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No. 104.-J. H. Lance, Esq. to Mr. Secy. Canning.-(Ruc. Mar. 17.) SIR,

Surinam, January 27, 1823. I have the honour to inform you that I arrived here on the 7th instant.

In obedience to your commands I waited on Mr. Lefroy, and shewed him my Commission; I was introduced by him to the Netherland Commissioners, and to the Governor, before whom I this day took the requisite Oaths, in the form prescribed ; and I am now prepared to act in the discharge of my duties as Commissioner of Arbitration, on the occurrence of any Case by which they may be called into exercise.

I have the honour to be, &c. Th Right Hon. George Canning.


CORRESPONDENCE of the Colonial Office with the Bri

tish Colonial Authorities, relative to the Slave Trade.

Presented to Parliament, July, 1823.



1822 1. Sir Charles MacCarthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone .... 10th Mar. 493 2. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone 19th June 493 3. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Cape Coast Castle, 220 May 497 4. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone .... 21st June 497 5. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone 26th June 498 6. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone 3d Aug. 499 7. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone .... 2616 Sept. 503 8. Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst, Sierra Leone 220 Oct. 506 9. Earl Batburst to Lieut.-Govr. Beard and Major-General Murray

Downing Street, 30th Aug. 508 10. Lieutrnant-Governor Beard to Earl Bathurst......


23d Oct. 508 11. Lieutenant-Governor Murray to Earl Bathurst.


24th Oct. 512 12. Lieutenant Governor Beard. to Earl Bathurst...


19th Nov. 519 13. Lieutenant-Governor Beard to Earl Bathurst...


24th Nov. 513 14. Lieutenant-Governor Beard to Earl

1823. Bathurst...


16th Jan, 514 15. Earl Batburst to Lieutenant-Governor Murray...

Downing Street....7th May 516

1822. 16. Sir R. T. Farqubar to Earl Bathurst.... Mauritius

23d Oct. 516 17. Sir R. T. Farqubar to Earl Bathurst... Mauritius

6th Nov. 316 18. Sir R. T. Farquhar to Earl Bathurst... Mauritius

17th Nor. 518


No. 1.Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst.
My Lord,

Sierra Leone, March 10, 1822. I have the honour to inform you, that Commodore Sir Robert Mends, commanding the Squadron on this Coast, who had been detained by contrary winds for a long period in Europe, arrived here on the 18th past.

I received by him the New Charter granted by our Most Gracious Sovereign for the Colony and its Dependencies, and I had the same proclaimed with all possible solemnity on the 29th past.

Sir Robert Mends on his passage to this, visited the River Gambia, and it affords me the most heartfelt satisfaction to state, that he speaks in very favourable terms of the Navigation of that River, and the flourishing condition of the Trade at Bathurst. consequence

of the information he obtained of the manner in which the Slave Trade was carried on at the Portuguese Settlements of Cacheo and Bissago, Sir Robert sent his boats for the purpose of searching these Rivers; they returned here on the 2d instant only, with a Portuguese Schooner taken near Cacheo, having on board 175 Slaves.

The Depositions of the Crew fully prove that the Governor of Bissago shipped a number of these Slaves on his own account; many of them were from the banks of the Gambia.

I propose embarking to-morrow to proceed to the Gold Coast in obedience to your Lordship's Instructions, and shall avail myself of such opportunities as may offer to report my proceedings. I regret exceedingly, that from the long detention of the Iphigenia it was not in my power to do so before.

I have, &c.
Earl Bathurst, K.G.


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No. 2.- Sir Charles Mac Carthy to Earl Bathurst.

Sierra Leone, June 19, 1822. Having frequently with heartfelt sorrow deemed it my duty, in the situation I have the honour to hold, to report to your Lordship the horrid cruelties inflicted on the unfortunate Africans, daily torn from their Native Country by Subjects of civilized European Powers in amity with our Most Gracious King, in defiance of the laws and repeated declarations of their own Sovereign, I again beg leave to solicit your attention to the same painful subject.

Since I transmitted to Mr. Goulburn (on the 14th January) Memoranda of the information I had obtained on the Traffick in Slaves, carried on this Coast, from the period of Commodore Sir George Collier's return to Europe, the French Brig of War L'Huron, Commodore

Mauduit du Plessis came into this Harbour from a cruise to leeward. 1 received that Officer, who commands the Squadron of small Vessels of War employed between Senegal and Goree, and on occasional Cruises along the Coast, with that politeness due to his rank, and the friendly relations subsisting between our respective Countries; and learnt from him with equal regret and surprise, that, having proceeded as far as Grand Bassa, he fell in with and visited several Vessels under the French Flag, which he had strong grounds to suspect were employed in the Slave Trade, but that he did not detain any, as from his instructions he was not authorized to seize any Vessels but such as had Slaves on board ; that he was particularly anxious to take in water and other articles he required, in order to resume his Cruise off the Gallinas, as he feared that two French Vessels he had left there, and who had landed their Cargoes, might take advantage of his absence to embark their Slaves and proceed to their destination. Commodore Du Plessis arrived at Sierra Leone on the 1st February, and sailed again on the 9th or 10th on his Cruise off the Gallinas; he appears a zealous Officer, and anxious to display his zeal in the cause of humanity, I therefore do not entertain any doubt of the correctness of what he stated; yet I can only reconcile this very extraordinary circumstance with the sentiments expressed by M. Le Baron Portal, late Minister of Marine, to whom I had the honour of being introduced by His Majesty's Ambassador Sir Charles Stuart, and with whom I had three or four audiences on the subject of the Slave Trade in December 1820, and February and March 1821, to some misunderstand. ing with respect to the English Laws, in supposing that the same Instructions were issued to the Naval Officers with regard to their conduct to Foreign Vessels, and towards any British Vessel which might be found employed in that criminal Traffic. M. Le Baron Portal frequently said to me, to the best of my recollections, M. Le Baron Pasquier, then Minister for the Foreign Department, made the same declaration in my presence to Sir Charles Stuart,) that Instructions to the same purport had been transmitted to the French Cruisers on this Coast for the seizure of French Vessels, as he (Le Baron Portal) understood were given to British Cruisers; that His Most Christian Majesty's Government acted with the utmost good faith, and were desirous to put a stop to that infamous Trade. It is well known that according to our Laws any British Vessel fitted or employed in the Slave Trade is equally liable to condemnation, and the Person engaged in that Traffic subject to the same penalties, whether there are Slaves on board or not, and that of course His Majesty's Officers would lawfully detain such a Vessel and prosecute her and the Crew. It is true, that in the Treaties with the Sovereigns of Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands, it has been determined that no Vessels should be liable to detention but such as had actually Slaves on board: it does

not belong to me to make any observations upon the criminal advantage taken by Vessels bearing the Flag of those Nations, of the wording of that Article, which in open day, and contrary to the spirit of the Treaties, carry on this Traffic.

As there cannot be any plea urged to prevent the seizure of French Vessels by their own Navy, I am led to hope, that if the circumstances under which the Slave Trade is now carried on under the French Flag, were stated to the Ambassador of His Most Christian Majesty now in London, his high sense of honour would soon rectify an omission which I suppose to have been unintentional; and when it is considered, that by enforcing the same Laws towards their own Vessels which have been so honourably carried into effect by Great Britain, since the Abolition of the Slave Trade, one Brig of War will do more essential service in one Cruise as far as the Equator, than twenty times the number of Vessels cruising with inefficient Instructions, I cannot but believe that the suggestion may appear worthy of consideration. I have not heard at Cape Coast that the Huron had been met with by any of our Cruisers or Merchant Vessels since she left Sierra Leone.

The inclosed Memoranda will prove that the Vessels under French Colours now carry on the Traffic fully armed, and that they have been guilty of acts, if not Piratical, in firing on the Boats of His Majesty's Cruisers, at least very nearly as atrocious.

The number of Slave Vessels taken and examined since the arrival of Commodore Sir R. Mends, will convey full information as to the extent of that Traffic; and I beg leave to observe, that the Case of the Conde de Villa Flor, seized near Bissao, which fully establishes that Signor Andrade, the Governor, had shipped a number of Slaves on his own account, can merely be considered as an additional proof of the incorrigible perversity of the Portuguese Officers on this Coast; that I have received repeated reports of the Governors of Bissao and Cacheo having ful! Cargoes of Slaves in irons ready for all purchasers; that the Traffic is carried on openly at the Cape de Verd Islands, St. Thomas, and Princes.

The appointment of a Consulto reside at the Bissaos for a few years, might operate as a check to these nefarious transactions.

I have, &c.
Earl Bathurst, K.G.



Inclosure.)- Memoranda of Vessels employed in the Traffick in Slaves, visited or detained by His Majesty's Cruizers on the Coast of Africa,

from the 1st of February to the 28th of April, 1822.


Slaves on

Slaves on



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22 men.

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Slave platform laid, water casks, &c.; had landed

a number of Slaves.
Slave platform laid, water casks, &c.; 320 tons and

had arrived only a few days; 200 tons and 23 men.
fitted for Slaves

169 tons and 26 men. ditto

last from Goree. ditto

132 tons and 23 men. 175

condemned in Mixed Commission Court; Slaves

landed at Sierra Leone.
detained, and sent to America by Mr. llunter,

U.S.N., and Dr. Clarkson, R.N.
detained by His Majesty's Ship, Morgiana-Before

Mixed Commission Court.
condemned in Mixed Commission Court, for hav.

ing had Slaves n board,

detained by His Majesty's Ship Iphigenia-Before

Mixed Commission Court. 187

condemned in Mixed Commission Couit-Slaves

landed at Sierra Leone. 3 247 250 unfortunately lost-People saved. 230

Slaves ready for embarkation. 300 a Negro Boy clinging to the rudder chains-said

he was driven overboard at the approach of our

00 Slaves ready for embarkation.
350 these Vessels had Royal Passports to take Slaves

from Melemba.


ditto. 300


250 300

platforms laid ready to take Slaves on board.

300 landed the Slaves at the Cruizer's approach.
325 400 detained by Iphigenia and Myrmidon-Before

Commission Court.
380 500 unhappily upset in a tornado, only 11 persons

saved. '16 of the Crew of the Iphigenia and two

Othicers were among those who went down. 400 in

detained by Sir Robert Mends, for assisting the 208

250 on the Boats of Iphigenia and Myrinidon-Slaves

landed at Sierra Leone. 280 200 completely Atted for Slaves.

detained, and wettled on account of her leaky 100

the slave brought to Sierra Leone in Hie Majesty'. Ship Myrmaidi.

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These five Vessels
arrived on the Coast
within a week after
the Iphigenia passed
down from thence.

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Date of Capture At what or ExaName and Description.


Master. Place mina

tion. Feb.and Gallinas Brig L'Espoir


Nantes P. L'Empreur
Sugry - - Ship Phænix.


Havre Dupré do.. Ketch le Furet


do. J. Herrewyn Gallinas Brig la Rose


- Nantes M. Thomas do. - schooner L'Adolphe


- St Malo S. Decarn do. Bloop Le Thomas


. Martinique G. Detouch do, Schooner La Coquette


Guadaloupe Bassuins
Conde de Villa Flor Portuguese


Rio Pongas

United States -

Benj, Pearson

Dichosa D’Estrella Spanish


- Matanzas Juan Krouze
Appam - Des de Fevreiro

- Portuguese
Lagos - - Esperanza


J. de Britta Lima

6 Whydah schooner Nymfa del Mar

Fran. Dellar


do. José Rodriguez
do. -



Juan Zacheaba






- Ship Vigilante Porto Novo Brig Lusitania do.

Sacramento do.

Maria Gloria do..

Esperanza Fortuna Whydah Schooner Amelia do.

Remeira do. - Polacca Desengano

do.. Schooncr Zefira
Porto Novo

- 16 Bonny

Ycanam -




Jan. Fel Lobo
M.J. Dacquire
J.J. Velaso-
J. de Fonseca
Claud. Demarrez





Brig La Vigilante

La Petite Betsy



Nantes A. C. Bonfiere

do. Jean Porrean Martinique B. Donillier Ularfleur

Ciamined Marseilles Jaan Hounce

M. Marks


Le 'Theodore 7 oldatud La Tamise

Puigi ta Dole neola


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