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S you practice the Science you will find that there

seem to be three well defined modes of treatment:

which may be called formulated, unformulated or symbolic, and spiritual. Many students seem to cling to the words of their teachers as though there was some saving efficacy in their words, and hence the argument treatment has come to be recognized among students.

It is a form, like many of the forms of church worship, and does very well to begin with; but you are not to hold on to it for any length of time. It may be likened to the scaffolding that carpenters put up around a building while it is being erected. It is simply for the purpose of completing the structure and not for permanent use.

Therefore do not get into the habit of leaning upon formulas, arguments, instructions, teachers or anything in, or from, mortal mind; learn early to rely upon Immortal Mind, God, the Eternal Presence.

Some students begin early to have symbols, and in fact many people who have not looked into the science at all are seeing things that other people do not see, hearing things that other people haven't heard. They are spiritually awake more or less. They are coming into the consciousness of their powers, or they are being shown things which if they will turn aside they may find, like Moses, that they are standing in the presence of the I Am That I Am

Moses saw a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush, and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed. As we, like Moses, turn aside from the course we have been following and begin to investigate these things, we find that we, too, are told to put off the shoes from our feet: for the place whereon we stand is holy ground. We find that we, too, have a commission from the Lord our God and that we are to deliver his people out of the hands of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land into a good land and a large; unto a land flowing with milk and honey. Come now, therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh that thou mayest bring forth my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.

As we grow in the Science, which may be likened somewhat to the boy Jesus, who grew in grace, we see signs and symbols; have flags thrown out or pointers, that tell us what treatment to give the children of the captivity. This may be called the second stage or unformulated argument. They are given us to awaken our activity, make us quick in solving problems, something as mental arithmetic is given to children to develop their faculties; but we are not to stay continually solving these forms, enigmas, or interpreting these symbols, any more than children are to be continually kept in mental arithmetic; they are simply given us to awaken ourself to its true condition.

In treating, some do not have these mental pictures from the mind of the patient, as soon as others, and some seem to take on the symptoms of the patients, whether the patient tells them how they feel or not. They begin to have pains, aches, coughs, or feel as though they were weighed down by a heavy weight or black darkness from somewhere, and it disturbs them, and they scarcely know what to do. It is because they have a very sensitive mind; they may be likened to a Photographer's negative plate, which holds any image that comes before it. The healers are very sensitive to the troubles and disorders that they are trying to relieve. It is one of the finest possible signs that our whole heart is in the work.

Whenever you have any of these feelings, or are selfish, envious, jealous, cruel, malicious or revengeful, remember at once that that is just what the patient is troubled with, and treat him accordingly. When you are treating a case and have a pain in your back, or a headache, or feel greedy or grasping, you are to immediately turn your whole attention in that direction. Deny that your patient has a backache or headache, or feels jealous. Deny that it could be reflected upon them by their parents, friends, relatives, people they meet, people they don't meet; deny that I have held any false thoughts and have reflected them upon you, and that you have reflected them back upon me; deny that you, yourself, have had any false thoughts and pictured them forth in mortal mind so strong as to cast a reflection.

Some teachers call this state of affairs, taking on conditions, and don't like to treat certain people just on that account; but that is just the reason they should treat them, they, of all others, know just how it is themselves. They are told as plainly as possible just what words to speak silently, so that they can release the prisoner and set the captive free. Don't sympathize with the conditions, for that seems to fix them faster; but set them free, deny them away. If you found a person drowning, you would not sit down and say, I feel so sorry for you, or, what can I do? No, you would begin vigorously to do something yourself, you would rush in and pull him out or throw a rope to him or go out in a boat and rescue him. And now that you know the power of the Word of God, when you see or hear of a person that needs assistance, you don't wring your hands, or say, I wish there was something I could do to assist him, but you sit right down or stand where you are and send him a Word of Truth, send him a Word of God.

If some one comes to take you to a patient, don't wait until you get there to begin to treat him, begin at once, wherever you are. Send your word and heal him, start the message before you. Be like the Master, he sent his Word and healed the centurion's servant; start the Word; send your patients the true thought.

Now let me tell you something. Every thought you think is a treatment. Remember that. Every thought you think is a treatment. Never say, I don't know how to treat, or I don't know what to treat against; that very thought, that you don't know what to treat against, is pulling down your own confidence.

Every thought you hold in your mind is a treatment; therefore never hold any but good thoughts about anybody, never be anything but Charity, Mercy, Hope, Faith, Purity.

The Pure in Mind, or in Thought, shall see God. There is but one way to be pure in thought and that is to think nothing but pure, clean, virtuous, holy, happy, healthy thoughts.

Instead of taking on their conditions, some healers only see a picture; they don't feel sensitive to aches, pains, jealousies, etc., of their patients, but they mentally see signs or symbols. In effect it is the patient telling them silently just what to do or think, to help them along. Of course these symbols are always to be interpreted from the standpoint of the Good, just as the physical body is to be interpreted from that standpoint.

The physical body itself is but a sign or symbol or cutpicturing of what people have thought or what they haven't thought; and as you get spiritually minded you will find that all you have to do is to send them the true thought and it will immediately begin to be shown forth upon them.

We don't try to find out what they have been thinking or what they haven't been thinking, that is none of our business; it is our work to do the work of God, hence you must not tell anything about your patients. You must not even see it yoursėlf, you must deny it away from them and always deny it. If you told some one else that you saw this, that, or something else in your patients that was false, then you would be affirming something that was not true.

You must never say that your patients were cured of a tumor or cancer or hatred or ugly disposition or dyspepsia or liver complaint or constipation or drinking, because they never really had any of these things. There are no such things, and you must get it so thoroughly established in your mind that you not only refuse to see them in others, but even refuse to mention them, except to deny their presence, power and authority. As your patients are cured they too will begin to forget these disagreeable pictures and that is just what is wanted. Let them forget their troubles, cares, anxieties, and with their forgetting, will go the discord, diseases and dyspepsias. They are things you don't want to talk about or think about. Talk about what God has done for you, talk about health, happiness, joy, peace, how well you are, how happy you are, how full of joy and peace, and you will find you will be growing in grace and light.

Many spring into the unformulated or symbolic treatment at once, while others seem to come along slowly and gradually. They take an argument and hold on to it very tenaciously, and for such I will continue our case of

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