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are not equally favored by him, on the bed of languishing and death. But they are all permitted to hope, that, when this awful period approaches, He will pre-. serve them from being distressed with mournful retrospects on the past, or with gloomy apprehensions of the future: that redeeming love will calm their fears and disquietudes; sustain them under every conflict;. and animate them with the prospect of being soon admitted into the mansions of eternal felicity.

In the latter editions of this work, the author has been solicitous to make it acceptable, not only to persons of mature years, but also to many in younger life. As the characters which it contains, exhibit a great variety of striking and animating views of piety and virtue, and strongly recommend the Christian religion in particular; he indulges a hope, that instructors of youth will deem it a suitable book to be read, occasionally, by the higher classes of their pupils. It is of great importance to impress young minds with favorable sentiments of virtue and goodness; and to convince them, by practical evidence, that religion affords the best support and enjoyment, in this life, and the only sure ground of happiness in the world to come.

To render the performance more instructive, as well as more interesting, the author has introduced into it many important moral sentiments, and many reflections of a religious nature, as well as a considerable portion of useful, biographical information. The introductory narratives relative to the subjects of the work, will, he presumes, be found intimately connected with its chief design. They gratify curiosity, respecting the general character of the persons whose solemn sentiments are exhibited ; they confer additional importance on the testimonies in favor of religion, and they relieve the mind from the effect, which a succession of deeply serious matter would occasion.

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