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You have overcome the evidences of the physical senses. You have overcome the world, the flesh and the devil, and are eating of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. You are in the Garden of Eden, a state of perfect happiness, and consequently perfect health. You know the Truth and you are free. You have become as a little child in innocence and purity. The beauty of holiness is shining through you, and wrapping you around with the mantle of Love and Truth. You are in the same condition that Adam and Eve were in before they had eaten of the Knowledge of Good and evil, and you propose to stay there; because you know that the Good is All-Truth is All-Spirit is All.

You know the Truth. You have the words of Truth abiding in you. You propose to let the words of Truth abide in you. You live in Truth, and Truth lives in you. You are one with Truth. You are Truth and can, fore, never entertain error, for there is no error in Truth. You are pure Truth unmixed; by a single grain of error. You know there is no error.

You know that you are your brother's keeper. You know that it is your duty to keep your brother and sister in the way of Truth, even if thereby you might seem to jeopardize your own chance of success. You know that he that would save his life shall lose it, and he that would lose his life shall save it. · You know the Truth and you live it.

You are helping your parents on all occasions by telling them the Truth out loud, by telling it to them silently, and always by living it.

You are a living example to your friends, relatives and acquaintances of the power of God. You exemplify to them the way God would do if he were here amongst men and women. You show to them silently by your every act, how they should live and act to one another; and you tell themi silently by every act of your life, the way they could live so that they would always be well, happy and free.

You are a living witness to everybody in the world that God, the Good, is the only power. You are publishing abroad the power of the Truth to heal you from the trouble you seemed to carry around with you. You demonstrate on all occasions that there is no other power but that of life, health and peace.

You tell me silently by every motion, gesture, glance and accent that God has healed you, and that you are perfect in every way. You tell me that it is the knowledge of the Power, Pies1.ce and Wisdom of God that goes where you go, and abides with you continually, that keeps you in this perfect state of health.

You tell yourself that you are not mortal at all, you are Immortal; that you are not flesh, you are Spirit. That you are God—that it is God dwelling in you that does these things, that keeps you well, happy and free. You say to yourself that you don't have to be anxious or worried or take thought about these things, for the Truth, the Life, the Love, the living God does these things for you.

You say that you do not live, you are being lived. You do not think, you are being thought. You just have Faith and Trust. You say, that to have Faith, you just stop all conscious effort and let others do the things for themselves that brings around the result. You say that it takes a great deal of effort sometimes to keep still, or it seems to. You say that it takes more effort sometimes not to do a thing, than it would to go and do it. You seem to be held, as in a vise and then things begin to swing; you might feel like putting forth a hand and helping things along, but every time you do, you wish afterwards that you hadn't; for you find that instead of having faith in the Principle, you have wanted to steady the Ark; and you may feel to regret what you have done, but you are not to regret it, you are getting experience, you will know better next time.

The Spirit says, Trust God, Trust God, Trust God. Prove me now, prove me now and see if I will not pour you out such a blessing that your heart will run over with joy, nourishment and refreshment.

The Truth says, I have decked you with my choicest and fairest blossoms, and I expect you will return me the incense and fragrance. All the things you have are from me and when I call for the increase, it is not that I want the increase at all but it is to see if you are a willing servant, or merely a time server; a free servant, or a bond servant, a slave.

I say that you are Free, Immortal and Wise; that the words of pure Truth have free course through you. That you hare heard the knock at the door of your Spirit, by the I that stands at the door of each one of us, and you have opened the door and the I has come in and you are feeding on the manna that came down from Heaven. My doctrine is distilling over you and filtering through you, like the dew from Heaven, and as the light breaketh in the east silently and noiselessly, so the Truth is illuminating you and the birds of Heaven are making the air thrill and vibrate with their gladness and joy. For you the whole face of nature is changed and where before were only dark and dismal pictures, now are seen the beauties that only a master touch can draw.

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews but are not, but are the synagogue of Satan, Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thics faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

You have the crown of Life, and therefore cannot be hurt of the second death. The one that wears the crown is King, and you are King of Life, and therefore death cannot come near you. You have the crown of Life and you are wearing it continually. You know that if you should lay aside your crown, that for that time you would not be King, but you always want to be King of Life, or Ruler of Lite, and so you are always wearing your crown. You have overcome the fear of death, and never entertain the idea that death is here or can be here. Death claims to be the absence of something, but Life is always and everywhere Present, and Life is All. You are Omnipresence, Always present, for you are King of Life, and have overcome the fear of the second death. You have overcome Satan's power or power of darkness and you hold fast to the power of Light, Truth, Christ, and have not denied your faith in the Presence, Power and Wisdom of God the Good.

You have put behind you the presence, power and wisdom of the world, the flesh and the devil, and you have turned from all their ways, because they are false, treacherous and deceitful and you utterly renounce and deny


You are eating of the hidden manna and have received the token of purity, a white stone, and in the stone a new name is written which no one knows but yourself. I know thy works and charity and service and faith and thy patience and thy works, and that thou hast cleansed thyself from all uncleanness and filthiness, and belief in clay or flesh or matter or any satisfaction to be derived from them; or of worshiping idols in any form, whether it be bodies of flesh and blood and any' satisfaction to be derived from them, or the work of men's hands, idols of houses, or clothing or learning or anything that mortal mind has had a hand in.

I say you have turned from all these things and are worshipping me in Spirit and in Truth, for I am he that searcheth the reins and hearts, and I will give unto every one according to his works. I say you have overcome all these things, and are doing my works and are to have power over them accordingly. You are to have power over all things that you overcome, and you are to rule them by the word of God, which is a power that cannot be broken.

The diadem in your crown is shining, with the brilliancy of the Morning Star. Anyone that ariseth in the morning, or that is seeking the Truth, shall see your brilliancy and shall come and do homage to your Father that dwelleth in you. You are always on the outlook for the Truth. You are always on watch. You are keeping the night watches. You are never weary in well-doing. You are always worshiping your Father in Heaven. You are always living up to your ideas of the Truth. You are always doing the best that you know how..

You are not discouraged because you see some one else hitting the mark oftener than you do, nor are you discouraged because you see those that do not hit the mark as often is it would seem they ought to. You keep right on, rain or shine, through good report or evil report, in sickness or health, to do and be the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

You are always on the watch to do good, to send out a good thought, to do a kind deed. You are always on the watch to let no chance of Truth go by unimproved. You have washed yourself in Spirit and in Truth until you are

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