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Marketing contracts..

When may cooperative marketing contracts be made..

Kinds of cooperative marketing contracts-

When marketing contracts become effective..

Duration of marketing contracts.

Signing marketing contracts..

Contracts obtained by force or fraud..

When title to products passes to the association...

Restrictions on association's right to sell.


Excess advances or payments -

Effect of breach of contract..

Defenses to contracts..



Assets and creditors..

Nonprofit associations..

Equality of treatment..

Nonmember business.

Control of crops by landlord..

Crop mortgages -

Liquidated damages.

Specific performance.


Interference with marketing contracts.

Transfers in attempts to avoid contracts -

Conclusive presumption.--

Monopoly and restraint of trade-

Section 6 of the Clayton Act.

Capper-Volstead Act....

Classification of agriculture-

Promissory notes.

Agency ---

Cooperative associations as agents.

Cooperative associations liable for acts of agents.


General taxes.

Income taxes.

Patronage dividends.

Revolving-fund plan of financing ---

Associations operating in various States.

Associations and third persons.

Unincorporated associations..


How formed...

Admission of members in unincorporated associations.

Membership nontransferable..

Control of an unincorporated association..

Notice of meetings.---

Unincorporated associations and third persons..

Money must be used for purpose specified.

Expulsion of members...


Legal Phases of
Cooperative Associations


L. S. Hulbert
Chief, Cooperative Bank and Cooperative Research Section

Farm Credit Division, Office of the Solicitor

United States Department of Agriculture

Cooperative Research and Service Division

Farm Credit Administration
United States Department of Agriculture

Washington, D. C.

Bulletin No. 50

May 1942

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