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and them as she could. She had not, earthquakes ; and the one simul. of course, observed Manouk and his taneous roar of the monsters of the companion, and fancying, perhaps, plain, is the natural result of the mode that she was hastening towards them, in which they call to and answer one she profited by the lightness of foot so another on first issuing from their lair. peculiar to those of her nation-and, Manouk, however, stood petrified with it was incredible with what speed the horror as he heard it; for he knew liberated slave fled from her friends, more of the habits of the terrible ani. all unconsciously.

mals which infest the hills of Asia Finding, at last, that it was impossible Minor, than his companion, and he to overtake her, in this manner, the pru. actually trembled as he exhorted Les. dent Turk proposed to return to the spot ter, in the name of the prophet, to lose where they had left their horses, with no time in continuing his search for whose assistance alone it now seemed Cyllene, not concealing that he thought possible to follow her, while Lester re- it but too probable she might fall a mained to watch the direction she took. victim to some ravenous monster. To this the Englishman agreed, but, long They were soon themselves in no before his horse was brought, and he had small danger as they clambered over time to mount, he had seen her make for the pathless mountain-side ; for they the mountains, and the shadowy white could see their fierce enemies leaping figure she appeared in the distance was and bounding from rock to rock on all lost among their rocks and stones. sides of them. Still he had distinctly observed the Lester shuddered as he thought point at which she had entered on the of the gentle young girl exposed rugged ground at the foot of the near. to their fury, and sought her almost est hill

, and exciting by the voice (ac. frantically in every crevice and nook. cording to the Eastern mode) the Nor were his fears causeless : suddenly, swift Arabian which he rode, it was above the roaring of the wild beasts, not many minutes before he was on there rose the piercing cry of a wo. the spot himself.

man's voice, prolonged and agonized · The mountain, close to which Kos- as the extremity of terror alone could reff Pasha's dwelling was placed, render it. Withont a word, though rose almost perpendicularly from the that piteous sound seemed to have plain, and its base was girt by a frozen the very blood in their veins, chain of rocks, amongst which Les. the Turk and the Englishman bounded ter and the Turk found it impossible forward in the direction whence it to proceed on horseback. They, there. came. It had sounded close to them, fore, secured their horses, and pro- but considerably higher up; and Lesceeded on foot. It was certain that ter, with a swiftness which astonished Cyllene could not possibly be far dis- himself, darted up the steep, rugged tant, and the bright moonshine ren. cliff. But Manouk, who in many good dered their search comparatively easy. qualities seemed almost to belie his naManouk even called her several times; tion, was, at least, most thoroughly a but to this suddenly a sound responded Turk on the score of a certain soliwhich filled them both, brave men as dity of person, which rendered runthey were, with terror. It was the ning an accomplishment in which he deep roaring of the beasts of prey, as was by no means an adept; he was, they came forth from their dens in the therefore, compelled to let the Englishmountain, to seek their midnight vic- man distance him so completely that tims. Their cries rose so sponta. he lost sight of him altogether, though neously out of the silence that had he continued to hurry on, panting and reigned throughout the day, that Les. breathless, in the same direction. ter almost fancied he was, by some Lester, meanwhile, had almost reachsingular chance, destined to witness ed the spot whence he imagined the cry every kind of phenomena which the to have proceeded: it had not been recountry could produce; but he was mis. peated, and his heart sunk within him taken, for nothing which had occurred as he thought what this silence might to him that day had been at all un- portend ; suddenly, just as he succeed. usual.

ed in reaching the summit of a gigan. The sand-spouts are the almost tic rock, he came abruptly on a spec. invariable precursors of the frequent tacle which, though seen but for one

moment, 'never again passed from bis its huge limbs agitated in a tremenmemory.

dous convulsion. Lester instantly A shelving portion of the cliff, rushed forward, and firing off the surrounded by vast bushes of the other pistol almost into its distended prickly pear, formed a sort of natural jaws, put an end at once to its sufferbower, into which the moonbeams, ings and its fury. It was not until he streaming in their fullest radiance, dis- was quite convinced that the huge mass closed a strange and fearful picture. now stretched out at his feet was Crouching on the ground, with the utterly lifeless, that he turned to look limbs gathered up as if just about to on Cyllene. make a terrible spring, was an enor- She had sprung to her feet as mous panther ; its dark form half con- the shot whistled past her, and now, cealed by the bush where it had been bewildered and overwhelmed with lurking, but its monstrous head and the sudden revulsion of feeling from red gleaming eyes only too frightfully fear to security, she remained looking distinct. Within a few paces of it, from her now powerless enemy to the perfectly rigid and motionless, in the friend whose arrival had been 80 paralysis which follows an overpower- timely, with seemingly a momentary ing terror, knelt the young girl, with incapacity for comprehending her deno other defence to the breast in which liverance; then, as the conviction the monster was about to fix his mur- grew upon her that she was indeed derous claws, than the two small fee- safe, she did not faint or become hysble hands, clasped closely together, terical, as a well-educated young lady more in despair than in supplication, must necessarily have done, but calmly, and into which she had unconsciously quietly she sank on her knees, and gathered the long masses of the luxu. crossed herself, with a devout look of riant hair which hung about her like a gratitude lifted up to the moon-lit sky; shroud; her face showed ghastly pale then taking the hand of the Englishin the moonlight, and her large eyes man, she raised it to her lips and forehad dilated into an intense gaze of the head, saying, in a clear, sweet voice, deepest horror, which she seemed un- “I should have thanked the wild beast able to withdraw from the glaring fiery had he saved me, even by a dreadful balls with which the panther returned death, from the horrors of my captiher stare of agonized fear. To that vity, but how, oh, how shall I thank fixed look, however, she owed her life; you, who have saved me both from him for it is no poetical fiction which as- and my slavery alike !" serts that a wild beast may be subdued Lester lifted her gently from the by the glance of a human eye; it ground, but his answer was cut short by is a positive and undoubted fact. the arrival of Manouk, who had been The fierce monster was as utterly guided towards them by the shots. If spell-bound by her gaze at that mo- ever, under any circumstances, a Turk ment as she was by terror, and the had been known to dance, whether for moment her eyelids had dropped, and joy or for amusement, this good Mahothe fascination was dispelled, he would metan would most certainly have have torn her in pieces.

capered round them now in singular Lester understood it all in a moment. style, so exuberant was his delight on It israre that the presence of mind of an finding them safe, for he had enterEnglishman is known to fail. At oncere- tained scarce a hope of finding both or maining motionless, lest his step should either alive, when the last roar of the disturb the charm which held the monster struck on his ear. His next monster powerless, Lester drew from proceedings were very characteristic: he his belt the loaded pistols which he first, with his usual forethought, realways carried; he was not above a loaded the pistols, and then solemnly few yards distant from the panther. anathematized the carcase of the un. Deliberately he took a sure and steady happy panther, for which purpose he aim, and fired with such precision that carefully took off his slippers. the ball lodged in the head of the Lester, meanwhile, had begun to conmonster, directly above the ear, and verse with Cyllene, and was about, forwith a groan which made the moun- getting time and place, to answer her tain echoes ring, the fierce animal eager inquiries respecting her mother ; rolled over on its side, and lay with but Manouk, having completed the ceremonies he had deemed so necessary, who grinned at them from almost composedly told them he thought they every rocky cave they passed. They might find a better locality for conver- managed, however, by firing contisation than this domain of wild beasts, nually, to keep them off, and reached and urged most strongly the expe- the plain in safety, where they found diency of their proceeding as silently their horses in a paroxysm of terror, and quickly as possible on their return though they had only heard the howl. to the village. Both were quite ready ing of the beasts of prey afar off

. to obey him; and they were not long Having mounted Lester's beautiful in descending the mountain, though Arabian, carrying this time a double continually thrown into a state of burden, they proceeded rapidly across terror by the close proximity of their the plain, and arrived at the village with dreadful enemies, especially the hyænas, their prize long before the dawn of day.

CHAPTER V.-THE AMUSEMENTS OF THE PASHA OF SMYRNA. Tue adventurous Englishman, having were assembled on the open space

be now happily attained his object, lost fore the palace. This free ground no time in returning to

yrna with extended to a considerable distance, his two companions, in order to be in and was, therefore, peculiarly adapted readiness to sail for Greece with his for the exercise of the jereed. All brethren, the Philellenists, as soon as it who were to be engaged in this noble should be thought prudent for them to game that morning were assembled start. He found that they had decided together in groups. They were chiefly on delaying their departure only two young men, strong and active, and, days more. Scarlato G-, the se- without exception, admirably mounted, cond son of the dumb Rayah, had re- for this was most important to their ceived an invitation from the Turkish success in this warlike sport. governor, to join in a great festival The Pasha, then governor of Smyrna, which was to be held next day at his being a man advanced in years, and expalace, and of which the principal tremely feeble, though retaining the entertainment was to be a trial of full vigour of his mental faculties, was skill at the game of the jereed, the unable to join in the games, and he favourite pastime of the young men in was, therefore, seated on a sort of the East. It was thought advisable throne, which was placed on the back that the Greek prince should obey this of an enormous camel, whose trappings call, in order to dispel the suspicions were as magnificent as it was possible which it was believed the Pasha enter. to make them. His slaves stood round tained respecting the intentions of the him in a wide semicircle, and Manouk Rayah's sons to effect their escape. obtained a place close behind him for

Lester was so impatient to proceed Lester, who could thus watch all the to Argos, in order that he might proceedings, and examine the details change the poor mother's long sus- of this Oriental amusement. All the pense to the most boundless joy, by young men who were to take an active presenting to her safe and free the part in it, came forward one by one to beautiful child over whose probable salute the Pasha; and Lester gazed fate she had shed so many fruitless with admiration on Scarlato Gtears, that he was little pleased at any who was, indeed, a noble specimen of delay. Since, however, it could not the young Greek warrior, as he rode be avoided, he determined to avail forward mounted on a splendid horse, himself of this opportunity of witness- and dressed in the full costume of his ing the Turkish sports, by mingling country. For one moment only the with the other spectators round the Englishman gazed on him, as he raised Pasha's palace on the day of the festi- his hand to his lips and forehead, in vities, where it was little likely he token of respect to the Turkish gowould be observed, or known as a vernor, and then galloped off to join Philellenist. Accompanied by his his companions; but long did he refaithful Manouk, he therefore pro- member in pity and regret that glow. ceeded to the spot at the appointed ing countenance, so full of youthful time, and mixed with the crowd who beauty, as he looked upon it then, with

The game

its open beaming smile, and the rich natural to man to render it so, that brown hair waving round it, which a nothing but the most determined and mother's pride had arranged so care- systematic sincerity, founded on a nofully, little thinking how awful and ble principle, can enable any one to solemn was to be to him the day for teach their countenance to speak the which she decked him thus.

truth. As, however, the minutest At a signal from the Pasha the actions of the Pasha of Smyrna were sports now commenced.

based on the comfortable system of of the jereed, which was formerly furthering his own interest in all used for the most deadly purposes of things, it was evident to the Englishwar, consists of a sort of mock fight, man that he had taught that calm and which is carried on solely with the aid smiling face to belie his thoughts to of a long slender spear, which the the uttermost; and yet there was a combatants fling at one another with lurking and malicious sneer with which the most surprising dexterity whilst he watched the sports, that forced on careering past at full gallop; and it Lester the conviction that it was not was almost incredible the manner in for mere amusement that the cunning which, while their horses were flying and aged hypocrite sat there. Invo. along at their utmost speed, they would luntarily, therefore, he found himself fling themselves almost out of their occupied in watching him narrowly, saddles in order to lift their spear fascinated by the vague wish to solve from the ground, and regain their the mystery of that cruel smile; and seats without slackening their speed when again the negro came galloping in the slightest degree. Of course, in past, and cast at him that meaning this amicable sport, the greatest merit glance, it was almost with a start that consisted in appearing to hit their ad- he perceived the Pasha answer it with versaries, while the weapon was in a scarcely perceptible movement of the reality directed with so unerring an eyebrows. aim that it did not touch them; and It was now with considerable cu. some young men certainly performed riosity that Lester watched the promost astonishing feats of horseman- ceedings of the negro, under the ship. None, however, not even Scarlato belief that an order of some kind had G-, could surpass in skill one of been certainly given to him. In this the Pasha's slaves, who seemed equally he judged rightly. He saw the negro dexterous and active, notwithstanding return seemingly with renewed energy his bulk, which was very considerable. to the games, and soon after he apHe was a negro of enormous size, and peared to dart off in mock pursuit of would have seemed most unwieldy but a young Turk better mounted than for the great strength of the huge ani. himself; but as he passed at full speed mal wbich bore him. This immense Scarlato G-, who was riding more horse was jet black, and both he and slowly, Lester saw him rise in his his rider were in such admirable pro- stirrups, and take aim with his spear portion, that when they stood motion- in precisely the opposite direction, less, they were exactly like a splendid whilst with a sleight of hand so extraequestrian statue worked in bronze.

ordinary, so quick, and dexterous, that Lester observed, as the game pro- not one single person except the Engceeded, that this negro, by name Fe- lishman observed it, he turned it him, repeatedly passed the spot where through his fingers in such a manner the Pasha was placed at a rapid pace, that with the most unerring stroke it and glanced, as though casually, at shot right towards the son of the him as he passed. The countenance Rayah, in whose heart it planted itself of his master, however, always re- deep and sure. In an instant all could mained impassive, and Lester might see it, as it remained fixed and quivernot have observed this circumstance ing in the palpitating frame of the un. had he not been already speculating fortunate young man, whilst over that on the singular expression of the go- bright young face a wild contortion vernor's face.

passed, and then a dark shade-the There are few, even good physi. bridle dropped from the powerless ognomists, who are aware to what hands, for a moment they seemed to an extent the human face is the

struggle in the empty air, and Scarlato mask of the mind; it is, indeed, so G-, rolling over in the saddle, fell heavily to the ground, a dead mass of departure. To this an answer was lifeless clay. This horrible event had received next day, stating that the taken place so rapidly, that none but two young Greeks, despite the anLester knew the truth. So many guish of mind into which their aged spears had been cleaving the air at the parents were thrown by the death of moment, that all present believed it to Scarlato, would take their leave of have been merely the effect of an acci- them that evening, and would join dent; and the Pasha, expressing the the Philellenists in tiine to sail for deepest regret and commiseration, Greece, under cover of the darkness. when the confusion had somewhat The messenger also casually men. subsided, ordered the body to be con- tioned, that in the meantime Demeveyed to the dumb Rayah's house, trius had been summoned to an au. whilst some of his attendants were dience with the Pasha, who was de. dispatched to acquaint the wretched sirous of condoling with him on the parents, that by an inevitable and un- death of his brother. foreseen accident, the brave and beau- At this information, the fears of tiful son, who had gone forth that Lester were once more roused to the morning in all the pride of his youth uttermost. He fancied he had heard and his strength, was about to return the very sentence of death of the to them a powerless corpse.

noble prince, and blaming himself But the Englishman was possessed severely for not having warned him of a clue by which he could unravel as sooner, he prepared to start for dark a plot as ever was achieved by Sedequi without a moment's delay. human crime. It was most evident It was in vain that Vasili, laughing to him, that the Pasha having ascer- scornfully at his terror, commanded tained the intention of the sons of the him, on his authority as superior Rayah to follow the Philellenist, had officer, not to absent himself from determined to prevent an escape, Smyrna port, as they were about to which would augment the number of start. the defenders of Greece. Not daring, Lester declared himself willing to however, to break the treaty entered submit to the degradation from his into with Russia by his government, rank in the regiment, which was the of which we have already spoken, he allotted punishment of insubordination, had adopted this means of entrapping but he persisted in hastening at once the unhappy young Greek into a snare, to avert, if possible, the doom which, and, under pretence of inviting him to he doubted not, was preparing for join in an innocent pastime, had in the unsuspecting prince, followed by fact arranged the manner in which he Manouk, who shared in the utmost was to be quietly and deliberately extent of his fears. He rode with murdered. This view of the case, unabated speed to the villa of the which was, in truth, correct in all dumb Rayah at Sedequi, and there points, left Lester considerable appre- found, to his dismay, that Demetrius hension as to the safety of the two re- had


about an hour before to the maining sons of the Rayah. He lost Pasha's palace. Without uttering a no time, on his return to Smyrna, in word, he turned instantly in that di. communicating his fears to Vasili,

the rection, and urged his horse to his commander of the Philellenists. This swiftest pace. Manouk however, unworthy Greek was, however, unfor- dreading some act of imprudence, rode tunately of a very jealous disposition, up alongside of him, and implored him and he could not endure that anything not to attempt to obtain an entrance efficient should be discovered or done into the governor's dwelling, as, if he by another than himself. He there. really did entertain any such mur. fore treated the suspicions of Lester derous design as that which they suswith the utmost contempt-declared pected, he would assuredly take such that the Pasha would never have measures to prevent the approach of dared to perpetrate such a deed, and any stranger, as must effectually fruswould take no other measures to pre- trate their attempt at the rescue of vent further misfortunes, except to the Prince Demetrius. The Tark, send a message to Demetrius and therefore, begged of Lester to allow him Floros, begging them, notwithstand- rather to try by bribing some of the ing their late calamity, to hasten their · Pasha's slaves, to obtain permission

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