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Undrawn Appropriations:

June 30, 1888, and June 30, 1889, 42-45.
United States Bonds:

amount held by Fund Commissioners, v.
Unpaid Specific

Tax, 62.
railroad, 64-7.
freight, sleeping, and palace car, 78-9.
plank road, 70.
mining, 72-7.
telegraph and telephone, :1.

river improvements, 63.
University :
amount paid on appropriations for, during the fiscal year, 42.

since organization, ix, 302.
to, as interest on University Fund, since organization, ix, 300.

from interest on part-paid lands, since organization, ix, 301.
receipts and expenditures, as shown by vouchers filed, ix, 244-5.
loans to, 304, 318-9.
lands, receipts from sale of, since 1841, 298.

for interest and penalty on part-paid, 298.
University Bonds-see "Bonds."
University Aid Fund-see "Funds."
University Fund, 21-see “Funds."
University Deposit-see "Funds."
University Interest Deposit-see “Funds."


Valuation of Taxable Property:

assessed since 1853, 322, 324.
equalized by Boards of Supervisors since 1838, 322, 324.

State Board of Equalization since 1851, 322, 324.
Van Buren County-see "Counties."


War Bonds-see “Bonds.".
War Bounty Bonds-see "Bonds."
War Fund, 23- see "Funds."
War Loan Sinking Fund-see "Funds."
Washtenaw County-see "Counties."
Wayne County-see "Counties."
Wexford County--see "Counties."


Ypsilanti and Tecumseh R. R. Bonds-see "Bonds."

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Hon. Cyrus G. Luce, Governor of Michigan :

As required by Section 43 of the General Banking Law of the State of Michigan, as amended July 3, 1889, I have the honor to submit for your consideration the first annual report of this department.

When the present General Banking Law went into effect, January 7, 1889, there were eighty banks incorporated and doing business under the State law of 1858, as amended in 1973.

The following is an abstract of reports made to the State Treasurer January 7, 1889:


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