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Pork or Bacon.

Fresh Beef,

Flour, or Soft Bread.

Hard Bread, .

Corn Meal,

Beans, or Peas,

Or Wee, or Hominy.


Vinegar, .



Sugar and coffee.

(in lieu of Fresh Beef.)

(in lieu of Flour or Soft Bread.) (in lieu of Flour or Bread.)

to 100 rations.

10 oz.
14 do.
16 do.

14 do.
16 do.
12* lbs.

8 do.
4 do.
3 qts.
3f lbs.

15 do. or tea, will be issued only to the sick or

wounded, on the recommendation of the Surgeon in charge, at the rate of twelve (12) pounds of sugar, five (5) pounds of ground or seven (7) pounds of green coffee, or one (1) pound of tea to the one hundred rations. This part of the ration will be allowed only for every other day.

The difference between the ration as above established, and the ration allowed by law to soldiers of the U. S. Army, constitutes the "savings" from which is formed the "Prison Fund."

VIII.—The Prison Fund is a credit with the Subsistence Department, and, at the request of the Commissary-General of Prisoners, may be transferred by the Commissary-General of Subsistence in manner prescribed by existing regulations for the transfer of Hospital Fund.

XVI.—When prisoners are seriously ill, their nearest relatives, being loyal, may be permitted to make them short visits; but under no other circumstances will visitors be admitted without the authority of the Commissary-General of Prisoners. At those places where the guard is inside the inclosure, persons having official business to transact with the Commander or other officer, will be admitted for such purposes, but will not be allowed to have any communication with prisoners.

By order of the Acting Surgeon-General:

C. H. Crane,

Surgeon, U. S. A.


Surgeon-General's Office,

Washington, D.C., June 18,1864.

By authority of the Hon. Secretary of War, on and after July 1, 1864, the pay and allowances of hospital employees will be as follows, viz.:

I.—Male nurses and cooks (white), twenty-four ($24) dollars per month, and one ration per day.

II.—* * * * * Cooks (white), sixty (60) cents per day, and one ration.

III.—No clothing will be furnished, nor will any part of the monthly pay be retained.

Acting Assistant-Surgeon L. K. Baldwin, TT.S.A, Philadelphia.
Surgeon M. Goldsmith, U.S.V., Louisville.
Assistant-Surgeon P. S. Connor, U.S.A., New Orleans.
Surgeon C. J. Kipp, U.S.V., Indianapolis.

To the Medical Officer in charge

- U. & A. General Hospital.


Surgeon General's Office,

Washington, D.C., Jung st, 1864.

Whenever a General Hospital is discontinued, the Medical Officer in charge will be instructed by the Medical Director of the Department to forward to the Surgeon-General's Office full reports of Wounded, Surgical Operations, Secondary Haemorrhage, Tetanus, and Pyaemia, for the period of time elapsing between the last quarterly report and the date of discontinuance of the Hospital.

In the Reports of Wounded, and of Surgical Operations, especial care should be observed to furnish the results of those cases "remaining under treatment" at the date of the last quarterly report. A list of such cases can be obtained on application at the Surgeon-General's Office.

By order of the Acting Burgeon-General:

C. H. Crane,

Surgeon, U. S. A.

To Medical Director



Absence, leave of; to hospital chaplains, 43, 61.

without leave, 86.
Absentees, reports of, 172.'
Abstracts of receipts and issues, 15.
Accounts current, 15.

of private physicians, 19.

instructions for making, 157, 175.
Act of Congress, to increase regular army, 27.
relative to medical cadets, 28.
appropriations for the army, 36, 50, 60.
increasing medical department, 39, 42.
to facilitate discharge of enlisted men, 42, 58.
to define pay and emoluments, 54.
to facilitate payment of sick and wounded, 63.
for relief of assistant-surgeons of cavalry, 68.
to establish an ambulance corps, 90.
relative to chaplains, M.
Acting staff-surgeons, 99.

medical cadets, 107.
Advertising, rules for, 182.
Ambulances, 21, 116-119.

allowance of, 90.

not to be used except for sick, 97.
Ambulance, Act to establish corps, M.
flags, 87, 167.
corps, 90, 116-119.

medical director to control, M.
officers and enlisted men of, 90.
regulations for, 91.
Amputations, models of, 161.
Appointments, 30, 31, 33, 35, 44, 48, 56, 79, 80.
negatived, M.
surgeons, M.

assistant-surgeons, 20, 27.
medical cadets, 20, 28.
hospital stewards, 20, 164.
female nurses, M.
Artificial arms, 165. •
Assistant-surgeons, regular, 8.

volunteer, 13.
duties in hospital, 16.
appointmeut and promotion of, 20.
regimental, 25, 27, 54, 56, 64.
of cavalry, Act for relief of, 63.
to rejoin regiments, 64.
not to be detached, 64.
to be mustered out, when, 64.
of U. S. volunteers, 107.
Surgeon-General, 7, 39.

selection and appointment of, 39.
office and fuel for, 64, 68.
duties of, 97.
Asylum, Insane, how admitted, M.

released from, 35.
Attendants, how mustered, 17.

allowance to hospitals. 17.
in the field, 22.

Battles, rules for care of wounded, 116.

reports of, 117.
Blanks, how obtained, 108.

want of, no excuse for not making returns, etc., 108.
Board for examination, assistant-surgeons, eta, 20.
incompetent officers, M.
retiring, 40.
Bonds, medical storekeepers, 43.

medical purveyors, M.
Bottles, to be turned in, 178.
Bounty, how paid, 68.

to soldiers discharged by reason of wounds, 153.
Brigade surgeons, 25, 107.

rank of, 27, 28.
Burial records, 34.

Cadets, medical, how appointed, etc, 20, 28.
rank and pay of, 20, 28, 39.
number of, 39.
Calomel, stricken from supply table, IN, .
Cavalry, medical officers for, 54.
Certificate of disability, 18, 43, 47.

for volunteers, M.
for rejected recruits, 28.
who signed by, M.
discharge on, 37, 43.
not to be given to soldiers, M.
to be in surgeon's handwriting, 160.
discharge given by medical inspector, 47.
Chaplains, M.

uniform of, 35
how assigned, 51.
Chaplains, when supernumerary, 61.

to be subordinate to surgeon, 51.
not to be held prisoners of war, 64.
pay, etc., of, 54.
how appointed, 54.
rank of, 96.

fuel, forage, and quarters, 96.
duties of, 96.
pay when absent, 96.
pensions, 96.

leave of absence to, 43, 51.
Clothing for sick and wounded, M.
requisitions for; 52.
small-pox patients, 93, 163, 174.
hospital, 125.
Command, discharge of soldiers absent from, 47

monthly report of soldiers absent from, 60.
Commanders, military, 37, 41.
Commutation of rations, 51.
Consultation fees, 19.

Contracts with private physicians, 18, 107, 108.
Convalescents to be employed as cooks and nurses, M.
to be sent to camps, 47.
muster-rolls of, 47.
to be organized in detachments, 62.
to be sent to regiments, 102.
whose term is about to expire, 183.
Cooks and nurses, 16.

extra pay of. 17.
how selected, 17.
exempt from duty, 17.
allowance of, 17.

convalescents to be employed as, 38, 68.
of African descent, 87, 166.
pay of, 101, 107, 185.
uniform of, 102.
duties of, 101.

how and by whom paid, 102.
Cooking, medical officers to inspect, 75.
Correspondence, rules for, 96, 107, 181.
Cows, expense of, how met, 169.

Descriptive lists, when not received, M.

not given to soldiers, 52.

not to be paid on. 52.

necessity of forwarding, 163.
Deaths on transports, 170.
Declined, 50, 58, 84
Deserters, reports of. 62, 69, 183.
Deceased officers' effects, 89.
Died, 25, 26, 33, 46, 58, 85.
Diet, 29.

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