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more in the world, “ behold thy Son, who shall sustain thee, when I am gone to my father, and his father, to my God and his God.” Surely, if Mary's faith brought home this blessed idea to her heart, when Jesus said, “Woman, behold thy Son,” she might well remember the song of other years, My soul doth

magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour." O be zealous, truly zealous, for the honour of

Redeemer. Let no one, unnoticed and unrebuked by you, daringly attempt to sit upon his throne; no one to share his glory; no one to usurp any of those titles which he hath so dearly won; no one to wear with Him that robe of complete and everlasting redemption, which He hath rolled and dyed in the blood of the cross. take your stand there, with the three Maries, and with the beloved John, remember the completeness of the salvation which He has wrought :-remember that He hath bruised the head of Satan,—that your enemy, and God's enemy, and the Church's enemy, my brethren, in the faith of Christ crucified, hath been slain, utterly and for ever slain ; that you, and all the Church triumphed over Satan, in Christ crucified: and, lifting up your song, in glad remembrance of this unity with the conquering Saviour, cry, Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ !


And when you

(2.) Moreover, this dying act of our Redeemer's tenderness to his mother, may well recommend all the endearing affections of regard and love, through all the members of Christ's mystical body. If we are thus honored by a union with Him, so entire, so absolute, so inviolable,-if members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones, then the great principle which animated Him, towards all who are in Him by faith-the great principle, which acts and influences Him, now upon the throne of heavenly victory-the great principle, that shall influence Him everlastingly, when his saints shall be gathered to Him in his glory, and in the glory of his Father-the principle of love, should be the reigning principle of all who look to Him for the salvation of his righteousness and the direction of his example. A view of Jesus Christ upon the cross, in that stupendous display of tenderness to sinners, which is the wonder of heaven, and of all the blessed there, and the individual instance of his kindness to His mother, should bring the believers in Him very near to each other, in a similar affection. If we take our part with the soldiers who crucified Him, we shall entertain views, and draw conclusions from the great doctrines of the cross, which will tend to divide the body of Christ, as they parted his garments among them : and we may eagerly contend for victory in opinions, as they cast lots for his vesture: but if we are more graciously standing near the cross, in the broken-heartedness of true believers, looking to Jesus, as the Lamb of God, upon whom our sins were laid,


and looking with the adoring gratitude, befitting the unspeakable mercy of such a substitution, we shall endeavour to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. While we must contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints, yet surely if the tender High Priest of the Church could turn away his soul from his own sorrows, to look upon the individual sorrows of those dear to Him, in human, and in gracious bonds, should not we endeavour to bear each others burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ ? Love as brethren; for “ love is the fulfilling of the law.”

(3.) Did the Saviour thus provide for his mother ? And shall not they who dwell in the riches of his love, freely, by faith, cast all their care upon Him, seeing that He careth for them? The very least, and lowest, and youngest, in the experience of divine life, as well as the eldest, may be encouraged to cast all their care upon Him --for they were standing in his eye and love, equally with his mother, with the

wife of Cleophas, with her of Magdala, and with John. Yes; He bore your sins, and carried your infirmities, whose case I have described, as well as others, and therefore he careth for you, as truly, and as largely, as for them. He is the Almighty burden-bearer of his people. He bears all their persons, all their sins, all their troubles, all their exercises, all their trials, all their difficulties : The government of the mediatorial world is upon his shoulders : and shall you be careful about many things, while He saith, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee?” O pray for grace to sit loose to all things below; and to leave all things with Him. He will bear you up when you are falling : He will support you when you are weak : He will uphold you against all your enemies : He will carry you in inviolable safety through the pilgrimage of grace below; and He will finally bring you to his glory, that you may behold him, in its fulness for ever. He has secured the eternal salvation of his

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