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my public acts: some of my rela- | physicians the nature of their
tives seem to think that I sway too diseases: he heard with gracious-
much like a successor of a revolu- ness the supplications of those
tionary upstart; while on the other who implored his clemency from
hand, che duke of 0-—- and his the bed of suffering, and like a
party appear discontented because kind and benevolent father he con-
I do not govern enough like a re-soled them, deigning to receive
volutionary usurper. After these the memorials that were present-
lamentable facts, you cannot doubted to him, and ordering that the
of my sincerity when I affirm, that verbal solicitations of others
I long for the moment when my should be committed to writing.
Creator will retake this my crown He extolled the neatness and
of thorns, by exchanging my cleanliness of the rooms, and the
throne in this palace of the Thuil. attention paid the patients.
leries, for my tomb in the abbey His majesty in going to the
of St. Dennis."

apartment of St. Domingo, passed “ During tbe whole time his ma- by the door of the dissecting jesty thus condescended speaking room of the royal chair of practito me, tears were in his eyes, and cal medicine, where was Dr. his whole countenance bespoke a Josef Blasquez, anatomical dissecgrief which must have been so tor, surgeon of the royal family, much the more poignant, as policy and of the hospitals, co-operating must generally require its con- as far as possible in the great decealment. I am convinced this signs of his majesty suggested by good prince would never have the indefatigable zeal of the worreigned so long, had he not consi-thy director Dr. Ignacio Jauregui, dered it as a duty Providence has and the professors Dr. Hilario imposed on him by his birth." Torres, and Dr. Antonio Hernan

dez, in educating the scholars of
said royal establishment in histo-

rical and pathological anatomy, VISIT OF FERDINAND VII. TO THE for which purpose he had dissectGENERAL HOSPITAL OF MADRID. ed in a body the nervous system Translated from the Madrid (offi- of both the animal and organic cial) Gazette, of 24th Feb. 1817. life. His majesty desirous of ere.

The king our master, accom- amining the great work of God, enpanied by his excellency the duke tered the apartment and surprized of Alagon, captain of the guards Blasquez, who immediately coverof his royal person presented him- ed the cavity of the abdomen and self at the General Hospital at 10 breast, supposing with reason, A. M. of Saturday 15th inst. He that the sight of them would be visited the pantry, kitchen, closet repugnant to the sovereign, and for the clothes, and apothecary's only left exposed the brain, showshop, examined the provisions, ing and explaining to bis majesty tasted the soup intended for the the whole of its anatomy. Ii did sick, and in continuation examined not escape the sagacity of the soveattentively the apartments of the reign that the body had been copatients whilst they were giving vered, and he ordered it to be laid ihem their dinner; he asked after bare, which Blasquez did with the their health, and enquired of the more pleasure as he had, prepared

it for former lectures. Beginning ADDRESS FROM THE CITY OF SA. with the upper extremities of the LAMANCA TO FERDINAND THE breast and stomach, he pointed VII. AND HIS NEW QUEEN. out the several parts as he had From the Madrid (official) Gazette, done with the head. He proceed- of the 19th March, 1817. ed to the abdomen, and with sur. The council of the city of Saprise and admiration the bystanders lamanca represented by Don Thosaw this great king examine with mas Aparecio Santin, collectorthe minutest attention the source, general of ecclesiastical revenues, direction, and distribution of the Don Josef de Cafranga, pensioner diaphragmatic, hepatic, spermatic, of the royal and distinguished or&c. arteries, as far as the last di- der of Charles III. secretary of his vision of the internal iliacs, like- majesty, charged with the execu• wise one of the two ureters, tion of decrees, second officer in &c. &c.

the secretary of state's office, and In all this time, which might be of the administration of grace and about a half an hour, his majesty justice; the municipal authorities asked many questions, and made Viscount de Rivella, and Don Jovarious observations from which it seph de Pando, a gentleman of the was supposed by those present, same royal order, had the honour and by the dissector Blasquez, to be admitted on the 13th inst. to that the theory of anatomy was kiss the royal hand of their majesnot unknown to his majesty, a cirties and highnesses, and to felici. cumstance that excited the admira- tate them on their august alliance tion of all, and of which there is and the announced pregnancy of not an example in history.

the queen; the address as folHis majesty had visited this lows:hospital several times, and the

To the King; public was cdified not only by his charity to the poor, but by his de- SIRE:--The legitimate succes. votion and piety on the days of the sion of kings is the greatest suppaschal communion of the sick; port of monarchies, and the love when they saw him kneeling at of the people the best patrimony the foot of the bed of the unfortu- of princes. Thus it is, that even if nate sufferers whilst they received your majesty were not the greatthe sacrament, and succouring est king on earth by your vast and them with a generous charity numerous dominions, all the naafter the conclusion of the pious tions would regard you as the ceremony. But a fact of the na. most favoured by providence, since ture of this anatomical examination they have seen your majesty adorshould be transmitted to posterity; ed by his subjects, and the queen it is the most evident proof of the about to perpetuate the offspring desire of his majesty to promote of your majesty upon the throne the sciences, and particularly of Spain. Our nation ought to those which contribute to the alle. sing hymns of thanks and praise viation of suffering bumanity, and to the All-Powerful for his merci. that all Spaniards may under- ful recollection of them in restorstand what the sovereign is who ing the best of monarchs, and deso felicitously governs them, it is livering them from the cruel yoke made known to the public for of their own countrymen, and of their intelligence and satisfaction. strangers, and for rendering fruitVOL. II.

2 M

ful the beautiful vine which is 10 cations, the success of which is extend its robust roots over all the assured only by the progress of thrones of the world. The city of time, inspired the catholic kings Salamanca which we have the ho- with the desire of protecting an nour to represent, the first to suf- enterprize whose principal result fer the devastating scourge by was to be the holy union of Ferdi. which the tyrants took vengeance nand and Isabel,t the best means on their loyalty, their love, and for the mutual support of the two the profound sighs which marked kingdoms. Her flattering predictheir grief, at the painful ab- tions being now accomplished, sence of your majesty; now full of Salamanca reposes in peace and joy at such prosperous events, joy; contented, she felicitates your blesses the designs and inscrut. | majesty, &c. &c. able decisions of the Most High; it felicitates your majesty in mul.

To the King's brother; tiplied congratulations, announces Most SERENE Sir:—The city the entire redemption of the Span- of Salamanca, in which there is ish people, prognosticates the scarcely to be found a family that resuscitation of those master has not sealed with the martyrdom works by which the Herreras, the of some one of its members its anCovarrubias, the Berruguetes, and cient and ardent loyalty to the soother celebrated artists have ren- vereign house of Bourbon, when dered Salamanca illustrious: it it saw your highness a prisoner to sees abundance diffused over its the worst of men, who dared to fertile soil by the indefatigable deprive us even of all hope of the arm of noble and pure agriculture, return of your mild and pacific and by the industrious hand of an government; by one of those transactive commerce; resting on the formations so

in history, heroic virtues which shine re- found itself converted, from a city splendently in your majesty and of learned men,t into an army of in the queen; it presages the combatants: it deserted the altars happy events which must transmit of Apollo to rush in crowds to the frum age to age your august names temple of Mars. The satellites of as an example 10 sovereigns and a the tyrant are not ignorant of it, consolation to the people.

and are enraged against Salaman

ca as if it was the only city destin. To the Queen;

ed to be the prey of their rapacity MADAM:—The city of Sala- and violence. manca, in which the bold project When Salamanca confiding in of Columbus was first welcomed, its own impoverishinent and the saw, through the obscurity of fu- strength of the friendly armies, ture ages, the necessity of a new thought that it might be left to laworld for the defence and preser- ment over its past misfortunes, it vation of the most precious jewel saw itself again assailed, sacked, of the house of Braganza;* and and devastated. by one of those happy prognosti- But why relate such sad and la


Meaning her majesty, and alluding to the flight of the house of Braganza to the Brazils.

† Meaning the present Ferdinand and Isabel.

(Pueblo de sabios.)

mentable scenes in days of rejoic- torches, menaced to set fire to the ing, of joy and gladness, when houses of the unbelievers, and comthe arm of the Omnipotent con- mitted a thousand extravagancies founds the genius of ruin, consoles which would have ended it is im. innocence, strengthens the throne possible to say where, if some of of Spain, and binds it to perpetuity the municipality had not adroitly by ties as strong as indissoluble. spread the report, that the comWe approach you with no other munion cup, &c. had been found. object, most serene Sir, than to The whole population exclaimed: make known to your highness, Nostro Signore si è erovato, and rethat your marriage with the most turned to their own abodes. Some serene Dona Maria Francisco de houses were pillaged, and some Braganza, and the hopes entertain. individuals ill-treated. The day afed of its fruits, fill all Salamanca ter, when the falsity of the report with joy, that this joy is no less was known, the people, who showconstant than lively, and that we ed symptoms of wishing to recomnow congratulate your highness nience the preceding scenes, were with transports of content, great restrained by the presence of the as were those of the grief of the troops of the line, and the campaginhabitants at the captivity of your nott or militia, who had been pru. highness.

dently assembled. The processions,

however, continue every day, nor Their majesties and their high- do they dare to open the tribunals nesses manifested their satisfac- or shops, to work in the port, &c. tion with the goodness, dignity, Even the soldiers have covered and sweetness which characterize their arms with crape.” them.

“ A letter from Messina, of a later date, announces, that the cup has been really found, and tran

quillity entirely re-established." From the Gibraltar Gazette. Extract of a letter from Messina, in Sicily, Dec. 14, 1816.-“ We were all witnesses of an event NEW FRIGORIFIC POWDÉR. which might have produced fatal Professor Leslie, whose philoconsequences. On the 10th the sophical labours and discoveries communion cup, with the host, was are well known to our readers, has plundered from the church of St. lately made an important addition Auforne. The whole town was in to his curious and beautiful dis. movement; the people ordered the covery of artificial congelation. gates to be shut; neither coffee. He had found by his early experi. ħouse, nor shop, nor theatre were ments, that decayed whinstone, or left open. The streets were friable mould, reduced to a gross crowded with processions, and the powder, and dried thoroughly, will church-bells set a ringing. The po- exert a power of absorbing mois. pulace obliged the old infirm arch- ture scarcely inferior to that of bishop to accompany the proces- sulphuric acid itself. But circumsions; he had, at last, the good for- stances having lately drawn his at. tune to escape in a convent. The tention to this subject, he caused people were absolutely furious; some mouldering fragments of they passed through the city with porphyritic trap, gathered from the


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sides of the magnificent road now recover its power by drying in the forming round the Calton-bill, to sun. Ice may therefore be probe pounded and dried carefully be- duced in the tropical climes, and fore the fire, in a bachelor's oven. at sea, with very little This powder, being thrown into a trouble, and no sort of risk or inwine decanter, fitted with a glass convenience. stopper, was afterwards carried to the college; and at a late lecture in the natural philosophy class (which he has been teaching this session in the absence of Profes.

LONGEVITY. sor Playfair in Italy) he showed the influence of its absorbing pow- The following circumstance er on his hygrometer; which, in- may be interesting to those who closed within a small receiver of ( inquire into the causes of longean air-pump, fell from 90 degrees vity: to 32 degrees, the wetted bulb be- A gentleman of considerable reing consequently cooled about 60 search lately made a catalogue of degrees of Fahrenheit's scale. The near eight hundred persons who Professor, therefore, proposed on had attained a great age, and found the instant to employ the powder their habits of life only to agree in to freeze a small body of water. He one particular, namely, early rising poured the powder into a saucer in the morning. This confirms the about seven inches wide, and well-known result of a similar inplaced water in a shallow-cup of quiry made by one of our learned porous earthenware, three inches judges. in diameter, at the height of half an inch above, and covered the whole with a low receiver. On exhausting this receiver till the gauge stood at 2-10ths of an inch, the MAN WITH A HORN GROWING OUT water in a very few minutes ran

OF HIS FOREHEAD. into a cake of ice. With the same

From the Spanish. powder an hour afterwards he froze a large body of water in Guanaxuato, (kingdom of Mer. three minutes, and he will, no ico) 21st February, 1817.—The doubt, push these ingenious and phenomenon presented by the man interesting experiments much fur- of whom we here give a resem. ther.

blance, is certainly one of the most It appears such earth will ab- singular which nature has produsorb the hundredth part of its ced, and has justly excited the at. weight of moisture, without hav. tention of the inhabitants of this ing its power sensibly impaired, city. We reserve for another occaand is even capable of absorbing sion, a description by learned phyas much as the tenth part. It can

sicians of this singular deformity hence be easily made to freeze of Pablo Rodriguez, and will conthe eighth part of its weight of fine ourselves now to a slight water, and might even resume the sketch, sufficient for the intelliprocess again. In hot countries the gence of the curious, and the ex. powder will, after each process, planation of the drawing.

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