny me thy prayers.' They have been thine already; and now prepare to take some food and rest in thy chamber. Peace be with thee, my erring brother, and doubt not for a moment of thy perfect safety.” The stranger answered not, but with great difficulty raised the chest, which appeared to be of considerable weight, to his shoulders, refusing my offered assistance ; and then making a sign for me to lead the way, he followed slowly, bending under his age and his burthen, into another apartment. It was with no little degree of expectation, that I looked for the morning of the 30th of January, when the secret sins and sorrows of my unhappy guest were to be disclosed to me. I determined,

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