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2. Reread the fable, using words from the above list in place of those used by the writer. 3. Copy the following words. refused



Under each write a word from the list of words in (1) that means just the opposite.


FABLES In the fable, The Donkey and the Race Horse, there are two paragraphs.

The first paragraph tells that a boaster (the donkey), in trying to outdo one better than himself (the race horse), was defeated and laughed at.

The second paragraph tells us that the defeated one (the donkey) tried to excuse his failure by giving a silly and untrue reason for it.

From the following suggestions you may make some original fables that teach the same lesson.

(1) The Robin and the Swallow Which flies faster, the robin or the swallow ? Think of some foolish excuse that the robin might make if he were defeated in a race with the swallow. (“ I fell out of the nest when I was a baby bird and hurt my wing."

I lost some feathers from my right wing and could not fly straight.” — “The sun was shining in my eyes and I could not see the goal.")



Now think out the fable of the robin and the swallow in good sentences. Keep the fable short. Be ready to tell it when called upon.

(2) The Toad and the Grasshopper Which can hop farther, the toad or the grasshopper? If they should try their powers, what foolish excuse might the defeated one give?

Make a short fable about it.

(3) The Owl and the Eagle Which can see farther? Why might the owl boast that he could see farther than the eagle? (Because his eyes are bigger ? Because he can see even in the dark?) If they should have a test, what excuse might the owl give for his defeat ?

Make a fable about the owl and the eagle.
Make fables from the following titles :

(4) The Snail and the Rabbit They run a race.

(6) The Crow and the Nightingale The crow boasts that he can sing better than the nightingale.

(6) The Puppy and the Cat The puppy boasts that he can catch more mice than the cat.

(7) The Turtle and the Fish The turtle boasts that he can swim faster than the fish.


1. Comparing one with one other.

In every fable you have studied, someone is comparing what he can do with what someone else

can do.

A robin boasted that he could fly faster than a swallow.

A toad boasted that he could hop farther than a grasshopper.

A crow boasted that he could sing better than a nightingale.

In making these comparisons each boaster was comparing himself with one other. They used these words : faster, farther, and better.

2. Comparing one with two others or more.

If the robin had been boasting before the swallow and the crow, he would have said,

I can fly fastest. If the toad had been boasting before the grasshopper, the frog, and the cricket, he would have


I can hop farthest. If the crow had been boasting before the nightingale and many other birds, he would have said,

I can sing best.



In each of the above comparisons, one is compared with two others or more, and the words used are : fastest, farthest, and best.

3. Here are some words that are used in making comparisons.

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(a) The dog is big. (There is no comparison with any other animal.)

(6) The ox is bigger than the dog. (Two animals are compared.)

(c) The elephant is the biggest animal. (More than two are compared.)

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4. Here are some comparisons.

Read the following sentences, filling each blank with a suitable word.

(a) A candle is —
(b) An electric light is than a candle.
(c) The sun is the light.
(d) A horse can travel
(e) An automobile can travel than a horse.
(f) An airplane can travel

Write sentences making the comparisons called for below.

An elephant or a dog

An elephant, a dog, or a fly
Write your sentences like this:
A dog is smaller than an elephant.
A fly is the smallest.

far (from your home)
New York or Philadelphia
New York, Philadelphia, or Paris

Money or work
Money, work, or health

To play with matches or toys
To play with matches, toys, or broken glass


A mouse or a cat
A cat, a mouse, or a bear

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