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INDEX to the Publick General Acts, 70 & 8° GEO. IV.


Justice, amending Act of 4 Geo. IV., Mesne Process, to prevent Arrests

for the better Administration upon, where the Debt or Cause
of, on the Equity Side of the of Action is under 201.
Court of Exchequer Cap. *51

Cap. 71
for the better Administration Militia, annual Act for the Pay,
of, at the holding of Petty Ses- Clothing, &c. of -

sions by Justices of the Peace Ministers, amending Acts relating to

*67 the Provision of, in Cities and
The King, extending 56 Geo. III., for Corporate Towns

enabling, to grant small Por. Mutiny Act, annual
tions of Land as Sites for Pub-

explaining so much of, as
lic Buildings, or to be used as relates to the Transportation of


Land Revenues of the Crown, for the New South Wales, continuing Act of

better Management of *68 4 Geo. IV. for the better Ad.
Land Tax Acts, for appointing Com- ministration of Justice in 73

missioners to carry into Exe- Oats (Foreign), confirming Order in

75 Council for allowing the Im-
Larceny, and other Offences connect- portation of -

ed therewith, repealing various Offenders Transportation of), explain-
Statutes relating to

27 ing so much of annual Mutiny
consolidating and amending Act as relates to

the Laws relative to 29 Offices, annual Duties on

Letters, granting Rates of Postage on, and Employments, annual In-

to and from St. Domingo and demnity Act for such Persons


as have omitted to qualify them-
Licensing of Alehouses, continuing selves for

Act of 3 Geo, IV., regulating Ounce Thread, repealing 28 Geo. III.

48 for better Regulation of the
Liverpool, for the Improvement of the Manufacture of . 9

Road from London to 85 Parishes, consolidating and amending
London to Holyhead, and to Liver- Laws in force for Unions and

pool, for the Improvement of Divisions of, and for uniting or
the Road from

35 disappropriating Parishes or
Malt, consolidating and amending Parts of Parishes

Laws relative to the Excise Duty Passengers, repealing Act of 1 Geo.IV.
on, made in the United King- for regulating Vessels carrying,
dom, and to the Allowance in to Foreign Parts

respect of the Malt Duty on Patrons of Ecclesiastical Preferments,
Spirits made in Scotland and for Relief of, from certain Pe-
Ireland from Malt only 52


Manor Courts, amending the Proceed- Pease (Foreign), confirming Order in

ings in, for the Recovery of Council for allowing the Im-
small Debts

portation of

Man Traps, for prohibiting the setting Penitentiary (General) at Millbank,

18 for the further Regulation of
Marine Forces on Shore, annual Act

for regulating

5 Pensions and Personal Estates, annual
for more conveniently paying

Duties on

the Pensions of Widows of

of the Widows of Officers of
Officers of Marines

8 Marines, for more convenient
Members of Parliament, for prevent- Payment of

ing corrupt Practices at the Petty Sessions, for the better Admi-
Election of


nistration of Justice at *67


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Postage, granting Rates of, on Letters Slave Trade (African), to carry into

and Packets to and from Cuba Execution a Convention be-
and St. Domingo Cap. 6 tween His Majesty and the

Duties in Great Britain and Emperor of Brazil for the Abo-
Ireland, amending Laws re- lition of

Cap. 74
lating to


to carry into Effect the Treaty
Prerogative Court, to provide for Pay- with Sweden relative to 54

ment of Salary to Judge of, in Spiritual Persons, Relief of, from cer.
lieu of Fees

*44 tain Penalties, and rendering
Presentments by Constables, discon- valid certain Resignation Bonds
tinuing certain

Promissory Notes, becoming payable Spring Guns and other Engines, for

on Good Friday or Christmas prohibiting the setting of 18
Day, for declaring the Law in Stamps, to consolidate the Boards of,
relation to

in Great Britain and Ireland 55
Property, consolidating and amending Sugar, annual Duties on

the Laws relative to malicious Supplies, Appropriation of
Injuries to

30 Sweden, to carry into Effect the Treaty
Public Works, amending Act of with, relative to the Slave
1 Geo. IV. for the Advance of Trade

Money for carrying on - *12 Thread (Ounce), repealing 28 Geo. III.

amending and extending for the better Regulation of the
the Powers of Acts for autho- Manufacture of

rizing Advances for carrying Tithes, amending Acts for establishing


Compositions for. *60
Quartering of Soldiers, Rates to Inn- Transportation of Offenders, explain-

keepers and others for 14 ing so much of annual Mutiny
Register House at Edinburgh, en- Act as relates to

abling Commissioners to com- Turnpike Roads, amending Acts for
plete the Buildings of . 46 regulating

Remedies against the Hundred, con- Van Diemen's Land, continuing Act

solidating and amending the of 4 Geo. IV. for the better
Laws relative to


Administration of Justice in 73
Resignation Bonds of Clergy, render. Vessels carrying Passengers to Foreign
ing valid certain

25 Parts,repealing Act of 1 Geo.IV.
Roads, continuing for One Year an for regulating

Act of 6 Geo. IV. for the re- Widows of Officers of Royal Marines,

pairing, maintaining, &c. *23 for more conveniently paying
Rye (Foreign), confirming Order in the Pensions of

Council for allowing the Im- Youghal, Parish of, disappropriating
portation of

3 the Rectory and Rectorial
Saint Domingo, granting Rates of Tithes of

Postage on Letters to and




c T.

国玩, 之

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