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BOUT all that any teacher can tell you, is how he found

the road to the Promised Land, to the long lost

Garden of Eden, God's Kingdom, where health and happiness reign.

If you are determined to get there, you will find the way, although each one's path seems a little different from that of others, for the reason that there is no royal road into the King's presence: we already stand in his presence, but don't seem to be aware of it. In fact, there is no such thing as getting outside of His domain, for it is an everlasting one and extends from time to eternity.

The only way we can get into the Kingdom of God is to be born again. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit.

As we are born into God's Kingdom, we drop all of our burdens that we have been carrying, in the shape of pains, aches, sickness, troubles, anxieties, unhappiness and whatever we have seen, heard, felt, smelt, or tasted that was undesirable. All of our fleshly conäitions we have left, because we couldn't take them into the presence of the King.

Our King is so pure and well and happy that, as we get near to Him, we begin to be tinged or changed into what He is like. There can no evil come near Him, nor any trouble of any kind, and as we feel a drawing in His direction, it seems that only the purest and best of us is drawn and the balance is left somewhere. We don't at first know or care, but we soon find that it amounts to nothing, is nothing in fact. It is an experience that we have had, a nightmare, a dream, and it begins to fade out of our life, like any other dream.

Our being drawn out of ourselves, may be likened to water and moisture that is drawn out of the land and water by the rays of the sun. It is drawn out insensibly or unconsciously. No dross or impurity is taken up even out of the blackest pool or muddiest place. And then it is allowed to come back to the earth again to freshen and brighten and purify all nature.

And so we are drawn out of dark, disagreeable, miserable conditions; sweetened and purified and allowed to make glad those, who were heavy laden, borne down with trials and cares of the world of sense.

There are as many ways of letting go of the evidences of the physical senses as there are rays of the sun. God is Infinite and His ways are infinite—not to be limited. Each one will find he has a path of his own to follow, and while it is very necessary to be told how others have done, and what they have experienced on the way, we each find that other people's experiences don't seem to fit our case. Of course not, other people don't look as we do, they don't act like us, they don't speak as we do.

One of the secrets of Christian Science is that it tends to develop each individual in his own particular way, and does not endeavor to make every one conform to any type

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