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Form'd with such strong propensity to prate,
Had females beards how dreadful were their fate !
Beneath the razor's edge each fair enslaver
Would lose her nose while chattering to the shaver !

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High Water at Dieppe the same time as at Brighton.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER. 30.-G. Wingfield, Worthing, Sussex, innkeeper.-I. Field, and L. Royston, Leeds, York, cloth and stuff merchants.-C. Ulric Riethmuller, Mark-lane, broker.-H. Ellis, Friston, Suffolk. farmer.-J. Craig, 316, High Holborn, linendraper.-J. Butler, Milk-street, London, merchant.-C. Grey, Upper Montague-street, St. Mary-le-bone, horse dealer.-T. Kirby, Market Weighton, York, common brewer.—G. Stock, Ashweek, Somerset, farmer.-Wm. Dare, Woking, Surrey, nurseryman and seedsman.—N. Goldstein, high-street, Shadwell, wholesale slopseller.-J. Turner Grockett, late of Manchester, wine and spirit merchant.-T. Edwards, Gerrard-street, Soho, woollen draper.-J. J. Thompson, late of Bermondsey Wall, Surrey, boat builder.-J. C. Jones, láte of Bridgenorth, Salop, linen and woollen draper.-L. H. Martley, Finsbury-square, London, merchant.-L. Hoult, Norwich, iron founder.-T. Matthews, Ross, Hereford, Currier.

Tuesday Dec. 3.-J. Wheeler, Frome Selwood, Somerset, clothier.-F. Lee, Bocking, Essex, victualler.-I. Ball, Poultry, ironmonger.—C. Le Roy, Pall Mall, haberdasher.–J. Bowker, Bolton-le-Moors, grocer.—J. South, Cardiff, ironmonger.

SATURDAY Dec. 7.-J. Armstrong, Reading, Berks, linen draper.—Robert Errington, Hexhăm Northumberland, butter factor. T. Turner, now or late of Saundridge, Hertford, timber-merchant, victualler, &c.—Wm. Crisp, Brampfield, Suffolk, grocer. -J. Wiltshire, Wootten Bassel, Wiltš, drăper and tailor.-W. Balster, Sherborn, Dorset, Malster, and brewer.-W. Cotterall Bishop's Cléeve, Gloucester, farmer.-J. Austin, Berkhampstead, St. Peter, Hertford, coach-maker.-J. Wiltshire, Wootten Basset, Wilts, saddler and harness maker.-1. Nixon Brown, late of Manchester, and of Inglewood Cottage, Cumberland, Cotton spinner.-W. Heap, Cobbers Nab, near Bury, Lancashire, Calico printer.-T. Jones, formerly of Hallow, Worcester, late of Cleobury-mortimer, Salop, innholder and malster.-T. Cory Hawkes, late of Little Abingdon-street, Westminster, now in Horsemonger Prison, coal merchant.-J. Shackle, milk-street, Cheapside, hosier,

Tuesday, Dec. 10.–J. Blackhand, Newport, Salop, grocer.E. Deavill, Manchester, wholesale grocer.--H. Clift, Painswick, Gloucester, clothier.–J. Scot, Alley Field, Cumberland, butter dealer.-J. Bury, Manchester ; J. Bury, Pendlehill, Lancashire;

and T. Bury, Bucklersbury, calico-printers.-T. Atherstone, Nottingham, dyer.-J. Wilcux, Madeley Wood, Shropshire, grocer, -Ï. Hulbert, otherwise T. S. Hulbert Chippenham, Wilts, linen draper.-J. Cookson, Leeds, woollen cloth manufacturer. -R. Watts ; Lawrence Pountney Hill, merchant.

SATURDAY DECEMBER. 14.-N. Berry, ork, merchant.W. Griffiths, late of Abergavenny, Monmouth, seedsman.-H. Horatio Greame, late of Hexley, Halifax, York, but now of No. 4, Lower Fountain-place, City-road, Middlesex, merchant.-T. Matthews, now or late of Starston, Norfolk, Farmer.-J. Wych, Ashton-under-Line, Lancashire, timber merchant.–J. Morgan, Elder-street, Norton-falgate, Middlesex, leadpipe manufacturer D. Todd, J. Douglas, and D. Russell, No. 90, Fleet-street, London, and Leigh-street, Burton-crescent, Middlesex, also of Longacre, Middlesex, and W. Russell, Bow Church-yard, London, drapers, and mercers.-T. Hudson, late of Lower Pillerton, Warwick, weaver and farmer.-J. Glyde, Yeovil, Somerset farmer. -W. Wells, Burton Hole, Henden, Middlesex, hay salesman. -B. P. Evans, late of Freeman's-court, Cornhill, London, law stationer.-E. Woodward Whetstone, Middlesex, butcher.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER. 17.-R. G. Speedding, jun. Rickmansworth, Herts, coal merchants.--J. Butterton, Drayton in Hales, Salop, money scrivener.-J. Crisp, Peasenhall, Suffolk, shopkeeper. -S. Knipė, Liverpool, merchant.-S. Roylance, Liverpool, tobacconist.-J. H. Seward, Leominster, mercer.-M. Pile, Sidmouth, Devonshire, cabinet maker.-E. James and R. Weston, Manchester, hop dealers.

SATURDAY, Dec. 21.-J. Saxty, Batheaston, near Bath, saddler, and harness maker.-H. Humphreys, late of Wells-row, Islington, grocer.-J. Ward, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, stationer. -T. Buxton, Ingól, near Preston, Lancashire, corn merchant.-C. Edwards, Throgmorton-street, London, and of Compton-street, Middlesex, stock-broker.-R. White, late of Maiden Bradley, Wilts, farmér.-J. Jonès, Gt. Commercial-buldings, Blackfriar'sroad, Surrey, haberdasher.-W. Childs, Whitehall, Westminister, Middlesex, vietúaller.

TUESDAY, Dec. 24.-John Bennett, Worcester, glover.-J. S. Radford, Kingston-upon-hull, merchant.-T. Greenwell, formerly of Sunderland, Durham, late of White Lion-court, Cornhill, London.-C. Allen, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden, Middlesex, Woollen-draper.---W. Bailey, late of Rotherhithe, Surrey, but nów of Butt-lane, Deptford, Kent, merchant.--J. Barns, of Pendleton, near Manchester, brewer.-M. Agard, and F. S. Agard, and W S. Agard, of Borrowash, Derby, millers.-H. Marsland, of Handforthcum-Bosden, Chester, cotton manufacturer. T. Mills, of Milverton, Somerset, baker.-S. R. Houfsletter, late of Sheffield, York, merchant.--W. T. Heath, Cushion-court, Broad-street, London merchant.


On the 18th ult. at Arnold, Mr. Matthew Shelton, aged 17, to Mrs. Anna Handly, aged 55. The bridegroom was married by the consent of his parents, and became a husband, father, and grandfather, all in one day.-On the 21st ult. at Lewes, Julian Slight, Esq. of Portsmouth, to Eliza Anne, only daughter of the late Thomas Woolgar Esq. of Lewes.—On the 13th. ult. at Hastings, Mr. R. Kent, an old inhabitant of that place, and near-' ly 70 years of age, to Miss Willard, aged 35.-At Warblington church, Captain Cameron, 53d regiment, to Elizabeth Tomazine Pinnix, only daughter of E. Pinnix, Esq. of Emsworth.—A few days since at Southampton, T. Coombs, Esq. to Mrs. Rand, Widow of the late Captain Rand, of the East India Company's service.On the 18th ult. Mr. Ranger, builder, to Miss Maiben.

BIRTHS. At Langton, near Ringmer, Sussex, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Downman, C. B. of a son.- -At his Marine Villa, Felpham, the Lady of the Rev. F. Gauntlett, of a son.

DEATHS. On the 30th ult. Lady Theodosia Vyner, who was residing here. Her Ladyship was taken suddenly ill, and survived but a few hours. On the 4th ult. at Southwick, after a week's illness, Mr. W. G. Rigden, aged 33 years.-On the 1st ult. in Brighton, Francis Fearon, Esq. Barrister at Law, aged 25 years.—On the 6th ult. Jane, second daughter of Mrs. Foard, of High-street, aged 21 years.--On the 3d ult. Mrs. Thompson, of Russell-street, in this town.—On the 29th, Mr. T. Farehead, tailor, of Brightonplace.-On the 7th ult. at Chichester, Mrs. Hopkins, aged 58.On the 9th ult. at Chichester, Miss Dickson, niece to Major George Forhill of North-street. The same day, at St. Pancrass, aged 85, Mr. James Dollman, formerly the common Crier of Chichester.—On the 7th ult. at his house at Firle, Mr. John Martin.-On the 5th ult. at Slinden, Mrs. Penson, aged 85 years.-On the 11th ult. at Hastings, aged 63, Mr. Barry, many years Librarian of the above place. On the 15th ult. at Lewes, Mr. J. Carter, of Southover, suddenly. On the 17th ult. of a decline, Emma, third daughter of Mr. Williams of the Baths, aged 16.A few days since, at Rye, Mrs. Hiver Huggins. On the 23d ult. at Lewes, Mr. James Dunstone, aged 76 years.



Monday, Dec. 2.

MONDAY, Dec. 9.
Essex Red Wheat(new) 22s 30s Essex Red Wheat (new) 25s 30s
358 40s Fine..

36s 40s New

New White. 25s 34s White

25s 34s New -S-s New

-S-S Fine 30s 42s Fine..

30s 42s Superfine 42s 45s Superfine..

42s 46s Rye.. 20s 225 Rye.

20s 22s Barley. 20s 23s Barley.

22s 255 Fine 32s 35s Fine..

28s 32s Superfine 32s 35s Superfine.

33s 36s Malt 44s 50s Malt

44s 52s Fine 525 555 Fine..

53s 56s Hog Peas (new) 25s 28s Hog Peas (new) 25s 28s Maple, . 288 30s Maple ..

28s 30s White (new) 28s 32s White (new)

28s 32s Boilers 33s 34s Boilers

345 355 Small Beans (new) 25s 30s Small Beans (new).. 25s 30s 28s 32s Old ....

28s 32s Tick (new).. 21s 26s Tick (new).

21s 2s Old... 238 28s Old.

23s 28s Feed Oats 18s 19s Feed Oats

18s 19s Fine 20s 21s Fine.

20s 21s Poland ditto 19s 21s Poland ditto

19s 21s Fine 22s 23s Fine....

22s 23s Potatoe ditto 23s 24s | Potatoe ditto

23s 24s Fine 245 255 Fine.....

245 255 FLOUR.

FLOUR. Town made, per sack 35s 40s Town made, per sack 35s 40s Ship, ditto 30s 35s Ship, ditto


GENERAL AVERAGE PRICE, For the week ending Nov. 23.

For the week ending Nov. 30. Wheat 39s 2d Wheat

38s 9d Rye 18s 10d Rye..

20s 8d Barley 288 4d Barley..

288 70 Oats 195 8d Oats

19s Beans 26s 7d Beans

268 2d Peas 28s 5d Peas

28s 3d


Nov. 30.]


Pockets. Bags. Kent 50s 63s 958 48s 63s 90s Kent 50s 63s 95s 42s 58s 90s Suss. 40s 50s 58s40s 46s 50s Suss. 44s 52s 60s 40s 448 48s Essex 45s 63s 72s 44s 60s 66s Essex 50s 64s 755 42s 56s 63s

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