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Cape of Good Stipe Qar, 1870-
Bicentenary Prize Essay.

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T the Autumnal Meeting of the Congregational Union, held at Birmingham, October, 1861, it was announced that an anonymous

friend had offered three Prizes, of fifty guineas each, for as many Essays on the under-mentioned subjects—the competitors to be ministers of the Independent and Baptist denominations :

I. The Nature, Constitution, Characteristics, and Government of

a Christian Church in New Testament Times. II. The History of the growth and development of Independent

Principles of Church Organization and Government, from the

Reformation till 1662. To embrace England and Wales. III. The advantages that would result from a true representation,

based on Scripture principles, of the entire body of Church Members (ministerial and lay so-called) in England and Wales, for the purposes of fraternal Christian conference and co-operation, with suggestions for the attainment of such a

representation, and for safeguards against its abuse. The conditions of competition prescribed that the essays should be popular in style, and admit of publication at one shilling each ; that the adjudication should be made by Bartholomew's Day, 1862; and that the successful essays should be at the disposal of the

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