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Two questions,
Two sentences that make statements.

When called on, be ready not only to read the sentences you have chosen, but to tell, why each is an exclamatory sentence or a question or a statement, like this:

“Now I bid you drink this cup and live!” is an exclamatory sentence, because it expresses strong, sudden feeling.



1. Write three sentences, telling what kind of man Harmosan was, or three sentences telling what kind of man the caliph was.

2. Write two questions about the story. These may be questions to which you would really like to know the answer, as :“Who were the Moslems?or they may be questions that you would like to ask other pupils, to see if they know the story, as : “What single favor did Harmosan beg ?”

3. Write two exclamatory sentences that the soldiers or people may have uttered when they saw Harmosan dash the cup of water to the earth.




Note to the teacher: It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of your Manual. Use it daily.


A Legend Once as Alexander the Great and some of his soldiers were riding through an underground passageway, they noticed that when their horses' hoofs struck the pebbles on the road, bright sparks of light flashed out. A few of the soldiers leaned over and gathered some of these pebbles, intending to examine them when they came again into the light.

Suddenly they heard a voice saying: “He who gathers these pebbles will be sorry; but he who gathers none will be still more sorry.”

While the soldiers wondered what these strange words could mean, they came to the end of the dark passage and out into the clear sunlight. Eagerly they examined the stones they had gathered. There, flashing in the sunshine, they beheld — not pebbles, but the most costly gems, – emeralds, rubies, and diamonds !

Then the soldiers understood the meaning of the strange words that they had heard in the darkness, for

they who had gathered some jewels were sorry that they had not gathered more, and they who had gathered none were“ still more sorry. ”

This is a legend, not a true story; but it teaches a great truth. As we travel through life, we have the chance, as did Alexander's soldiers, to gather, or acquire, many things whose value we do not always know at the time. Among such things are good habits, good health, and our daily lessons.

There is one especial kind of wealth that we must acquire in youth if we do not want to be sorry in old age; that is, a wealth of beautiful thoughts. If day by day we learn some beautiful thoughts and keep them in our hearts, the words of the strange voice will be true of us. Those of us who gather some will be sorry that we have not gathered more; while those who gather none will be still more sorry.

As we are going to store our memories with precious thoughts and as they are even more valuable than the gems found by Alexanders soldiers — for they will stay with us longer and give us more happiness we will call these thoughts memory gems.

Of all the memory gems that you already know, recite the one that you like best.

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1. Pippa's Song
The year's at the spring,

And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven ;

The hillside's dew pearled;
The lark's on the wing;

The snail's on the thorn ;
God's in His heaven -
All's right with the world.


This beautiful little song was sung by a poor young girl named Pippa. Pippa had to work in a great mill. She had but one holiday in all the year. That holiday came in the springtime. To make the most of her one day, she rose early in the morning and went about singing her song. Of the many people who heard her, some were sick, some were sad, some were wicked; but her sweet song made them all feel better, for they looked up and saw that the earth is beautiful and they remembered that God is in His heaven and that all is right with the world.

2. Speaking Clearly and Distinctly In reading Pippa's Song great care must be taken not to run the words together. Read the

following groups of words, saying each word clearly and distinctly. Sound the s with the first word in each group. year's at

day's at morning's at hillside's dew

lark's on

snail's on God's in

all's right

Now read the whole poem, speaking every word clearly. Remember to keep your voice bright and pleasant.


A Patriotic Wish I'd like to be the sort of man the flag could boast about; I'd like to be the sort of man it cannot live without; I'd like to be the type of man That really is American : The head-erect and shoulders-square, Clean-minded fellow, just and fair, That all men picture when they see The glorious banner of the free.

We often boast of our beautiful flag. We are proud to think of it as the flag of the free, the flag that stands for right and justice, for bravery, purity, and truth. We are proud to have the beautiful flag wave over our country and our

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