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the calling of whose Family to the Throne, your national Conftitution was vindicated, revived and rescued from the vane, yet fatal, Notion of indefeasible hereditary Tyranny, Jure Divino ; in the Government of a King, who has ven every poffible Proof of his Love for his People, and his Respect to their sacred and INVIOLABLE FREEDOM ; fince, even his Enemies must confess, his having ever squared his political Conduct, by the strictest Rules of the estabilthed Laws, and his having, in all Points, governed his Subjects by and with the Advice and Consent of Parlements, not otherwise.

Under this wife and happy System of Government, while, by a juft Sense of Virtue and Liberty, it is kept up in Elence, as well as Form; every loyal Subject must enjoy his Inheritance, and the Fruit of his Labor, free and unmolefted; and You, in particular, muft ever be able to preserve your LEGAL LIBERTIES, and with them, to extend your Trade and Commerce, which muft enable You to cherich and support, as well as occasionally to protect, the remoteft Limbs of the Community, of which, You are, by. GOD's PROVIDENCE, the chief Member.

Now, MY LORD and GENTLEMEN, let me beg Leave to recommend it to You, to recollect how many and what Nations, of the same free Form of Government with yours, consisting of King, Lords and Commons, making one great Body Corporate, Representative of the States of the Realm, as ew Parlements are constituted, are now reduced, from absolute legal Freedom, to abject and irretrievable Slavery; then, to caft an Eye upon the several Limbs of this Community, to look but around You, and see whether or no there be a Peon ple, under the Protection of the fame Crown with You, who derive their civil and religious Rights and Liberties, from the same common Spring, and have them establighed by the like, or equal Authority, with those of Britain ; in short, a People, united, not onely in Blood and Affinity, but in the same common Principles and Interest with You; if there be such a People, and it should appear, that they had, at any Time, and by any Means, been deprived, of the saCRED and inVIOLABLE ESSENTIALS of their policy ; yet, till under the spacious Form and Color of British Liberties; if the firft Eflate in the Government of such a People, Tould appear to have been, in any former Time, rendered not only contemptible, but hateful to the Subje&ts, through the repeted evil Administration of it's Subfiitutes; if the second should, at any Time, have been made despicable, by first robbing it of its principal Authority and Power, and


then, by filling it with the most ignorant and illiterate, the most weak, impious and irreligious Tools of the 'one Class, and the moft lewd, wicked and abandoned Profligates of the other ; if Comeliness of Person, or Elegance of Dress, a good Breed of Cattle, or the Beauty of a Wife, the being descended from fome illustrious,' minifterial Thief or Robber, common, or political Prostitution, or the fashionable French Motive, Car telle notre plaisir, had ever been made, or hereafter thould become, à fufficient Recommendation, or Cause, to grant and multiply Peerage, at Pleasure, if instead of a Free PARLEMENT, frequently called and elected, agreeable to the FUNDAMENTAL LAW, there should appear to have been, in former Times, but one Parlement called, in a Reign of ever so great a Length, and that the first and all subsequent Vacancies should have been filled by the Force and Direction of a Fa&tion, under the absolute Command and Management of the Vicegerent, or Minister, or his Vicegerents, regardless of the Sense and Interest of the People, and their SACRED and TRULY INDEFÉASABLE Right of free and frequent Electi, ons; if there could have been a Parlement, so unjustly and illegally constituted, and that it Thould, as may well be ex-, pected, have so absolutely forgot, neglected, or frustrated the EnDs of the Institution, as most haughtily and" arrogantly to bave domineered over, and inflaved, instead of having served and protected their LEGAL CONSTITUENTS, and to have cringed and fawned upon every Tool of Power, that might have been sent to rule, or scourge, them, if such Sham-Representatives Thould, as they probably would, have fervily complied with every Scheme of such a Governor, though it should have been to fap the Foundation of the Civil Constituti, on, or to have involved the Nation irretrievably in Deót, and that to have served no better visible Purposes, than to gratify fuch a mercenary Ruler's fordid Avarice, or to enable him to pay his private or political Proflitutes, the Wåges of their Iniquity, out of the Spoils of an infaved and plundered People's if, in such a Country, all Traces of Civil Government, except a Sort of Shadow of the Form, fhould, at any Time, appear to have been almoft entirely affaced, and a Military Force Thould be universally exercised, instead of that Law, to which all Ranks and Degrees of Men should pay Ariết and positive Obedience; if, when it may be deemed expedient for le lening the Expences of the Establisament, or for the better Preservation of the Liberties of a Nation, so often endangered, or actually overturned by Military Power, to reduce the Land Forces; an other Country, contrary to express Laws, shoala


appear to have been made a Place of Arms, by privately increafmg the Military Establishment, and that in Times of universal Peace, to almost double the Force or Expence; I say, fuppole, that any neighbouring Nation, in League with Britain, or even France, or Spain, for Instance, were

reduced to these deplorable Circumstances ; for, they were once as free, as, You can now boast; or, suppose the Case but imaginary, and that it were properly represented upon the Stage ; how would it affect the Hearts of a British Audience? But, to make the Scene yet more affeting ; suppose then, for Argument's Sake, it had been layed in Ireland; that the loyal People of that Country should have been governed by Laws made without that, which alone can give Sanction and Force to human Laws, the free Affent and Consent of the People, and should, in other Respects, have been reduced to the flavilh Condition above recited, from which calamitous Circumstances, PROPITIOUS HEAVEN and the King defend them! -Were this, I say, the Case of your Brethren and Fellow Subjects of Ireland, what Briton could be so flothful, so indolent and vane, as to imagine his Country out of Danger? - Might You not reasonably apprehend, that Britain, like Rome, from her more remote Colonies, may, some Time or other, catch the fatal Infection of Slavery, and be sooner or later involved in the same common Calami. ty? Whilft that Kingdom is governed, as it is to be hoped You will find it at present, upon the same Principles with Britain; whilft the Subjects are protected in the full and free Enjoyment of the same natural and legal Rights and Liberties, to which, they undeniably have an equal Titule; they can have but one common Interest to serve, and must therefore prove a strong Barrier, an IMPREGNABLE BULWARK to the CONSTITUTION of Britain, should that, in any future Time, be threatened or invaded. But, should the LOYAL People of Ireland, be once disposefjed of their legal and just Privileges; should they, through external or internal Force, through foregne or home-bred Corruption, by any Means, be reduced to Slavery, ruled at the arbitrary Will and Pleasure of principal or deputy Slaves or Mercenaries, is it possible they should be perfect Friends to your Establishment ?

-Rather, is there not the strongest Reason to apprehend, that they must become, from being useful, a Nuisance; instead of true Friends and natural, invariable Allies, desperate and irreconcileable Enemies, to Britain ?

I can not, however, presume to affert, that this is the present Case of Ireland. But, of its having been, fome



Time, in such dismal Circumstances, there yet remane some pregnant Proofs, as true, as they are melancholy. I am not yet passed the Meridian of Life, and notwithstanding, I believe my much-impaired Memory could furnish fome Teftimony to the Case in Point, in due Time, and upon a proper Occasion. But, if the Case of this People were really analogous to that I have above represented; yet, under a certain late Management of that Kingdom, there would be no Possibility of bringing a true State of her Case before the Crown, so as to procure a Redress of Grievances. That Kingdom has, more than once, been infested with such Governors, as would suffer none Address or Remonstrance from any private Subject or Body Politic, even from either House of Parlement, to be presented to the King, unless it had been dictated or approved by them; whilst the wickedest and worst of these impious Rulers have always taken Care to suppress the Complaints of the Injured, or even to punish them for complaining; at the same Time, that they have got their own weak or iniquitous Administration celebrated for its Wisdom and Justice, and the flourishing, the happy State of the Kingdom pompously set forth, and published in Gazettes, &c. under the Titule of dutiful and loyal Addrelles, &c. as the Sense of a wise and free People, delivered in the unerring Voice of a conftitutional, or a legitimate Parlement; when such were, in Fact, no better, than false and scandalous Libels, framed and calculated by a base, servile Faction, to impose on the supreme Governor, the easier and better to dupe and inhave his People.

What has been, may be. - Therefore, give me Leave to say, that this makes it incumbent on every TRUE LOVER of this Country, to hold as watchful an Eye on the Adminiftration in that Kingdom, as in this; with the pure, patriot Intent, if it should, at any Time, be found in such calamitous Circumstances, to help it to Restoration, by all lawfull and just Means. And thus, by preserving the LiberTIES of your Neighbours and Fellow-Subjects, You bid fair to secure your own. But to come to a Point, with which I am more conversant, and in which I can therefore be more positive.

By the following Papers, particularly, the seventeeth Address, YOUR LORDSHIP and Honors may observe, the Analogy between the Constitutions, of London and Dublin, And here, give me Leave to add, that such a friendly, such a brotherly Intercourse and Correspondence has always subfifted between the two Cities, that the CITIZENS of London,


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as well as those of our Mother City, Bristol, are exempted from all Customs or Duties of the Port, as much as the Citizens of Dublin; than which, there could not be a stronger Proof of our intimate Connection with, and firm Regard for, You. But, alas ! how little does the FriendThip of poor Dublin now avail! She, that was to Ireland, what London has always been to Britain, can now hardly be faged to sublift herself, more than in Name ! - She, whose Loyalty and Fidelity to the Crown, was never shaken or varied, but on the contrary, has always been powerfully exerted, at the Expence of her Blood and Treasure, for it's Defence and the Support of it's Interests, has of late become so much the Object of the Averfion and Contempt of the Rulers and Judges of that Kingdom, that she is openly, 2. vowedly stripped of the most valuable of her Rights and PRIVILEGES ; yet denied all Means of Redress, in the Courts!

- Her Charters and Laws set at nought! Her Citizens but nominal Free-men, in fact, Slaves! - Her Magiftrates, Officers and Council, neither elected by the Citizens, nor Inhabitants. In this Respect, We are not a Bit better circumstanced, than You were under the memorable Quo Warranto! It is true, We have a Lord Mayor, Sherifs, Alder men, and a Common Council, such as they are ; but, they are not to be looked upon, as the Agents or Representatives of the People; being, in Effect, the Creatures of the Government; that is, the Aldermen, who are not by Charter, a constituent Part of the Body Corporate, but were originally created, and until lately, always elected, by the AsseMÁLÝ of the City, now take upon them, not onely to cleal one an other in Succession, quite regardless of the Commoons and Citizens, but to fill all the confiderable Offices of the City, under the Influence or Approbation of the Government; which has often heretofore been known to disapprove the most worthy, when chofen without their public or private Direction ; and, not onely to give a Congè delire, but a special Command, to choose or appoint Lord-Mayors, Sherifs, Recorders, Aldermen, and Justices, at Pleasure, as also, to make, inrol or record, as well as to annul, obliterate or erase, Acts of AsSEMBLY! But, what makes her Case very singular, most superlatively grievous and deplorable, is, that she is not now allowed to choose her own Members of Parlement ; but has the additional Mortification to see Members imposed upon her, quite obnoxious to the Citizens; whilft the beft of the Citizens are treated with the utmolt Contempt and Indignity, by the Commons and Rulers; the prevaling Faction of which has


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