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nating beneath a white satin' band , ed near, but not to touch: broad saacross the top of the bust: small sa- tin sash, with long ends fringed, fastin orange-leaves are placed directly tened on the left side by a brilliant over each rouleau. The sleeves are | amethyst buckle. The hair in large short and full, and have a trimming curls, with bows of shaded jonquil.. of folded crèpe lisse round the arm, colour gauze ribbon interspersed. and up the centre a wreath of orange | Necklace of graduated amethysts; leaves in satin. The skirt is orna- ear-rings and bracelets to suit. Stripe mented about a third of its depth, gauze fichu, or bandkerchief of white with three satin tucks between each; 1 and amethyst colour. Long white kid large orange-leaves in satin are plac-gloves, and white satin shoes.


A CAMP-BI:VSTEAD). The annexed plate is designed to l by groups of swords, spears, &c. exhibit the manner in which the and hy representations of the gracechief chamber in the house of a mi- ful swan, all indicative of repose and litary officer may be furnished, and peace. The star of glory decorates so as to accord with his rank and the head-curtain; and the whole deappointments. The frame-work is sign is surmounted by coronets and of mahogany, and the trophies of small statues of Victory and Fame. war carved and gilt. The bed is The draperies are of rich lavendersupported by inverted mortars at coloured silk, with amber linings, the four corners, and the draperies | gold lace fringe and tassels.

INTELLIGENCE, LITERARY, SCIENTIFIC, &c. Mr. Charles Waterton has in the press, || at 47, Leicester-square, some notice of in one 4to. volume, Wanderings in South | which will be given in our next. America, the North-West of the United Dr. Struve, who has directed his parStates, and the Antilles, from 1812 10 ticular attention to the composition of 1825; with instructions for the perfect artificial mineral waters, and formed espreservation of birds, reptiles, &c. for tablishments at Dresden, Leipsic, Berlin, cabinets of natural history.

and Warsaw, where imitations of the most Mrs. Henry Rolls will soon publish efficacious mineral waters of the Conti. Legends of the North, or the Feudal nent, those of Carlsbad, Marienbad, Christmas, a poem.

| Ems, Pyrmont, and Spa, have been adSpeedily will be published, in two vols. ministered for some seasons with the 8vo. Historical anil Literary Tour of u | most complete success, has recently Foreigner in England and Scotland, with opened a similar establishment at Brighanecdotes of persons whom he visited. ton. Thus the British invalid will be

A work, entitled The Cheltenham An- | enabled to obtain, at that fashionable thology, consisting of translations from watering-place, at a sinall cost, the adthe Greek, Latin, Italian, French, andvantages hitherto to be derived only Spanish, and original poems, edited by from a long and expensive journey to the W. H. Alpin, is announced as being in Continental Spas above-mentioned, and the press.

to combine thore advantages with the An Exhibition of Portraits is now open || benefit of sea-bathing.

Irinted by L. Harrison, 373, Strand.

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