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V. Any person, Civil or Military, who, either by craft of violence shall dare to cause the desertion of any individual referred to in this Cartel, or shall contribute to his flight, shall be punished with all the rigour of the Laws against illegal Enlistments.

VI. The purchasing from the respective Deserters, of any article of accoutrement, arms, clothes, horses, &c. shall be mutually prohibited. These articles shall be considered as stolen, and shall be kept and restored to the Corps to which the Deserter belongs. Whoever shall have been the Purchaser of any of these articles, shall not be entitled to demand any indemnification for the same, and shall be punished for having transgressed this prohibition.

VII. All Military Commanders, under the command of the Austrian Army stationed in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and the Governors, Civil as well as Military, by Sea and Land, in the Service of His Sicilian Majesty, shall receive the strictest orders to superintend the execution of the present Cartel, which shall take effect from the day the Austrian Army entered this Kingdom.

In faith of which, &c.

Done at Naples, 14 October, 1822. SCALETTA.


ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. It shall be well understood, that what is published in this Cartel, is only applicable to Desertions which have taken place since the 230 March 1821 :

That this is equally applicable to Austrian Deserters, who shall have deserted in the interior of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, belonging to Regiments which shall be stationed there :

That the reward of 8 ducats, established by Art. 3, to Neapolitans who shall arrest an Austrian Deserter, shall be equally granted by the Neapolitan Government to any Austrian who shall arrest a Neapolitan Deserter.

The present Cartel shall take effect, with respect to the consignment of Deserters, from the 23d March, 1821, and, to the other Regulations, from the day of its publication. Naples, 10th May, 1823. SCALETTA.


ACT of the Turkish Government, granting to Sardinian

Subjects the Privilege of Navigating and Trading in the Black Sea.-25th October, 1823.

Note Officielle de La Porte, remise d Son Excellence P Ambassadeur


(Traduction.) Son Excellence l’Ambassadeur Extraordinaire et Ministre Plénipotentiaire de la Cour d'Angleterre, qui est l'Amie la plus affectionnée et la plus particulière de la Sublime Porte, le très-distingué Lord Strangford, Notre Ami, residant à Constantinople, ayant fait instance, en qualité de Médiateur, au Nom de Sa Majesté le Roi de Sardaigne, que La Sublime Porte, qui vient de conclure un Traité avec la Cour de Sardaigne pour lier, pour la première fois, amitié entre elles, veuille bien accorder aux Bâtimens Marchands Sardes la pero mission de faire le Commerce de la Mer Noire; et vû, qu'à l'esception des Puissances connues d'être autorisées, en vertu des Traités, à se rendre par l'embouchure de la Mer Noire aux Echelles de la Russie,-la même permission accordée par le passé, par le Gouvernement Ottoman aus Bâtimens Marchands de quelques autres Paissances Amies, produit des avantages aux deux parties, il a plu à La Sublime Porte d'accorder aux Bâtimens Marchands Sardes la permission de naviguer dans la Mer Noire, et cela à commencer du jour que, par la Grâce du Très-Haut, l'échange des Ratifications aura lieu.

Ainsi, à l'arrivée désormais dans ce Port, des Bâtimens Marchands Sardes aussi, soit qu'ils viennent de la Mer Blanche pour passer dans la Mer Noire, soit qu'ils viennent de la Mer Noire pour passer dans la Mer Blanche, il sera pris connoissance de leurs chargemens (ce qui veut dire, par Maniseste ou autre Communication Ministérielle), par le canal d'Officiers préposés à cet effet, et lorsque, dans le cas de néces sité, Constantinople aura besoin des Marchandises non prohibées qu's exporteront et importeront, elles seront achetées à leur juste valeur, sans que l'on ait à faire, de part ni d'autre, des propositions qui ne corres pondent pas aus prix courans.

C'est pour en informer M. l'Ambassadeur Notre Ami, ainsi que pour lui renouveler les assurances de l'estime et de la considera ties que nous avons pour Sa Personne, que la présente Note Officielle a été rédigée, et lui est remise, ce 20 Safer, 1239.—(25 Octobre, 1833.

[See Note annesed to the Treaty of Commerce, of the same date. between Turkey and Sardinia. State Papers, 1824, 1825, page 924 )


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ABDICATION of Augustin Iturbide, as Emperor of Mexico.

19th March,1823. 1023
ACCOUNTS, Financial, Commercial, &c. See GREAT BRITAIN,

Acts of the British Parliament. Pensions and Allowances of Persons

who have served the CrowninForeign

...1112, 568, 569
Public Salaries, Pensions and Al-

....565, 569, 584
Act of ... .do...

Trade between America and the West

Duties and Drawbacks on Goods im.

ported or exported in Foreign Ves-
sels, and exemption of Foreign
Vessels from Pilotage

to amend do. Countervailing tonnage

Validity of certain Marriages solem-

abolition of the British Factory there. 563
Validity of certain Marriages solem.
nized Abroad

.... of the Congress of The United States, concerning Navigation.

Trade with British Colonial Ports.

18th April

, 1818. 776

15th May, 1820. 777
Commercial Intercourse with certain

British Colonial Ports..Ist Mar. 1823. 775
Convention of Commerce and Navigation

with France. 24th June, 1822. 644
to carry into effect the Treaty with Spain

of 1819. Claims. Florida.... 1069

ADDRESS. See Report, SPEECH, Message.
ADMIRALTY. Correspondence with British Naval Officers. Slave Trade.

1821, 1823. 518, 548
AFRICA. Exportation of Arms, &c. to, prohibited.

British Orders in Council .... 646, 647
AMERICA, United States of North America. See UNITED STATES.

United Provinces of The Rio de la Plata. See BUENOS

ARMS, AMMUNITION, &c. Exportation of, to certain Parts of Africa,
prohibited. British Orders in Council...

.646, 647



AUSTRIA. Convention with Sicily. Mutual arrest, and surrender of

Deserter&...... Naples, 14th October, 1822. 1114
Additional Article to do.........Naples, 10th May, 1823. 1115
Proceedings of the Congress of Verona. Slave Tradé.

Verona, November, 1822.
Convention between Austria, Russia, and Prussia, and

Sardinia. Military Occupation of the Sardinian

States..... Verona, 14th December, 1822. 731
.... Instructions to the Chargé d'Affaires at Madrid. Internal

state of Spain.... Verona, 20 December, 1822. 917
Circular to the Ministers of Austria, Prussia, and Russia,
at Foreign Courts. Affairs of Italy and Spain.

Verona, 14th December, 1822. 991
... Communications between the Austrian Chargé d'Affaires

and the Spanish Minister, prerious to
the departure of the former from Madrid.

January 1823.927
Decree of the King of Spain. Vessels and Effects belonging

to Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia, prohibited
from Cuba

.....5th March, 1823. 1034
of do. Vessels and Effects of do. prohibited in the
Peninsula and Islands adjacent. 16th

March, 1823. 1635
Correspondence with Wirtemberg. Decisions of the Congreu
of Verona

. May, June, 1623.89


Baula. Port of, declared in a state of Blockade. Decree of the Em.
peror of Brazil

29th March, 1823. 947
Banda ORIENTAL. Law of Buenos dyres. Principle to be main-

tained in any Negotiation with Brazil, with re-
spect to the

· 10th May, 1822. 101:
Convention between the cisplatine State, and

the Province of Entre Ríos. Friendship and

Limits ....... St. Jose, Ilth December, 1922. $?
BARCBLONA. Blockade of, by the French. Notifications of France
and Great Britain .....

July, 1823. 936, 64
BARBARY. Coast of, Ordinance. French. Conveyance of Prisoners
as Slaves on board French Vessels, prohibited.

18th January, 1823. 771
Black Sea. Privilege of Navigating, &c. by Sardinian Subjects.
Act, Turkish

25th October, 1823. 1116
BLOOKADR of the Ports and Coasts of Colombia. Protest, British,

against the Declaration of the, by the Spanish General

Don M. de la Torre ....Jamaica, 21st August, 1821. 944
of the Spanish Main, and punishment of Foreigners in the

Service, or in the Territories in possession, of Spanish
American Insurgents. Spanish Decree.

Maracaibo, 15th September, 1822. 98
Protest (Dutch) against do.

5th Nor. 1829.
(United States) against do..... 15th Nor. 15229

(British) against do.... 5th Dec. 1822.94
of Bahia. Decree of the Emperor of Brazil.

29th March, 1823.947
of Cadiz, Barcelona, Santona, St. Sebastian, Ferrol and

Corunna, by France. Notifications of the French
Government .. ... July to October 1823. $$$
Notifications of the British Government.

July and August, 1823. 645

BLOCKADE of Ulloa, and exclusion of Spanish Vessels, &c. Decree
of the Supreme Executive Power of Mexico.

8th October, 1823. 1027
BOUNDARIES. Treaty between The United States and Spain. Florida.

Washington, 22nd February, 1819. 1070, 1072
BRAZIL. Law of Buenos Ayres. Principle to be maintained in any

Negociation with Brazil respecting the Banda

... 10th May, 1822. 1012
Proclamation of the Emperor to the Portuguese, on his

elevation to that dignity....21st Oct. 1822. 945
Convention betweeen the Cisplatine State and the Province
of Entre Rios. Friendship and Limits.

St. Jose, ilth December, 1822. 932
Proclamation of the Emperor. Brasilians in Foreign Coun-

tries recalled..........8th January, 1823. 946
Decree of the Emperor. Bahia declared in a state of

..29th March, 1823. 947
Project of Constitution for the Empire..30th of Aug. 1823. 1009
Report of the Minister of Finance to the Emperor.

26th September, 1823. 948
BREMEN. Resolution of the Senate. Abolition of Legacy, and other

Foreign Duties, in favour of Subjects of The

United States ... 10th January, 1823 770
BUENOS AYRES. Law. Negociation for cessation of War in Peru, &c.

16th August, 1822. 1013
Law. Principle to be maintained in any Negociation
with Brazil, respecting the Banda Oriental.

10th May, 1822. 1012
Convention between the Cisplatine State, and the

Province of Entre Rios... Friendship

and Limits. St. Jose, 11th Dec. 1822. 952
Statement of the Receipt and Expenditure of the

Province of Buenos Ayres, for 1822... 1014
... Message of the Executive Government. Opening of

the Legislative Assembly, 5th May, 1823. 871
Lass. Basis of any Negociation with Spain.

19th June, 1823. 1013
Circulars of the United States. Treatment of Belli-

gerent Vessels, and their Prizes (seeking
shelter) of France, Spain, and Spanish
America... ..July, August, 1823. 848


Cadiz. Blockade of, by the French. Notifications of France and

Great Britain.... .....July, 1823. 936, 645
Chili. Decree of the Supreme Director. Transfer of the Govern.

ment to a Provisional Junta .. 28th January, 1823. 1015
Political Constitution of the State of Chili .. 29th Dec. 1823. 1076
CIRCULARS of The United States. Treatment of Belligerent Vessels

and their Prizes, seeking shelter, of France, Spain, and
Spanish America.

...July, August, 1823. 848
CISPLATINE STATE, and Province of Entre Rios. Convention. Friend-

ship and Limits. St. Jose, 11th December, 1822. 952

. . . . . .

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