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He, that confiders IRELAND in any other Relation to GREAT BRITAIN, is a Stranger, if not an Enemy, to the Constitutions of both; muft be void of Benevolence and public Spirit, and, in mine humble Judgement, unworthy of the Name of a BRITON. But, private Interest and public Concerns conspire to make IRELAND dear to the City of LONDON. Let me onely recommend it to your Reflection, whether your Eftate in Úlfer will be more secure and valuable to You, when that Kingdom is under the juft DomiNION of Laws, or when it is subjected to the unjust arbitrary Rule of lawless Men; and then see whether You be bound or not, by every moral and political Consideration, to interest yourselves in the Peace, Liberty and Prosperity of that poor, unhappy Kingdom, and it's reduced Capital., A Word is enough to the Wise. : I need not, therefore, take 'up your Time with arguing this Point. Nor should I have troubled You or myself upon this Occasion, were I not fully persuaded, that You retain so high, so just a Notion of Civil Society, that You can not look upon yourselves to be secure, when any Body Corporate within these CONFEDERATE KINGDOMS, of the Hike Constitutions with YouRS, is assailed by, and much less, when it has fallen under, the Weight of illicit Power.

WELL-CONSTITUTED Cities, being the best Form of Civil Society, have ever been found the moft firm and secure Bulwarks of POPULAR GOVERNMENTS. Free and powerful Cities may be looked upon as the greateft Blessings of a WELL-CONSTITUTED STATE, and have therefore, ever been encouraged and supported by every PATRIOT PRINCE, and every wife and virtuous Subje&t. 1 On the other Hand, no Nation was eyer known to preserve her Freedom long after the chief City was difpofteffed of her Privileges, or confiderably streightened in her Eftate. Hence, wherever any evil disposed Prince fought

the Subver: fion of the Liberties of his people, his utmost Force was levelled at the greatest and freeft City; well knowing, that, when the capital City is once fubdued, other smaller Bodies Corporate must foon fall of Course, and scattered individual Members muft necessarily share the same Fate.

It is unnecessary to recite the Histories of foregne Nations, ancient or modern, to illustrate the Truth of these Positions; our own Annals afford as many evident Proofs of fuch wicked Attempts being made, under every evil Adminiftration, upon the Rights and Liberties, nay, upon the very BEING, of the City of London.


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Though I cannot fuppose a single sensible Citizen among You, ignorant of the many nefarious Efforts made to impoverish and to inllave the City, give me Leave, in order to obviate Misapprehension, to remind You, of the intollerable, laulfs Amercements or Exactions, by way of Benevolence, Loans or Ship-money, equal to any Ransom, a Conqueror could impefe ; of the arbitrary Imprisonments, cruel, and illegal Whippings and Pillorings of your Members; of the Proclamatims probibiting all the Nobility, Bishops, Clergy and Gentry, who were not of the Privy-Council, to refide in the City, and

forbiding all Trade and Intercourse with the City; then, of the mest infolent and contemptuous Treatment given the Sherifs, and the whole City in them, and the most unjuft Perfecution and Imprisonment of many brave Officers, eminent Magiftrates and goed Citizens, for none other Crime, than the most faithful and loyal Discharge of their respective Duties; of the influencing, directing or obstructing the Elections of the Officers and MagiPirates of the City; of the procuring a 'Judgement, upon a Writ of Que Warranto, for the Forfeiture of the Charter and ·

Franchises of the City, by the most fraudelent and illicit Meafures, and upon the most falfe and frivolous Pretensions ; of the proposing the most base and pavish Terms, as the sole Means of obviating the Execution of this unlawful and wicked Fudgement; yet, executing that very Judgement, and seising the City into the Hands of the Crown, after having extorted the proposed Submiffion from the broken Body Corporate; then, of the appointing Lord Mayors, Sherifs and Recorders of the City, by royal Commiffion, at, and during, the King's Pleafure; of the degrading and appointing Alder men and Justices for the City, at Pleafure; of the unlawful and cruel Condemnation, and the inhuman and mercilefs Execution, of a brave and warthy Alderman, in the principal Street of the City; to which let me add the general Outrages committed in those infernal Tribunals, the Star-Chamber and High-Commiffion Courts, and even in the Courts of Law, then Strangers to Justice and Mercy, and the worst Enemies, instead of the Protectors of the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, whileft their Judges were made abject Tooks, by being kept dependent Mercenaries of the Crown, whose unjust Decrees, with the rest of the Measures of those anticonftitutional Administrations, or rather Usurpations, were fupported by the RATIO ÚLTI REGUM, Military Force. The Remembrance of these, and many fuch-like Inftances of the horrid Cruelty and Tyranny of somo date Princes, cannot furely be effaced, in generous Minds, by any Length of fucceding Tranquility. If that were poffi

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ble, it might move the blessed Spirits of your plundered and murdered Ancestors, or those virtuons and pious Matrons, their Wives, whose matchless Love for their Country, prompted them, not onely, to animate their Husbands, their Fathers and Brothers, their Children and Apprentices, to exert themfelves, in the Councils and in the Field, for the Cause of LIBERTY, but even to offer their Plate, Gold and Jewels, not fparing their Bodkins, or their Thimbles, a FREE SACRIFICE for the Redemption of their Country, to upbraid You with Undutifulness and Ingratitude. But, this need nct be: For, I must presume, that, on those baneful Fruits of the pretend dd Divine, and indefeafable bereditary Right of absolute Monarchy, as well as on the OPPOSING VIRTUES of his Anceftors, every TRUE BRITON, especially every WORTHY CITIZEN of LONDON, muft ever have an Eye, and must few both the one and the other, in the proper Light, to his Chile dren; as the sureft Means of preventing the like Poison's being taken, or offered, in any future Time. It will then be remembered, by latest Posterity, to the eternal Infamy of thefe Tyrants and their Tools, but to YOUR IMMORTAL GLORY, and the GENERAL HAPPINESS of all British Subjects, thatYou have always given such juft, such powerful Op pofition to the Meafures of all lawless Rulers, that you have hitherto been, and I hope, ever will be, found more than Proof against all the most fubtil Machinations of such Monfters. And give me Leave, to mingle my Joy with that of every truly loyal Heatt, upon seeing your GREATNESS and LIBERTY eftablifhed upon lo firm and secure a Bafis, by these, YOUR PUBLIC VIRTUES, that, without such a general Depravity in Morals and Policy, as muft deprive You of all Titule to syour natural and legal Freedom, You may look down with. Contempt on all future Efforts to annoy your City 5 whileft the Common-WEALTH may exult in seeing her Security confirmed in YouRs.

To' perpetuate and extend the Blefings, which the whole British Dominions have a Right to expect, from the Greatness and Power, with which PROVIDENCE has intrusted You, fhould be the most zealous Endeavor of every worthy Member of these Common-Wealths : And this is the fole Intent and Purport of my present Address to You.

If it please YOUR LORDSHIP and HONORS to confider the Subjects of these confederate Kingdoms, or COMMONWEALTHS, whether individual Perfons, or Bodies Corporate, as one and the fame People, under one and the fame HEAD,


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may ( 53 ) though under diflint, yet fimilar Modes of Government, and having but one and the same common Interest, civil and religious, to attend ; and sure, You cannot view them in any other Light; whatsoever Violence is offered the remo teft of those, under the Protection and Government of the same Crown with You, must not onely call to the Minds of the Citizens of LONDON, the many and unspeakable Grievances imposed upon them and their Felloy.Subjects, bý some late Kings and Ministers, as before glanced at, but, muft affuredly make You sensible, that, though their iniquitaus Schemes to enslave You, have, by the Wisdom and Virtue of your GREAT ANCESTORS, and the concommittant Aflistance of DIVINE PROVIDENCE, proved, after a tedious and doubtful Conflict, abortive, with Regard to your City and Country; yet, if the like Measures Tould appear to have been successfully used in sapping the Foundation of a neighbouring, of a Sifter City, it is to be apprehended, they may, in some future Time, be tried upon You, and with far greater Danger of Success.

Prudent Navigators set up Marks to teach others to avoid the Shoals and Rocks, upon

which fome incautious Ships have fplit: And all wile Men take Warning by the Disasters of their Neighbours. This Caution, I would endeavor to inculcate, with Regard to Yoy. And, I think I cannot do this more effectually, than by presenting you with the following Papers, in which are exposed to your View, in a fair and true Light, the intellerably heavy Oppressions and Grevances, under which, some of your Fellow-Subjects and Bree thren, at present, groan, without any visible Means of Re. dress,

It will foon appear to the Reader, that these Papers were written in a great Hurry, during the Vacancy of the Seats of Members to represent Dublin in Parlement, and while the Author was set up a Candidate in that City, by the popular Voice. The Reasons for their appearing again in this crude, inconnected Manner, are, the public Demands for a Cole lection of them, and the Author's Want of Healch, as well as Leisure, to enable him to reduce them to a more regular Form; though, had he had Means and Opportunity to alter them, it was judged necessary, by some of his Friends, ta let them appear in the same rude and simple Dress, in which they were first published, that the Foundation for the virulent,

' be fairly layed open to every impartial, unprejudiced Eyc.


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But, however, I hope the Judicious and Public-spirited, who alone are the Objects of this Address, will find in these Papers, a just Epitome of the national Constitution of GreatBritain, the Prerogative, Power, Privilege, Authority and Duty of the GOVERNORS, and the Rights, Liberties and Duty of the GOVERNED, upon the legal and proper Principles, set forth and ascertained; as being the Model, by which the Conftitution of Ireland, was framed and established : In there, You will likewise find, a succinct Account of the Foundation and Conftitution of the City of Dublin, together, with the fatal Changes, that have been wrought in the States of the Nation and City, by fundry oppreffove and tyrannical Governors, usurping and lawless Magistrates, dependent and iniquitous Yudges, spurious and corrupt Parlements; the onely Enemies, our COMMON-WEALTHS, or Cities, need, at any Time, to dread.

In these Papers, the exact Analogy between the political Constitutions of the two Nations, with the chief Cities of Great-Britain and Ireland, together, with the mutual and reciprocal Interests, and the infeparable and invariable Connection of both, will clearly appear. The former, it is true, might subsist, had the later never had Being : But, give me leave to ask You, can the one be looked upon to be equally secure, when the other is governed in the fame Manner and upon the same Principles, as when it is, by Artifice, by Corruption, ' by Force, or by any other Means, Spoiled of every Right and Privilege of the established Constitution, reduced from BRITISH FREEDOM, to more than Gallic Slavery from a FREE CIVIL Society, to a despotic monarchi. cal Government? to a Nursery of Military Mercenaries? Surely, Men, justly jealous of their Liberties, and duly tenacious of their Rights, cannot fuppose such an Absurdity. Nor can I suspect You insensible that the greatest CommonWealth was not reduced to Slavery, or brought to final Dissolution, before Corruption took Root, and a sufficient Military Force was eftablished in the more remote Territories of the State.--A Catastrophe never to be forgot in Britain,"

My Lord and Gentlemen of this great City, I can make no Doubt, whatever designing Men may artfully infinuate to the contrary, that, holding the many former Attempts to ruin and enflave You, and these Kingdoms in You, in perpetual Remembrance, and jut Detestation and Abhorrence"; You must be actuated by a proper Sense of the Happiness You enjoy under the Reign of a Prince, in


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