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but this provision is unnecessary, as a general pro- Page.
vision to that effect is made by the interpretation Act

12 V. c. 10.
TRINITY HOUSE, Quebec.--Cap. 114......

An Act to consolidate the Laws relative to the Powers

and Duties of the Trinity House of Quebec, and for
other purposes.--(Passed 30th May, 1849.)
The object of this Act is, as stated in the preamble,

“ to repeal the Acts now in force which have become
“obscure by repeated amendments, and are insufficient
“ for the purposes for which they were framed, and
“ to amend and consolidate the provisions therein
“ contained, and to enact other provisions,” for more
effectually attaining the purposes for which the said
Acts were passed. The Acts and parts of Acts
and Ordinances repealed are, those of Lower Canada,
45 G. 3. c. 12, 47 G. 3. c. 10,51 G. 3. c. 12, 52 G. 3. c.
12, Sect. 3. of 59 G. 3. c. 9, 2. G. 4. c. 7,4. Wm. 4.c. 25,
4. V.c. 5, 4. V. c. 6, those of Canada 4 & 5 V. c. 15, and
so much of 8 V. c. 60 as may be inconsistent with this
Act. The more important and leading provisions of
shis Act are the following: the Corporation is con-
tinued, but under the simpler name of The Trinity
House of Quebec, with provision for the continuance
of suits and proceedings, rights and liabilities, &c.
The present Officers are to remain, except that the
Office of Clerk and that of Treasurer are hereafter to
be held by separate persons. The Corporation is to
consist of a Master, a Deputy Master and Seven War-
dens for the present, but whenever the office of De-
puty Master shall become vacant, it is not to be filled,
but there are then to be a Master and Eight Wardens.
There are to be two Superintendents of Pilots, one of
whom is to be a Warden, and both are to be Branch
Pilots. There is to be a Harbour-Master, and for the
present an Assistant Harbour-Master, but the latter
office is to be abolished whenever the present incum-
bent ceases to hold it. The Members and Officers of
the Corporation are to hold office at the pleasure of
the Governor. All the Officers are to have fixed sa-
laries in place of fees, and the latter are to go towards
the expenses of the Corporation. The salaries are
as follows:
The Master, not exceeding..... .£250 0 0
The Harbour Master....

500 0 0
But to be reduced to £400 whenever

the present incumbent shall cease

to hold the office.
The Assistant Harbour-Master... 111 2 2
Each Superintendent of Pilots..

175 00
The Treasurer.

350 0 0
The Clerk....

300 0 0
But to be reduced to £250 whenever

the present incumbent shall cease

to hold the office.
The Bailiff...

... 100 0 0
The Corporation is to have power to make By-laws
for its own government, the facility of the navigation
and the regulation of ihe Port and Harbour of Que-
bec; the regulation and government of Pilots and
their Apprentices for and below the Harbour of Quebec;
the By-laws must be sanctioned by the Governor in
Council and duly published, and no penalty imposed
for contravening them is to exceed £10. "The Port
and Harbour of Quebec and the River St. Lawrence,
as intended by the Act, are defined, as follows: the
former shall comprise “all that part of the River St.
Lawrence between the Basin of Portneuf, inclusively,
and the Gulf St. Lawrence, that part of the Gulf Si.
Lawrence which is comprised within the limits ofthis
Province, or which borders upon its coasts, and that
part of all rivers, waters, creeks, bays and coves
within the said limits where the tide ebbs and flows."
And the latter : “ that part of the River St. Law-
rence between St. Patrick's Hole, inclusively, to the
Cap-Rouge River inclusively, and that part of the
Rivers Montmorency, Saint Charles, Etchemin,
Chaudière, Cap-Rouge and others, where the tide

ebbs and flows. Divers provisions are made Page.
with regard to the qualifications of Pilots, their
examination and their punishment for mal-prac-
tịces, negligence or ignorance. The Trinity House
is to provide Pilots' Apprentices with the means
of becoming acquainted with the North Channel.
Penalties are imposed for refusing to take a Pilot or
for employing other than a Branch Pilot. The rates
of pilotage are fixed in detail in a Schedule. The
Pilot Fund established by the former Acts is continued,
the Superintendents are to contribute the per centage
on their salaries, and to share in the advantage of the
Fund. Pilots over 60 years of age delivering up their
Branches, may be allowed a pension out of the Fund.
The Trinity House has full power to decide differences
between Pilots and their Apprentices, and also cases
between Pilots and Owners or Masters of Vessels,
complaints against Pilots as such, and all complaints
for contravention of this Act or of any By-law of the
Trinity House, touching which no different provision
is made, and the mode of bringing and conducting
suits before the Trinity House is provided for, as is
also the execution of the judgment, and appeal is
given to a Pilot in cases where the penalty imposed
on him exceeds £5, or he is suspended or deprived of
his Branch, and to other parties where the amount
of judgment exceeds £10. But see 14 & 15
Vict. c. 101. The appeal being to the Court
of Queen's Bench in Superior Term. The du-
ties imposed are for every Vessel leaving Quebec for
a place beyond the Eastern limits of the Province,
without having gone to Montreal, 5d. per ton
measurement, and for Vessels so leaving, after having
left the Port of Montreal, 2d. per ton measurement,
and provision is made for enforcing payment. Coast-
ing Vessels are to pay 4d. per ton for a license which
shall be valid for the season. Provision is made for
enabling the Trinity House to acquire land, &c., for
the purposes of the Act, and for settling the amount of
compensation to be paid, &c. No purchase of land to
be made without the consent of the Governor in Coun-
cil, and with such consent the Corporation may pur-
chase or build a Steam Vessel for their use. They
may borrow money to the amount of £10,000, including
any sum they are already empowered to borrow. All
moneys collected or borrowed under the Act, and not
otherwise appropriated, are to be employed by the
Corporation in the improving the navigation of the St.
Lawrence, and for other purposes not inconsistent
with this Act. An account of the Pilot Fund is to be
published yearly in English and French, in two News-
papers at Quebec ; and a detailed account of all
moneys received and expended by the Corporation is
to be laid before the Legislative Assembly at each
Session, and the Governor may require accounts at
any time. The Treasurer is to give security. An
Interpretation Clause is added, and a Schedule con-

taining the rates of Pilotage under the Act.
TURNPIKE ROADs, Montreal, purchase of St. Michel Road by
Trustees of.-Cap. 120..

An Act to authorize the Trustees of the Montreal Turn-

pike Roads to purchase the St. Michel Road, and to
open a Road to the Village of Sáult-au-Récollet. -

(Passed 30th May, 1849.)
This Act enables the Trustees of the Montreal Turnpike

Roads to purchase the property and rights of the St.
Michel Road Company, incorporated under 4 V. c. 22,
and to issue Debentures in favor of the said Company
to an amount not exceeding £2000 as compensation.
The powers of the Trustees are extended to the St.
Michel Road and the Road to Sault-au-Récollet, and
they are empowered to raise by loan and the issue of
Debentures a sum of £3,000 in addition to the sums they
are already empowered to raise, and to the £2,000 to
be paid to the St. Michel Road Company. All loans
under this Act being secured on the Tolls to be re-
ceived by tho said Trustees, and not to be chargeable
on the Funds of the Province.


UPTON, Township of.-Cap. 132.....

An Act to annex a certain part of the Township of Upton

to the County of St. Hyacinthe, for Judicial and Muni-
cipal purposes.-(Passed 30th May, 1849.)
The sole object of this Act appears from its Title. Pro-

vision is made for the continuance of pending suits, &c.
URSULINES of Quebec.--Cap. 141....

An Act to authorize the Ursulines of Quebec to acquire

and hold additional Real and Personal Property to a
certain amount.—(Passed 25th April, 1849.)
The object of this Act is to enable the Community

mentioned in the Title, to hold property, real and per-
sonal, to the amount of £2,000 of yearly value over and
above the property they now hold, and to alienate the
same and acquire other property instead thereof, not
exceeding the yearly value aforesaid. The real pro-
perty must be in Lower-Canada.



WALPOLE AND Woodhouse, Commissioners to define boundary

line between Townships of.-Cap. 101...
An Act to appoint Commissioners to define the boundary

line between the Township of Walpole, in the Niagara
District, and the Township of Woodhouse, in the Tal-

bot District.-(Passed 30th May, 1849.)
After reciting the difficulties respecting the line between

the said Townships of Woodhouse and Walpole, and
the Petitions of the inhabitants in that behalf, the Act
appoints the Commissioner of Crown Lands and two
other Gentlemen (Provincial Surveyors) to be Com-
missioners for settling the said Boundary, with full

13 & 14 VICT. 3d SESSION, 3d PARLIAMENT, 1850.


ADVOCATES' LIBRARY, Montreal-Cap. 122....

power to examine the same, and to take evidence on Page.
oath, and to make their Report, which shall be final,
unless the Court of Queen's Bench be moved to set it
aside within six months (extended by 13 & 14 Vict.
C. 89 to 1st July, 1851,) after it shall have been
filed with the Registrars of the Counties of Norfolk
and Haldimand, the Crown Lands Office and

the said
Court of Q. B. The Governor may appoint a Commis-
sioner in case any one of those appointed in the Act
should die or decline to act. The expenses of the
Commission are to be paid by the Districts concerned.

YULE, John, the Younger, and others, Mill Dam over River
Richelieu.-Cap. 190.....

An Act to authorize John Yule the younger, Esquire, and

others, to erect a Mill Dam upon the River Richelieu,

in the District of Montreal.- (Passed 30th May, 1849.)
After reciting the Petition of John Yule, and others, and

the advantages which would arise to the inhabitants of
the Province from the establishment of Manufactures
by means of the water power of the River Richelieu,
the Act empowers the said John Yule, and others,
being the Seigniors of the Seigniories on both sides of
the River at the place in question, to construct a Dam
not exceeding six feet in height and having an opening
of at least eighty feet in the deepest part of the River
Richelieu, at the Rapids of La Chute à Baré, between
the Town of St. John's and Chambly, and gives them
the requisite powers for maintaining their rights in
such Dam.

An Act to amend the Ordinance incorporating “The Ad-

vocates' Library of Montreal.”—(Passed 24th July,

The Ordinance amended is 3 & 4 V. c. 48, and the only

amendment consist in reducing the Quorum at Meet-

ings of the Corporation to ten Members.
AMELIASBURGH, survey of.-Cap. 88....

An Act to confirm a certain survey of the Township of

Ameliasburgh in Upper Canada.-(Passed 10th August,

This Act confirms a certain Survey of the Township of

Ameliasburgh in the County of Prince Edward, made
in 1818, by Samuel Street Wilmot, under the autho-
rity of an Order in Council, and directs that the said
Survey shall be held to be the true and correct Survey
of the said Township, and that all persons shall be
bound thereby, notwithstanding any difference be-
tween the said Survey and the description of any lot
or lots in the Letters Patent granting the same.

BANK of Upper Canada.-Cap. 137....

An Act further to extend the time for paying up the in-

creased Capital Stock of the Bank of Upper Canada.-
(Passed 24th July, 1850.)
The sole object of this Act is to extend the period al-

lowed by the Act 9 V. c. 86, for paying up the addi-
tional capital stock allowed to the Bank of Upper Ca-
nada by 6 V. c. 27, to the period of five years from

the passing of this Act.
BERTHIER, County of, Municipalities in.--Cap, 110..... 1517

An Act to remedy an error in the Act dividing the County Page.

of Berthier into two Municipalities.-(Passed 24th

July, 1850.)
In the Act 12 V. c. 123, the Parish of St. Félix de Va-

lois had been erroneously called St. Félix de Ramsay,
and this error is corrected by the present Act. It has

no other effect.
Bytown, disallowance of Act incorporating.–Cap. 82...... 1433

An Act to remove doubts as to the effect of the dis-

allowance of the Act incorporating the Town of
Bytown.-(Passed 10th August, 1850.)
The Act 10 & 11 Vict. c. 43, had been in force from its

passing until 12th October, 1849, when Her Majesty's
disallowance thereof was proclaimed by the Governor;
this Act (aster citing 12 V. c. 81, and c. 80, and
shewing that the Legislature in passing them did not
contemplate such disallowance,) declares and enacts
that the rights, powers, duties, obligations and liabilities
of the Municipal Corporation of Bytown under 12 V. e.
81, and of the Mayor and Officers thereof, and of others
with respect to them, shall be the same, as if the said
Act, with the exception of the 44th section, had remained
in force from the passing thereof until the 1st January,
1850, on which day it would have been repealed by
the said Act, 12 V. c. 80.


C с
CATARAQUt Cemetery Company.--Cap. 140.

An Act to incorporate the Cataraqui Cemetery Com-

pany.-(Passed 10th August, 1850.)
This Act incorporates a Company for the construction

of a Public Cemetery, near the City of Kingston,
upon the general plan upon which companies have

been established for constructing Public Ceme- Page.
teries at Montreal and Quebec, and upon which such
Companies are authorized to be established in Upper
Canada by Cap. 76 of the Public General Acts of the
present Session. The usual corporate powers are given.
The Capital of the Company is to be £2000 in shares
of £25 each; and they are empowered to purchase and
hold a lot of land in the Township of Kingston not
exceeding two hundred acres, and to use the same as
a Public Cemetery, and to sell or otherwise dispose of
small lots therein. The Cemetery and the invidual
lots are exempt from taxation and from execution.
The Company are to divide no profits, but half their
receipts are to be applied to the payment of the pur-
chase money of their land, and the other half (the
whole when the purchase money is paid off) to the
embelishment of the Cemetery, and other incidental
expenses. The Company may accept and hold pro-
perty to the amount of £5000 on trust to apply it, or the
proceeds thereof, to the improvement of the Cemetery,
&c. The provisions of chapter 76 for the protecțion of
the Public, preventing the contamination of Rivers and
Waters, &c. are inserted. After the Original Stock-
holders are re-imbursed, all the proprietors of lots in
the Cemetery will become Members of the Corporation,
and have a voice in the appointment of five Trustees
by whom the affairs of the Corporation will thereafter

be managed.
CHATHAM-error in Patents of two lots.—Cap. 87... 1445

An Act to remedy an Error in certain Letters Patent for

two lots in the Town of Chatham.-(Passed 10th

August, 1850.)
In a lithographed plan used at a Government Sale of lots

in the town of Chatham, the numbers of two lots were
by accident interchanged; the purchasers respectively
took possession of each of the lots he bought according
to the said plan, but the Letters Patent described them
by their correct numbers, so that each man had a
Patent for his neighbour's lot. This Act corrects the
Error, and gives each purchaser the lot he really

Cobourg Harbour vested in Municipality:-Cap. 83....... 1435

An Act to vest the Harbour at Cobourg in the Municipality

of that Town.-(Passed 10th August, 1850.)
After reciting that the Company established for improving

the Harbour at Cobourg by the Act of U. C. 2. W. 4.
c. 22, have forfeited their privileges by the non-
completion of the said Harbour in the manner therein
prescribed, and that their Works and the said Harbour
have been assigned to the Board of Works as security
for £10,500 expended thereon by the Government ;
that the Town Council of Cobourg has bought up a
great portion of the Stock from the Stockholders and
agreed for the purchase of the Government right afore-
said, and is desirous of improving and completing the
said' Harbour,—this Act dissolves the Corporation
created by the said Act 10 G. 4. c. 11, declares that
the said Act shall cease to have effect, and confirms the
assignment of the right and title of the Government in
the Harbour, &c. to the said Corporation, leaving the
said £10,500 as a debt to the Government by the Cor-
poration of the Town, in whom the Harbour and Works
are vested, with full power to improve, enlarge and
complete the same, and to acquire the real property
necessary for that purpose, to levy Tolls by By-laws
subject to the approval of the Governor in Council, and
to enforce payment of such Tolls. The Corporation
are also empowered to borrow money for improving the
the said Harbour, and to issue Debentures for the same,
bearing interest at a rate not exceeding 8 per cent. per
annum. All Stockholders who have not sold their
Stock to the Corporation are to have their Shares of
the profits of the Harbour, after deducting the current
expenses and interest of money expended; they are also
to have all the arrears of Tolls, &c. now due to the Com-
pany; and the Corporation are bound to purchase any
such Stock which shall be offered to them, at the rate
of £66 13 4 currency, for each hundred pounds paid up

thereon. Yearly statements are to be published of the Page.
receipts and expenditure of the Corporation about the

said Harbour, for the information of all concerned.
Comte, Louis, amount due him by Parish of St. Edouard.
Cap. 128..

An Act to enable Louis Comte to recover a certain amount

due to him by the Parish of St. Edouard, in the Dis-

trict of Montreal.-(Passed 10th August, 1850.).
After reciting that the said Louis Comte recovered judg-

ment for a certain sum and interest against the surviving
Trustees for erecting the Church and Sacristy of St.
Edouard; that the said Trustees had delivered over the
said buildings and their accounts to theChurch Wardens
of the said Parish and were discharged from further
accountability, and that the said buildings have ever
since been used for parochial purposes--this Act
empowers the Church Wardens and their Successors
to raise by assessment (répartition) the sum requisite to
pay off the said judgment and all costs, and requiring
them to pay the same accordingly, and provides that
if they fail so to do, the said Louis Comte may maintain
an action for the amount due to him, against the
Fabrique of the said Parish, and may cause the build-
ings aforesaid to be seized and sold, if he be not other-
wise satisfied for the amount of the judgment to be

obtained by him in such action.
CORNWALL, Township of-Survey in.-Cap. 84..

An Act to establish a Survey in front of the Ninth Con-

cession of Cornwall (from lot number twenty-two,
westerly, to the limit of the Township) as the go-
verning line of the said Concession of Cornwall.—

(Passed 24th July 1850.)
The line run by John S. Bruce, Deputy Provincial Sur-

veyor, in front of the Ninth Concession, is declared
to be the true boundary of the said Concession west
of lot No. 22, in conformity to the petition of the in-

habitants interested.
COUNTER, John, Patent for Stoves.- Cap. 145...... 1725

An Act to enable John Counter to obtain a Patent for

making Stoves of a new pattern...(Passed 10th Au-
gust, 1850.)
After reciting that John Counter, of Kingston, has invest-

ed a large sum in the manufacture of Stoves of a
pattern, and upon a principle invented by his foreman
Charles Tripp, a native of the United States of Ame-
rica, who has assigned all his interest therein to the
said John Counter, and is willing that he should obtain
a patent therefor, this Act enables the Governor, if
he shall see fit, to issue Letters Patent for the same
to the said John Counter, as if he had been the inven-
tor thereof, notwithstanding any thing to the contrary
in the Act relative to patents for inventions (12 V. c.

DORCHESTER Bridge, see Quebec Road Trustees.


EDWARDSBURGH, side lines in.-Cap. 85...

An Act to determine the mode in which the side lines

in certain Concessions of the Township of Edwards-
burgh shall be run.--(Passed 24th July, 1850.)
This Act recites the petition of the inhabitants of the

Township of Edwardsburgh in the County of Gren-
ville, and establishes the manner in which the side
lines in certain Concessions in that Township shall
be run, in accordance with the said petition and with
the report of John Booth and William Campbell, Sur-
veyors and Commissioners for ascertaining the proper

mode of running the said side lines.
ELGIN Association for improvement of Colored population.-

Cap. 144
An Act to incorporate the Elgin Association for the set-

tlement and moral improvement of the colored popu-

lation of Canada.-(Passed 10th August, 1850.)
After reciting that an Association hath been formed in

Upper Canada by divers persons resident therein,
under the name of The Elgin Association, for the set-


[blocks in formation]


tlement and moral improvement of the coloured po- Page.
pulation of Canada, for the purpose of purchasing
Crown or Clergy Reserve Lands in the Township of
Raleigh in the County of Kent, and settling the same
with coloured families resident in Canada, of good
moral character, this Act incorporates the persons
now forming the said Association or who may here-
after become members thereof, for the purposes
aforesaid, with the usual corporate powers and more
especially the power of acquiring and holding Crown
and Clergy Reserve Lands in the Township of Ra-
leigh, in the County of Kent, for the purpose of letting,
conveying or otherwise disposing of the same to
colored persons in Canada, and for such purpose only.
Then follow the usual provisions for the election of
Officers and the management of the business of the
Company. The capital of the Company is to be
£5,000, of which it is stated that £4,000 is already
subscribed. Provisions of the usual kind are intro-
duced for compelling the payment of calls on the said
stock. The Directors are empowered to make By-
laws respecting the business of the Company. The
prices to be charged by the Company for the lands to
be sold by them are not to be above the government
prices by any greater amount than will be sufficient
to repay the Company the sums expended by them
with interest, and if at the winding up of the affairs
of the Company there be any surplus, it is to be ex-
pended in the improvement of the settlement; and
the affairs of the Company are to be wound up when-
ever all their land is sold and paid for. A statement
of the affairs of the Company attested on oath, may
be required by the Governor from time to time, and
a statement of their real and personal property is to
be laid yearly before the Legislature. The rights of
the Crown, and others not mentioned, are expressly

FIRE, Life and Inland Navigation Assurance Company of
Montreal.-Cap. 121..

An Act to grant further powers to The Montreal Fire,

Life and Inland Navigation Assurance Company, and
to change the name of the said Corporation.- Passed

10th August, 1850.)
The name of the Company incorporated by the Ordinance
of Lower Canada 3&4 Vict. c. 37, and to which further
powers were granted by 6 Vict. c. 22, is changed to
* The Montreal Assurance Company," and the Com-
pany are empowered to effect insurances of Vessels
whether navigating the Inland Waters or proceeding
to Sea, and wheresoever or from what place soever
bound. Their yearly reports to the Legislature are to
include this new business. And this Act, like that
it amends, is to be in force until 1st May 1880, and no

FIRE and Marine Insurance Company of Kingston.-Cap. 139. 1701

An Act to incorporate the Kingston Fire and Marine

Insurance Company.--(Passed 10th August, 1850.)
This Act incorporates a Company for the purpose of effect-

ing Insurance against loss by Fire, and against loss or
damage to Vessels or their cargoes, timber or other
floated articles, by the risks of Navigation, whether
such Vessels be sea going or employed in navigating
the Inland waters of the Province, -with the usual
powers and subject to the usual provisions in like cases.
The Corporation is to continue until the 1st January,
1951. The Capital of the Company is limited to
£50,000, but may be increased by a vote of the majo-
rity of the Stockholders to a sum not exceeding
£100,000. They may acquire real property bona fide
mortgaged to them previously in the ordinary course
of their business, but are bound to part with all such
property not required for the conduct of their business
within seven years after acquiring it. They are to
make annual returns of the state of their affairs to ine
Provincial Legislature. At the time of the dissolution
of the Corporation in 1951, the Shareholders are not to
be liable for its debts beyond the amount of their res-

HAMILTON Gas Light Company.--Cap. 136...

An Act to incorporate The Hamilton Gas Light Coin-

pany.-(Passed 24th July, 1850.)
This Act incorporates a Company for the purpose of

lighting the City of Hamilton with Gas, with the usual
powers for that purpose. The usual corporate
powers and rights are conferred upon the Company ;
with the special power necessary for their peculiar
purposes, such as the power to open streets for laying
pipes, &c. The Capital of the Company is to be
£12,500 in Shares of £10 each; but with power to in.
crease it by another sum not exceeding £12,500 if that
first mentioned should be found insufficient; and again
with power, if the growth of the City and other circum-
stances should require it, to increase the said capital by
another sum of £12,500. They may borrow a sum not
exceeding £10,000, at a rate of interest not exceeding
6 per cent. per annum, and may issue Debentures for
the amount so borrowed in sums not less than £50 each,
and pledge their income and future calls for securing
payment. The business of the Company is to be
managed by seven Directors, of whom thjee are to make
a Quorum. The usual provisions are made for voting,
calling in instalments, dividends, assignment of
shares, &c. In the construction of their works, the
Company are to be bound by the By-laws of the City
made for the purpose of preserving the health thereof.
The Act is not to prevent any party from making Gas
for his own use, or to prevent the Legislature from in-
corporating any other Company for like purposes in
the said City; and the rights of the Crown, and of others
not mentioned, are expressly saved. The Corporation
of the City of Hamilton may at any time, within
fifteen years, assume the whole stock, property and

of 'the Company, on paying back the sums
actually expended with interest, and binding them-
selves not to charge higher rates to the consumers than
will be necessary to produce a net profit of eight per
cent. per annum. The Act is to remain in force fifty
years, and no longer.

MECANICS’ Institute, Toronto. Cap. 142.....

An Act to amend the Act to incorporate the Mechanics'

Institute of the City of Toronto.-(Passed 10th August,

The Act amended is the 10 & 11 V. c. 102; Sections 4,

5 and 7 of the said Act are repealed, and other provi-
sion is made as to the time and mode of holding the
annual elections of Officers. The Members of the
Corporation are classified into Ordinary, Life, Corres-
ponding and Honorary Members ; The number of
Members is indefinite, but the qualification and attri-

butes of the several classes are defined.
MONTREAL Harbour and Navigation of River St. Lawrence.-

Cap. 97. (Erroneously marked CXVII, in printed

Statutes.)-Cap. 97......
An Act to amend the Acts for the improvement of the

Harbour of Montreal, and to provide for the improve-
ment of the navigation of the River St. Lawrence,
within the Port of Montreal.-(Passed 10th August,



The Acts amended are 8 V. c. 76, and 10 & 11 V. c. Page.

56. The limits of the harbour are enlarged down-
wards. The rate of interest which may be allowed
on moneys to be borrowed under Sect. 3 of 10 & 11 V.
c. 56, is raised from 5 to 6 per cent. ; and the Com-
missioners are empowered to borrow a further sum of
£2,500 to continue the improvement of the harbour.
A new Tariff of Rates of Wharfage is established, to
the collection of which the provisions of the former
Acts in like cases are extended ; and provision is
made for facilitating the collection of the dues on ar-
ticles imported via St. John's from the United States ;
it is provided that such duties shall in certain cases
be payable to the Collector at St. John's and by hiin
paid over to the Commissioners. The Act 12 V. c.
119, is repealed, but power is given to the Commis-
sioners to make deductions from the tariff rates, in
favor of Steamers plying between Montreal and places
on the south shore of the St. Lawrence. Power is then
given to the Commissioners to raise by loan a sum
not exceeding £30,000, at the lowest rate of interest
for which the same can be obtained, but not exceeding
8 per cent, ; but neither the principal nor the interest
of such loan is to be paid out of Provincial Funds, but
solely out of the moneys arising from the Tonnage
Duty hereafter mentioned, and other surplus moneys
in the hands of the Commissioners. The said loan is
to be applied solely to the deepening of the Ship
Channel in Lake St. Peter and at Isle Platte, in such
manner as the Commissioners may think best, so as
to give at least 16 seet of water at all times. The
Boats and machinery constructed or acquired for a
like purpose by the

Board of Works, being placed at
the disposal of the Commissioners. The Governor in
Council may, at any time after the passing of this Act,
and on the application of the Commissioners, impose
a duty not exceeding one shilling per ton, on all ves-
sels drawing ten feet of water or upwards, and passing
either way through Lake St. Peter ; and such duty
may be increased if the rate aforesaid be not found
sufficient to meet the charges on the fund arising from
it. The said fund is to be applied : 1st. To pay the
reasonable expenses of collection. 21. To pay the
reasonable expenses of managing the works and
keeping them in repair. 3d. To pay the interest and
principal of the sum to be borrowed as aforesaid ;
and 4thly. To pay not less than two per centum per
annum as a sinking fund towards paying off the said
principal. An accounting clause and an interpreta-
tion clause are added. The Schedule is a detailed
tariff of rates and dues of wharfage, to be levied under

the Act.
MONTREAL, Transportation of Gunpowder in.--Cap. 92...... 1455

An Act to repeal an Act therein mentioned, and to make

provision for regulating the carting and transporting of
Gunpowder within the City of Montreal.-(Passed

10th August, 1850.)
The Act repealed is that of Lower Canada 33 G. 3. c. 1,

and the Common Council of Montreal are empowered
to regulate, by By-law, the carting and transporting of
Gunpowder within the said City.

Osgoode, Township of, side lines in.-Cap. 86....

An Act to amend and explain the Act relative to the Side

Lines in the Township of Osgoode.-(Passed 24th July,

The Act amended is the 10 & 11 Vict. c. 54, which is

recited to have been erroneously made to apply
to the first, second and third Concessions of the
Township of Osgoode, in the County of Carleton, and
is not to apply to the said Concessions hereafter. The
side lines of the first Concession are to be the side
lines of the broken front prolonged.

Harbour of Quebec.—(Passed 10th August, 1850.) Page.
The licensed Pilots for and above the Harbour of Quebec,

are incorporated with the ordinary corporate powers,
The real estate of the Corporation is not to exceed
£5,000, nor its personal property £10,000. Its affairs
are to be managed by a Council of nine Members,
who are to be elected yearly, and are to choose a Pre-
sident and Vice-President. The Council is to make
By-laws for the Government of the Members of the
Corporation and the management of its affairs, with
power to impose Penalties not exceeding £5. The
said By-laws are not to have force until confirmed by
the Trinity House of Montreal, who may refuse to con-
firm the same, and assign their reasons.



QUEBEC Turnpike Road Trustees, acquiring Dorchester

Bridge, &c.—Cap. 102...
An Act to amend the Act authorizing the Quebec Turn-

pike Road Trustees to acquire Dorchester Bridge, and
to make certain Roads.-(Passed 10th August, 1850.)
The Trustees are by this Act empowered out of the

£25,000 they were authorized to borrow by 12 Vict. c.
115, to expend the sum of £15,000 on the Roads
mentioned in the said Act, and the remaining £10,000,
in purchasing or improving Dorchester Bridge; or, if
they cannot agree with the proprietors of that Bridge,
then in constructing one or more Bridges over the
River St. Charles, for all which purposes the neces-

sary powers are vested in them.
QUEBEC, supply water to.-Cap.100.

An Act to amend an Act for supplying the City of Que-

bec and parts adjacent thereto with water.-(Passed

10th August, 1850.)
The Act amended is 9 (erroneously called 10) Vict. c.

113; section 12 of that Act provided that the Corporation
should have no power to impose a general water rato
or to compel any person to take the water. This
Act removes that restriction, and enables the Corpo-
ration, so soon as they are ready to supply the City or
any part thereof, to impose a water rate (not to exceed
one shilling and three pence in the pound) on all the
proprietors or occupiers of houses, &c., in the City, or in
that part which they are ready to supply with water,
as the case may be. The Corporation are empowered
to borrow a sum not exceeding £125,000, and to issue
Debentures for the same, bearing interest at a rate not
exceeding 7 percent. per annum, and to apply the said
sum to the construction of the Water Works. They
are empowered to appoint a Superintendent specially
for the business of the Water Works, and Engineers,
Workmen, &c, and to take or use the requisite land
outside of the City on payment of the proper compen-
sation, to be ascertained by appraisers if the parties

cannot agree.
QUEBEC, relief to sufferers by fire at.-Cap. 101..

An Act further to amend the Act for granting relief to the

sufferers by the Fires at Quebec.-(Passed 10th Au-
gust, 1850.)
The Commissioners for advancing the money appro-
priated for the relief of the sufferers by the Fires at
Quebec, under 9 Vict. c. 62, were empowered to effect
Insurances on property on which sums advanced by
them should be secured, and to recover the premiums
paid for such Insurance from the party to whom the
advance was made. The powers of the Commissioners
having expired, and sums having been paid for like
premiums by the Receiver-General, this Act enables
Her Majesty to recover the sums paid by him in like
manner as if they had been paid by the said Com-

QUEBEC Workmen's Benevolent Society.--Cap. 127.....

An Act to incorporate the Quebec Workmen's Benovelent

Society.-(Passed 24th July, 1850.)
The present Members of the Society at Quebec known

as the Quebec Workmen's Benevolent Society, and
their successors, are incorporated by the same name,
with the usual corporate powers, and for the usual pur-



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